25 December 2011

Hemp / Cannabis Clincial Properties and Studies


































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New Wine in New Wine Skins

One alternative is: remove all current term bureaucrats, fill seats of the house and senate with locally elected, recently out of work regular people needing at least 30 non-related individuals to vouch for them.

Another is to outlaw lobbying, outlaw any for-profit ventures performed or planned during tenure in office , and doing so being grounds for immediate dismissal.

Another is a median salary without bonus or outrages benefits, etc.

Another is one-term office, no reelections, only progress reports and dismissal after first progress report ( biannually ) if campaign promises aren't met within first six months.

From here on out a reduction of government tasks and nitpicking should be reduced, not increased. Same goes for the ever-increase of laws and statutes and such. From now a streamlining of government, decrease in federal and state employment with a decrease in federal power and increase in state sovereignty.

An eventual privatization of many tasks, thus further reducing the stamp that government has on the public dynamic, especially if the federal government has a mirror image or opposite state law already in existence, and where a state law doesn't exit, the federal government shall not need create one.

Here's a just a few alternatives the people can call for and hold their public managers accountable.

To learn why the removal of lobbyists, check out THIS SITE!

23 December 2011

Open Letter to Ron Paul

Ron Paul, it is difficult to believe you had no knowledge of the colorful comments in your newsletters.

Supposing you 'were' so busy delivering babies you hadn't the five or ten minutes necessary to read what exactly someone was writing on your behalf. And if that is the case ( which you answered a CNNothing reporter recently ), please tell us the name of this / these perpetrators and character assassins, and we'll quickly drop the issue and the charge.

Otherwise, perhaps it would be best for you to acquiesce to your prejudiced shortcomings due to your ethnocentric upbringing, ignorance, indifference... whether socialized in or outside the house... another typical "faux pas" of the human experience, and simply be honest with yourself.

At least the Newt knew when to 'confess.'

Oh, and for the fanatics, one more thing. Remember how so many people were enamored with Obummer just over three years ago? And now the 'dems' candidate is a similar seemingly caring and 'trustworthy' shining hope?

Ever consider if was to be a Democratic hopeful because a republican won three years, that it would be Kucinich?

How many of you have been keeping up with the "kabuki theatre" production? It is a beautiful saga, isn't it?

Food for thought: Notice how CNNOthing is actually NOT reporting Ron's bitter reaction.. I wonder why?


Aren't they such "haters" of Ron? Wouldn't they have a field say with this? The Paul snaps under pressure!

Why isn't this clip on CNNOthing of Ron actually getting his underwear caught in a knot because the reporter didn't just move on to the next question? Did she break character because she kept on him?.... and he snapped with "people like you" which means what exactly, RON?

Does it mean that

a) she's part of the establishment to bring you down and IS a sell out? ( your an innocent old man with no character flaws whatsoever, and even nicer John McCain ).

b) she's part of the establishment that is trying to win one for the blue team, but she has no clue she's in a play? ( she didn't get the memo about just asking once the stupid question and moving on to the question about your dream solution the gold standard, since over 64% of your portfolio is in gold, yet your small donors and loyal "gonna vote for you" folk have less than three ounces of gold... which the hyper inflation response of paper money to gold ounce, folks will be pushing wheel barrels of paper per ounce of gold. ( and with the gold standard folks, the rich will buy up THAT money supply in no time, and you'll still be peasant status with wheel barrels of gold )

c) she is a hero because she actually asked you a few times a question you just plead ignorance to when responding for some odd reason thinking the sheeple are THAT stupid? ( and it is just the beginning, the questioning your character )

How about you produce some of the black friends you've had over the years... you should at least be able to find one, right? Just one black buddy to help you out?

22 December 2011

Is There a Cure for Cancer?

I believe there are several remedies, cures and solutions to correcting the cells who replicate themselves incorrectly in the human body ( cancer ). But you don't have to take my word for it.. listen for yourselves from experts in the field and from people who have broken the conditioning of the mainstream.

Cannabinoids have been found to interact with the many cannabinoid receptors in the human body to remedy cancer. ( watch / listen to this first )

Rick Simpson ( Run From the Cure ) claims using cannabis oil in concentrated form naturally remedies cancer in the human body. ( very important to hear testimony of those cured )

Dr. Burzynski in Houston, TX also has developed a formula which thousands of his patients claim have cured them of their cancers ( tests proving the removal of cancer / curing them ). He charges $120k. ( realize the resistence of powerful money interests and how they attempt to discredit Burzynski for years... but fail every time )

I suggest you do your research and realize this is just the surface of what has been kept hidden and obstructed by medical industry interests ( those who already profit from the 'modern' treatments of cancer, yet offer no healthy solution nor cures ).

21 December 2011

Message To a Recently Aware Friend

The empire has swallowed up every nation, people, economy and natural resource it seems... short of Cuba, Iran and North Korea.

Iceland recently broke their chains of economic slavery and declared themselves sovereign and also removed ALL of their hired hands and ushered-in common people from among their own ranks ( I have a few links about this, please search for them in my feed from yesterday ).

Our minds have been conditioned to be nationalistic and patriotic, but we have also been conditioned to overlook the blatant unlawful and evil things that are done under the guise of 'liberty,' 'democracy' and 'freedom' which are simply battle calls when one looks at them objectively. ( I have a link from a segment on AlJazeera which defines this very phenomenon of people living in Palestine ( Arabs / Muslims ) but the recent generation has been brainwashed to identify themselves as he second-class citizens of Israel... and the awakening of their reality is being shown in that production, I highly recommend looking at it and finding out OUR conditioning ).

The Christ clearly identified who and what the Roman empire was and how they operated, as did His apostles, but since then...it seems many contemporary religious people have identified themselves with secular vocations, themes, values and mindsets.... and THEN identify themselves with spirituality or something resembling Christ.... but the actual 'break' from that conditioning is not easy to do...I am still on this journey personally, for if you ever read or seen the movie 1984 or the Matrix, these two 'fictions' actually depict today's reality with a precise message.... and I am not kidding.

We are also under a system of tribute with the use of the debt money we have to pass around. We unwittingly pay tribute to the hegemony who own this system of exchange and manage its policy. The payment of interest ( usury ) is one of the ills allowed under this current system.... and that is just one of the unbalanced things which benefits only those who own capital yet makes those who do not own much of it to work for it the rest of their lives.... with few exceptions ( Bill Gates is one out of billion examples ).
One more thing... listen to the reality of the loss of due process and the final elimination of common law, Constitution and all the laws agreed-to by almost every country in the modern world where now anyone deemed by our benevolent Cesar.... I mean presidente, to be a terrorist or dissenter of the regime.. can be found guilty without trial and can be executed... it is like reading the Draconian and dark ages in history, but this is TODAY!

There is much to say and point out, and I've been 'watching' for over six years now ( I woke up late to what you are just starting to notice ).

20 December 2011

"If I Ruled the World"

"Give me the right to issue and control a nation's money and I care not who governs the country."

-- Amschel Mayer Rothschild, b. A.D. 1773, German banker whose financial empire still exists today ( and who many believe owns the majority of the earth's wealth ). He and his descendants have and possibly continue to finance wars, governments, policies and who knows what else. Link to his legacy ( a must read ).

Ever wonder who is behind government, industry and all things man-made... and how tribute is paid to them as if they were king?

And read to this excerpt below which, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you should be able to decipher clearly:

“Will not all of them taunt him with ridicule and scorn, saying,

“‘Woe to him who piles up stolen goods and makes himself wealthy by extortion! How long must this go on?’

Will not your debtors suddenly arise? Will they not wake up and make you tremble? Then you will become their victim.

