31 October 2010

Should I Vote Republican or Democrat?

Well, for starters I think ( and history supports this view ), the republicans are keeping the status quo of rule by fiat… and the democrats are simply the ploy furthering the duped participation of the chattel to believing the fiat and supporting the managerial class.

Collusion of both parties ( which are really one ).

We need new faces, locally chosen and known.

No pedigreed politicos, descendants of the ‘upper class’ people who really have NO CLASS at all.

Term limits in office, no bouncing around from government office to office ( no career hacks ).

And no giving self raises, that is ridiculous.

To serve the public through elected office is just that- SERVING.

30 October 2010

In Response to a Friend, a Brother, regarding corporations

Having chartered my own corporation and looking into definitions of what these entities really are... they are for profit and limit the liability of its handlers / managers. They are to shelter, protect, increase capital and its ventures for profit to its owners, not those employed by them. And the model of 401k and such, as we've seen, has also been siphoned by the greedy.

Previously in this country, corporations were only allowed a charter by government if in fact they purposed a good service or product useful to the public, which in turn created a real value for all folks involved, the community and the society collectively... there has been a departure from that 'ideal.' And this referenced link here included describes this ( first video )-

When one considers the labeling of a group called "Citizens United" being actually made up of conglomerates ( and not public citizens per-say ) pushing to funnel more money into the propaganda machine to further 'sell' talking points and platitudes to the public... to win votes to further increase the strength, influence and income of said corporations... we now see another manifestation of greed, selfishness and further subjecting of man by another man using that tool we work for- money.

The Corporate State is here.

How can one explain the revolving doors of hired men between the biggest and influential houses of finance ( Goldman Sachs to name one ) and the U.S. Treasury? Is it only me who sees these money men going from public office to private occupation and back again a bit biased and NOT in the public's interest? These men rule with impunity as they increase their profits and their stock holders while continuing to step on the employee.... the dupe, the laborer... the chattel.... the very people the so-called Democrats are suppose to represent... but as you can see, do not... in fact, they assist in the further dismantling of the rights and freedoms of the citizenry.

In all due respect, if you believe the jargon and propaganda which feeds most Amerikans via Fox, CNN, and from most other mainstream news outlets... you may also be believing the continued expansion of empire and subsequent wars ( Congress has yet to declare war on anyone since WWII, yet we are fighting on various fronts ) to be justified by 'national security'... or we are still 'liberating the citizens of Iraq' or some other pretty platitude... or lies, is what I call them.

With that programmed paradigm, then one must also prescribe to the myth that mad men with turbans on their heads are waiting across the border with swords in hand ( the whole obscure picture of Osama vs. Obama )... for I see us receiving a tailored and precisely edited picture and storyline of world events... as past and recent history continues to spell out to us.

If you were to take the time to look and listen to those sources I pointed out in my earlier post, you may better understand my view and why I opine as I do... for the illusion of hoping for some 'just remedy' to come from either branch of that one party has worn off for some, the many just haven't been able to see the bigger picture.

People are on the dole and will obey the person who employs them... always has been like this throughout history, every empire, every organized society... even here in Amerika.

The preceding sentence is best described in this illustration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottom_of_the_pyramid

For when habeus corpus is suspended, you have the appearance of a notion too familiar to the annals of man's battling desire for power over another- lawful Tyranny.

Why do you suppose Obama speaks of his fellow politicos across the isle as 'enemies?'

We've experienced a world-wide economic coup... and few are awakening to this fact.

Second video at this link showcases Chris Hedges' take on this phenomenon.


27 October 2010


I haven’t been able to clearly see it until just recently!

I’ve been living in a duality of sorts for some time now. Today I was just sharing with a friend about working for oneself and about the stock market… and as I described these things and how easy it is to make money if you really desired to…. I HAD TO ALSO DESCRIBE how when one pursues the knowledge of money, it is like opening a sealed door… and looking in through that door, one sees darkness… no light whatsoever!

I described to him how it seems like a shadow had been cast over my soul upon pursuing this knowledge…

And I’ve struggled since then with pursuing riches and / or pursuing how deep money has become ingrained in our psyche…. and once again today I realized how I always resort to thinking that “if I just had enough to do this or take care of this, then all will be well” thinking… how like you can just write someone a check and that will be remedy enough.

I'm currently working on updated the Smart Money site as far as text and copy, only adding a video here and there which expounds on the crimes these shysters are committing… and yes, I must say I too, even though pointing out the carrot to others… see myself still somehow encouraging others to pursue that knowledge… hmmmm?

Paradoxical to say the least.

I know I do desire folks to work for themselves.

I want folks to be free from working for others.

I want folks to shop at their local places of business, locally owned and operated, not some corp whatever ( like McD’s, Walmart, etc ) and even start their own service or thing they do / sell / their passion to build the first unlimited energy machine, etc…

I have found out that the best way to protect your work, labor, business and the sense of self-reliance is to ‘play the game accordingly’ as advised by ‘rich dad advisor’ Robert Kiyosaki… yet I don't agree with everything nor his every POV, though some I do share… and seem to still need better discernment in my approach, application and promotion of what my true intentions are, which is for people to eventually snap OUT of their faith in money and make up their own money ( it being a tool / the medium of exchange for goods and services )... free form interest, free from manipulation and free from its printing by the whim of some official(s).

Someone, somewhere on some blog responded to my work on the Smart Money site by stating:

“Have you learned nothing?, in your life but materialism…You seem so intelligent and enlightened on this…I would rather die poor than die with the blood of billions of souls I used, killed, enslaved to have earthly power…”

That is also something I’ve mulled in my mind… for it is true, in order to make some real bucks, in most businesses, you need to divide the labor ( make others slave away while you do less and make more ).. and that too weighed heavy on my heart.. so I struggle with turning my back on that knowledge and only deal with the REAL: People, animals, the land, water, plants, vegetables, etc… and things which basically support those life essentials…. still.... I'm a work in progress.

23 October 2010

What is Our Common Bond?

The common bond is the money. That’s what is used to keep people motivated and on the dole. The heads of finance and industry know the chattel simply want to be left alone to slave away and buy shiny things to their hearts content

Some famous and infamous ( omitted from mainstream history ):

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…” —Thomas Jefferson, Third President U.S.A. President A.D. 1743 - 1826

“When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure. Every effort has been made to conceal its power but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government.”—Louis T. McFadden, A.D. 1876 - 1936, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Give me the right to issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who governs the country.” —b. A.D. 1773, Amschel Mayer Rothschild, German banker whose financial empire still exists today. He and his descendants have and possibly continue to finance wars, governments, policies and who knows what else. Link to his legacy ( a must read ).

“The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” —Thomas Jefferson, Third President U.S.A. President A.D. 1743 - 1826

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the master of all its legislation and commerce.” —James A. Garfield, 20th U.S.A. President A.D. 1831 - 1881, was assassinated only have served in office six months ( shortest term for any U.S. President ).

And the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper folks!

We have ALL been misled to put our trust, faith and attention on money, that fake substitute for what you really want… but we’re convinced that it is real, when it only represents something that ‘may’ be real.

Educate yourself so you may defend yourself.

More to learn here: