28 December 2010

U.S. Declares Bankruptcy, Amerikan Bankruptcy

There is a lineage of history which declares the U.S. did fall into bankruptcy, and when the gold was confiscated and sent to the Bank of England… well, the citizens of the U.S. of A., Inc. became the surety for those debts- the national debt.

Surety as in, YOU are the collateral for your financial debts; an indentured servant.

A Modern-Day Slave.

Look at your dollar bill, it is a Federal Reserve NOTE.

A NOTE is an I.O.U.

A debt instrument.

Some folks thought communism was obliterated and the fascist tyranny was stopped mid last century… think again.

Here is some text from a website I would not publicly link to keep it online and free from empire affliction:

‘On April 5, 1933, then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, under Executive Order, issued April 5, 1933, declared: “All persons are required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 all Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates now owned by them to a Federal Reserve Bank, branch or agency, or to any member bank of the Federal Reserve System.”

The order (proclamation) issued by Roosevelt was an undisciplined act of treason. Two months after the Executive Order, on June 5, 1933, the Senate and House of Representatives, 73d Congress, 1st session, at 4:30 P.M. approve House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR-192) 192: Joint Resolution to suspend the Gold Standard and abrogate the Gold Clause, Joint resolution to assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the United States.

HJR-192 states, in part, that “Every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the oblige a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in any amount of money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy, and no such provision shall be contained in or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provisions is contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any such coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts.”

HJR-192 goes on to state: “As used in this resolution, the term ‘obligation’ means an obligation (including every obligation of and to the United States, excepting currency) payable in money of the United States; and the term ‘coin or currency’ means coin or currency of the United States, including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations.”

HJR-192 superseded Public Law (that which passes as law today is only “color of law”), replacing it with public policy. This eliminated our ability to PAY our debts, allowing only for their DISCHARGE. When we use any commercial paper (checks, drafts, warrants, federal reserve notes, etc.), and accept it as money, we simply pass the unpaid debt attached to the paper on to others, by way of our purchases and transactions. This unpaid debt, under public policy, now carries a public liability for its collection. In other words, all debt is now public.”

27 December 2010

Kennedy on Conway's Am Radio Show; a Comment

Call to am640 Monday dec 27th on the Tim Conway show, Kennedy was filling in... a question about Sarah Palin.

What I said:

“Kennedy, love you since your mtv days, I think you are really smart and a decent person. It is nice to hear a different current from the sometimes class and ethnic-laden comments from this am station…

Onto Sarah Palin, I think she is more a symbol, a media manufactured idea.

Remember she was chosen on a losing ballot to represent such an image of the ‘modern empire‘s woman‘… and this is a fizzle…. she obviously lacks the foundation to be a viable candidate to represent that office.. and with that, many believe that office to be more a selection, than an election position.

The president is, after all, the face of a company, with the chairman and board members being above him… similar to the Fed's role juxtaposed to the executive office.

Folks are mesmerized Kennedy, as been planned.

Here’s my question: how about Jesse Ventura? And someone with the bravado of a Kucinich or someone like that, not another 9-5 worker turned politico / hired hand for capital interests.”

18 December 2010

Passing Responsibility to the State When Considering Unemployment

Heard news about a guy this morning who now living in the southeast, paid the state of California $10k for $1100 of unemployment he received decades ago during a time of unemployment he experienced living in said state.

This 'dole' or 'benevolence,' according to his words, which you can hear for yourself somewhere if you searched for it, allowed him to finish a technical degree which positioned him at the crest of the tech-boom wave.

He prospered, whereas otherwise, he may had possibly floundered about, or entered into the physical labor force or ?.

Considering one's fragile state of mind when 'unemployed' and not thinking or knowing the first thing about the merchant / commercial world governing people and governments, but only seeing oneself at the behest of this entity, rare would be the instance this man would forge ahead into uncharted waters, such as working for himself and declaring himself free, coming now from the paradigm of self-made, self-employed, free and independent.. and these men leading things, not faceless entities subject to obscure and secretive individuals.

But, what some would argue is this:

With the State granting benevolence instead of private organizations or individuals unorganized, the responsibility for another citizen to react to a person in destitute is passed on to someone else.

In this case, an entity which takes no true 'personal' responsibility as a whole, nor do any of its cogs and sprockets working in its many facilities.

This entire entity is made up of many who pass responsibility to someone else when their particular bureaucratic 'job' / task isn't required.

Yet, without the existence a State, the community of people either organized or unorganized, would now have the choice / individual responsibility to assist, help, lead, direct, or perhaps even enslave the unemployed person, much like the countless positions government has 'doled' the unwitting masses into serving, without having the slightest clue otherwise.

Yet this responsibility is sensed, yet has been relegated and ushered through the careless.

Now consider this:

I believe this man to be an example of the decency this country has bred.

