14 July 2009

Peter Schiff for Senate / President / Official Office!?

I was watching Peter here tonight, and once again, I hear a determined and clear minded individual. He sounds like a bona fide trustworthy guy.

This administration's government wants to be in the business of running the biggest economy in the world... well, then let a businessman run government, transparently and quarterly audited. But the right businessman is needed, one who is willing to give the donated money back if a certain amount isn't raised ( $20M ).

He could hire Marc Faber to do the firing of the shyster banksters and market lotto style stock buying at the debtor / consumer level where every dollar goes to a share of "x" company ( some penny to $5 stock ).

Let Robert Kiyosaki teach fiscal phonetics in public school, and watch America rise once again from economic slavery, this time without the shedding of blood.

See video here.

Oh yeah, stock market is still bearish, and I think it may continue to be and surely test Nov.12th lows, but Mar.6th lows? I'm not sure about that one.

I think most companies will test both of these points if they were low points for them ( most companies touched 52 week lows either of those periods of time ).

Stay tuned.