10 November 2010

"Money" is Our Linked Slave Chain

Ladies and Gents…

Let us remember we are the surety for the nation’s debts… and our chattel handlers, the FED, sift and manipulate the markets at will since they inflate, tax ( set interest rates ) and do other such things such as fractional reserve lending and such…

Since the departure from silver and gold…

And since the the departure of Congress from voting on going to war / declaring war since after WWII…

And since the FED was instilled early last century….

And since the world has experienced an economic coup unparalleled in the past…

Isn’t any wonder most folks cannot see past the charade and farce of our two / one party system?

OF COURSE Obama kowtowed to the money changers… JFK decided NOT to. James Garfield was another one… And Lincoln started his green backs.

OF COURSE we see the market inflate… for those with capital are safe… while those who work for the fiat are $@#%%#!

Are we not seeing the exchange of purchased power?

02 November 2010

Debt Collectors and the Banking System

Debt collectors; they are attempting to trick you into perpetuating their fraud.

If they call again, you can BILL them for harassment ( true ), for they have to identify themselves and you can ask them to identify themselves, name of the company.... by which you can bill whatever amount you'd like for your time and 'having' to speak with them to 'answer their questions.'

People's time is valuable, and that phone call can be taking you away from your pertinent work.... and whatever you deem commensurate for your time ( how valuable we see ourselves ) you have THE RIGHT to bill their silly butts for bothering you with nonsense!


Much like shyster lawyers do!

They do it DAILY.

And the nonsense / un-important 'business' they are calling about?

The fraud perpetuated by the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

The fraud that the money is inflated, is fractionally created by the use of our signature ( for the people are the surety for the debts of Amerika ).... and we get NOTHING in return but demand to pay interest on an inflated money supply... further increasing the debt money supply, to our detriment.

These debt collectors run a search on you and they have the info on your relatives AND WILL CALL THEM and your workplace to find you and / or try to embarrass you.

These debt collector firms make a living 'fooling' people into paying back money, which is inflated in the banking system, and is made from a printing press. These debt collector firms buy someone's bad debt from the banksters ( Citibank for example ) for pennies on the dollar... so let's say if you owe $100,000 in debt, they buy it for maybe $1,000 or less.

THEN, the debt collectors come after you like dogs for the FULL $100k, and 'settle' with you at something you think you'll be getting away with, like $60,000 for example.

The consumer is tricked into believing they got a deal, the debt collector makes a great buy.... and the banksters STILL get theirs, they didn't really lose, they only didn't make so much as they would have liked to... but remember, they are always getting paid interest, so even if debts are not paid back, they keep making interest AND principle on new debts or restructured debts., not mentioning fractional reserve.. IT IS ALL A SHELL GAME!

The debt collector just made a $60,000 note / I.O.U. you PROMISED to pay them.... and they paid $1,000 for the opportunity to 'sucker' the consumer and sift them silly AGAIN... and now it can go back to the bank, and the debt collector makes a cut by tricking you to pay back your fake money to the greedy banksters.

The bank simply closes that account of fake paper money they printed, costing them $0.03 ( three pennies ) each paper bill to print ( so a cost of $0.03 x 100,000 = $3,000.... and that's if they had to print that amount... who carries $100,000 around or cashes a check like that in cash anymore?

It is all money in the computer, which costs $0.... or even less because these banksters have their chattel running the system, and this chattel makes a killing being the dogs for the money changers.

They simply won't have 'that much more money' to lend out to people, in their "fractional reserve lending" practices...

Fractional Reserve Lending allows the banksters to lend out $100 any person deposits to $400 or $1000 depending on their money changing practices.... AND charge interest and fees and taxes and such for EACH AND EVERY TRANSACTION, as you know from looking at your statements / bills every month.

NO ONE had to work for that money, like you and I 'have to' work for it... these shysters are 'allowed' the privilege of printing it out of nothing and then have the audacity to charge everyone INTEREST, which is condemned by the three major faiths of the world ( judaism, christianity and islam )... GOD says NO to charging interest ( usury it is called too ).

So... when you are ready to ditch your monthly debt service on the fiat ( fake paper money with no store of value ), let me know.

But because people 'believe' that money to be real, or that it is something we 'have to work for,' people allow that deception and untruth harness their thinking, their mind, their dreams.... and what IS POSSIBLE....

We don't have 'real money' in circulation anymore, for the paper money we think is money is actually a note. An I.O.U. from uncle Sam.

Read what it says: This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.

The piece of paper in your hand signifies "money" ( legal tender ).

That piece of paper is a Note ( a debt and promising payment; promissory note ).

That green and red piece of paper folks call money is a Note ( a certificate, as of a government or a bank, accepted as money ).

And is used for all debts ( to pay for things, to buy things with, for things you owe ).

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