( consider my words distinctly )

He believes to be grateful to the State and pays his hard earned fiat, with interest of over several decades, and pays a faceless institution which will use that money at the whim of who's desk it lands on first!

This person may also represent the ineptitude of the knowledge of money, government and how these two have woven history unto themselves, to the detriment of those outside this created sphere of influence.

Money being the tool by-which lawful slavery is enforced:

Money, and how the system of finance, court proceedings and policy to prosper the perverters of the populous, is the taboo unknown subject of the ages.

The imperial agenda has engaged the populous since infancy and is still today attempting to and sometimes usurps the very foundations of the human spirit, not to mention Mass Consciousness.

If this gentlemen had known how this system works today, he would instead be petitioning for the removal of the MANY facets of government / financial circles... and asking for 'his' money back, for he actually had borrowed ALL the money which ever passed through his hands, without being the wiser of it.

The State has arrived today you say?

The State had arrived 'a long time ago' and historically, the Christ was the first and only to stand up to it in all innocence... and triumph!

For only a few centuries later His memory had devoured and transformed that empire and shaped everyday life, a change in paradigm if you will, to the Father's Glory.

His Consciousness permeates the ethereal places, and valuing people according to something immaterial like money, gold and 'things' is purely evil and is at direct opposition to what Life is really about... which is not the buying and selling of things and people, but the progression of the human experience with Love being the basis of existence, not fear, greed and indifference; the seeds of turmoil.

17 December 2010

Are You a Citizen of the Democracy or Republic?

Let us define some words prior to going further into debate, shall we?


a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.


government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

Building on history, we can ask: How Democratic Was the Roman Republic?

"The very early Roman Republic may have resembled what Thorkild Jacobsen called “primitive democracy” in a chapter that he contributed to a book called The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man. In the early Republic, rich and poor, high and low, lived in close proximity and the social and economic gap between them was not so great as it was later."


Even J.F.K in a momentous speech mentions the class divide written into law:

"Harry Truman once said there are 15 million Americans who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests.

And that the interests of the great mass of the other people, the 150 million is the responsibility of the president of the united states, and I propose to fulfill it."

The money interest is the Republic, the owners of the land en-mass and all contained therein, and the Democracy the labor force of people, the masses and their output of energy, creativity and livelihood.

Do we not see that a Republic was enacted when the U.S. Constitution was writ... and the chattel, the immigrant, the slave, the hordes which came later were considered NOT a citizen of the Republic but an alien resident, existing on a land purchased by blood and money, classified and subjected?

Worldly wealth is the class separator.

And guess what?

It is created by man... it is an idea!

The golden calf mesmerizing the masses.

How can anyone defend and uphold such a Babylonian concept which usurps humanity itself?

Class War

We are in a class war.

It has been going on for ages.

It is rearing its ugly head today.

And what else?

Your bank account signifies your level of tribute obligation to Caesar… or his favor to your obedience…

Either way it is Slavery by the funny fiat.

Folks may have seen this coming if they would have read further into the propaganda fed to the populous as U.S. and World History.

It’s based more on lies than facts.

Greedy men cannot hide on this planet!

The Light will shine on your dirty filthy sinful hearts.


Hedges, McGovern, Ellsberg arrested today for demonstrating the realities of a dual reality: the lie and the truth.

We've been misled to value ourselves by a dollar amount... and the things we buy that 'give us comfort.'

16 December 2010

Assange is Free, But For How Long?

First off, some in the community believe him to be either-

a) hero rogue fighting the Man / Machine

b) self interested type who took advantage of an $$ opportunity

c) agent for one of the alphabet agencies ( CIA or something ) blowing smoke to cover 'what's really going on.'

d) a variant of the above

e ) none of the above, yet to be seen

f) why can't we just live by the truth to begin with, whether at home, in the street or in the office / workplace / church / in one's head and heart?

In my opinion, I think this man may have studied history a bit deeper than most and aspires to be a reporter and bring power back to the people of the world, where it rightfully belongs!

Perhaps his conscience was so deeply affected when having the opportunity to set the truth free and have it shout from the roof tops; he may have found it to be his duty to do so.

Private Manning did the same thing, and is being tortured as I write this, not allowed to even stretch a limb, no human interaction unless when making an infraction; he's being made crazy and being mentally and physically abused, which has lasting ill effects, some would argue.

In reference to national and world security, what does 'security' really mean? The people in danger have always been in danger and risking their lives, that's the position of those working for the police state. We've been very secure with our local police and local leadership of men and women... it is those with imperial thoughts, with a vision that encompasses the horizon for their own bragging hearts to gloat over, not for the betterment of this wonderful thing we see as LIFE!

