17 May 2009

Open Letter to Market Makers and Manipulators

Regardless of which direction the market will go tomorrow,

the longs will go long and the shorts will go short,

the shorts will go long,

if their short first, did not work.

The longs too will go short

if the longs just, don't, quite, work.

When do you suppose enough open minded people will find and vote for candidates who don't make bureaucracy their bread and butter ( they run the office for free / donate the salary to _______ charitable whatever, or it's their only source of income for the term of the office )?

And let not these candidates be born with silver spoons; Be it someone who arrives in office not for the dollar, but for results, not to continue a policy / ideal / daddy's glory / inheritance ( aristocracy ), but do what the will of the conscientiousness of the people want.

I don't think it wise to have candidates who are not lawyers yet have lawyers write their mission statements and that fine print. Or have candidates who are lawyers and run the office for profit.

I would like to see all offices in government earn a very good wage ( as they already do ), yet not be given / earn / receive / accept any more than what was to be their only compensation / salary by law, and will be held accountable if accepting compensation from another source while in office to show loyalty and not favoritism. This "bait" money or "carrots" set before these offices is a cause for the lack of people-centric policy and continued self-centric policy ( meaning policy for profit but still someone is impoverished ).

This type of candidate could leave his business on hiatus, or retire part time or quite altogether and pick up later after filling the office, or they could leave their drudgery job, free from the routine, monotonous repetition of the same schedule, the same drive to work, the same lunch break, the same few friendly folk you may say hello to and break bread with... those folks could use a six figure income, get driven around all over the city to conduct real business, and say yes to the man with merit, and no to the fast money making M.O. ( Modus Operandi ):





It may be a step down for most folks in this area of ambitious personality, credential, education, bank account / business savvy, blah, blah blah, etc. to leave their motivation for getting up in the morning. Motivation not only in words, pretty speeches but no quantifiable accounts ( numbers represent actual results ).

I think we need non-profit leadership. Both for Prophets and not-for-profits.

We've been Romanized and we are Romanizing what has yet to be.

13 May 2009

Who Should You Listen To?

Here is a little example of what is taught through SmartPeopleSmartMoney...

If you are up for the challenge of experiencing Financial Freedom, read on:

a) Lower you expenditures ( takes discipline ).

b) Create a business around your current occupation ( takes knowledge, perseverance and discipline ) or start something you've been wanting to do / sell / service.

c) Make sure that S Corp, C Corp, LLC, etc. which runs your business pays you no more than $10k per year ( no tax due under this amount nor need to file ).

d) Use the benefits of drawing money through this entity as a way to pay for most things first ( costs of doing business, automobiles, travel, food, insurance, etc..).

e) Have the company buy an "investment" property which you happen to lease / rent.

f) Make investments out of the profits, or make secured loans, or last resort, pay yourself a bonus ( which will be a taxable event ) and whatever is left at the end of fiscal year, is taxable... if nothing, then nothing is taxable.

This is the game which is available through running a company aside from being an employee of a company.

As an employee, you are bought the first day you start working ( 15 years old for me ) and traded the day you are laid off / fired... and then put out to pasture the day you are of no further use ( folks think "they" choose to retire ).

But when you decide to financially act your way out of broke, bad credit, debt, or not sure why you are two to twenty weeks from default if laid off / fired / whatever.... you'll be glad you made that choice.

Your Financial Education Awaits You @ SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

Banksters of America Revisited

Well.. I paid off the balance last week with BANKsters of America...

And they would NOT revert the interest charges in the Purchase or Cash Advance columns ( purchase was considered the late fee and the cash advance was the payment they made on behalf of my non-payment - I forgotten I closed a bank account which I was using to draw from for this particular credit line - )... what a joke these people... or should I say the simpletons who work for them are...

I got a real winner on the phone the other day... and boy, she wasn't having any of my commentary... she was tough to say the least.

She even offered to bring my balance down about $27.00 to an even dollar amount ending in zeros... and said it WOULDN'T be reported as a settlement.... that silly $*#*%#!!!!

I paid today the accrued interest for last month... and called to make sure all things were square, and today's customer rep said if I had accepted the lowered balance, it would surely have been reported to the credit cartel.

