29 June 2012

Who Wants A Broken Health Care System About to Fall to Pieces?

The debate is heated regarding the Constitutionality of today's decision on many levels, and the guise of benefit for all is tough to really believe ( personally ), when I consider how the finances of that industry work and who benefits.

Prices are manipulated and sectors are monopolized, making what used to work before into a manipulated casino like the stock market ( I personally believe caring for people's well being having a price which can be bought and sold is preposterous and akin to any level of equity in any society.

I see the profit motive has overshadowed the vocation of healing, helping and not hindering the patient in any way ( the Hippocratic oath ).

The ridiculous returns of that industry in pushing medicine, justifying mastectomies or other forms of butchering the body, when there are other cancer curing and treating alternatives... these issues need to be in these bills these shysters pass, not just making people pay more or allowing the prices to continue to rise and sift the public.

If the entire industry was brought into non-profit status, will not the price of good medicine and proper medical procedure be cost effective? Will not the doctors and other vocations enjoy their due compensation without having to sell anything ( prescriptions ) for profit???

This foothold of the federal government, overreaching yet again over the sovereign individual states and their free people, is getting to a point of inconsolable agitation, pending a change in mass consciousness.

My mechanic once had chest pains and called an ambulance... he looked at the bill ( he is a business owner and doesn't pay a monthly tribute to some insurance company as everyone is convinced they must do ), he told me the band-aid which held in a needle on his arm was priced at $100!!!!

He says it wasn't anything out of this world like some scientific carbon fiber band-aid, just some simple adhesive brown band-aid which goes for $5.49 for a package of twenty.

Forget about the thousands of dollars the ambulance ride cost including the time of the medics, the use of the instruments ( yes Martha, the 'use' of the instruments and tools are charged by the minute ).

It is a shameful system which, since it is based on a capital profit motive which an absent owner with the poor and sick and now everyone else made to pay tribute to absent owners.. is an affront to anything good.

The system can be managed without an absentee owner ( think of apartments and a good management company that never needs to bother the owner )... or something that is not based on 'does it make money' when considering people's lives, they are HUMAN BEINGS / our fellow brothers and sisters, NOT some commodity or cash cow that can be easily replaced or abused without recourse.

If anyone is deemed 'owner' or temporary benefactor, maybe it should be the people who actually labor away and serve their fellow humans for as long as they hold their vocation ( and possibly a commensurate retirement stipend ).

These are the type of issues which are absent from the debate, for the debate is hijacked by monied interests... and they win whether this thing passes or not. 

28 June 2012

Ron Paul to the Rescue??

Ron is the nice smiling clown in the circus.  He doesn't take the crazy pills, he speaks volumes in that he talks more about law and what is done / passed, but that shouldn't be equated to upright leadership.  His duplicity is seen in his earmarks while voting no ( keeping a great track record 'for the record' and a selling point to sell others on the persona aside from the actual meat of the issues ).

Paul supports a gold backed global currency, which is in stark contrast to the freedoms found on this continent from gold and usury pushers from across the Atlantic Ocean a few centuries ago.

This country was built on slaves and the tenacity of people from various places leaving tyranny and they didn't bring tons of gold with them to use as money... they brought themselves, their hearts desires and their dreams.... and they issued their own money to facilitate trade and make all things equal outside their private homes.

His charade to audit the FED is just what it has been, a distraction that led to nothing more than the FED opening a second story window at one corner of their shrine.

Paul doesn't even interpret the clause with the wordings regarding gold and issuance of currencies accurately

Article 1 Section 8 reads:


To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;


No mention of making gold of money or money of gold nor backing currency with gold.

Article 1 Section 10 reads:


No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.


Restricts states from going rogue, making their own money, nor make payments for debt with anything but gold and silver.... no mention of creating a gold-backed currency.  This is where Paul either has a fatal flaw in comprehending or he purposely obfuscates the clarity of what is written.

To further exhaust the point: The point is to prevent states from issuing their own currency which would create havoc on interstate commerce, for then separate rates of interest and volumes of currency would be in contradiction to the bringing all roads to D.C. with a central bank and central issuance of a currency ( which is what Paul supports for the world and is the fifth tenet of the Communist Manifesto ).