I think the empire attempts to 'help' life by regulating it, limiting it, eventually killing it and subjecting it to and endless array of laws ( look at the shift from one belief system to another at the arrival of Christ )... if man is left to himself, so is the thought, man's dark heart may lead him to attempt to subdue his fellow man, and I believe only in Christ can one be really free, for that 'financial freedom' some and I've talked about is actually managing the carrot itself, at the detriment of others and oneself... but many would definitely argue that one. Yet this reality is the very programmed policy perpetrated over the populous by popular ballot at the poles.

We've been living in a commercial world without really taking in what that means. Every thing is by contract as law would support. And the increase of laws have been business and commerce friendly whilst chipping away at the very fabric of what it is to be a human, an ethereal creation not of our own... and to be able to create 'things' to make our lives interesting, entertaining, 'easier' and even worse as well.

When I think about words like "Capital Punishment" I think about killing money. Not killing people. Yet, when a person is executed by the state, which is our 'given' definition of these two words in that particular order, 'they' call it killing capital but meaning killing a 'bad person.'

Yet the prison's owners and those who labor under that particular company ( yes Martha, it is a for profit business which would like to increase its bottom line by increasing its inmate population EXPONENTIALLY ) are not happy about losing / killing an inmate. It kills their income potential.

It is a commercial world.

When you get pulled over and get a ticket for whatever 'infraction' and receive a summons to appear before the 'court' of whomever. You can easily post the bail ( pay the bill for the infraction ) and be on your merry way. Yet those little infractions are about a week's wage for the common wage earner, more after taxes ( ouch ).

It is a commercial world.

Yes, those soldiers and all affiliated to the Machine's further colonization of the 'wild' parts of the world put their lives at risk, but i dare say there are several to many who haven't a clue what they are actually building for very few already wealthy men ( modern people and industry plantations come to mind )... only to receive a health care plan, some benefits and some other nominal gifts from Caesar's plate, which by the way can be negotiated and eliminated at the whim and a stroke of a pen. While puppet governments run rampant ringing the rogue masses at the request of the roaring corporate pirates.... ARRRGH!

Now that the 'hand is shown' or is about to be, there is a possibility for further risk. Those folks in those positions have a choice to read for themselves what the REAL POLICY AND STRATEGY IS and how that puts them in a losing position because when the reality comes out anyway down the line, time may have progressed ten or twenty years, but they may have been unwitting accomplices to tyranny.

These poor folks who saw the ad on tv saw it as a hopeful way out... but those who didn't qualify the aptitude tests for drone pilot school were placed on the ground, like a chess-piece pawn, is made a human front-line.

These 'lower classed' ( by-way of the debt slavery attached them and by-design as history shows ) may be people who signed up to 'defend the homeland' to get out of a drastic situation, usually financial. So they may have dubiously contracted their lives for a term and vowed to obey, no matter how heinous or callous the order. And they were sub-sub-sub-sub contracted to flip a country ( Iraq ) like we've seen people do a house on tv..

Crimes against humanity in the name of national security and all that bloated bureaucratic baloney is nothing more than the rearing of what is reminiscent of the Roman Empire.

A trusted friend once whispered to me that the fall of that old empire was that its leadership became decadent. Decadence was the reason then, and it seems too to be the reason now. I miss that friend.

John F. Kennedy Exposes the Invisible Hand

Here are JFK’s convicting words:
“I’m delighted to have a chance say a few words about this administration’s policy which has been the subject of a good deal of discussion, acrimony and controversy on wages, prices and profits.
Now I know there are some people who say that this isn’t any business of the President of the United States and who believe that the president of the United States should be the honorary chairman of a great fraternal organization… and confine himself to ceremonial functions, but that isn’t what the Constitution says.
And I did not run for President of the United States to fulfill that office in that way.
Harry Truman once said there are 15 million Americans who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests.
And that the interests of the great mass of the other people, the 150 million is the responsibility of the President of the United States, and I propose to fulfill it.
Then I believe it is the business of the President of the United States to concern himself with the general welfare and the public interest.
And if the people feel that it is not, then they should secure the services of a new President of the United States."
See and hear the speech for yourself here: Evidence of Revision.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

This is an attempt to define what "Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword" means in the Wikipedia world... to me 8^)

Not sure if it will still be there tomorrow, for that is an open forum with all kinds of 'truths' juxtaposed to faith-based truths and some unknown truths... if you can believe that.


To understand 'what' was said, one must understand 'who' said what; and see those words in their proper content.

Starting with Matthew 5:17, the author of those words explains the 'who' part as he describes how to react to life when life 'seems' to be out to devour you.

Arriving at verse 38, you find the verse / saying in context the phrase in question.

Continuing further until the end of the chapter, one who comprehends the approach the author has and his position, can qualify his expertise in describing what loving one another means; loving your neighbor AND your supposed / alleged 'enemy' just the same as you would your most trusted friend... at least the approach being from that position of love.