Folks: If you do not defend yourself financially, these Banksters and the folks who push their paper will surely take advantage of you... or try to at every turn!

I told the guy I was talking to today he should read about how Bank of America was started, who started it and how his policy shined above all the other usurious institutions at that time.. but it has unfortunately been usurped by the greedy cartel..... and that he should consider another employer.

Read about Bank of America's founder here and also read up on your Financial Education.

06 May 2009

Today's Empire, Today's Instruments of War & Assassinated Presidents

Folks, this country has been the instrument of Empire delegated by royals and wealthy folks since England ceased to be that instrument after WWII.

Although war is still fought with weapons forged from steal... the new style of waring on others ( people in this country / your country ) is through the media ( mind ) and economy ( money ). You are distracted by all the garbage you could buy, by all the moral and amoral things
to vote / opine about... and then are penalized ( gladly some are ) through taxes, fees and "duty to country" so you're left helpless and harassed and are glad to keep only 50% of your income when you are put through the wash ( the brain wash that is ).

You are duped into thinking your money is real and has value... and are duped into voting for the "cure" in a suit from whichever party on whatever platform... fighting for whatever cause ( to kill or not to kill unborn babies ).

Look at all the assassinated presidents of the past... what did they have in common?

They all battled the FED and the invisible hand behind government... only Andrew Jackson escaped assassination ( yet it was attempted ) and was able to defeat the bank... but that too was short-lived.

The bank won in 1913 underhandedly, and they've done what they've wanted for so long now.

It is NOT a privilege to be the ones who subjugate the people of the world... it is a curse folks.

That is the mentality that one is superior to another.. as has been the English reason to subdue India, South Africa, Australia and so many other places... and that psyche exists today here.. it is called racism and prejudice and is justified by stats and politics and further spin...

When the Fit Hits the Shan... and Revolution is at Your Door >

I know Ron Paul sounds kooky at times, and him being the lone gunman with HR 833 looks bad.. but who cares? He makes sense when you look at history, look at facts and look at the economy and his statements coincide with many economists who aren't paid off by some lobby / bankster group.

HR 1207 is gaining speed, and this is only the beginning of the rabbit hole folks.

We should look at the FED's charter and decipher their mission... but when you contrast the facts ( ala Jekyll Island ) and the reality ( economic hijacking and economic slavery for the masses ), what good is it going by the letter of the law when the this particular law has been used against the law-abiding?

What good is it when no common citizen or businessman can justly look into the "secret" workings of this clandestine organization?

We audit banks, businesses and we're audited by these shysters... and they shall not be audited by us?

Oh, they will be found out! If not this year or next, they will most certainly be soon enough!!!!

I heard this wealthy individual on the radio over the weekend state he is starting to "dress down" and not be too flashy with his wealth.... and he said that places like the Hamptons with their 20,000 square foot mansions will be the first to go up in smoke once the revolution hits... and he'll hopefully be safe living in a moderate neighborhood keeping a low-profile.

I was surprised to hear him say revolution and fire and riots... he seems to be in touch with the repercussions of ripping off masses of folks holding weapons of all kinds... unlike some of these shyster executives and corruptly hired politicos... they seem to be out of touch or really think their gated communities or vast estates on some mountain will keep the hungry from taking their share.

And when the people are mad and full of madness, there is no sense.

On another radio station the next day, I hear a truck driver saying he's ready for whomever they call themselves, whether big brother, new world disorder, the state... the FEDs, whatever and whomever... he is ready and he's been ready and waiting... he says he's seen this coming.. him and all his union buddies, his neighbors, his family members... HE IS READY... with his arsenal and provisions...

Are you ready?

Pill Makers, Policy Buyers and Health Diminishers

The Broken American Health Industry.

What "consensus" calls factual is not at all.. its lies or mis/disinformation.

Lobbying in congress for big health businesses and pill companies has siphoned money out of consumers ( the aim of business ) and has paid off politicos for their consent ( aim of lobbying ).

I think we would have consumer bargaining power if there existed private companies facilitating entities ( original aim of HMO perhaps ) that would draw the funds from government ( our collected taxes ) and allow consumers choice of which doctors / hospitals to see and which pills ( if any ) to take...

