19 August 2013

What a Blessed Life... Who Am I?

I can't help but share my joy with my friends and family... and I surely hope my sharing doesn't elude to boasting or showing off, for that is not my intention.  I desire to be as open as possible with my joys as well as my pains ( as some close friends and those who know / have known me can attest to ), and me sharing the occasional beautiful surrounding or magnificent exploit is my way of reliving it with others... and perhaps giving some an opportunity to somehow live vicariously through me or be inspired to trek out on their own travels one day.

As some of you may already know, I came close to losing everything and almost gambled by last few dollars away... but somehow I was stopped prior to tossing it all down the drain.  I have been on a minimalistic pursuit for a few years now, trimming my possessions down to what could all fit in a small car ( and I still have more to go ).  I have been on a journey to remove all attachments to this world aside from the bare necessities.

Although I had learned how to make a lot of money in a short period of time using real estate as the means, I found that entire industry to be based on a fraud ( the money being funny and the sin of charging interest to others ) and I couldn't partake in it any longer, regardless of any amount I could realize or how easy life would be for me... I just couldn't enslave others in order to line my pockets, no matter how I tried to justify my actions or my place in the industry.

I had weened myself off of consuming needless things and my biggest expense became food.  I only buy something that I really need ( like a new pair of sandals for example ).   Most of the 'stuff' I have has been gifted to me.

I have done all this to somehow move God to put me in His path of service to others... for I have sometimes been very quick to look after somebody's affairs before I usually look after my own.  I'm not a robot in this; I do have times of selfishness and greed just like the next human being. 

So when I find myself in a luxury resort, it is not by coincidence or something I personally have striven to achieve... it is truly a blessing from the Almighty!  Just like this scripture says:

"To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

- Ecclesiastes 2:26

I see the Father has granted me a lifestyle that has only been achieved by faith in Him... and this is something I believe He has put in my heart to pursue ( not saying in any way "I" had this bright idea all along, for that would be a ridiculous boast and untrue ).

As of late, I had been living with an elderly woman, looking after her physical needs ( she has tremors and can't lift heavy objects much anymore ) while taking her to visit her son who happens to be behind bars as a political prisoner.  I also serve her son / this friend of mine in typing out his court paperwork for him, serving and filing said paperwork and pretty much being his legal runner and whatever else is needed to be done.  I've done this in exchange for a place to stay and some food... prior to this I was looking after a friend's investment property so it wouldn't be broken into in exchange for a place to lay my head ( unfurnished house, just an inflatable mattress, lights and water ).

It's quite interesting how just a year ago I had no clue what I was going to do with myself: I had to move out of my rented room in Long Beach for my landlady had raised the rent almost 50% on me.... and according to my expenses and what I was earning from my business, the choice to move out on faith was made for me... but looking back I have seen the Father's will placed on my heart and the ways in which He has had me come to this point!  He has also put a beautiful and submissive woman into my life, one who is honorable and praiseworthy, just like the one depicted in Proverbs 31!  I had asked Him if she was the one I was to make my wife and asked Him to make that crystal clear to me, and it was done.  The Father has gifted me many things... and all this, I would argue, is due to Him granting me a heart which desires to be obedient to His will ( in other words, it isn't my choosing to do and live like this as it is His will for my life... I'm just along for the ride ).

I'm not perfect nor greater than the next man, but surely I can boast in how He loves me and what He has done for me in letting me enjoy the moments of bliss while enduring the times of service without knowing where my next living situation will come from and by whom.... but I guess this is the life of living by faith and what is called "living life to the fullest."

I wouldn't have it any other way.... and I don't think He wouldn't either. 

All thanks, glory, honor and praise be to the Most High!!

06 August 2013

Destiny or ??

The Lord’s will is like a Rubix Cube.

His Way will be done when all is said ( and done ).  Much like the end result of lining up all the colors in that cube, so will His perfect will eventually line up for Him ( and those who are faithful in seeking Him / His will ).

Each person has free will ( choice )… and here is the ‘difficult-to-understand’ paradox.  Delaying in your faithfulness to His Will, Way and Word is only delaying the lining up of the colors He has in store for you.  If you are His ( and / or desire to be His ), why delay the goodness He has planned for you by disbelief / doubt / or pride?  

I personally ran away from the good things I saw ( and almost missed ) He was lining up for me… I almost missed realizing the answered prayers He presented me with, believing I was not worthy or had sinned too much for far too long ( but this too was a lie from fear and darkness ).  I initially ran, rejected and responded with faithlessness and in futility under His enormous grace and gifts to me… yet He persevered and eventually, His love for me overwhelmed me to the point where I couldn’t deny Him nor His Way for me anymore.  

Oh how good the Lord is and how good His gifts to his chosen truly are!  Praise be to Him and praised be the Name He has revealed to know Him by: Yeshua!