Believing in surrendering to the acknowledgment of solidarity and synergy throughout all existing living things and understanding your 'ethereal protection' from the 'non-loving' energy others may occasionally emit, the author describes reacting to life's seemingly unjust and hateful attacks on your person by continuing to believe love emits the greater frequency, thus absolving all others, and absoluting Love, and thus your 'protection' and 'safe' position.

I emphasis 'enemy' for the definition of enemy changes when considering the metaphysical world. Transcending one's thoughts into that paradigm, one can see the futility of any other approach to life not through love.

With this understanding of love's position and the author's teaching on it, when the author mentions using anything other than a loving approach to life and its situations, his stance is still unequivocally love, not the 'sense' of defending oneself nor combating anything from not love's approach and paradigm; not mirroring such lack of love from even your closest and cared-for friends and family may emit to you on occasion, and especially, as in this context, from those people who's position seems to be of hatred and death for you personally.

13 December 2010

Oh Say Can You See...

The U.S.A., Inc. is a commercial entity, whose constitution only regarded certain types of people as protected and enriched by the systems of government and finance, whilst the immigrants who landed after its penning are chattel surfing the serfdom trails to paths leading elsewhere NOT to pedigreed country club estates.

And what also ‘may’ have occurred was the usurpation of the populous who must work for their wages ( those who have yet to have capital work for them ) by money lenders.

And now that the money has been funny since:

A) the FED Reserve is a private for profit entity which backs all its created money by NOTHING but the chicanery of communist doling of the dollar.

B) since congress has not declared war since WWII and since our economy has been a debt economy based on expansion of empire ( military spending and the rest of the economy following suite ).

C) Banksters can, by their chicanery and influence to write their own laws via lobby, extortion and collusion, increase capital deposits by TEN fold and lend this money ( known as M2 ) ‘in order to facilitate commerce.’ But it is to increase their pockets by usury, which is DETESTABLE before God and common decency.

D) The current USD will be exchanged by another as the world’s reserve currency… or a ‘new’ USD will appear, which, if you do not have any REAL assets, that funny monopoly money will be traded in ( at a loss to you ) for the ‘new and good’ money.

And the game will continue… unless a Napoleon appears.

Should I just move to China / Dubai, since they’ve seem to have been groomed as seats of the new world order?

10 December 2010

To An Unknown Friend in the Faith

I understand your historical point of view, yet I read history just the same and see a different plain.

And the reality that all things sit under God... even the supposed 'seat of power' on this earth, as most the world sees as the office of el presidente internacionale de U.S.A., Inc., of course no one man has their position if not allowed under God.

I hope you also do not prescribe to the 'enemy' as being people with a different religion too, as we're fed that premise by the media. And that 'those people's' fanaticism is not palatable, yet the western-centric view is.

How can an empire be entirely good for people when we see the result of greed and selfishness... look around you. For unless one does not leave their house, they must not notice the depravity. The homelessness. The folks living alongside the freeways. Some people really think they're doing something by going to the mission once a year and 'feeding the hungry.'

My how the U.S. citizen is numb to the realities from which Capitalism stems. Look at those who work for $1 - $2 a day making the things we buy one day and toss in a dump the next. Count how much their handlers reap from their slave labor and tell me how good is empire and this type of capitalism the obedient and robotic U.S. consumer gladly votes for every November.

Does not colonialism and empire ( which has been, call it what one may ) lead to the majority of the people being plunged into serfdom whilst a managerial class handles the chattel for the blue bloods?

Wasn't that the point of this country?

But even in this country, unless you pay your duty to Caesar ( taxes in all their forms and justifications ) and now the medium of exchange has been a fiat currency for some time... what I talk about is beyond the charade of government.

The idea of paper money in lieu of 'things' of actual nominal value, also known as I.O.U.'s and 'notes' is what our money is... look at it. It says "this note is good for all debts, both public and private" and it used to say allot more.

The paradigm we've been fed in history books at school, both public and private, is a conservative hegemony as you mentioned. This hegemony, which, in order to keep power and transfer / sell the major means of production, including government offices and industry, utility, etc... is actually a tyrannically left.

Still slave-owning, but by allowance of law and decree and in lieu of Constitutional adherence, these upper blue bloods battle of the believed to be 'above others' and have built their lives on their material possessions and draw their identities from material and created things and not what is real.

The "Amerikan Dream" is continually portrayed and marketed to our emotions on the daily, and most fall for it... look at all the distractions people work hours for to splurge on... as some sort of release., so our sensitivities are in peril compared to the message we're consuming and acting upon.

Folks don't know the half of what they politic... especially when they are still working for money and not having money work for them... for our discussion really defines which line of that people reside on or would like to be on... yet it is elusive and an illusion at the cost of another person's indecent reality.

05 December 2010

What / Who Is "You" When Considering Commerce?