This is the fifth tenet in the Communist Manifesto, which is what we've had with the FED Reserve ( which is another of several central banks the U.S. has had since the union and have swayed back and forth between gold backed currency, fiat currency, sovereign currency and foreign loaned currency ).

"Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly." -- 5th Tenet, Communist Manifesto

Paul is a sellout like the rest of them, he is the good cop in the good cop / bad cop negotiation tactic.

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Message to Oath Keeping Military, Police & Sheriff

This is a message to the men and women who took an oath to defend this country from enemies within and without. 

If you fly a drone for a living or are family to one who does, keep in mind the inaccuracies and violations of international law let alone the innocence of life not having one thing to do with political anything.  If you fly those toys over the land of your fellow countrymen, you are violating your oath of office to uphold the civil liberties of your fellow countrymen,  your family and your very self, irregardless of what today's Czar may write into law. 

If you fly a chemical airplane, fighter / bomber, or man war machines of any kind, know that may be dubiously complicit in mass murder of foreign peoples and have been dishonored by the spilling of blood of the martyr Pat Tillman by not defending that man's legacy or not looking further past the media lies and propaganda defending war crimes. 

If you are employed to patrol the streets of America yet fill out tickets to increase the coffers of your employer, and your direct complicit actions sift the public of their hard earned money to pay tribute to the creation of ridiculous statutory rules / 'color of law' laws which only ruin economic progress and increases a parasitical bureaucracy, you can reaffirm your oath to uphold the law which protects your fellow man from harm or criminal activity from another. 

If you are a supposed peace officer yet participate in maneuvers with a military type vehicles or weapons to be used on your fellow countrymen, you are violating your oath of office to uphold the civil liberties of your fellow countrymen,  your family and your very self, irregardless of what today's Czar may write into law.

The ancient fear of buckling to the state's / Caesar's demands is not appropriate for the battle field you swore on oath to enter on behalf of your fellow countrymen and of which their taxes support yourself and your family. 

The land you reside on is sovereign, held in equity and trust and was already won for the freedom of men seeking escape and reprieve from tyranny.

An enemy has crept into our midst, but this enemy is not clothed in a turban, nor do they speak a foreign language, nor do they even look different from whom you'd suspect.  The enemy is the bureaucracy created by greed and indifference to those of lesser talents and attributes. 

The enemy is what so many have shouted about but so many more couldn't understand nor comprehend.

A reaffirmation of your enumerated rights and privileges under God and ecclesiastical law, that from which all manner of law, society, culture and human experience has flowed from, denies the subjugation of one man at the profit or betterment of another. 

You swore to uphold what your conscience and good judgement reflect in the basics of common law, no need to further increase the trespass of men by-way of the diminishing of civil liberties, no matter how well argued the premises are. 

Do Not Sift Your Fellow Countrymen: "Don't Tread on Me"

Slavery, whether mental, physical, psycho-social, economical or in any other form found to be so otherwise, is null and void and now outlawed, how can we fall back into that dark paradigm once again?

27 June 2012

Which Laws are Lawful and Which are Not?

"Both in Roman and English law there are certain obligations which were not in truth contractual, but which the law treats as IF they were.  They are contractual in law, but not in fact, being the subject-matter of a FICTITIOUS extension of the sphere of contract to cover obligations which do not in reality fall within it." Salmond, Salmond on Jurisprudence, p. 642 (9th Edition, 1937, Sweet & Maxwell, Ltd. England).

"Constructive/quasi contracts are based solely upon a legal fiction or fiction of law."  Hill v. Waxberg, 237 F.2d 936.

"It is a well settled rule of law that he who seeks benefits of contract must also assume burdens."  Higgins v. Monckton (1938), 28 C.A.2d 723, 83 P.2d 516.

"A quasi contractual action presupposes acceptance and retention of a benefit by one party with full appreciation of the facts, under circumstances making it inequitable for him to retain the benefit without payment of its reasonable value."  Major-Blakeney Co. v. Jenkins (1953), 121 C.A.2d 325, 263 P.2d 655, hear den.; Townsend Pierson, Inc. v. Holly-Coleman Co. (1960), 178 C.A.2d 373, 2 Cal. Rptr. 812.

