30 March 2012

Healthy People

So long as you are a citizen of Amerika, you can still be seen at a county hospital... the wait is a bother, sure, but your limb can be reattached. And if you can't afford the bill, not a problem.

What needs to be ousted is the profit motive in this industry which diverges from the initial motivation to become a healer / health practitioner... only recent is the vocation a form of high notoriety, for a hefty fee and entitlements to a luxurious life of elite prestige type package.

What has been lost and out of sight is the reason why people would initially want to be a nurse or a doctor... which was to help people. Doctors and the industry have been turned into retail pharmacists to push synthetics which do more harm than good, I think.

I've confronted plenty of doctors about their holiday retreats courtesy of big pharma plastic pill pushers... they all acquiesced and confessed after 10-15 minutes of accurate questioning.

They would initially blame shift, justify, personally attack me or the premise and several other obvious tactics or denials prior to looking me straight in the eye and confessing. They sold out. The came to really like their name tags with titles and their white gowns and how they are greeted and treated, admired and applauded.

This is what is epicenter: the medical bureaucratic monopoly of the human commodity sifting monster!

Health advocates who turned into doctors need to be health advocates again and break away from the system's profit motive... and that fantasy of living in palaces along some guru or king when you've pursued a vocation to help and heal people, not just those few who can fill your bank account or can afford, soon to be, mandated tribute.... simply to exist.

27 March 2012

Sift & Siphon System

I wonder, if to clearly state your relation to the created entity ( the State and those it employs ), and somehow pierce the front behind the 'bar,' the 'bench,' the 'office,' in the 'court house' and with entitled people ( people with titles who supposedly deem a particular status, almost near nobility ) is the thing to aim for.

To pierce the front of indifference and apathy....

To consider living out the narrative work ethic of 'working hard and long hours' or 'work your way up the ladder' under a siphoning and sifting system, some which is owned by people who do not consider you equal, but see others well beneath and near an animal status to them.  Is not the influence behind a government trickery and deception at the highest levels?

Yet it is this very mantra of paying and providing not only your own portion, but to carry the weight of 'the less fortunate,' yet this target of less fortunate are excluded from the trough.  This trough is owned by the hegemony and only the hegemony feed from it.

The rest of the populous must make due with their own means and that of those around them ( sifting )... which is the foundation of the pyramid... the pyramid ( siphoning ) which people unwittingly play into due to ignorance, while solidifying their economic slavery.

A system where one must 'capitalize' on another to stay ahead is a perpetual enslavement system.

26 March 2012

Be the Bank

Moving pieces of paper, the billions of dollars flowing daily... their ROI must be over 10k times their daily cost, at least ( I don't know, haven't looked it up ).

Transaction fees, interest to be charged for lending that money on 'hold,' balancing other accounts with partial amounts of the freely borrowed money on 'hold,' many fees derived from transactions and 'services' can be rendered.

In a conventional sense, this practice of banking in this fashion is simply delaying having to use their own funds to transact in commerce, since they are the central figure in the commercial game, virtually all transactions flow through them.... the money changers. Excluding fractionalizing their reserve balances, they can use the slushy free money they get to push around for 24 hours.. and they do!

There should be more honest, locally grown and known bankers, not so much corporate banks and their hired-gunslinging corporate assassin, but bankers who you know personally and will teach you how things are properly done, as an honest vessel in commerce should.

If anyone was lent money by your relative, and you paid them back, well, they were a banker and you were their client. And I'm sure it was their money, not your community's money purposed for other means.

You'll know if you're dealing with an honest banker or simply a bankster when you'll be sold a sales pitch or shown documentation and ownership of assets when investing your money. A banker can teach you to mind your money better, and thus produce a disciplined approach to funds.... possibly producing an influx of savings leading to asset ownership while continually trimming the list of liabilities and needless expenditures.

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25 March 2012

What Wealthy Men Fail to Ponder

I wonder if the resistance to the truth ( and one's conscience ) needs to be addressed in terms of the individual's belief in the money.