In response to an article about Cheney being immune from justice entitled, and my response, as usual, takes a meandering of interesting crooked paths:

Cheney May Face Nigerian Bribery Charges from TruthDig

Right Martha, I'm stating that America has been turned into Amerika and the Aristocrats and their dogs ( the empire's countless offices of bureaucracy ) plus the lawyers / liars and all that feed off the teets of empire's role in economy ( big pharma, military, etc ) are 'stuck' in the sticky predicament of being 2 to 20 paychecks away from broke only owning debt. With that reality, they must 'obey' their masters, handlers and mind their 'duty' and continue to pay tribute, duty and their 'fare share'... for they are employed by the system and taught only to 'work' in and for that system. "I need to get a job" is the common phrase most of the populace adhere to, even the hired professionals working under and for the aristocracy....

That new identity of the 70% you describe to be acknowledged, needs to be better and more specifically defined, don't you think? For it is comprised of new immigrants and lineage immigrants from centuries ago... and all in between NOT 'rented' by the systems of the Machine ( big corporations and industry owned by non US citizenry making up that 70% )...

So you have very few entrepreneurs / self-employed / small business owners NOT on government fed grants or contracts... which is a very small minority financially speaking considering big gov business... yet, as ONE it is a powerhouse!

Unfortunately, the populace NOT self employed but working for gov, big business and those feeding off them... they are TRAPPED unless they become independent... that is THE GREAT CHALLENGE, I think.

The other side, which owns the means to quickly communicate with the masses ( the media ), are not going to allow you the open mic unless you participate along their party lines.

I like your words "law and order" for that reminds me of Hoover's statements in an interview from a documentary about JFK's assassination and 'Jedgar's' power and pull among the all facets of power in the country at that time.

Also, when you speak about representation, are you inferring to the approach as a 'citizen' of the USA, Inc? or referring to 'sovereign' living as a foreign entity on what once was the United States of America?

For your 'representation' in that public venue, with 'officers' of the 'court' working for the state / gov in order to sift the citizen of their value in return for the 'benefits' used by said citizen, is not in your favor, considering the commercial world we exist in.

You best know your history, your procedure and your position and how to petition for a redress of grievances.

10 November 2010

"Money" is Our Linked Slave Chain

Ladies and Gents…

Let us remember we are the surety for the nation’s debts… and our chattel handlers, the FED, sift and manipulate the markets at will since they inflate, tax ( set interest rates ) and do other such things such as fractional reserve lending and such…

Since the departure from silver and gold…

And since the the departure of Congress from voting on going to war / declaring war since after WWII…

And since the FED was instilled early last century….

And since the world has experienced an economic coup unparalleled in the past…

Isn’t any wonder most folks cannot see past the charade and farce of our two / one party system?

OF COURSE Obama kowtowed to the money changers… JFK decided NOT to. James Garfield was another one… And Lincoln started his green backs.

OF COURSE we see the market inflate… for those with capital are safe… while those who work for the fiat are $@#%%#!

Are we not seeing the exchange of purchased power?

02 November 2010

Debt Collectors and the Banking System

Debt collectors; they are attempting to trick you into perpetuating their fraud.

If they call again, you can BILL them for harassment ( true ), for they have to identify themselves and you can ask them to identify themselves, name of the company.... by which you can bill whatever amount you'd like for your time and 'having' to speak with them to 'answer their questions.'

People's time is valuable, and that phone call can be taking you away from your pertinent work.... and whatever you deem commensurate for your time ( how valuable we see ourselves ) you have THE RIGHT to bill their silly butts for bothering you with nonsense!


Much like shyster lawyers do!

They do it DAILY.

And the nonsense / un-important 'business' they are calling about?

The fraud perpetuated by the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

The fraud that the money is inflated, is fractionally created by the use of our signature ( for the people are the surety for the debts of Amerika ).... and we get NOTHING in return but demand to pay interest on an inflated money supply... further increasing the debt money supply, to our detriment.

These debt collectors run a search on you and they have the info on your relatives AND WILL CALL THEM and your workplace to find you and / or try to embarrass you.

These debt collector firms make a living 'fooling' people into paying back money, which is inflated in the banking system, and is made from a printing press. These debt collector firms buy someone's bad debt from the banksters ( Citibank for example ) for pennies on the dollar... so let's say if you owe $100,000 in debt, they buy it for maybe $1,000 or less.

THEN, the debt collectors come after you like dogs for the FULL $100k, and 'settle' with you at something you think you'll be getting away with, like $60,000 for example.

The consumer is tricked into believing they got a deal, the debt collector makes a great buy.... and the banksters STILL get theirs, they didn't really lose, they only didn't make so much as they would have liked to... but remember, they are always getting paid interest, so even if debts are not paid back, they keep making interest AND principle on new debts or restructured debts., not mentioning fractional reserve.. IT IS ALL A SHELL GAME!

