26 January 2012

Evidence of Collusion in the SOPA

Refreshing and encouraging to hear what most don't see on a somewhat mainstream news feed ( the news link below ). Great to see the quick response ( of an aware populous ) regarding the censorship attempt of SOPA, PIPA and its creators.... the traitors.

What's the big deal with movies, commercials, etc. and what is being messaged out to the masses.. ? and what's the big deal if there are lies from the 'trusted' mainstream news feeds on teevee while the free exchange of information and communication via the internet is locked up and censured???

Well, the psychotic effect the old corporate ( and some new ) mainstream media has on everyone's paradigm, is one thing I'd say.

Manufacturing Consent is a book
by Noam Chompsky and here is the documentary.

Regarding career politicians and their pay to play attitude, censorship and the break of the old regime's stronghold on the world via tyrannical laws and hired hands.... good and juicy stuff to me.

ENJOY this Max Keiser segment ( what inspired this blog ).

24 January 2012

Conceptualizing Financial Freedom

Independence from the machinations of the empire and its owners is a difficult feat. Yet, please believe that with consistently applied effort, that much sought after independence is surely possible.

Conceptualizing a dollar amount as an end 'goal' is, I think, a misconception and not the healthiest application to place your focus on. Instead, the thinker should implore a more practical approach.

For example:

Imagine a sailboat.

The larger the sail, the more wind the sailor / sailboat could catch and thus make the vessel move across the water faster ( reaching a destination sooner ).

Using this concept, you the sailor / sailboat should look into building a sail of any size, so it works in capturing enough wind to move your vessel across the waterways of life.

The point is to focus on all the ways in which your sail(s) is / are going to help bring you from dependence to independence ( in income, energy, food, water, etc. ).

I suggest this approach, for the approach still surrounding the tools of the machine ( the money and focus on 'it' ) may further that paradigm, still keeping many economically 'rich' deep in their mental slavery, the walls of which are materialized in the mind, not outside matter.

If you haven't read the books suggested HERE, you're missing out on the practicals which were not taught in school... and this being a major reason the ignorance of coin and its circulation... as John said:

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from the defects of the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nation, of coin, credit and circulation."

-- b. A.D. 1735 John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America.

This man also knew yet kept it to himself as most do:

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

-- Henry Ford

20 January 2012

The System is Dysfunctional, Not Only The Leadership

A clearer understanding on how the system works and understanding the reality that we the people are the surety for the country's debt AND we are also the bond-servants for the issuance of the currency.

Seeing the world from this point of view, having ownership of the medium of exchange or not is the difference between being free or not.

In the Amerikan case at this very moment: not free.

Remove the private issuance of credit ( tribute / hidden usury ): more freedom, but still enslaved.

Remove the charging of interest ( common usury ): more freedom, but still enslaved.

Remove the ignorance of commerce, money and what it is: even freer still, and now prepared to create their own medium of exchange and choose ( hopefully ) to be banker, or creditor, or broker or creator of valuable things.

Teach en-mass the honest economic theory based on things of value and not derivatives or future speculations / gambling: another move towards economic freedom for those who trade their labor for money.

Then perhaps the uneducated masses may harness their valuable energy and potential / kinetic energy in all aspects of their life, not only being the slave / copper top energy source for the hegemony and their imperial paradigm ( our modern world and its lovely trappings ).

Education and responsibility are two interesting concepts, for both sides of the capital paradigm.

18 January 2012


The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised, that's for sure. It will be youtubed.

LinkWatch the documentary showing how modern democracies are stolen with media lies, collusion among the hegemony and the purposeful sifting of the ignorant.

I sometimes think that being born not on the side of prestige and wealth was a blessing in disguise....

With today's censorship in the media, furthering on the internet and the rise of the police state with the final window dressing found in the NDAA and the circumventing of due process... Orwell's vision becomes much clearer, sadly.

14 January 2012

Victory for Oppression

Running time 9:19; "Watch out for this police state, it really will come with money. And there is nothing to stop it, because those values of liberty, freedom and democracy are not cherished by the police department."


11 January 2012

Removing Federal Reserve & Replacing Gold Standard is the Remedy?

Removing the central bank of the U.S. ( FED ) may simply be a cover-move to bring complete leverage and revenue to the IMF, WCB, or some other entity NOT managed nor owned by anyone publicly accessible... anywhere / anyone else instead of the Treasury Department or similar on behalf of the surety; the citizenry of Amerika.

Not to support the FED, but isn't one bigger issue the charging of INTEREST? Isn't usury the actuator of poverty in the act of money lending... among other ill acts? If the money management was sound, without usury and without favoritism of a particular class over another, wouldn't the needed change simply be changing the characteristics of the instrument itself and also the way in which the money is managed?

And removing private ownership of this money machination as well, right?

Removing the Federal Reserve and not making State banks issue a common U.S. currency or their own would mean the central authority of issuance would instead go elsewhere, either centralized once again by hired hands in Washington or another entity on a foreign land ( eliminating U.S. sovereignty ).