Because you have plundered many nations, the peoples who are left will plunder you. For you have shed man’s blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

“Woe to him who builds his realm by unjust gain to set his nest on high, to escape the clutches of ruin!

You have plotted the ruin of many peoples, shaming your own house and forfeiting your life. The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it.

“Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by crime!

Has not the LORD Almighty determined that the people’s labor is only fuel for the fire, that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

“Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbors, pouring it from the wineskin till they are drunk, so that he can gaze on their naked bodies.

You will be filled with shame instead of glory. Now it is your turn! Drink and be exposed! The cup from the LORD’s right hand is coming around to you, and disgrace will cover your glory.

The violence you have done to Lebanon will overwhelm you, and your destruction of animals will terrify you. For you have shed man’s blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

“Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? Or an image that teaches lies? For he who makes it trusts in his own creation; he makes idols that cannot speak.

Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Come to life!’ Or to lifeless stone, ‘Wake up!’ Can it give guidance? It is covered with gold and silver; there is no breath in it.

But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him.”

Habakkuk 2:6-20

And to learn how all this came about, here is a nice cartoon illustration of this epic historical journey ( which most people haven't clue about ).

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19 December 2011

A Rant Regarding False Hopes in Man, While Looking Beyond A Farce

I wrote this in response to a friend's request to find a viable presidential candidate, minimally edited with personal references removed:

I think you or any regular person would do a better job... if only you / they could decipher the liar from the honest man, see what actual reality we exist in ( land of slaves by law and those who manage them and the very few who own them )... and with the social conditioning by the media manipulating minds, this is very difficult to do.

Every person has a 'horizon,' as do you, me and dear ole Ronny... but he resides among very influential circles, while you and I have lesser influential circles ( or I speak for myself ). They too have a myopic view and unfortunately, struggle with ignorance of some things and selfishness if push comes to shove ( they will choose themselves over you and me, no martyrs from among them ).

If Ronny wins, I think we will truly see the wealthy class reveal their hearts even further ( keep the status-quo of capital being the cosmic divide between people; those considered money makers and those who must work for money / slave status ).. and the years and ill-attempt of government to level the playing field ( the communist experiment the majority have failed to realize ) between chattel and their owners would be even more evident.

I hope you have a stock pile of gold or various other 'real' assets, because that is what these types 'believe in,' isn't it?

Folks rate 'success' if whatever they do makes them money: prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and even war makers and puppets hired to fool the masses with their kabuki theater ( the definition of a politician ).

If it wasn't for the communist government which is being revealed in Amerika, people like you and I would never have half the open doors into mainstream Amerika as we have had. We would be even further sequestered into our own ethnic groups. Sure, we'd be giants among our 'own kind,' but again the obvious exclusion from the 'majority' would be even sharper, for even in the Constitution, racism and favoritism is revealed ( read it where it speaks of voting rights and land ownership ). Obama mentions this in a speech of his, and he clearly identifies that reality ( which racists and other blinded people hate to admit ).

Heck, up until the 1950's in Los Angeles county, only white Anglo Saxon protestants could own property ( called exclusionary covenants ).... no Jews, no Latino, no Asian, no Black... none of the above.... and this BY LAW! Guess who wrote the laws at that time? While Anglo Saxon Protestants.

Those of his ilk, class and party worship at the alter of the golden calf. If they wouldn't or if Ron wouldn't, he would resemble something like a Ralph Nader ( advocate for consumers / chattel / the economic slaves I always mention - you and I ). He would NOT play the game, wouldn't work for corporations, vote no on bills yet write earmarks for his constituents ( and justify it later like a modern-day Robin Hood would ).

I sure hope Ron turns out to be the honest politician the public has been hoping for / waiting for, but I doubt it.

I sure hope he will keep to his promises... but how many times must folks be fooled? Just one more time and THEN the people will wake up? That's what many said with Obummer, and Bush before him.. and Clinton before him.... etc.

Here's an excerpt from an article revealing more than you may be ready to accept and which supports my tone in pointing out racism and prejudice:

"Anyone hoping the pace of the counterrevolution might slow is apt to be disappointed by the time the court completes its current term. If present trends persist, and there is little reason to believe they won’t, 2012 will be remembered as the year the court rewrote the constitutional boundaries between federal and state authority, severely curtailing federal initiatives on behalf of working people, minorities and the poor."

And another paragraph from that piece:

"When the 2010 census revealed that the population of Texas had grown by 4.2 million, the state’s Legislature was required to redraw congressional voting districts to comply with the one-person, one-vote standards of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But in a classic “oops” moment, the Legislature and Republican Gov. Rick Perry remapped the playing field in a way that minimized the electoral clout of the 2.8 million Hispanics who had migrated to the Lone Star State in the previous decade."

The racist themes in Ron's newsletters over the years reveals his heart, and his complicity with the above agenda.

Read the article yourself, please.

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Propaganda in Amerika

Take a listen to this short video.

Realize who is speaking condemnation and notice his words... his gesture ( when scratching his face ) and also consider who he works for.... he represent the current hegemony.

Now, consider the group that man works for and how that group of people have shaped perception and history according to their narrative and have manipulating media propaganda to benefit their motives and outcome in this short video.

Very interesting stuff, huh? Makes one wonder if the witness testimony is a lie or is the Amerikan narrative a lie?

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17 December 2011

You Can Create Your Own Money; All Money is Debt.

The piece of paper you and I exchange for goods and services is a 'note.'

What is a note? An I.O.U.; a promise to pay; a debt instrument.

The difference between you paying with that piece of paper you think is money and paying with a piece of paper with the words "Consumer Bill" is only the fancy colors, the picture of a dead guy and some signatures ( not your signature ) and a few terms... but they function EXACTLY THE SAME... with another exception: everyone believes and puts their 'faith' in the fancy looking one, and not the one you can create and write for yourselves!

Take a look ( and read ) at this article, and also read the admission to this FACT / REALITY.. of which I have quoted here for you:

"Consumer bills can only be used to get goods and services for consumption, not for buying land or goods for resale. So the money he borrowed to buy his Orangeville house — now repossessed by the bank — cannot be repaid using a bill."

Please re-read the above quote a few times, especially the first sentence.

Here is the ARTICLE.

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16 December 2011

Defining the Kountry Formerly Knows as America Using History and Definitions

History has quickly become such a fascinating and interesting subject to me.. for it ( when researched outside the narrative ) explains so much about this life we are living, our government and our conditioned view.

Books and privy knowledge historically was only for the rich; those who can afford to own books, actually learned how to read and had the time to read outside of earning / working for a living ( leisure time due to having others actually 'work' or produce the income ).

If it wasn't for a socialist / communist program called a "Pell Grant," ( being first-generation Amerikan-born son of immigrants ), I wouldn't know most of what I know.... and probably wouldn't even care or understand if someone sat me down to tell me ( regarding politiks, money, even history.... for although I did not learn these things in school - thank God - I was taught 'how' to learn - by doing research and thinking objectively and considering all things and all sides of any point of view / argument -, and have continued to do so ).

I probably wouldn't even know what the word 'hegemony' or 'fiat currency' meant, let alone how to spell them or put them into context.. aside from probably not even being able to pronounce them correctly.

By definition, doesn't Amerika have socialist, communist and capitalist programs throughout? Isn't it really a smorgasbord of a variety of 'things' or systems?

We should take each department or agency of government, one by one, and correctly identify them by their definition, aside from perception.

For example, the energy sector went from being a privately owned and operated industry to a socialistic industry ( please correct me, for I may be wrong with some of these definitions fyi ) once very few companies monopolized the industry. A look at any developed western European country may show this evolution as well. The state seems to absorb an industry once that industry's machine / model has been perfected / reaches saturation.