Those who have a choice to uphold their oath of office and understand how trade really works ( and thus their guarantee of their weekly paycheck ) need to take a clear look where the 'trust' really is... the trust which upholds the functioning of that paper traded for work done, and what people toil over, on the daily.

The trust is between people who truly serve and offer value to one another.

The use of media to instigate fear, to lie and to perpetuate a 1984 themed life disables the human spirit.

Sure, you can buy all the lovely and distracting / time wasting trinkets you can afford, using the paper amount you earn for every hour of ______ you do for 'work.'

The men and women facilitating an office whose function is to truly serve, protect and uphold their state's constitution as well as the freedoms and liberties defined in the federal Constitution, have to realize their peace and harmony too relies on their service and their duty. Yet, when they cannot perceive the objective reality of tyranny they are unwittingly imposing because they are administering their specific application ( which is like dropping a tack from a plane flying over 100 football fields full of identical tacks and asking them to retrieve the one they dropped ).

Most do not see what some who are aware of the discrepancies in history, in statute and in commerce see: fraud, collusion and injustice at very high management levels and key positions throughout the empire.

A quick read of any Roman ruler's public life ( whatever be their name, title or affiliation ) will be like reading your newspapers regarding last decade's events in politics, war, sanctions and commercial misdealing.

Owners of assets, without holding a responsible role to the outcome of their service or product ( be it plastic products which do not biodegrade, security details in other countries, domestic police services, prison facilities, paratrooper solutions, whatever ) are detached from the foot-stamp they are leaving for their children to read about later, some possibly gasping and in fear for their lives for the crimes of their fathers.

Sadly, some people's sole focus is gaming money mechanisms they manage ( the machines / assets ). Some fail to see the impersonal way in which their assets run living souls... people who are equal to them in spirit.

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17 March 2012

Follow Whom and To Where?

Every person thinks they think for themselves... but from where are they drawing their choices / ideas / motivation.... what is feeding them? Some choose the boob tube, some their horrible upbringing, some what their parents said... and some draw from ancient words.

Fear is a major culprit which plagues all of our lives, at varying degrees and in multiple ways. The soldier who has been trained to be fearless in the face of an advancing enemy can be horrified at the sight of blood, or a spider... or of simply not knowing why things are the way they are.... and thus he obeys the process of his life.

The daily laborer may not be afraid of a little hard work and may be at home with an exhaustive day earning just enough to make ends meet every month.... yet this person may fear political speech, for they have been fooled time and time again.... and with talk of 'change' stirring about, they are afraid that their routine will be so affected they won't be able to provide come next month.... yet he has no choice either way, for the pile of bills he's learned, can only go away with his daily dedication to paying for them... and so he obeys the process of his life.

The person who holds to their faith in a Higher power, may not fear death nor humiliation nor the stresses of life, but may fear their own inner battles... the inevitability that they most likely will make a mistake in what they say or do, that they may not be that person they believe they've been made to be, to do good things, to help others, to turn positive what most discard as negative.... and thus they obey the process of their life.

But what is outstanding to some yet inconceivable to most, is that each individual exampled above ( and tons more ) made a choice.


We each have a choice, from the day we rise to the day we lay our heads to sleep.. we have a choice on what we will say, what we will think about and what our actions will be.

Some have been shown the options of choices, most have been prevented to see the options, and have believed the options prescribed them.

I have chosen the road less traveled.... and desire for everyone to journey along that path, for it is where I've found so many things.... including myself.

And THAT is what fears me: Me.

Who I am WITHOUT faith.

Each of us obey someone, most likely the most terrible things by default ( think about this one ).

Some suppose it is themselves they believe when following their own train of thought, emotions and personal convictions... but these have been placed there.

For example, the thought of selfishness is not a good condition... yet we all struggle with this. Some claim not to, and you can see how they live and how helpful they really are ( and throwing money at people is not helping them ).

"If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it." - Gen 4:7

This is a lesson which does not need to be learned the hard way, but truly we were meant to be a support for one another. We were also meant to be able to distinguish right from wrong... and our conscience is the litmus test as to what is right or wrong, and this becomes more evident the older one grows and learns ( which is another thing we were meant to do: become ).

