24 January 2009

Take the Helm

Whether the bottom was or is yet to be, one thing may be certain:

Big money will not take a loss before the minions lose it all first... or at least are down to growing their own food.

Market fluctuations are here for the moment in both directions, mostly down as seen looking back 20/20. We experienced our first bounce and seemingly soft landing from initial lows.

Big money is looking forward to growing their investments no matter what anyone says, and sometimes that points towards subversive means like cutting energy when you own it all, cutting food when you own it all and cutting the money supply when you own it all... and then the battles break-out and there is talk of war. Think about it for a moment. This shouldn't instill fear, but snap you to wake up and see things clearly. See who calls the shots and who parades a face. And who pays with their blood.

So the rest of us follow the flow of their money and go along with the call to war, the campaign to end this or start that, now we go GREEN when all signs have point to RED!... the hook is set once again via the media, which is so already set into our psyche as our guiding light, our big brother looking out for us feeding us more disinformation and fear.

Time to read out loud certain verses from certain books...

and to read out loud what has brought so many good willed people to this country looking for a way out: The Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc... the very things that established this place we've created as a better means of existence... well, some folks around the world aren't that interested in the specific way it is sold / forced on them...

Cannot anyone read and remember history? Circa the first Depression?

Further intervention by government officials opens the door to more ownership by fewer and fewer individuals. Mainly the officials and their cohorts get first dibs and the rest is sold to the open market as wholesale, but really the mark-up has already occurred and your buying premium in real terms. The mark-up continues until it falls, now what does that look like to you? People tell you to stay away from those ponzi schemes all the time.

Yes its capitalism, but the form which draws wealth and influence from the many to the few... the selfish, full of themselves and cashing in on your labor, few. Its exploitation isn't it? And this can only happen when you don't know what you don't know. Meaning, once you know what the game is, what money is and how you can change the state of things in an instance with what you put your faith into ( God or money )... they'll keep pulling the wool over your eyes and you'll keep working to buy that new house, car, i-pod, game, boat, plane, business..... still thinking that stuff is making you happy.... And the subjugates think they are happy knowing they are enslaving people by the billions to their benefit.

Your Financial Education is waiting.