Public education is a communist idea by definition. Same goes for central banking... look these up.

( Let us also separate ourselves from attaching emotions and perceptions of 'good' or 'evil' when reading words like 'communist' and 'socialist' too, for this is part of the problem ( mass conditioning to view these as 'evil' while seeing capitalism as 'good' ).

The big hoopla in 2008 when the world economy crashed was that the financial industry ( which was believed to be capitalist / free market in nature ) was exposed as being something else, remember?

The profits before the crash ( before the big players sold / went short ) were kept private ( as is the incentive to go into business ) and the losses were made public ( you and I were attached with another debt burden although we were not playing the game ). This happened when the government decided to bail-out the players and increased the debt money supply... akin to attaching a tighter noose around an already hanging and near-de
ad man.

So.... how would 'you' define Amerika? What do you see? What type of system people really have in Amerika? or the world, now that it is under one big umbrella of finance, commerce and legislation?

As always, your financial education awaits you at SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com... and thank you for your site sponsor support!!

15 December 2011

Breaking the People, Not Saving the Planet

This guy ( see video excerpt ) is not afraid to show his allegiance, the lackey twerp.

The elitist attitude is quite a problem, if not a core problem. I think the core problem is idol worship ( whether wealth, themselves, others, or truly some 'thing' created by man other than the Creator ).

I'd like to introduce a type 'negative-one' civilization within a civilization: a greedy, self-centered and narrow-minded people thinking they are so much more important and valuable than others, they stomp on the rest while unwittingly sealing their own fate.

This is an extension of that "think it and it will come" or "secret" with obvious disregard of other people. These dark hearts ( God haters / deniers ) really make this stuff up as they go along. How in the world can someone describe the 'types' of civilizations just out of thin air? Where are the references, the examples, the proof of any such evolving of the planet or human race?

None, they just make it up... and like any real scientist knows, they are proven wrong by time, nature and another scientist who is smarter than they are.

He mentions that those who don't understand fear the change / morphing of the present age. I wonder why? Is it perhaps because part of the plan is to murder / exterminate the vast majority of people on the planet so 'they' can rule now 'correctly?'

I have a litany of solutions, but it is difficult to reason with folks who have already decided what 'truth' is to them regardless of taking a good look around them.

How do I tie this into my repetitive message ( most men love money / wealth / their dreams more than God either knowingly or by default ), easy: If they didn't have the prestige, the notoriety, the praise from those richer than them.... they would see the world as it is instead of through a misrepresentation of life... they are blinded.

The message of the Buddha was one that THAT fat rich kid happened to get out of his rich family's compound and took a walk down the country road and realized the real world: that only when the many are subdued and put to labor, can the very few enjoy a lavish lifestyle ( as he was born into ) and he somehow tried to break himself from the bubble.

Are you also thinking you are better than others due to your 'wealth' or point of view? I know the temptation is strong with me at times.

Find out what a very elite ( the hegemony ) have done to Amerika, the money and your projected life at SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com.... your comfortable life might depend on it.

14 December 2011

Why Everything Gets More Expensive Over Time

What we must realize and see in context is the nature of money and what it really is today... for without a clear understanding, we will always blame other people and circumstances without really being able to clearly identify the cause of so much grief in the world.

Someone said this and he was spot-on ( simplified in bold ):

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from the defects of the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nation, of coin, credit and circulation."

-- b. A.D. 1735 John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America.

Inflation ( things getting more expensive ) happens because there is more money in circulation than the value of 'things' upon which the money is supposed to reflect!

Think of it like this: Picture an empty room with a carpenter, some wood and a person wanting a doll house made by hand with $550 in their pocket. The other person desires to have a doll house built by hand and commissions the carpenter to build them one out of the wood in that room.
The wood's 'cost' or 'value' in the marketplace is $50 and the 'work' or 'labor' of a good carpenter is $100 a day, which would make the doll house's cost $550. They both agree on the price and the carpenter goes to work.

Now imagine if, on day three... someone outside the room who is in charge of the circulation of money and rules regarding money simply printed $1M in money out of thin air, without the creation of anything to support that $1M ( one million dollars ).

Both the carpenter and the other person are the type to keep a keen on eye on things, now realize that the wood now costs $60 and the labor is now worth $120 per day.

By day five, the carpenter asks for $660 to adjust for the extra $1M floating around town... and this is accurate because of the balancing out of equal weights and measures. But unfortunately, the other person who has the $550 now realize they cannot purchase the doll house... they will have to somehow bring an extra $110, which they do not have.. remember, they only have $550.

Either the carpenter must lower his price ( and thus lose money / value in their work / eat the cost of the wood / work for free one day, etc )... or the buyer must go home and pull money out of savings ( if they have any ) or wait until they earn more money however they earn it.

You see the dilemma.

This is why those who understood what it meant to 'bail out' the banksters and other companies was such a bad idea... but to those who do not understand these fundamental principles of the world we exist in, simply went along with those who decided to print more money out of nothing and subject everyone not being bailed out to a downhill road to poverty.

Here is a real world scenario; one you can look up and read for yourselves:

Napoleon chopped off the French king's head because the king began printing money to fund wars and adorn his palace, now a museum called 'the Louvre.' By printing more money into existence, it devalued the money already in circulation ( the money already worked for and earned by the populous ) and everyone became poorer. All goods and services became more expensive and thus all heck started breaking loose once the population of France began to realize the rising costs of all things... yet their incomes / wages / savings didn't reflect the rise.

The very same thing is happening today.. not only since the bailouts, but for almost two centuries now.

First off, the money you and I must labor to attain in order to pay for things like the rent, food, etc... is actually a debt instrument!

It is not an asset as Constitutionally it is supposed to be, but debt.

Hard to conceptualize at first, but to help you I put together a website about all this madness and tom foolery to hopefully explain what is really going on ( at the SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com site ).

The effort is from my own energy, time and passion ( my 'work' ), so please be kind to support the ad sponsors ( or sift them, however you want to look at it ) on that site or here on this blog in order to support the effort of informing / educating the populous about money, what it is and what it isn't... and how to move forward from our present economic slavery.

Thank You!

13 December 2011

Were All Created Equal in the Constitution?

One must see, that if all things were let alone when the U.S. Constitution was initially written ( without further amendments ), then the class distinction in Amerika would be defined by ethnicity ( I don't use race because we are all the same race and running the same race ). A quick glance at the Constitutional definition of who has voting rights ( land owners of Caucasian descent ) shows a fixing of a class structure thought only to exist in places like India ( as world history books showcase, yet ignore the reality in Amerikan culture ).

A prime example of the phenomenon "nationalism," which I think is a direct product of government propaganda ( again, early voters and financial supporters of government being of one particular class and ethnicity ), could be clearly seen in the movie "Gangs of New York." This dramatic fiction ( based on true events ) shows the nationalistic conditioning at its best: a first generation, born from Irish immigrants business man, is now wealthy and at the top of his social circle and yet is racist, resentful and hateful against the newly arriving Irish immigrants. He drives the local political climate using his leverage in the community by any and all means necessary.... virtually being above the law which he depends on ( and even influences ) to subdue his newly arriving cousins.

Somehow, the identity shifts. We see this til this very day in Amerika. I personally think this occurs due to the nature of man when he falls into greed, selfishness and arrogance and other dark character traits which plague every human being, but are magnified due to the gains found in building wealth. Surely, it is possible not every person who realizes a windfall of success is subject to such a fate... yet this is warned about in scripture ( to you who believe or care to know this insight ).

So one sees that most likely the ills which are produced from greed comes down to man's heart and this basic repetitive happenstance in life.