You and I don't have to agree on every little thing to live harmony, but we do have a common bond... whether you or I want to believe it.

We were meant to look after each other.. not so much pursue our own selfish gains at the expense of others with less understanding. The way today's paradigm system has been set-up ignores this very core truth.... and we see the suffering from it all around us now tenfold.

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14 March 2012

Piercing the Paradigm

In a conversation regarding money, this is what I said:


The national 'debt' or 'amount of money in existence' is necessary in this paradigm of money.

When it comes from not a debt-created instrument ( on the liability side of a balance sheet ) it is problematic. When it is issued as an asset ( from the right side of the balance sheet ), then it automatically has value invested in it.

It is the interest payment which is the burden, the shackles... not the amount of money in existence... the more the merrier, so long as 'assets' or 'things of value' equate the expansion of money in circulation.

Think about the game Monopoly..... only the rents don't exponentially increase.

I thought about this silly thing last night... perhaps others have already pulled it from the ether:

Imagine a GoPro attached to your public representative, and much like a live streaming page has a chat box and such... so can people track, listen-in and correspond with their elected representative... can see who says and votes what... and can argue their case.. much like we are doing now on here!

They ignore you tweet or chat-in, they are reprimanded. We hire representatives in this Republic.

You can immediately call for review or dismissal if they say, do or vote inappropriately.... IMMEDIATE corrections!

Just like we have on here... and the record stands! -


The conversations takes a turn... and I explain an example of thinking outside the paradigm of slavery we exist under today.


Patience, revisit the basics.

"You do, sell or make what I want / need / want to resell, 'what' do you want in exchange for it? And for how long?"

"I want _____ in non-gmo dry goods and vegetables for as long as you need what I ______."

"Ok, I need _____, and expect to keep that up for six months!"

"Sounds good to me, I'll need to receive ______ of your ______."

"Well, how about I give one more ______ for your _____."

That's generous / not too generous, I can't go lower than _____."

"Deal, let's sign." / Let's keep negotiating, what else can you access?" / Let's talk again in six months, take care, peace."

Write down the agreement, if more than one page, it's too much.

Sign, date, title, third-party independent ( or not ), bind the agreement, and you're off!

Just write it down and make sure the balance is uni-equitable.

Equal weights and measures... let the market decide... get people thinking between their needs and wants and remove the 'idea' of that paper to facilitate this.

Investors think in terms of one commodity for another, not so much the 'price' or 'cost' or dollar amount!

No emotion, just trading one thing for another... well, there is your value creation... and the person across from you needs to also determine the cost of things.

Think betting on your hand in Texas Hold'em.

By the other players not knowing your hand, they don't know what you have in terms of resources, knowledge, talents, skills, asset ownership, or how to run such systems... etc... the value is in the people, not in a dollar amount!!!

Get priorities in line and put 'real' value to 'real' things.

When kings hold gold but not the hearts of men, they are no more.

You can quote me on that one, cheers!

We are full of so many gifts and talents, what we have yet discovered the amount or depth of our gifts, and so we short sell ourselves due to our lack of imagination... think of a child.


Another turn in the conversation, now about breaking your belief limits.


A list of 300 skills, commodities, labor sources, etc....

Let's just outlaw interest bearing anything, let's initiate a revolving chairs of action... everyone involved must vote, one man one vote... etc... and let's follow how that clause in the Constitution mentions issuing bills of laden, notes, etc. That's why that was written there. To make your own.

What was called colonial script...

Contracts with what the deal is, how it is going down, who pays what, when and how, etc.... follow the 'value' created by your collective efforts as you love one another and live in harmony, one man helping another stand.

Peace and Glory to the Father!!!

It's a fantastic read that Constitution.. but one must be able to juxtapose the place and time in history and the ills which were ever present in that day, as they are today! And history repeats itself and has patterns.

