21 June 2011

U.S. of Amerika: Can An Immigrant Become A Sovereign?

In response to a Face Book friend asking about immigrants and entrepreneurship in Amerika.

Remember, history has been altered and there is evidence of revision, so a pretty picture has been painted and programmed into our minds thanks to mainstream education and omissions in history books of many important facts.

This has been done so beliefs and mantras like "land of the free and home of the brave" can be shouted-out, without question... to create conformity and a ripe and willing labor force / working class.

The 'story' is that the country was founded as a bastion of freedom and a place people could run away to and be free.... but that is a story, not reality. The freedoms were only enjoyed by those who had the leverage due to their position, class and / or education.

Yes, you can become your boss and build your own business, even today.

Yet, here is a question: Do people have the mindset, the view from an objective stance, to see clearly who they are dealing with ( regarding the government and the system )? Are people able to look beyond their programmed beliefs and see the opportunities and the roadblocks of today's so-called capitalist system ( which is really something else )?

This country was created as a corporation, a place to do business. It was conquered by privateers commissioned by royals. These privateers built industry and occupied the land and had their slaves till the land and perform the labor. The natives were killed off and pushed from fertile land because they were not easily enslaved nor obedient, even at the end of a bayonet, thus their elimination from the land was needed and is evidenced.

The hired hands of the crowns owned parcels of land and paid their tribute / tax to the crowns for use of the land. These private owners became very wealthy due to owning slaves and trading across the Atlantic their production.

These 'forefathers' as they fairy tale states, realized they were in fact not free, for they had to pay tribute just to exist on this new land, just as been the case where they came from. So they created a Constitution which gave themselves voting rights ( and in that thy declared sovereign rights for themselves, making themselves free from tribute to 'the crown ). Soon, they had their act together and were tired of paying tribute to tyrannical capital ( hegemony ) dictating from across the Atlantic, so came the revolution and THEY became the new hegemony.

Yet, the class separation among capital owners and labor was still evident, and wider than it is today, yet today's trajectory is headed back in that direction. So, these new 'freemen' had voting rights and could afford to have representatives do their bidding on capital hill ( capital = money ) and create and alter laws to their benefit business and themselves. Yet, the labor force had no voting rights, nor did the immigrant.

It has always been a struggle for the immigrant, yet learning 'how' the system works, learning how to handle capital and pursuing independence has been absent in mainstream scholastic circles for quite some time, by design. Today, we see evidence of the graduated tax on income, on use of property, on the movement of money, etc., the centralization of credit, and many other planks of the communist manifesto in play.... yes, even today.

The country enacted by the Constitution is different than the one seen today. The Amerika of today is a poor reflection of the idea of America created over 200 years ago.

One example is this: the idea of registering your personal property was never a 'freedom' notion until just recently, yet all have been convinced this is good, ethical and American... but it is not. To register you personal property is actually rendering its lawful use to another entity to hold title to make sure you pay your yearly use tax ( tribute )... and this is what the revolution was fought for!

Constitutional rights and protection have been chipped away for some time with ever increasing laws, codes and other none-lawful and unconstitutional liberty sifters.

There is much more to say... THIS website I put together gives yet another glimpse into the rabbit hole unseen by most.

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13 June 2011

Are You Free, or Blindly Enslaved?

Regarding slavery ( which many believe long passed over a century ago in Amerika ), do you not see yourselves having to earn a dollar, which is lent to the government at interest ( a tax ), and then is taxed again from your income?

If the republic is in fact 'free' and won its independence from England or whomever, why in the world would our government have to lend itself money at interest? Who gains the proceeds from this payment of tribute / interest?

Is this not a clear representation of economic slavery, yet it is hidden as such and called by another name, is it not?

This form of economic slavery is in fact the world paying tribute ( slavery ) to the owners of such specie / fiat.

Look at the specie / fiat / paper money in your purse / wallet / pocket right now! Read the legalese and use a law dictionary for the clear definitions, for it is a contract.

On it is found two signatures representing two distinct parties, so also find a date, so also find the terms... So, as I see it, slavery still exists, and in many forms ( and allowed by the laws of men, unfortunately ).

Revision of history has obscured the facts, yet when one follows the trail of money and where the tribute finally leads to, there you will find whom you pay tribute to and whom you can thank for the ills and woes of economy, war-lead profits and other such wickedness.

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12 June 2011

Communist Manifestation of Human Yearnings

Regarding a summary reading of the Communist Manifesto -

If I could summarize: I see a communist over-lord of a quasi-capitalist support system with tones of socialism interlocking the two... and surely something else which escapes definition at this time. Meaning, many of the demands of that manifesto are already evident. The problem is, how it is seen as 'evil' has been propagandized by the U.S. government for quite some time. And the Soviets also propagandized their populous with the same negative messages about capitalism during the same time, beginning with the defeat of Hitler's Germany. So to see these things in the 'light' of reality is difficult, for the landscape of thought has been tainted for some time now ( 1984 ).

What is inherently evil is power and influence being concentrated into few hands... and we've seen this power being a corruptible force in the church, in government, in business and in the family... in all forms of government or social organization, unfortunately. All these social systems have their limitations yet have their escape clauses, or at least should have: disassociation, revolt, resignation / market competition, divorce, for example.

Yet, the supposed 'benefits' of that manifesto for the proletariat has become more of a nightmare in some cases, especially the allowance of usury demanded for the use centralized money, to name one.

One positive ( which can be debated, but must be acknowledged to as being a positive force which has propelled the populous forward ) is the public school system, even with all the faults found in it today. If it were not for the public school system, where would a working mother and father had found the time to teach anything outside of regular life skills to their children? Where would any basis of education outside of language and basic hygiene skills be taught / inherited aside from their parent's trades would a child be possibly exposed to? ( hygiene is a bit reaching, I know, a poor example, but used as a banality to make a point ).

So, I see a private ownership of money and a private ownership of many government functions ( behind the guise of publicly controlled ) ran by the descendents and associates of the hegemony ( the fix of class distinction clarified by the manifesto ), with sections of socialized society around the country and within its functions, thus far.

I don't think communism, in its theory on paper, truly works on its own. For there will always be someone at the helm having all the leverage their position provides, and the heart of man is too easily corrupted. Much like the quote: “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton.

I am for private ownership of homes and business ( but I am for limit to the size of said businesses and their means of production, which is what anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws were supposed to achieve: the promotion of healthy competition and opportunity for consumer options and choice - a basic of economics providing a vibrant market which lowers prices and improves goods and services ).

I am for the education of everyone, whether privately or publicly, but some kind of 'open book' education of the basics, from food growth to energy independence, for example. Everyone should be taught to excel in whatever they see value in, taught that they have inalienable rights and limitless possibilities and virtues that are unfathomable and immeasurable, if only allowed to flourish and which only are limited by their exploration. Everyone should be taught the difference between an asset and a liability, as well as what money ( a medium of exchange ) really is, and taught true history according to all sources of facts available, not according to the victors of war and from an ethnic-favoring narrative / point of view.

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