Could it possibly be that, just like when the Israelites were punished for turning from God to worship a golden calf after Moses disappeared up Mount Sinai for 40 days while he received the commandments, that today too the world is still worshipping a god made by man? I dare say yes.

Isn't it interesting that one of the central forms of wealth is still gold? And this thing 'gold' can not be used for any other useful purpose like clothing, food, shelter... but can only be used to create trinkets of adornment and as a component in such as cell phones and other obscure applications. Isn't it interesting that at one time all 'value' was based on this inanimate object?

And today the paper / fiat money we all must work for, use and pay for things of necessity or need, is also something even further useless, is it not? Are we worshiping or made to toil for / after another man-made idol without truly knowing it / understanding it?

Find out for yourselves at SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com and support the cause, for I too have to somehow scratch out a living while still living among the living... and I have yet to find any other means of sustenance outside the paradigm of pushing paper.

12 December 2011

Who Owns the Golden Calf?

It is difficult to see past our conditioning.... just as Orwell wrote about in 1984... and there is no one system or set of systems that can be an answer nor a creation of man that can fix anything.. simply it comes down to love. Do you love others as yourself? Do you consider others better than yourself, regardless of who / what they are?

The premise of the Constitution and Bill of Rights was an attempt at this utopia somehow.. but those men, like any one of us, has a horizon and a limit.. and we are all fallible.

The Constitution allowed for freedom and voting, but only to a particular 'breed' of person.. a particular ethnicity from a particular background. Those men desired to be kings without subjecting one another under their footstools.... but they were happy to subdue people of lesser credential, lesser history and of a different color and language... which was a failure... but we can ignore that too just like the history books have taught us to ( sarcasm ).

To find out what all are forced to worship / seek after by default and find out what today's golden calf looks like ( and who owns it ), go to
SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com and find out!!

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One Winner for Every Hundred Losers

Only few 'win' in the capitalist model... and those 'winners' do almost anything to keep their 'class' in place.. as history has shown and has tried to narrate away from ( the ongoing class struggle in Amerika ). Murder, scandal, fraud, theft, deception.... are just some of the tactics and methods stemming from the greed we all have inside of us: the human condition.

The majority are instigated, marketed-to and propagandized to believe they too can live in luxury, drive fancy cars and wine and dine on the Rivera as portrayed in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

This simply tempts the slaves into working their heart out all their lives, but really only keeps the machinations well-greased and those who either arrived at top position by force, by birth or other means... in their cozy and comfortable place.

The 'excuse' or 'justification' to keep the status-quo and the minions working is a ruse. It is a ploy and a well managed deception the masses have unwittingly swallowed up.... fed to them as perennial the "American Dream."

But with the realization of Globalization and the reality of slaves around the world, working for $1 or $2 a day ( accounting their local economy in USD, meaning: can you survive on $2 in your neck of the world? ).... the oppressive nature of the Machine goes unnoticed to the buyers of Nike, Coconut Oil and other 'things.'

But how many are content with their place in life? Content with their position? And they think they would be much happier if they were to 'cross the tracks' and be living on easy street?

Many musicians have crossed over from rags to riches only to hate themselves even more... for their hearts and minds never changed, only the size of material ownership and their bank account.... seems that the carrot needs to keep getting bigger and more interesting for the donkeys to keep trying to take a bite out of it, don't you think?

To escape the clutches of this Machine, visit and support the effort at SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com.

09 December 2011

Public Schools = Shill Producing Factories

The following is in response to "bullying" but as usual, I give it my spin to put forth the paradigm I notice:

Bullying sucks.. always has and will. I see the problem being the corralling of students to a single program ( the school 'system' itself, and public education being a plank found in the communist manifesto - not stating it to be evil or bad as can be associated with the word 'communist' as we've been conditioned to think so in this lovely country of capitalists.. now fascist ).

What I'd like to point out is this 'system' of creating little productive people like an assembly line does not work for everyone. The whole point of public education was to bring semblance and a basis of basic education to a population of the lower classes... to parent who either could not raise their own children and teach them at home ( as has been done for centuries before empire ).

But the inherent evil seems to be not the utopian idea / idea., but now its manipulation and management.. while the social concerns like bullying are a byproduct of the failings of such a vast social construct with little room for actual caring.

What happened to raising your children at home? Oh yeah, most families cannot exist without two incomes because of the design of capitalism.

The adverse affects of putting different kids from different backgrounds and trying to mold them into a product of the empire ( see: fraternities and sororities and the Greek element of paganism and material worship as the end-goal of the entire system of education ) is an obvious fail of the cookie cutter / mass production of productive chattel / people.

Have we not seen those who were different, troubled and even drop outs become the most innovative, productive, creative and game changers the world has seen?

Is it not those who are not stamped by approval of society and popular culture the ones who actually pave the way for the rest of the dimwits?

I don't have children at the moment, but if / when I do, I cannot surely subject them to the same garbage I was subjected to!

I haven't the clear alternative, but I am sure it has to do with raising a child alongside me as I go about my day.... in work, in play and in recreation...

Just the thought of sending my child to a place filled with strangers ( teachers and administrators ) and allowing complete strangers with who knows what values, ethics and such, teaching anything to my child is ridiculous!!!!

It is like making a ton of money and handing it over to complete strangers who promise me big bucks in return just because they claim to be authorities in the matter... oh wait, the world has bee duped into doing that as well... never mind.

Yeah, public education is great ( yeah right ).

I am a product of the public school system ( from 7th grade to the University ).

To find out what public schools do not teach regarding what all have been taught to have to work for, visit SmartPeopleSmartMoney for the education of a lifetime.

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08 December 2011

Does it Matter to Understand 'What Money Is?'

"All the perplexities, confusion, distress in America arise, not from the defects of the Constitution or the confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nation, of coin, credit and circulation. "

-- John Adams, 2nd President of the U.S. ( 1735 - 1826 )

It is well enough the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

-- Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company Founder ( 1863 - 1947 )

"Money is kind of a base subject, like water, food, air and housing, it affects everything, yet for some reason the world of academics thinks its a subject below their social standing."

-- Robert Kiyosaki, Investor, Entrepreneur, Writer ( b 1947 ).

Three gentleman's quotes from several generations...

Is it about time you find out and learn what money really is, what it isn't and why, no matter how much you make / earn / save... it never seems like you have, can keep or can make enough? I dare say there is a mechanism working AGAINST you and you may not even understand nor perceive this reality.

Find out more HERE!

And thank you for your support here and at the Smart Money site.

07 December 2011

Does Evil Exist at the Heights of Amerika?

Has anyone noticed the stars on the Republican Party emblem / symbol?

Look at this video for that reference and a bit of explanation.

Has anyone noticed and understood what J.F.K. at running time 0:21 at this video mentions:

"... and who believe the President of the United States should be the honorary Chairman of a great fraternal organization, and confine himself to ceremonial functions... but that isn't what the Constitution says."

Have you noticed the emotion ( fear ) in his voice as he says these things?

I do not support either side of the two-headed single party ( Dem / Rep ) for they have been in collusion far too long for anyone to be able to truly distinguish one from the other.

In a recent Aljazeera interview, Jesse Ventura ( who makes more sense and has the track record to back his words and actions ) states some very insightful and objective points.

Listen first at running time 11:20 to 12:30, for he sums things up nicely regarding 'evil' and how Amerika is currently being run.
Then at running time 13:20 to 16:08 he describes the true political landscape and mentions he would run alongside Ron Paul, but on a major condition. Find out what that is.

The entire interview is worth listening to.

Can one be guilty by association?

It does say this somewhere.. for you who believe and understand these things:

"Therefore come out from them and be separate,....." 2 Cor 6:17.