"Existence of implied contract is usually a question of fact for trial court."  Caron v. Andrew (1955), 133 C.A.2d 412, 284 P.2d 550; Bolster (C. F.) Co. v. Boespflug (J. C.) Construction Co. (1959), 167 C.A.2d 143, 334 P.2d 247.

"Voluntary acceptance of benefit of transaction is equivalent to consent to all obligations arising from it, so far as facts are known, or ought to be known, to person accepting."  Northern Assurance Co. v. Stout (1911), 16 C.A. 548, 117 P. 617.

"Constructive/quasi contracts include obligations founded on statutory duties."  Donovan v. Kansas City, 175 S. W. 2d 874; In Re United Burton Co., 140 F. 495, 502.

"Persons dealing with government are charged with knowing government statutes and regulations, and they assume the risk that government agents may exceed their authority and provide misinformation“ Lavin v. Marsh, 644 F.2nd 1378, 9th Cir., (1981)

"All persons in the United States are chargeable with knowledge of the Statutes-at-Large. It is well established that anyone who deals with the government assumes the risk that the agent acting in the government's behalf has exceeded the bounds of his authority“ Bollow v. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 650 F.2d 1093, 9th Cir., (1981)

"Persons who are not taxpayers are not within the system and can obtain no benefit by following the procedures prescribed for taxpayers, such as the filing of claims for refunds.“Economy Plumbing and Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d 585 (Ct. Cl. 1972)

"The revenue laws are a code or a system in regulation of tax assessment and collection. They relate to taxpayers, and not to non-taxpayers. The latter are without their scope. No procedures are prescribed for non-taxpayers, and no attempt is made to annul any of their rights and remedies in due course of law. With them Congress does not assume to deal, and they are neither the subject nor the object of the revenue laws.“Long v. Rasmussen, 281 F. 236, at 238

". . . (E)very taxpayer is a cestui que trust having sufficient interest in the preventing abuse of the trust to be recognized in the field of this court's prerogative jurisdiction . . . "  In Re Bolens (1912), 135 N.W. 164.

"Taxpayers are not [de jure] State Citizens."  Belmont v. Town of Gulfport, 122 So. 10.

“Slater's protestations to the effect that he derives no benefit from the United States government have no bearing on his legal obligation to pay income taxes.  Cook v. Tait, 265 U.S. 47, 44 S.Ct. 444, 68 L.Ed. 895 (1924); Benitez Rexach v. United States, 390 F.2d 631, (1st Circ.), cert. denied 393 U.S. 833, 89 S.Ct. 103, 21 L.Ed.2d 103 (1968).  Unless the defendant can establish that he is not a citizen of the United States, the IRS possesses authority to attempt to determine his federal tax liability.” UNITED STATES of America v. William M. SLATER (1982) (D. Delaware) 545 F.Supp 179, 182.

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19 June 2012

Why Prices Incease, Not My Paycheck.. an Introduction

The effect of inflation is one culprit.

What gets inflated is the price of everything because of the 'value / buying power' of the currency diminishes over time.

Where the real crime and economic slavery is revealed is the fact that wages do NOT rise with the rate of inflation... for if they did, the rich wouldn't be so rich and empty... but also the poor wouldn't be so broke and broken.... the playing field wouldn't be so deep and so high at the same time.

The value of money diminishes over time due to things like 'interest' and 'fractional reserve lending' among other modern additives to the basic system of buying and selling or better yet, simple barter / trade. 

If you knew home builders, plumbers, electricians, etc... personally... chances are, if they built it AND would let you pay them back monthly instead of some system of no faces, then everything would be equal, the prices of things and the value of 'money' wouldn't sway up and down as it does and wipe out regular people who are not part of the game. 

IF all things were equal and price for labor had increased with the cost of everything else, without purposing of law and inflation creating an unbalanced affect on prices and wages, you'd be able to afford a new house because the common / minimum wage would be something like $28 an hour, no less... without prices being above where they are today.... or the cost of everything would be drastically lower, making that $500k home be more like $100k which would be more in line with the common / minimum daily American wage. 

Those of the capital / managerial class can handle higher prices of everything since they start their salaries with a zero or three more than their employees / subordinates.