Anyways, I'm boring somebody... time for me to get back to work ;-)


Someone asked a question regarding even working with a medium of exchange altogether.


Choose your currency or not. The credit cards used now are exchanging something you cannot see, unless you turn something on and look at some numbers.

The issue with credit cards is they can be manipulated, for they are in central control... unless you have tiny trusts.... and actually, the point is to create trust between each other and trusts amongst yourselves.


Someone asks about issuing credit on future trade or labor


No, payment on demand.

Then build upon that immediate satisfaction of your obligation.

Let's say you work, provide, create, barter, bring together, sell, etc... up to what would be considered in today's terms and "paradigm" something valuing $1,000.

Whether it is you starting to work immediately to build something, or need to pull something out of your garage ( the things you offer, make / do / whatever ), you need to build with those real things in order to build trust, equity and your credit day per day.... then issue 'credit' accordingly in a diminishing fashion... not the other way as is being done today.

You worked or performed ____ amount of whatever and now have what is thought to be today $1k.

From there, you 'may' have something like $500 in credit... to facilitate other deals in progress and such.. but never to overcome half of what you've already rendered, so if a break happens, all things would have been equal accordingly.

You can trade with your neighbor right now for him to help you cut down a tree... and you cook them a roast when you have the weekly BBQ and invite everybody... so you don't have an accounting, right?

You have a pleasant exchange and appreciation of one each one's gifts and talents.

You extend infinite credit to your kids, don't you?

And most of our parents extended infinite credit to us!

It is a decision to love people... and Love be considered when exchanging things for want or need in this Life experience with are amazingly having with One another! ♥

If you were to have two pyramids, one inverted, one right side up.

Put one over the other, transparent.... one holds people from wealthiest to poorest, while the other one holds amount of wealth, the wide end of the pyramid holding the most wealth.. and thus being upside down over the one with the wealthy atop.

That is how it stands now under this current slave system.

Issue your own 'money,' 'promissory notes,' trust agreements, etc... as the early group of settlers did and you break the 'bonds' of slavery, which are skewed and leveraged to them so much they are at a tipping point.

And, teach those who don't know! So they can defend themselves with this knowledge.

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10 March 2012

To Kony, or Not to Kony.. That IS The Question

Notice how people can and will rally to cause after being emotionally instigated? Ever notice how easily the public can be manipulated via mainstream media into believing anything presented to them in a clean and polished video production? Have you ever found out about an atrocity which has gone hidden from public view for a long time ( and foolishly believed your benevolent government had no idea about it )?

The CIA are experts in being in everyone's business, so no high crime goes unnoticed, only unpunished until a good reason ( something of value ) comes about... for if anyone has been paying attention, there have been several atrocities throughout Africa and the developing world with no mention of them in mainstream media nor any reaction from Washington. Why? No political value or resource value to be realized, so no better reason than 'saving lives' is evident. This is a sad reality.

Yet, people are hyped into believing their government works on prudence, ethics and 'doing the right thing.' This is part of the Amerikan Dream. Unless there is a profit to be realized, nothing will be done... no matter how many people are being slaughtered or whatever.

Remember Rwanda in recent years? That genocide went on for quite some time before an United Nations personnel were deployed.. yet the effort was dismal at first. Why? Rwanda has little to offer those who make war / occupy / police for profit. Simple yet hard fact to swallow.

Getting caught in the headlights of the media hype of 'bringing to justice' some outlaw or evil doers can be dangerous in light of today's political climate. Obama signed into law ( irregardless of his reasons or objections, he still signed it which bounds all his subordinates to adhere ) N.D.A.A. which renders due process useless for anyone 'believed to be' an enemy of the state, domestic or foreign, citizen or not. In essence, no trial, no jury, no day in court.. just being thrown in a place like Guantanamo ( didn't he promise to close that torture chamber? ).

The magnitude of this decision / law being passed is monumental.

Gone is due process and your rights. Little Bush, with the inception of homeland security ( reminiscent of das Heimatland which was a 'change' Germany experienced after the fall of the Weinmar Republic ), wrote in the usurpation of your Constitutional rights, and Obama followed suit with NDAA. So not blaming either puppet here, just showcasing the agenda behind the front of politics= the left vs right lie.