If you have learned anything new today, please thank the effort by supporting site sponsors here and where the knowledge of what money is taught.

Thank You!

06 December 2011

Ever Light Your Water on Fire?

Watch this video showing some of the dangers and side effects of fracking.

I am not sure if I'd like to be drinking, bathing or using water which has been tainted due to the exploration and expulsion of oil. Looks like it may be somewhat hazardous to my health.


Heard about the Carrot Before the Donkey? Sadly, people place their conscience, ethics, morals, etc., on the back burner in pursuit of their means / income. To learn about why this is the case in this world ( and how to escape this phenomenon ), go here:

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05 December 2011

Tyranny Rears It's Ugly Head in Amerika... & Congress Has No Shame

This week the Senate passed a bill with almost unanimous consent ( only seven voted against it out of 100 ) to clearly ignore the Constitution, alienate Amerikans and subject the citizenry to military jurisdiction and the same fate of those folks who ended up in Guantanamo.... indefinitely.

What is revealed is yet another clear chapter of history reminiscent of the gulags in Russia and Nazi concentration camps. Same concentration camps rose up in Amerika during WWII when Japanese Amerikans were sequestered and imprisoned simply because of their ethnic heritage, regardless if they were dissenters, Japanese patriots / insurgents or otherwise.

Today in Amerika, you don't have to fit the narrative / propagandist lie of what we've been told a 'terrorist' is: A Muslim, middle-easterner, extremist, religious zealot, and a few other 'types.' No, today in Amerika, simply having a loud voice calling for Constitutional adherence will bring a red flag over your existence and you can be targeted a 'terrorist' or 'insurgent' or leading an insurrection.

Needless to say this is all too eerie and resembles instead the 1984 plot coming to fruition. Not many saw this coming compared to the masses being mesmerized by their professional sports, their shopping, their dramatic lives and other distractions.... for it is always this time of year the most ridiculous and heinous laws are passed by our hired hands in CONgress.... those who worship at the temple of a created god... that tool of enslavement we all must pass between one another as we pass the legacy of debt slavery like hot potatoes.

Read a mainstream media blurb about it.

To learn about how money is used as the tool of enslavement ( and how to escape this phenomenon ), go here:

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03 December 2011

Police State Cannot Be Denied Any Further: Man Faces 75 Years for Video Taping Police

If the video link below isn't a clear depiction of the establishment of a U.S. Police State, I don't know what is. If one were to have a grasp and understanding of history, they would see clearly what this spells: starts with an "F" and ends with an 'ism.'

When the beast rose in Germany early last century, thousands of people who can 'see' moved to another country ( both religious, secular, Jewish, Christian, etc.. )... and we know what happened to those who stayed: murdered or indoctrinated into a regime. The intellectuals who stayed were corralled like animals and either jailed or killed. The masses did not recognize the signs of the time, and simply bowed to tyranny and happily accepted their fate.

Here is a VIDEO showing very clearly what has come to Amerika, but the public servants on the lower end may not see clearly what those further up the food chain in the bloated bureaucracy do.

To learn about how money is really made in Amerika and 'what' it really is, go here:

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02 December 2011

Bonds, Servants & Economic Slavery

Do you ever take a moment to look up what words really mean?

I have been surprised when I have looked up word to find out if it had a different meaning or connotation than I had believed it to be.

Take, for example, the word: BOND. Go ahead and read all the definitions of that word at that link to see how this word is used in different settings... but the underlying broad definition is still the same for the most part: attaching one thing to another.

Now consider, that an entity known as the Federal Reserve Bank purchases "bonds" as a way of installing money into the economy. That money is actually lent at interest. Now, what are they really 'purchasing' when they purchase a 'bond?'

What is being 'bound' by the purchasing of 'bonds?' And, if you don't already know this, the 'money' used to purchase these bonds is created out of nothing!

This video will show you what is purchased when the Fed buys bonds.

And this site will show you the manner in which money is created, misunderstood and who actually owns all the money in existence today... for that bank account and cash under your mattress is actually on loan to you... a secure loan.... ever wonder what the security / surety is? Or should I say, 'who' is that surety?

To learn about how money is really made in Amerika and 'what' it really is, go here:

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01 December 2011

90 Year-Old Quote

In light of the World Wide Revolution coming to every major city in Amerika, it is interesting to read these words from a judge:

"The three great rights are so bound together as to be essentially one right. To give a man his life, but deny him his libert, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living. To give him his liberty, but take from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty, is to still leave him a slave."

-- George Sutherland, Assoc. Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1921

To learn about how America became Amerika, go here:


21 June 2011

U.S. of Amerika: Can An Immigrant Become A Sovereign?

In response to a Face Book friend asking about immigrants and entrepreneurship in Amerika.

Remember, history has been altered and there is evidence of revision, so a pretty picture has been painted and programmed into our minds thanks to mainstream education and omissions in history books of many important facts.

This has been done so beliefs and mantras like "land of the free and home of the brave" can be shouted-out, without question... to create conformity and a ripe and willing labor force / working class.

The 'story' is that the country was founded as a bastion of freedom and a place people could run away to and be free.... but that is a story, not reality. The freedoms were only enjoyed by those who had the leverage due to their position, class and / or education.

Yes, you can become your boss and build your own business, even today.

Yet, here is a question: Do people have the mindset, the view from an objective stance, to see clearly who they are dealing with ( regarding the government and the system )? Are people able to look beyond their programmed beliefs and see the opportunities and the roadblocks of today's so-called capitalist system ( which is really something else )?

This country was created as a corporation, a place to do business. It was conquered by privateers commissioned by royals. These privateers built industry and occupied the land and had their slaves till the land and perform the labor. The natives were killed off and pushed from fertile land because they were not easily enslaved nor obedient, even at the end of a bayonet, thus their elimination from the land was needed and is evidenced.

The hired hands of the crowns owned parcels of land and paid their tribute / tax to the crowns for use of the land. These private owners became very wealthy due to owning slaves and trading across the Atlantic their production.

These 'forefathers' as they fairy tale states, realized they were in fact not free, for they had to pay tribute just to exist on this new land, just as been the case where they came from. So they created a Constitution which gave themselves voting rights ( and in that thy declared sovereign rights for themselves, making themselves free from tribute to 'the crown ). Soon, they had their act together and were tired of paying tribute to tyrannical capital ( hegemony ) dictating from across the Atlantic, so came the revolution and THEY became the new hegemony.

Yet, the class separation among capital owners and labor was still evident, and wider than it is today, yet today's trajectory is headed back in that direction. So, these new 'freemen' had voting rights and could afford to have representatives do their bidding on capital hill ( capital = money ) and create and alter laws to their benefit business and themselves. Yet, the labor force had no voting rights, nor did the immigrant.

It has always been a struggle for the immigrant, yet learning 'how' the system works, learning how to handle capital and pursuing independence has been absent in mainstream scholastic circles for quite some time, by design. Today, we see evidence of the graduated tax on income, on use of property, on the movement of money, etc., the centralization of credit, and many other planks of the communist manifesto in play.... yes, even today.

The country enacted by the Constitution is different than the one seen today. The Amerika of today is a poor reflection of the idea of America created over 200 years ago.

One example is this: the idea of registering your personal property was never a 'freedom' notion until just recently, yet all have been convinced this is good, ethical and American... but it is not. To register you personal property is actually rendering its lawful use to another entity to hold title to make sure you pay your yearly use tax ( tribute )... and this is what the revolution was fought for!

Constitutional rights and protection have been chipped away for some time with ever increasing laws, codes and other none-lawful and unconstitutional liberty sifters.

There is much more to say... THIS website I put together gives yet another glimpse into the rabbit hole unseen by most.

