22 December 2012

Loosen the Noose

Perhaps we do have a neo fascist money-worshiping cult with many facets of influence, centrally controlled and outwardly appearing as persons in legitimate suits carrying titles, offices and appointments ( the de facto corporate government and their court jesters, agencies, et al ).  Yet these suits are mere representatives of business interests and these suits have full immunity as they fulfill their managerial duties.  They are empty vessels who lie, cheat and steal to appease their masters so they may escape the chattel prods of the 'real world' the 98% of everyone else.  All others reside among the lower tiers in the economic pyramid of commerce and are found at positions / roles / responsibilities particular tier like 'work / business / occupation / income' places you on the line of leverage you occupy in the empire's economy and scheme of things.

The people need to become of aware of the mass consciousness of who they are, their exponential value and their inherent power as a mobilized citizenry.... something which resembles the organic de jure local and national leadership comprised of free and honorable people, the proverbial "pillars of the community" transparent and honorable governments are built around.

When the average benefit-receiving Amerikan realizes they have been farmed out like animals on a troublesome plantation of illusions with debt / money ( and the duality created from working for money ) holding a mental stranglehold on those not able to conceptualize Babylon and its many moneyed mechanisms and plazas of buying merchandise, the mental hypnosis the superficial apparition and unimaginable chicanery orchestrated among a collusion of divisive characters protected by a mass of obedient subjects weened on lobotomizing propaganda, will they be able to recover their right to bear arms?

The ferocious swing the pendulum will bring as it recoils from the coup de tat on everyone's right to living free in harming no one directly or indirectly can be remedied at the stroke of a pen.