25 April 2011

Social Engineering, What Is It?

Why are people who hold similar desires failing to agree with one another?

Unless people break-away from the 'left / right' paradigm and think outside the prescribed limits of argument, they will always be at odds with one another, for this is the programmed agenda from the hegemony via mainstream media, and it has been working.

Programmed definitions of words without researching deeper the definitions of such words, limits thought and furthers the planned obfuscations.

Social Engineering it is called.

11 April 2011

Medical Industry & Worshiping the Golden Calf

So, I take my mom to her yearly physical with her primary doctor.

I've been reading how doctors have been receiving incentives for prescribing certain medications... and padding their pockets when they ALSO own the pharmacy where they request you purchase said medications.

I confronted her with my questions, the litany of meds my mom is on ( and yet these 'professionals' have not found the reason why she has the issues she has... but they keep passing her from one 'expert' or 'specialist' to another, each one prescribing their regiment of medications.

So, after asking several questions ( like a reporter, dissecting the scenario ), the doctor FINALLY CONFESSES about taking a skiing trip ( as part of the 'package' for agreeing to push and solicit a particular pharmaceutical medication ).

At first, she denied it and said 'never'.... but I know how to ask questions to get to the truth... "I see you are very astute" she said.

Shortly thereafter, my mom had an invitation to her insurance group's yearly luncheon at some swanky golf club.... and so we go, just as we've gone for the past several years....

Lo and behold, we are just in time for the last bit of a Q and A session.... so I raise as the last person with a question... and I unleashed!

I asked if it was true doctors receive incentives, kick-backs, trips, dinner and show tickets, etc.... for their solicitation and 'professionally recommended' prescribed medications.... the man was speechless and quickly began to cover... but I interjected and shared my most recent experience... and the FACT that I've spoken with two individuals ( a married couple ) whose profession was to solicit their pharmaceutical company's list of meds to doctors within their particular region.... and how they would gift them and provide financial incentives ).

I furthered that truly this is a profiteering business, which markets to the fears and needs of the people at large!

The room of over 100, mostly elderly and over-prescribed audience, was a gasp at what I was sharing... which was THE TRUTH!

After I finished my soap box moment, he tried to cover as best he could ( for this event is to further prescribe and ensure an obedient customer base ) and kept repeating the mantra: "ask your professional doctor"

I also recommended to the audience, to search out holistic alternatives, and foods, roots, vitamins, etc... which were NOT CREATED IN A LABORATORY FROM SYNTHETIC ELEMENTS.. AND PACKAGED FOR PROFIT.. and the possible detriment to the natural human body.

After I was done, two individuals came up to me.

One, a doctor.. who began to 'school' me on his business practices, of which I easily disputed and shamed him for his nearsightedness and desire to profit instead of heal his patients... which he eventually conceded and considered my points.... AND he agreed that the so-called evil weed ( cannabis ) is in fact a breakthrough medicine which has been wrongfully propagandized to obfuscate its naturally occurring healing elements!

The other person was a Registered Nurse.. who COMPLETELY AGREED WITH ME!

Although her daughter owns a pharmacy, her husband is a medical doctor, she simply could NOT swallow the lies and financial deceptions she's seen with her own eyes! She commended me for my mini-speech and thanked me! I was truly humbled and thanked the LORD! And invited her out to church! 8^)

All Glory and Honor to the Father in Heaven!