To learn about how money is really made in Amerika and 'what' it really is, go here:

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13 June 2011

Are You Free, or Blindly Enslaved?

Regarding slavery ( which many believe long passed over a century ago in Amerika ), do you not see yourselves having to earn a dollar, which is lent to the government at interest ( a tax ), and then is taxed again from your income?

If the republic is in fact 'free' and won its independence from England or whomever, why in the world would our government have to lend itself money at interest? Who gains the proceeds from this payment of tribute / interest?

Is this not a clear representation of economic slavery, yet it is hidden as such and called by another name, is it not?

This form of economic slavery is in fact the world paying tribute ( slavery ) to the owners of such specie / fiat.

Look at the specie / fiat / paper money in your purse / wallet / pocket right now! Read the legalese and use a law dictionary for the clear definitions, for it is a contract.

On it is found two signatures representing two distinct parties, so also find a date, so also find the terms... So, as I see it, slavery still exists, and in many forms ( and allowed by the laws of men, unfortunately ).

Revision of history has obscured the facts, yet when one follows the trail of money and where the tribute finally leads to, there you will find whom you pay tribute to and whom you can thank for the ills and woes of economy, war-lead profits and other such wickedness.

To learn about how money is really made in Amerika and 'what' it really is, go here:

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12 June 2011

Communist Manifestation of Human Yearnings

Regarding a summary reading of the Communist Manifesto -

If I could summarize: I see a communist over-lord of a quasi-capitalist support system with tones of socialism interlocking the two... and surely something else which escapes definition at this time. Meaning, many of the demands of that manifesto are already evident. The problem is, how it is seen as 'evil' has been propagandized by the U.S. government for quite some time. And the Soviets also propagandized their populous with the same negative messages about capitalism during the same time, beginning with the defeat of Hitler's Germany. So to see these things in the 'light' of reality is difficult, for the landscape of thought has been tainted for some time now ( 1984 ).

What is inherently evil is power and influence being concentrated into few hands... and we've seen this power being a corruptible force in the church, in government, in business and in the family... in all forms of government or social organization, unfortunately. All these social systems have their limitations yet have their escape clauses, or at least should have: disassociation, revolt, resignation / market competition, divorce, for example.

Yet, the supposed 'benefits' of that manifesto for the proletariat has become more of a nightmare in some cases, especially the allowance of usury demanded for the use centralized money, to name one.

One positive ( which can be debated, but must be acknowledged to as being a positive force which has propelled the populous forward ) is the public school system, even with all the faults found in it today. If it were not for the public school system, where would a working mother and father had found the time to teach anything outside of regular life skills to their children? Where would any basis of education outside of language and basic hygiene skills be taught / inherited aside from their parent's trades would a child be possibly exposed to? ( hygiene is a bit reaching, I know, a poor example, but used as a banality to make a point ).

So, I see a private ownership of money and a private ownership of many government functions ( behind the guise of publicly controlled ) ran by the descendents and associates of the hegemony ( the fix of class distinction clarified by the manifesto ), with sections of socialized society around the country and within its functions, thus far.

I don't think communism, in its theory on paper, truly works on its own. For there will always be someone at the helm having all the leverage their position provides, and the heart of man is too easily corrupted. Much like the quote: “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton.

I am for private ownership of homes and business ( but I am for limit to the size of said businesses and their means of production, which is what anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws were supposed to achieve: the promotion of healthy competition and opportunity for consumer options and choice - a basic of economics providing a vibrant market which lowers prices and improves goods and services ).

I am for the education of everyone, whether privately or publicly, but some kind of 'open book' education of the basics, from food growth to energy independence, for example. Everyone should be taught to excel in whatever they see value in, taught that they have inalienable rights and limitless possibilities and virtues that are unfathomable and immeasurable, if only allowed to flourish and which only are limited by their exploration. Everyone should be taught the difference between an asset and a liability, as well as what money ( a medium of exchange ) really is, and taught true history according to all sources of facts available, not according to the victors of war and from an ethnic-favoring narrative / point of view.

To learn about how money is really made in Amerika and 'what' it really is, go here:

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14 May 2011

World Depopulation

To simply respond to the first paragraph of the author's article on TruthDig, stating:

“By 2050, humanity could devour an estimated 140 billion tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass per year—three times its current appetite—unless the economic growth rate is ‘decoupled’ from the rate of natural resource consumption.”

The logical answer would be "not if the people of the world are educated about these facts, are educated and encouraged to seek natural fuels ( solar, wind, etc. ), are educated and taught how to live independently and to produce for themselves and their community.

This hype would surely NOT happen if people were NOT treated like the chattel they've been cornered and subdued into resembling.

25 April 2011

Social Engineering, What Is It?

Why are people who hold similar desires failing to agree with one another?

Unless people break-away from the 'left / right' paradigm and think outside the prescribed limits of argument, they will always be at odds with one another, for this is the programmed agenda from the hegemony via mainstream media, and it has been working.

Programmed definitions of words without researching deeper the definitions of such words, limits thought and furthers the planned obfuscations.

Social Engineering it is called.

11 April 2011

Medical Industry & Worshiping the Golden Calf

So, I take my mom to her yearly physical with her primary doctor.

I've been reading how doctors have been receiving incentives for prescribing certain medications... and padding their pockets when they ALSO own the pharmacy where they request you purchase said medications.

I confronted her with my questions, the litany of meds my mom is on ( and yet these 'professionals' have not found the reason why she has the issues she has... but they keep passing her from one 'expert' or 'specialist' to another, each one prescribing their regiment of medications.

So, after asking several questions ( like a reporter, dissecting the scenario ), the doctor FINALLY CONFESSES about taking a skiing trip ( as part of the 'package' for agreeing to push and solicit a particular pharmaceutical medication ).

At first, she denied it and said 'never'.... but I know how to ask questions to get to the truth... "I see you are very astute" she said.

Shortly thereafter, my mom had an invitation to her insurance group's yearly luncheon at some swanky golf club.... and so we go, just as we've gone for the past several years....

Lo and behold, we are just in time for the last bit of a Q and A session.... so I raise as the last person with a question... and I unleashed!

I asked if it was true doctors receive incentives, kick-backs, trips, dinner and show tickets, etc.... for their solicitation and 'professionally recommended' prescribed medications.... the man was speechless and quickly began to cover... but I interjected and shared my most recent experience... and the FACT that I've spoken with two individuals ( a married couple ) whose profession was to solicit their pharmaceutical company's list of meds to doctors within their particular region.... and how they would gift them and provide financial incentives ).

I furthered that truly this is a profiteering business, which markets to the fears and needs of the people at large!

The room of over 100, mostly elderly and over-prescribed audience, was a gasp at what I was sharing... which was THE TRUTH!

After I finished my soap box moment, he tried to cover as best he could ( for this event is to further prescribe and ensure an obedient customer base ) and kept repeating the mantra: "ask your professional doctor"

I also recommended to the audience, to search out holistic alternatives, and foods, roots, vitamins, etc... which were NOT CREATED IN A LABORATORY FROM SYNTHETIC ELEMENTS.. AND PACKAGED FOR PROFIT.. and the possible detriment to the natural human body.

After I was done, two individuals came up to me.

One, a doctor.. who began to 'school' me on his business practices, of which I easily disputed and shamed him for his nearsightedness and desire to profit instead of heal his patients... which he eventually conceded and considered my points.... AND he agreed that the so-called evil weed ( cannabis ) is in fact a breakthrough medicine which has been wrongfully propagandized to obfuscate its naturally occurring healing elements!

The other person was a Registered Nurse.. who COMPLETELY AGREED WITH ME!