This "middleman" of sorts will only collect a fixed amount or percentage of business, nothing more... and these can be rated for their service and betterment of people's health much like the English system rewards their doctors for the health of their patients, unlike here where the doctor is rewarded for saving the insurance company money ( backwards to what health "care" is supposed to be ).

We see investors and those at the helm not wanting to let that money and power go... who wouldn't be tempted to keep it if they were in that position?

But this needs to come to an end.... and the English model, the Canadian model and the French models are great examples of "working" systems, not perfect systems... nothing is perfect here... only works in progress.

Two Bad Birds With One Stone

Here is an idear of sorts:

If all stock owners of medical / pharmaceutical companies would at once draw their account / short these Health System Shysters and also short the Bankster shysters....

and place their funds into a FULL reserve lending bank ( bank system ran by the people, not the FED ) and make secured loans, reasonable credit lines and credit offerings....

and if we would allow for swift and critical accounting and auditing of HMO's alongside the over budgeted, over leveraged and overpriced incompetent management... and swift accounting and auditing of pill pushing pill makers and kill the profit at consumer expense madness...

and swift auditing and accounting of the Banksters Debt Service System ( know as the FED and their big bank cohorts, the Stress Test Team )...

We just might kill two birds with one stone. ( the two birds: Big Health Care and Big Banking ).

Money at the Center of the Health System

Another movie / documentary worth mentioning: SICKO by Michael Moore.

Cinema Verite is attempted as is with every documentary made... even "the news" attempts cinema verite, but we know one needs to decipher today's news and cannot accept it at face value, right?

Well yes, I know this came out some time ago, and I do remember seeing it... but today I know so much more than I did when I first viewed it... and WOW... am I inspired to get out and start something ( a speech, a protest, a march, getting people to vote, to WAKE UP FROM THE CONDITIONING AND THE PROGRAMMING ).

Any thoughts?

Anyone paying too much for health insurance today?

My monthly rate was just raised to $138 from $131, and my deductible is either $1500 or $3000, don't remember... I know of seniors who were paying $700 a month, who have finally reached age 65 and had their premium lowered to just under $100 a month... and instead of yelling over the raping of their savings / retirement ( that's $8400 a year ) are just breathing a sigh of relief.


But I have family members and friends who've been sucked dry by the greed system we know as "private health care" and have arrived in the poor house... and they are again, greatful for any relief ( they are broke and tired and feared up by the media... as is almost every poor sap... do you know folks like this, hmm? ).

Any thoughts?

Pros and cons to Michael's slant? Agree or disagree? Any real life experiences either way?

I am not surprised the same argument continues to be heard on the boob tube and radio, talking about how taxes will go up, how government intervention will ruin our health standards and more rhetoric and fear mongering.

I went to private school from 1st to 6th grades until I was removed for disciplinary reasons.

It was suggested I go to military school, but thank God my parents were more reasonable and allowed me to go to public school.. which where I was living at the time wasn't the best when contrasted with the private school I just left.

However, when I moved across the country to a different state with different deomographics and "type" of folks ( not as inner city as where I came from ), the school system was much better ( richer district ) and the teachers actually cared and they helped me out greatly ( in regards to discipline and growing up )...

So from that experience I deduce that the "system" of a socialized school system works, but only if money is sufficient which can pay for better teachers.

Why can it not be the same with the medical / health industry?

I think since it is profit motivated ( as was depicted when Nixon was conversing with an aide regarding Kaiser's profit method as opposed to a national health system ).... he found a way to open the door to big money and allow better health be available to the better paid / financially positioned persons of this country.

The question on every business owning, or hard working individual ( regardless of party line - I agree THEY are one party and WE haven't been invited - ) is will taxes go up?

Yes, because the money that is being siphoned from us for what we are getting now when we look at defense, schools, fire, police, etc... is over bloated and being spent in bloated ways to cater to elbow rubbers and pocket greasers.

Once folks wake up, get out and voice their opinion and actually vote, then we'll see things change....