The debt collector just made a $60,000 note / I.O.U. you PROMISED to pay them.... and they paid $1,000 for the opportunity to 'sucker' the consumer and sift them silly AGAIN... and now it can go back to the bank, and the debt collector makes a cut by tricking you to pay back your fake money to the greedy banksters.

The bank simply closes that account of fake paper money they printed, costing them $0.03 ( three pennies ) each paper bill to print ( so a cost of $0.03 x 100,000 = $3,000.... and that's if they had to print that amount... who carries $100,000 around or cashes a check like that in cash anymore?

It is all money in the computer, which costs $0.... or even less because these banksters have their chattel running the system, and this chattel makes a killing being the dogs for the money changers.

They simply won't have 'that much more money' to lend out to people, in their "fractional reserve lending" practices...

Fractional Reserve Lending allows the banksters to lend out $100 any person deposits to $400 or $1000 depending on their money changing practices.... AND charge interest and fees and taxes and such for EACH AND EVERY TRANSACTION, as you know from looking at your statements / bills every month.

NO ONE had to work for that money, like you and I 'have to' work for it... these shysters are 'allowed' the privilege of printing it out of nothing and then have the audacity to charge everyone INTEREST, which is condemned by the three major faiths of the world ( judaism, christianity and islam )... GOD says NO to charging interest ( usury it is called too ).

So... when you are ready to ditch your monthly debt service on the fiat ( fake paper money with no store of value ), let me know.

But because people 'believe' that money to be real, or that it is something we 'have to work for,' people allow that deception and untruth harness their thinking, their mind, their dreams.... and what IS POSSIBLE....

We don't have 'real money' in circulation anymore, for the paper money we think is money is actually a note. An I.O.U. from uncle Sam.

Read what it says: This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.

The piece of paper in your hand signifies "money" ( legal tender ).

That piece of paper is a Note ( a debt and promising payment; promissory note ).

That green and red piece of paper folks call money is a Note ( a certificate, as of a government or a bank, accepted as money ).

And is used for all debts ( to pay for things, to buy things with, for things you owe ).

Your Financial Education awaits you- SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

31 October 2010

Should I Vote Republican or Democrat?

Well, for starters I think ( and history supports this view ), the republicans are keeping the status quo of rule by fiat… and the democrats are simply the ploy furthering the duped participation of the chattel to believing the fiat and supporting the managerial class.

Collusion of both parties ( which are really one ).

We need new faces, locally chosen and known.

No pedigreed politicos, descendants of the ‘upper class’ people who really have NO CLASS at all.

Term limits in office, no bouncing around from government office to office ( no career hacks ).

And no giving self raises, that is ridiculous.

To serve the public through elected office is just that- SERVING.

30 October 2010

In Response to a Friend, a Brother, regarding corporations

Having chartered my own corporation and looking into definitions of what these entities really are... they are for profit and limit the liability of its handlers / managers. They are to shelter, protect, increase capital and its ventures for profit to its owners, not those employed by them. And the model of 401k and such, as we've seen, has also been siphoned by the greedy.

Previously in this country, corporations were only allowed a charter by government if in fact they purposed a good service or product useful to the public, which in turn created a real value for all folks involved, the community and the society collectively... there has been a departure from that 'ideal.' And this referenced link here included describes this ( first video )-

When one considers the labeling of a group called "Citizens United" being actually made up of conglomerates ( and not public citizens per-say ) pushing to funnel more money into the propaganda machine to further 'sell' talking points and platitudes to the public... to win votes to further increase the strength, influence and income of said corporations... we now see another manifestation of greed, selfishness and further subjecting of man by another man using that tool we work for- money.

The Corporate State is here.

How can one explain the revolving doors of hired men between the biggest and influential houses of finance ( Goldman Sachs to name one ) and the U.S. Treasury? Is it only me who sees these money men going from public office to private occupation and back again a bit biased and NOT in the public's interest? These men rule with impunity as they increase their profits and their stock holders while continuing to step on the employee.... the dupe, the laborer... the chattel.... the very people the so-called Democrats are suppose to represent... but as you can see, do not... in fact, they assist in the further dismantling of the rights and freedoms of the citizenry.

In all due respect, if you believe the jargon and propaganda which feeds most Amerikans via Fox, CNN, and from most other mainstream news outlets... you may also be believing the continued expansion of empire and subsequent wars ( Congress has yet to declare war on anyone since WWII, yet we are fighting on various fronts ) to be justified by 'national security'... or we are still 'liberating the citizens of Iraq' or some other pretty platitude... or lies, is what I call them.

With that programmed paradigm, then one must also prescribe to the myth that mad men with turbans on their heads are waiting across the border with swords in hand ( the whole obscure picture of Osama vs. Obama )... for I see us receiving a tailored and precisely edited picture and storyline of world events... as past and recent history continues to spell out to us.