Although her daughter owns a pharmacy, her husband is a medical doctor, she simply could NOT swallow the lies and financial deceptions she's seen with her own eyes! She commended me for my mini-speech and thanked me! I was truly humbled and thanked the LORD! And invited her out to church! 8^)

All Glory and Honor to the Father in Heaven!

23 March 2011

I Unsubscibed the Political Theory

"Thank you for your past support of this movement. We couldn't have come this far without you, and are sorry to see you go -- could you please reconsider and stay on our list?"

This was the outgoing message / plea of the Democratic political machine as I chose to unsubscribe from their pandering.

This was my response / a few reasons why I'm breaking up with them:

a) I've come to find out that the Democratic vs Republican 'debate' is false, dubious and a charade.

b) The message to the masses that people "have a choice between one party or another" is absurd, a farce.

c) There is only ONE party, and that party speaks from two heads ( Dems and Reps ).

d) The Federal Reserve with their money printing and their interest rate charging / changing policy is who really is in charge, not the seat of the president, nor the 'people' and their congressional representatives.

e) The president is merely the talking head; a symbol.

f) The seat of the president, being now that of a military dictatorship since WWII ( see the book "Bomb Power" by Gary Wills ) is the reality, and this Amerikan Empire has military dictatorships propped up the world over, with few exceptions.

g) Wars are fought for profit and not for peace.

h) The media is a propaganda machine emanating mixed and obfuscating messaged penned by its elitist owners, made to further strengthen the position of those in power by distracting, instigating and attacking other points of view not adhering to the rhetoric / lies.

These are just a few, and pose to be a sufficient reason and good evidence that 'the game is over.'

Prepare for Revolution.

May God Bless You, you're going to need it!

21 March 2011

Are You Free?

I don't watch mainstream media propaganda.. which is everything on tv, cable, etc.... no wait, that's a lie.

I do watch it occasionally; to keep up with the lies and the latest propaganda, but I don't believe it. I've learned how to read between the lies.

Be careful folks who you name-call and pigeon-hole, for this is what the mainstream, corporate-owned, for-profit, propaganda media spews out daily and many folks have been conditioned by this irresponsible media to knee-jerk reacting, instead of thinking before they speak... or in this case, thinking before they type.

You may offend the very people who may save your life one day.

The revolution has already started in Amerika, it has simply not physically manifested itself... yet it is teeming in the minds of many, the many still afraid and still well-fed with the weapons of mass distraction.

If you are in debt and don't know how to discharge that debt, they have you.

If you are buying things to your heart's content, things which enrich the already wealthy and which siphons money from your community and into the hands of foreigners, they have you.

If you are angry and cannot concisely explain your anger without the use of profanity and without being able to bridge the gap of ignorance, they have you.

If you pay your taxes out of fear, intimidation, they have you.

If you are working for a corporation and are not self-employed / the employer or dependent on a check at a job where you can be let go at a moment's notice, they have you.

If you are not moving from dependency to self-sustenance, they have you.

If you do not realize you are slaves, pushing a debt instrument thought to be money, but in fact ( and it says so on the bill, read it for yourself ) think that the more debt money you have you are 'doing something' and ahead of the game, they have you.

If you cannot distinguish the countless lies disguised as authority and the countless taxes, fees, surcharges, parking tickets, car registration, etc... as being TRIBUTE to a hierarchy and prescribed to be the attempt to pay a national debt which was never intended to be paid back, they have you.

For more, see this:


19 March 2011

Life Incorporated ( all things have a nominal value, even You )

This is my response to an article by Chris Hedges found here: TruthDig

Natural Scientist, what you may be referring to is the illusion of value and worth attached on people via their monetary significance.

Since all things have a value amount attached to them ( what is the U.S. citizen’s, the surety for the nation’s debt, valued at today according to the bond? ).. well, we are ‘programmed’ to view the world according to a valuation.

We look at the price of gas, and whether you consider that to be valuable, you simply go pump it because it IS what is NECESSARY to do your ‘work’ or the duty of doing something ( deemed valuable since you get a paycheck from it ) in order to pay for the cost of your existence.

So, we see most people are ‘captive’ and held in a state of ‘awe’ when it comes to money, which again, is the very thing ALL ARE chained to.

Some very sly shysters have ‘capitalized’ on the mesmerizing affect of money and the chattel’s ignorance of that subject.. and have had their way with us all.

Why did the Christ become angry and actually physically removed certain someone’s from the temple? Look it up, for this is who is against all of humanity…. to their condemned detriment.. and sadly, all who also worship money and cannot break away from its deceptive allure.

12 March 2011

Man Cannot Serve Both God and Money

I was at a birthday party recently.

The vast majority of people there were atheists.

Through hearsay, someone was prompted to approach me about my beliefs / view on what money is.

They were not satisfied with my explanation / my paradigm view on the subject of money ( I have an interesting view of what money really is ).

They have a degree in economics and were telling me money is work... and blah blah blah. Yet they are NOT an economist by trade or profession, but a laborer. They believed the prescribed empirical education that money is specie. Yet I went a step further.

So, to better explain my point of view, I explained to them what I believe-in behind all my logic, understanding and such: God.

I believe God is real, and the money to be FAKE.

I told them the world has been misled to put their 'faith' into money.

I said 'man cannot serve BOTH God and money.'

I said the money is today's golden calf, of which the world has been misled to 'believe' in. To go after it. To work for it. To spend their entire lives HAVING to earn / chase / look after / worry about having enough of it, BECAUSE; that is what 'gets things paid and done,' or so we've been told.

I told them I believe that one can NOT serve both God and money.

So, you could imagine their reaction.


And of course, I 'must' be the one whose incorrect, since most folks believe the opposite of what I just said I believed.

Well, they became very angry and frustrated while I kept my cool and even began to withdraw from the heated conversation... which only made them even angrier.

So, I sensed the hostility and the FEAR from someone who has accepted the LIE that 'there is no God' and that the system of finance, commerce and coin is 'good' and just.

Yet, I have found out that we are slaves because of that system... which I've found to be corrupt and unjust; benefiting only a select few.

I realized, once again, that people fear the unknown. They fear the idea that they can be wrong about something the majority of people accept to be true.. but now doubt due to my view, my paradigm, my faith, my belief.

Here is a quote explaining / proposing something profound:

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from the defects of the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nation, of coin, credit and circulation."

-- b A.D. 1735 John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America.

25 February 2011

The Money, The Constitution, The Republic, The Slaves

When the republic known as the United States of America was penned on paper, not all who resided within her borders were considered free men, sovereign, nor were allowed to vote... And when someone was born within her borders, that individual still wasn't considered a 'citizen' nor a 'part' of the republic, but a subject of the republic.. unless they were born into a certain pedigree, a certain class. Hmmm.

When people return to basics, hopefully they will NOT forget the progress which has brought the idea of freedom, equity and liberty to EVERY person... not just a certain class or element...

I hope they realize that money is a tool to make commerce work, that's it... it is a contract between two parties. And if you look closely at your dollar bill, you'll notice who the contract is between.

And also, realize that you don't 'own' that money neither, for it is being lent to you to use. It isn't yours. It is owned by an entity called the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation who's owners no one knows, not even on record!

Yet, this tool was purposed and created to facilitate commerce... not to be used as a tool of enslavement / used as a carrot before the donkey.

Yet, it has been used and instilled in the masses as today's golden calf.... and all must 'work' for it or somehow attain it to 'pay' for needs and such.. and THIS paradigm too is false! For, since the fiat is a debt instrument, a 'note,' it is clear to see that what we hold in our hands is the state's debt to us.... for we only 'rent' and temporarily 'own' our possessions... for if you don't pay your car tax, property tax, or other use taxes... you don't get to drive / own a car, don't keep your house ( even though it may be free and clear ), etc...

