27 July 2012

Faulty Political Ideology

In response to the 'positive' notion from western countries when the word 'capitalism' is heard or read as opposed to the 'negative' notion the word 'communism' brings to mind, one must look beyond the conditioning and programming and focus on not only the definitions of political ideology, but further investigate how any particular ideology functions economically.   Looking at these man-made concepts via their true mechanisms and machinations will shed light on many misconceptions, expose the fallacy in logic and further clearly identify which form and variances you are subject to.

The misconception is that a 'communist' by definition is anti-capitalist ( or anti making money or owning things ), or is poor and willing to live a paupers life so others can benefit mutually ( or 'made' to do such by a totalitarian government ). Quite the contrary. That 'poor' notion is the program conditioned onto the masses, for them to accept.  One must look at what 'class' the person views the world and their function in society.

The inherent desires in man is to be free from encumbrance, to own his possessions outright and set themselves up as free from all peoples and things owned by them. 

The word 'communist' is simply a word which has been used to manipulate and instigate the minds... much how 'capitalism' was used in Russia ( U.S.S.R. ) a few generations ago to stir up the same emotions and views in their populous towards the U.S.A.  Yet, both and all other systems of government, though seemingly well intentioned or even widely accepted or executed, still fail.

The trick in the paradigmatic view of a 'capitalist' or 'capitalism' is that the people 'think' they are free while paying for their existence, the only difference is the illusion of freedom as the carrot they chase gets larger with the increase of their desire to gain, to amass wealth, their capacity to learn and understand and is limited by market competition and possibly government ( anti trust laws ).

Yet, all people, in whichever 'ism' you choose, are bound by the laws of nature, and this no man can escape nor create any 'system' or 'ism' to combat.  They are greed, selfishness, selfish ambition and envy just to name a few.

What I suggest people desire is 'freedom' and 'liberty' in every form and manifestation possible.  And desire to find out what are the laws of nature and what are the common / natural laws which summon freedom and discourage ( or restrict outright ) any form of tyranny, encroachment or leaning on one person from another.

This can only be done with limited government ( or no government with private citizens creating competitive businesses to serve the public, subject to public will and consent ) and an aware and awake populous, where everyone is earning their keep and all being equal under the law / under God ( and i mean ALL PEOPLE, not only a particular class, ethnicity or religious preference ) and is participating in society in some way or another ( taking responsibility ). 

The attempt was made a few centuries ago in what was once known as "America," yet the land was conquered via genocide and theft along with attempts of foreign empires intending and desiring full ownership.  Then followed the use of slavery to build an economy.  Then a distinction was built and a class structure fixed when men, with good intention but still lacking foresight and not realizing their own racism and lack of love for their fellow man, created laws which benefited them and subjected all others ( in the guise of 'all equal under law' ).

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20 July 2012

Dark Knights Do Rise

Dark Knights Do Rise.... to divide, instigate and wreak havoc on us.

Do not allow fear to influence your lives, for in doing so,  you may make rash decisions regarding your sovereign rights.

"The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him."

11 July 2012

Seeing Through Legalese

The more I read and learn about man's laws and how man has created a world based on buying and selling things... even buying and selling other men, the more I reflect on God's Word and how men have twisted words to create definitions and ideas which benefit them and them alone. 

God's Word becomes ever clearer when juxtaposed to the rules men create to protect the material they exploit, and the more tangled their web becomes.  I see, that most of the world's inhabitants have been captured like fish in a net, ignorant to their ways and why they even desire or run after the things they do.

When I was involved in Real Estate years ago and found out exactly how it was possible for me to make $35k in 31 days while most of my peers worked an entire year for that sum... I couldn't cheat others anymore.  And the thing is, I didn't even know I was a part of the charade and fraud.  I peered into a world very few even conceptualize, let alone 'enjoy.'

Some do understand how they play a part in the demise of others, yet they justify their actions in every duplicitous way... but my conscience wouldn't allow after realizing the facts of the matter.

Some friends of mine are upset that I don't help make millions with them.... yet it is because they have yet to realize how it all works... and perhaps it is best they don't understand how it works, for then they may be held accountable.  In this instance, their ignorance is their bliss... and perhaps God won't hold it against them because they don't understand.

Many have to lose in order for a very few to succeed... for that is how things are set up.  Many support the very mechanisms of their enslavement, but haven't eyes to see past their periodic paycheck.. nor is it a pleasant thought when they consider these things and their place. 

Many are obedient to their vocation, and whether what they do, produce or whatever harms or does good, makes no difference for they have their eyes on what their paycheck brings ( a momentary respite until the next paycheck ) and on their 'needs' and thus continue on their path, regardless of the consequences. 

I don't want to be a slave, nor do I desire to enslave others in order to propel my life and lifestyle forward... yet far too many are eager to do just that.