If you were to take the time to look and listen to those sources I pointed out in my earlier post, you may better understand my view and why I opine as I do... for the illusion of hoping for some 'just remedy' to come from either branch of that one party has worn off for some, the many just haven't been able to see the bigger picture.

People are on the dole and will obey the person who employs them... always has been like this throughout history, every empire, every organized society... even here in Amerika.

The preceding sentence is best described in this illustration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottom_of_the_pyramid

For when habeus corpus is suspended, you have the appearance of a notion too familiar to the annals of man's battling desire for power over another- lawful Tyranny.

Why do you suppose Obama speaks of his fellow politicos across the isle as 'enemies?'

We've experienced a world-wide economic coup... and few are awakening to this fact.

Second video at this link showcases Chris Hedges' take on this phenomenon.


27 October 2010


I haven’t been able to clearly see it until just recently!

I’ve been living in a duality of sorts for some time now. Today I was just sharing with a friend about working for oneself and about the stock market… and as I described these things and how easy it is to make money if you really desired to…. I HAD TO ALSO DESCRIBE how when one pursues the knowledge of money, it is like opening a sealed door… and looking in through that door, one sees darkness… no light whatsoever!

I described to him how it seems like a shadow had been cast over my soul upon pursuing this knowledge…

And I’ve struggled since then with pursuing riches and / or pursuing how deep money has become ingrained in our psyche…. and once again today I realized how I always resort to thinking that “if I just had enough to do this or take care of this, then all will be well” thinking… how like you can just write someone a check and that will be remedy enough.

I'm currently working on updated the Smart Money site as far as text and copy, only adding a video here and there which expounds on the crimes these shysters are committing… and yes, I must say I too, even though pointing out the carrot to others… see myself still somehow encouraging others to pursue that knowledge… hmmmm?

Paradoxical to say the least.

I know I do desire folks to work for themselves.

I want folks to be free from working for others.

I want folks to shop at their local places of business, locally owned and operated, not some corp whatever ( like McD’s, Walmart, etc ) and even start their own service or thing they do / sell / their passion to build the first unlimited energy machine, etc…

I have found out that the best way to protect your work, labor, business and the sense of self-reliance is to ‘play the game accordingly’ as advised by ‘rich dad advisor’ Robert Kiyosaki… yet I don't agree with everything nor his every POV, though some I do share… and seem to still need better discernment in my approach, application and promotion of what my true intentions are, which is for people to eventually snap OUT of their faith in money and make up their own money ( it being a tool / the medium of exchange for goods and services )... free form interest, free from manipulation and free from its printing by the whim of some official(s).

Someone, somewhere on some blog responded to my work on the Smart Money site by stating:

“Have you learned nothing?, in your life but materialism…You seem so intelligent and enlightened on this…I would rather die poor than die with the blood of billions of souls I used, killed, enslaved to have earthly power…”

That is also something I’ve mulled in my mind… for it is true, in order to make some real bucks, in most businesses, you need to divide the labor ( make others slave away while you do less and make more ).. and that too weighed heavy on my heart.. so I struggle with turning my back on that knowledge and only deal with the REAL: People, animals, the land, water, plants, vegetables, etc… and things which basically support those life essentials…. still.... I'm a work in progress.

23 October 2010

What is Our Common Bond?

The common bond is the money. That’s what is used to keep people motivated and on the dole. The heads of finance and industry know the chattel simply want to be left alone to slave away and buy shiny things to their hearts content

Some famous and infamous ( omitted from mainstream history ):

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…” —Thomas Jefferson, Third President U.S.A. President A.D. 1743 - 1826

“When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure. Every effort has been made to conceal its power but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government.”—Louis T. McFadden, A.D. 1876 - 1936, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Give me the right to issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who governs the country.” —b. A.D. 1773, Amschel Mayer Rothschild, German banker whose financial empire still exists today. He and his descendants have and possibly continue to finance wars, governments, policies and who knows what else. Link to his legacy ( a must read ).

“The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” —Thomas Jefferson, Third President U.S.A. President A.D. 1743 - 1826

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the master of all its legislation and commerce.” —James A. Garfield, 20th U.S.A. President A.D. 1831 - 1881, was assassinated only have served in office six months ( shortest term for any U.S. President ).

And the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper folks!

We have ALL been misled to put our trust, faith and attention on money, that fake substitute for what you really want… but we’re convinced that it is real, when it only represents something that ‘may’ be real.

Educate yourself so you may defend yourself.

More to learn here:

25 January 2010

Response to "Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction" by Chris Hedges

And this was a well written response to the debaucle in the Supreme Court's ruling for corporate power over people power by an unknown to me:


By writeon, January 25 at 6:02 am #
(Unregistered commenter)

Inverted totalitariansm is not exactly a catchy phrase, or a particularly easy concept for most “ordinary” people to get their heads around, is it?