As to the market of real estate and all attached to it via equity, credit, banking, etc... the market is like a casino instead of a steady, predictable horizon you see every day.  It is instead a sea of torrential oblivion to most who gaze upon it, and to most who wonder out into its depths without precaution or knowledge, a wasteland.  When the two paradigms collide due to the now even more dysfunctional symbiosis of master and slave, the effects are ill and frightful.

The managers of today's money system are not your friends... they are the unjust managers and farm keepers the scriptures warned about.  They beat their subjects and mistreat them.  The money is the tool since we all have to run it through out hands for survival it seems... but do we now? 

The money is managed and the amount in circulation is manipulated, not to address issues and 'help' but actually to rock the boat and make markets move one way or another.  This is where the speculators get their daily returns while the slow money is plowed and plundered.. the chasm in between is the knowledge of these things.

It is great when there is easy credit and anyone can get a loan for anything, but then the owners of that money ( what we thought was ours ) wants it back... WITH INTEREST.  But only the loan amount was given out and created, not the interest amount!  Where does the interest amount come from?

The way the system is set up, it is rigged to have to take things of real value like 'houses, cars, land, etc.' from people who work for money and the system gives those real things to people who manage money and manage people who work for money.

The currency is systematically devalued by printing more paper money, and there is never enough in circulation to pay off all the debts AND the demanded interest.  It is a siphoning effect whose physical manifestation is people losing their houses.

Also, over time, the increase of the money supply without an equal representation of things produced by people ( houses, businesses, etc. ) also makes the money worth less over time. 

If anyone has read my money site, you would realize you could create your own money, that YOU are what is valuable and YOU are very capable of making things happen which can provide YOU sustenance / a living wage / a way out of working for someone else to your own detriment.  A way off the farm of economic slavery and a way onto your own farm.

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18 June 2012

The Hegemony Fears Your Knowledge and Creativity

I remember watching a documentary showcasing a marketplace on a flatland of some African country and seeing something strikingly interesting and inspiring.

The video production was focused on the trade of cattle and was following both buyers and sellers and other market makers ( the guy running the auction ) and participants ( buyers and sellers of the meat after an auction ).

The producers of cattle made out like bandits since they owned the desired product, grew it and the market was lead by a small group of cattle growers.

The auctioneer made the second most amount for his organizing each auction ( he was the sole auctioneer ), his mere presence ( was a tall guy ) and reputation in the region granted him the occupation of conducting trading and holding money, which is a central place in the entire process of commerce, let alone his place in society.

He held no interest either way, yet benefited from his position / influence among the public and when business was over, walked home wealthy and without a care in the world.. for his 'work' was done and consists mainly of speaking / talking.

Everyone else present capitalized on the parting out of the animals.

Some would only buy the hides to makes clothes and other sale-able products, etc. and so on.

There were specialties of interests dependent on the product and the skill involved.

There was also a young gentlemen which had about completed his studies at the university ( most of the attendees at the market place looked like country men without an ounce of formal education ) who had grown up working among his fellow land inhabitants and the cattle trade was nothing new to him.

Yet his recent scholastic pursuits helped this particular young man notice that the cattle was butchered immediately after being purchased only steps away from the auctioneer's area on the dirt plain, and the buying and selling of cattle parts would commence with  everything being sold except... the blood collected in pools all about the marketplace.

This young man noticed the blood was not being utilized, used nor dealt with in any other manner but simply left to be soaked up by the ground and evaporated by the sun and wind.

He learned about making meal out of the blood, which is also something sold in the marketplace, but hardly anyone knew exactly how to cultivate the end product from the blood, which is what the young man had studied out.

Disgusting I'm sure the subject, but genius the observation and action taken.

The young man soon became quite the market maker at the local market place, selling his desired product and having imperial knowledge of his craft, whose knowledge was resourced at a chasm's distance from the other marketplace participants.

Everyone else sees him collecting the blood and also selling meal, but have no clue as to the process or formulas involved nor a glimpse of its innate simplicity, yet it is something unfathomable... and thus the opportunity to participate is closed and the young entrepreneur enjoys a monopoly until another scientist shows up.