To understand my point, one needs to know or simply read what happened in that German republic when it was transformed into an authoritarian state from one ruled by the people and their agreed-to laws.

I say this to point out the parallels and the repeat of history now here, stateside. It is dangerous for the populous to be instigated and rallied around ( even a seemingly noble cause, if you can call a worldwide lynch mob noble ) a simple narrative without a bigger picture of the history of the world. My point with adding the recent video is to show how MANY atrocities have, are and sadly will happen... and when you 'find out about it,' most likely there is an agenda or bigger reason than "that's wrong, make them stop."

What I see with the Kony story is how this story is publicized and directly marketed to people looking for the next 'bad guy' to go to war with... a 'justified' war or occupation... while all along plenty of other injustices are perpetrated against innocent people yet no political or monetary value can be realized so nothing is done... and those stories surely never see the light of day on the 'news.'

I am not advocating ignoring things or disregarding those crimes, but just pointing out that plenty are the crimes ( especially in your own neighborhood / region of the world ) and many of those are never brought to your attention.

The real evil people are actually closer than you think... one doesn't have to go to Africa to find those who allow the raping and murdering of people..... have you heard any war campaign stories from the benevolent U.S. military action in the last decade? Just because you haven't doesn't mean they have not happened ( and they have ).

The idea of Manifest Destiny has been well taught in our public schools ( which btw is one of the planks in the communist manifesto, the corralling of the minds of the masses and teaching them a one-sided narrative, this is why ethnic and cultural studies are always under attack by the 'conservatives' or from the 'right' ). This idea has been programmed onto the citizenry of Amerika for generations.. but who how many call tell?

The use of words and phrasing / framing like 'we need to do something' is a clear example of programming. Who really is 'we?' When soldiers go into combat, is it 'we' or those individual soldiers?

When players take to the field, is it 'we' or is it those players who are actually playing the game, winning or losing? Interesting how the tribal mindset is, huh?

"Oh, WE lost today."

Really? Isn't it your favorite team which lost? Notice how the narratives of life have already been written for you and programmed onto your subconscious where you automatically attach yourself to what you easily agree with ( but where is the critical thinking, the historical perspective, the 'bigger picture' )?

Edward Bernays comes to mind... he'd be someone to look and realize his contribution to our modern culture ( very powerful if you can see it ).

The bigger culprit is the Economic Slavery which not many understand, but feel everyday they have to 'work' in order to pay tribute to those who were here before you.... and you thought you lived in a 'free' kountry. It was free at one time ( not free like a free lunch, but free from paying tribute on a slave-wage ).

To learn more about your Economic Slavery, visit your Financial Education here.

09 March 2012

Piercing the Narrative

In response to a friend's FaceBook post regarding the penalty for trespassing / crossing a border in other countries as opposed to Amerika ( jail time versus welfare state ):

The federal government's agenda is to keep open the border in order to depress wages ( huge supply of inexpensive labor )... and then instigate the populous with media programming directed at their prejudices to further divide people along ethnic, religious and cultural lines.

This phenomenon, coupled with the systematic export of manufacturing industries for a couple of decades, has crippled the economic fuel necessary for wealth building along all demographics / segments of the population.

Sadly, this is all by design.

To learn about your Economic Slavery and how all this ties in, discover your financial education!

04 March 2012

Thoughts Percolating

I wonder if the narrative of division in political speech can be clearly identified as such if the listener cannot distinguish between historical fact and media conditioning?

A book entitled "1984" was written to explain how powerful words ( and the elimination of them from mainstream / popular vocabulary ) can be.

I learned this phenomenom when I first entered the real estate industry. I would read everyday words I've used all my life, yet the words now had a completely different meaning when used in conjunction with other particular words / phrases.

How much more have the words in political speech been used to promote, process and pacify popular perception?

Take a look down the rabbit hole with me HERE!