I wondered, after having read Wolin’s excellent book a year ago, if it all was too subtle for mass consumption, but then I suppose that wasn’t the market Wolin was aiming at? Or was he? Clearly his concern about the “death” of demcracy, in it’s modern form in the United States, was his main motivation; but how on earth does one get such a message across in this day and age?

Even my phrase, “Corporate Totalitarianism” isn’t much better, and “fascism” in it’s corporate state version seems inadequate too. Fascism sounds so old fashioned doesn’t it, like something from the distant past; one thinks of Hitler and Mussolini, not our friendly leaders in their nice, neat, suits?
Today, “fascism” has been given a total brand makeover, so recognising it is much more difficult. Strip the militeristic garb and style, from old-school fascism and what does one have?

We have a new type of state. A state where the market is at the centre. A state where the market and the state have become close to one, total, entity. And this state is powerful. It’s a state with the military at its centre controlling a vast empire.

Are their any solutions to the challenges we face, can this process be rolled backwards? The short answer is negative. The “democratic process” will not succeed. We are on a historical tragectory and vast forces are under way, moving. Things will, unfortunately, have to run their course. The current, corporate totalitarian state, is simply way to powerful, successful, strong, and unchallenged. There is, after all, no real political opposition, not in the country and certainly not in Congress. The overwhelming, vast, crushing, majority of Congressmen are, in reality, members of the same party or club. Change won’t come from that direction.

Most empires, or autocratic ruling elites, seem to rot from within and fall in on themselves, they don’t reform themselves before it’s too late and the revolution becomes inevitable, unfortunately there is an awful lot of suffering and pain waiting down that particular road. It’s a shame that ordinary people are so reasonable for so long, before they are forced by circumstances to react to gross misrule, and tear the old system down. It’s a shame there isn’t a short cut to real and substantive, structural change in society. What’s also sad is that even when the old system collapses on itself, under its own rotten weight, there is no law that says that things will automatically end for the better, there is often decades of instability to look forward to.


Well said my friend!

Alternative Media Outlets

If you haven't found http://TruthDig.com, then go there and get up to speed with what is REALLY happening in America and unplug yourself from the propaganda machine known as mainstream media ( yes Alice, that means am talk radio, FOX nonews and the like )... and in terms of TruthDig, I specifically mean Chris Hedges' columns. 

Here is what I wrote today in response to the Supreme Cohort's allowing corporate money to flood democracy and further propaganda:

I’m glad the cat is finally out of the bag - America isn’t a country for and by the people, it has truly been usurped by money in the pocket of the highest bidder… 

When are the heads on a stick going to be seen in D.C.?

One sure-fire way of dealing with these overinflated sons of unloved mothers is to NOT purchase their products, NOT use their services, NOT park your money with them… To “ex” them out completely…. and make sure your friend, neighbor and relative does the same.

Thing is, so much of the populous is “inactive” because of the social conditioning via media… they need to “unplug” themselves much like the movie Matrix… so many parallels in that movie it is SCARY.

The people who work for the big corporations, military and police need to be shown, with patience and clarity, not just mumbo jumbo conspiracy talk ( although this is a conspiracy at the highest levels ), but need to be taught how history has been riddled with coup, fraud and manipulation by the money powers… and it is blatantly clear today, if one knows how to recognize it. 

Folks need to take their eyes off of money ( the carrot in front of the donkey ) and look to something that is real ( God, Truth, Conscience, historical facts, anything BUT money )... they need to BREAK the illusion of money.

Military personnel and police will enforce the corrupt policy because their income depends on it, and without that income ( that fiat and phony paper money ), they and their family doesn’t eat, pay the mortgage, etc..

So, the carrot HAS been sown-in to great extremes, but what it will take is to break that illusion…
..and that will take personal discipline and effort, and unfortunately, as so many folks are conditioned to go to work, come home and be with family and veg out watching the boob tube and continuously swallow lie after propaganda lie… well, you’ll see what an uphill battle we face.

Educate yourself in regards to money and conspiracy facts: http://SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com and learn how to help your fellow man, NOW!

15 January 2010

Shorting the Market... but the Big Players still holding up the market


It's been quite a while since I last posted.

I took a break from gambling in the stock market. I pulled my money out in early February of 09 and that was premature as I now look back at one of the biggest bull rallies seen. Oh well, I had resolved in my heart one morning in February to pursue something more than increasing my account with more fiat currency... which is being devalued by the day by the way...

I wonder when folks will stop trying to be like the elites, rich and famous and the minstrels entertaining us at night ( who do a great job distracting us from the realities being played out in Congress and behind closed doors ).

I wonder when folks will finally see the carrot in front of their eyes, in the form of a Mercedes, a gold-piece or that dream house... all the while living in the debt monetary system which has usurped our very liberties.

Anywayz, I am shorting the market because it is unnaturally overbought... but institutional buyers are still sustaining the bull rally, coaxing in the smaller investor into buying.