In other words; the owners of the money, its supply and therefore management should be the very people it serves, NOT some clandestine group of asset owners... who by owning the money and having full control and management, in essence have a pawn ticket on a bunch of people known as the citizenry of the United States of Amerika, and by extension, the world.

Time to find good money managers who will do away with other ills beside usury, such as fractional reserve lending.

By placing the inflated amount of outstanding debt ( which is also the amount of money in circulation since the paper is owned by the Federal Reserve, hence the word 'Note' on the paper ) onto the gold standard without an adequate adjustment would cause such a massive hyper inflation that would make $100 be worth $1.00 ( I hypothesize ).

Thus my suggestion to remove two zeros / decimal points from gold's price "if" the day that move is suggested or executed.

This 'adjustment' would, in effect and to their dislike, bankrupt those holding most of their portfolio in physical gold, especially paper gold; all the people who have placed and hedged their bets on gold... instead of on real stuff, like food, land and the things which serve people.

Today, the owners and managers of the money and its supply are not fair money managers, not transparent nor an open group of publicly appointed and easily fired, money managers. We need these strongholds removed / reversed / remedied.

A reverse remedy ( and something that cannot be suggested by some wealthy folk ) is to recompense the people NOT holding any asset or wealth.  If gold continues passed it's recent high of five months ago of $1900+ an ounce, and the collective debt money AT interest is so astronomically large that it cannot be repaid ( because not enough money exists presently nor can exist to pay back both principle and interest ), then valuation of real things ( land, products, labor ) will experience a strong adjustment. Money continues to be issued as a new debt to service the prior issued debt, thus increasing the amount of money / debt in circulation.

You know something fishy has gone on when the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and you thought you were already at the bottom.

To learn more, visit and support the cause of valuing people over money.

04 January 2012

Republic in Final Throws to Resemble Freedom

Starting to listen at running time 15:40 will render an immediate jolt of the message.

Be sure to listen from the beginning and capture the context in which the message is delivered.

A stretching of the historical perspective needs to be objectively approached, I'd say. And I share this not to be funny, coy or sarcastic ( or whatever other adjective one may think could describe my sentiment as I write this ) mood, but the writing couldn't be more on the wall, and I suppose once a door to door process of sifting happens, perhaps THEN will folks pick up and read this kountry's due process clause in the constitution and then read section 1032 in the NDAA bill and tell me which one sounds better to you, for you, regarding you and because of you?

To think any remedy, rendition or remorse will come from any side of the single party is to think Santa truly did bring you those gifts a couple weeks ago and that the tooth fairy can't wait for all of your teeth to fall out.

The very reason why J. Edgar was released released ( aside from the 50 year mark 'right to privacy' ) was to once again notify on a certain phenomenon which has tainted the economies of the western hemisphere throughout the Amerikas ( Chile, Argentina, etc. ) as it did in the eastern hemisphere a century before, you know, in all those kountry's overrun by their particular hegemonic tribes.

Why would it be any different here?

It is the heart of man we are dealing with here. Imagine a corruptible heart with vast wealth at their disposal with a chip on their shoulder! Or one better; a misled purpose, cultivated in a spoiled crib, now bent on rule by decree?

If you have enjoyed even a tidbit, jump into this rabbit hole next! Thank you for your site sponsor solicitations!

Welcome to Amerika; Ruled by Decree, Not Constitution

So many had their hope and faith in this one ( and still blindly do )... and now folks are putting their hopes and faith in an old white guy.... but they wanted a young black guy just a few years ago thinking THAT would 'change' things.... yet take a look at what the current guy did ( this video )... and folks think the 'new' guy is going to correct the kountry's trajectory.

Listen to the expulsion of your rights in this video.

And if you are learning anything, please support site sponsors here and HERE, where your financial education awaits you.

03 January 2012

On Our Current Plain, the "Freedom" is Spiritual

How can you identify and define a rose without knowing first what a rose was?

You can appreciate its beauty; it's texture and how it blossoms in the sun... yet unless someone pointed out to you it was a poison ivy you've been coddling, you would have believed the lie being broadcast daily.

How many lies prevail in our cultured society?

Is it not a continuous bombardment of the senses, or should I say, instigation of your senses, to be reminded of something you may identify with but yet do not know ( the star, athlete, lifestyle, bank account, etc. )?

And those who have tasted the carrot you've been chasing; is it really that tasty when you see the result of greed around you in the faces of the homeless? Sure, your direct greed did not put that sullen face on the street, but the collective greed ( or complete ignorance of how the economic machination works ) is a by-product of consumption.

The lack of perspective is enormous.

The distractions are limitless and full abandon in them is encouraged in the marketing message to your melon.

Read here about how, for the lack of vocabulary, understanding and knowledge of things greater than pop culture, our blissful ignorance is the very matrix by which our bodies are enslaved while our minds exist in a fairy tale land of amusement.

From the article:

"However, there are no perfect nomenclatures. They are Janus-faced. Roses grow with prickles. We all say one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. A perfect cliché. An Arab proverb states that "in his mother's eyes the camel is a deer."

And read here about the golden calf which you unwittingly are made to serve.

Cheers, and Happy New Year.