The paper has been created as a false measure of value, of variables like cost and price, and we think someone to be so genius, or so noble, or so decent who can accumulate all the debt notes possible.. to 'purchase' the made things, and rent those created by BIGGER hands.... yet I digress.... as always.

24 February 2011

Responding to GOP vs. DEM Obfuscation Argument

I agree, we should leave the policy of dirty politics and media obfuscations to the Grand Ole Party / KKK, this core group of FOX News believing, good-ole boy back slapping, pediGREED, money loving, chattel and capital managing, stiff necks.

But wait, isn't the blue team simply a tool used to further separate the higher paid chattel from the lower paid, and expose their twisted hearts to greed and following the carrot, the dole?

Is that money real? Is in not simply a contract, of which you are not a party, only a debt holder? We are passing debt to one another, read what the message is on the federal reserve note you think is 'your' money.

Hey Mr. M.D. whistle blower? Where were you when you found out your grand ole party of rednecks use military dictatorships around the world to feed themselves and the rest of their crony U.S. economy, while the rest feed on crumbs.. of which you and the naysayers are quibbling about?

Mr. M.D., are you glad to be taken out to the opera, to shows, to vacations... for pushing certain prescribed medicines... for profit in other words? Shame on you corporate shill!

How is that Mercedes turning out for ya?

Yeah, how dare the chattel try to rise up and be counted equal to their masters / the master race / the blinded believers of the Amerikan Dream? How's that money game going for you folks? Love it, huh? It's called economic slavery folks.

Much like that movie Amistad where folks burrned with zealous anger at the bigotry, the hatred, the indifference, the ignorance of people; one people believing themselves above another... and subduing and keeping another downtrodden for 'wealth, prosperity and order' or whatever ridiculous and absurd excuse greed has... the revolution has already started and you may find yourself on the side of wrong doers.

23 February 2011

Libya Quits English Colonial Rule, Finally

Running time 8:20:

"I find it really quite disrespectful for people in the west to tell us that what they've done with Gaddafi is in the benefit of the Libyan people, it is NONSENSE!" Britain, U.S. and others are doing exactly ... as an ex...ample, like giving a gun to a deranged lunatic who's holding his family hostage in a house, and then when he shoots them, 'they' all stand down and say "well, we're not responsible for it."'

And now for my rant and rave:)

If you care to hear the interview with these folks, you'll hear about how Libya holds the majority of Africa's oil reserves, is the #1 importer of oil to the U.K... and of course, the U.K. sells / exchanges with Libya weapons for oil under the policy of keeping the truth, the people, and justice at bay. And the good people of Amerika and the blinded world stand by and watch the drama unfold on tv... entertained, mesmerized and believing the lies. ( hey, its better than reality tv and those silly CIS 'swinging camera' shows, right? would you like some popcorn? ).

So the picture is this: Colonial power holds rights and most likely title to foreign lands via dictatorship ( which openly condemns that paradigm in which the public actually lives in but doesn't believe nor comprehend, for it goes against the fairy tale story line of Amerika, thanks to Lying Media ) and ACTS to sub-serve the very servants they've continued to turn into serfs / slaves at the end of a bayonet. And it is all dually justified on paper and with action, for they follow through on their contracts just like anybody would, right? It's BUSINESS! Blood for oil, diamonds, whatever... 'let's get paid' right?

Well, majority of the world continues to suffer because of the greedy dark hearts of a very few number of people, whom we've been lead to believe in and respect and honor, to our demise and theirs as well.

Nothing has changed since the history of the world, only that our minds do not comprehend these very things happening under our noses "for our security."

07 February 2011

Egypt: Fall of the Amerikan Empire

Mubarak's collective wealth is valued at around $70 billion USD.

Egypt's population is around 80 million.

That's about $875 for every person.

Better than Obama's tax return in lieu of the bailout of billions to banksters ( the tax payer is paying this too, at interest ).

These circle of friends, comprised mostly of capital heritage, and the shills and lackeys supporting them depend on government legislation to ensure their positions and leveraged power over those outside their spheres ( the populous / chattel ).

Yet, maybe that money could be put in a public lottery to benefit the poor, secured by income producing enterprises, paving the way for that population to build a truly uni-equitable society.

But then, those lackeys and the so-called noble / royalty / elite / etc, would have to make a living on their own merits, instead of entitlement.

Are we witnessing the fall of the Amerikan Empire in the Muslim / Arab regions of the world?

Does this mean the empire has now split into two or more pieces?

Or has the empire been established long ago, and these fissions are simply consolidating power evermore?

For I think the religion, race nor reasoning of a people depends on these factor when considering how to govern them, for governing them using finance and the obfuscation of history and media to distort the past, present and future, is surely how it is being done today.

19 January 2011

Obama Like Bush Like Clinton Like Bush Like Reagan, etc.

In response to this article on a politically charged site:

Very Informative.

At least we know what to expect from our (s)elected officials, and ‘that’ is a step forward in dealing with this ‘leadership’ from ‘both hands’ ( left and right party ) of the same entity.

More true journalists and real reporters need to be working FULL TIME just to keep up with the quackery and mockery of justice, the flood of laws and tons of code added to the books from one day to the next… and the populous hasn’t a clue ( nor will ever, I suppose ).

I wonder, if with so much unemployment, why hasn’t the Amerikan people risen up against its Tunisian-Type government?

Are U.S. Citizens ‘that’ lazy, stupefied and ignorant of their immediate danger?

I guess what is present here and not Tunisia is our lasting freedom to bear arms… to keep tyranny from entrenching a foothold… yet that freedom too has been numbed down and used against the psyche of the American people, turning them into Amerikans, who ‘can’ do nothing.

01 January 2011

The Electric Car; Will GM Kill it Again?

2010 made great strides, 2011 may disappoint... for greed instead of
logic is the factor.

Many factors are holding the availability of affordable pure electric
cars, three of which may be-

a) capital and control interests of oil producers, utility companies,
their dependent economic systems, many people's jobs, etc.

b) conventional automakers not poised to progress due to reason "a."

c) those whose businesses depend on the status quota of following the
hegemony leadership will not convert UNLESS the road ahead is clear,
no faith found here.

Plenty of stimulus money is available, but is not marketed
sufficiently to pierce through the propaganda still running rampant
today ( just like that documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"
teaches ).

And the answer was GM.... and now they are one of two to introduce
an electric assembly-line car in 2010? Welcome to Bizarro Babylon.

Are people stupid, have short-term memory or simply can't distinguish
between the duality?

The mutation of petroleum burning automobiles by replacing the petrol
motor with an electric motor, and all other needed modifications, is
akin to the concept of a surgery solution ( replacing the bad part ).

The leap will be when the electric vehicle(s), of which have yet to be
conceived and created, are drafted from the ground up.... again!

Alongside these newer vehicle concepts, a newer concept of travel ( we
need to think well outside the cage and tons of metal propelled at
speed to lighter, less lethal projectiles on the road / something that
will bounce off a house's wall, not plow through to the backyard, for example ).

Yet, the 'general public' are ignorant to the MANY do-it-yourselves
out there who ARE making their own vehicles... and those who are
marketing to the wealthy and snob-happy so they in turn can ween the
masses to adopting / demanding / conforming / desiring cleaner air,
transportation and not the monthly tribute of paying an energy monopoly
for the 'benefit' of traveling / moving freely.

One example is these guys: http://www.limoland.com/

If enough 'stars' tow the road to electric heaven, like George Clooney
has ( but no one's heard of it or understands enough to care and
understand ) and when gas prices touch $4.00 and beyond, THEN we'll
see some shift.