We need to get folks to stop listening to the likes of FOX news and other marginal, rhetorical and one-sided outlets... there was an executive at FOX news which took off the moment he had to start "obeying" Murdoch's daily memos... he recognized the day's of true journalism ( at least at that institution ) were dead and gone.

One must see how it was shown in the documentary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" how the private media convinced the public through lies and manipulation until the other side ( in that case the state / elected party ) was able to broadcast their message.

Someone should watch that documentary and give their thoughts.... very telling how we're "programmed" and "conditioned"... thus why this health industry battle has been so hard to fix.

I can't remember last I had a doctor look me in the eye more than their watch in order to keep their train of clientele flowing through their office ( getting paid over healing folks ).

Your Financial Education Still Awaits YOU!

01 May 2009

How Many Classes Are There Again?

Folks, we see ourselves on the other side of the isle, do we not?

We are on the 'have NOT' side, even though some of us may have millions in an account somewhere or cash flowing millions per year.. yet, you may still be on the outside of that ClassRoom I'm talking about.

Yet, I assure you, we are on the RIGHT side of things.. for hopefully none of us is perpetuating the Economic Slavery on others as has been done to us.

Hopefully none of us is hating one another because of one's ethnicity or color of skin or whatever as we've been conditioned by the Euro-Centric / English "survival of the fittest" notion... .but rather judge according to what your heart and conscience says.

We are here to educate one another and come to understand not only ourselves but those who are not like us... even though they may care nothing for us and only think of themselves.

Here is an interesting quote which rings so true:

"No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself." - Thomas Mann

What Money Can Buy You

One thing is for sure folks... people in power and with the loot to perpetuate their influence have always attempted to subdue their fellow man... both locally and abroad ( history depicts this ).

In the days of Rome, so many Cesars marched across land to do this very thing... we've seen it throughout the world's known history.. today it's called something else ( freedom, human rights, 1st world "saving" the 3rd world )... but it's the same song and dance by the same selfish and greedy heart.

Recent history showed the English subduing India, South Africa and Australia among many others... they tried it here and the builders of this country kicked their butts!

Now, whether there is a master plan to completely subdue every living soul on the planet by some elitist group, that is to one's summation of things.

Biblically speaking, that is the "other guy's" main purpose ( the one who was kicked out of heaven and was given this place to rule )... but it takes faith to believe such things... yet once you do, it makes sense ( need to believe it in order to see it ).

On humanistic terms.. our recent history ( last 200 years ) has seen so many additions to the Constitution, that we are inundated with law after law.... which instead of making us a freer society, it actually has made us more bound to the inclinations of our fellow man, and we hope they will govern justly... the noose has been tightened ever so tightly... and those already subdued and at the whim of the government ( poor and on welfare and benefits ) already agree with every creed the government will throw at them "for their own good" and in the vein
of "we are looking out for you."

Haven't we seen injustice in the place of justice ( many televised examples ), haven't we seen the making of war for an unjust cause or behind a lie? And this yet again!?!?!

Haven't we also NOT prosecuted certain individuals for their wrongdoing because of their status or financial strength?

I just recently went to a gathering for mourners of a family member who was killed by her boyfriend... but, unlike the trial of Phil Spector, this individual who shot his girlfriend went directly to jail and will soon be imprisoned for some time, possibly death ( he too said she killed herself, but evidence shows otherwise )... but Spector paid for six years of freedom ( outside of jail, going about his business and continuing to enjoy life ), had a mistrial and has finally been convicted ( by a hair of a chance mind you )... so you see, riches pays off folks to defend you in spite of guilt.... Spector's money paid for his freedom, albeit it was for a time..

Same with Michael Jackson... why do you think that chump lives in a country where child molestation is NOT frowned upon by their government?

Point being, I see two sides in the world...it is not only upper class, middle class, and lower class as we've been trained to believe... it is Class.... and then the rest.

Unless you are born into this elite class, or work / marry your way in... you are on the outside of the classroom.. and subject to the whims of government to subdue you and further manipulate you for their convenience...

Step outside the box of conventional thinking folks... it is tough... but once your mind begins to set intself free from the "programming" you'll be surprised, shocked and angered....and hopefully will turn that energy into something useful and help your fellow man escape the conditioning.