He can set any price and win / prosper no matter the market prices, for the blood is acquired and collected for free!

You see, due to privy knowledge, the man turned something out of nothing... to say, he does not pay a dime to capture the blood.

If I remember correctly, I think he taught the buyers and sellers it is better to hang the cattle and capture the blood so a mess wouldn't be made where they stand and conduct their business.  

Doing so, he gained the cooperation of everyone involved ( leadership ) and at the same time created his acquisition business model using only his intellect and words to express the keen ideas.

Any situations where you have a demand and your cost to acquire the raw material is zero... it is difficult to fail.

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki had a similar story in a book he authored where as a child he was able to gain access to comic books for free and he figured out a way to rent their use out like a special library of comic books for kids. 

He created an income from nothing.

So did the guy in the documentary selling meal made out of blood.

I'm always looking for a way to 'see' an opportunity most miss... do you have any keen ideas? 

I think this could be an example of making your own money...


15 June 2012

Caeser's Recent Appeal to Immigrants for Loyalty & Praise

Hold your breathe folks as you jump out of the fishbowl:

Seems like it is policy for the federal government to keep wages suppressed ( the argument against undocumented / allowed immigration ) from where I stand.  This is the agenda of the executive office and Obama reads the teleprompter or his approved speech ( which he didn't write ) as an actor does a script.

Obama's handlers know very well appealing to the fastest growing segment of the Amerikan population and their relatives will beckon more attention, loyalty and subsequent votes / support for the continued and unchanging agenda. 

Timing is crucial, and if things get more drastic for that side of the two-headed party, they may very well also call to federally legalize cannabis.

Why not accept the entire immigrant population instead of just the 'choice morsels?' but alas, that's the kind of government mentality that has existed for centuries on this land ( humans as commodities / all those outside the posterity of the U.S. / federal level / class ).  This is a group of people doing business, living lifestyles and dealing in issues outside and away from the mainstream, daily life experience most reading this post experience / know.  They may say they are 'above' the rest.

What I hope people see is the immigrant population, with all the bad reputation that is hurled at them by racists, the prejudice and the very people who benefit from low cost labor ( the hegemony ) is actually the definition of what Amerika started out as: a group of people leaving something less appealing in hope of something much better.. and these folks work long and hard for it.  They are the base of the labor force which supports the level of specialization all the various jobs, occupations and pursuits enjoy their existence. 

The federal government is largely the antithesis to national prosperity and sovereignty.. and they trip the people of this land in every opportunity possible in order to stay a step ahead.... all the while blaming the black man, the brown man, the yellow man, the Arab man now and when the tragedy began here it was the red man which was to blame and scapegoated. 

Adhering to political lines these people create and confuse you with is playing in to their mind game of politalk. 

The argument that immigrants take away jobs which would otherwise be occupied by a U.S. citizen or state resident is silly, for I don't see the ethnic jobs being sought after first generation and up, nor ivy league graduates regardless of their pedigree.

Yet, today's announcement is allowing the younger, more 'cream of the crop' demographic to stay, which most likely do occupy positions or affect the overall market whereas a citizen / legal person would otherwise occupy.

I rant all this to state: Obama, Romney, Paul ( both of those or any other relative ) and all of the rest of these shysters ( this generation and those adhering to the same mentality of depravity in their departure from common law justice ) make moves over the people of this kountry and the world like managers of a farm order more grain when feed is needed and if more chickens are raised that year, then they'll run a sale on chicken and corner the egg market.

This entire 'class' of hired hands need to be RETIRED / FIRED / put out to pasture / whatever you want to call it 'as to not offend them.'

We need new wine in new wine skins.. people like Sergio, who will be more attentive to people living and working in the community and not so much working / representing some rich dope looking to further increase his bill fold but not everyone's livelihood contributing to his wealth.

Whenever the draft will be needed / convenient, it will be enacted... and a few years ago when habeas corpus was in the way of world empire, it was put aside.. and at the crack of this year's dawn... your rights were also placed on the shelf along with your right to jury, due process, etc... straight serf / peasant status now ( in their eyes and minds ). 

To pierce the political veil, one has to look at the money and see what 'that' is.  Find out what the missing piece of the puzzle has been!