28 October 2012

What Are Police Enforcing?

Just in case you don't know yet, the police officers and the departments they work for, are corporate fictions... meaning; it is a business. Police are tax collectors ( allowed to issue you a citation / levy / tax for 'breaking' their corporate rules / codes / statutes ).  The police, by definition in performing these 'duties' are revenue agents.

The police have military ranks ( look up in history when that came to be, for before they were sergeants and lieutenants, they had other titles ) and they enforce private laws and private corporate policy ( as opposed to public laws and public policy ). 

An analogy would be a Walmart security guard citing you while you are out in front of your house for a rule created by the Walmart corporation, yet Walmart is miles away. That Walmart cop / officer has NO jurisdiction to even bother you... yet if you were on Walmart property, that Walmart cop now has all jurisdiction and legal grounds to cite you, harass you, etc... since you are on Walmart's property.

Same goes with the corporate police department ( look up when your local police department was incorporated.. or your municipality / city / town / etc. was incorporated ).  They have been given authority by the wonderful legislators of your area ( those supposedly hired to serve your best interests ) to lawfully enforce their boundless creations of laws and rules which in turn sift you dry of your labor and efforts.

If people living in America truly lived in a 'free' country, why then are corporate bodies enforcing private laws which you and I have no say so in their implementation and procedure??

Are you aware of every single law passed by your local, county and state legislatures? Yet, with every new law / rule / statute / code / private corporate law that is passed ( again, the state entity, the county, the city and your local township are ALL CORPORATE FICTIONS with very few exceptions locally )... YOU are expected to obey and comply.  And when you don't, you are taxed ( labeled: issued a citation )... which is nothing more than a 'notice' of violating one of their many corporate rules, yet you believe those rules / corporate laws apply to you... and you comply / consent out of ignorance. 

Haven't we woken up to a police fascist state, where free men and women are treated as commodities to be sifted... by the enforcement of rules which do NOT constitute crimes?

Crossing the street outside the lines is NOT a crime... nor is going over the speed limit... those are 'code' violations. Killing someone is a crime... and harming them or their private property is a crime.

Police actually commit CRIMES against you every time they interact with you, for they violate your privacy, your rights, your property and especially YOU when they attach levies to you and your property ( citations ) and when they put their hands on you for violating a code of theirs ( but not having violated any person's rights or property, what constitutes the definition of a 'crime' ).

Time to look at reality and stop agreeing with the statist mentality of depravity.... you may soon find yourself cheering 'off with their head' at the next lynching rally for someone who spoke out against your favorite dictator.... and you'll think you'll be in the right in doing so.

Here's the proof in my pudding of claims herein:

Watch this well made production exposing what you haven't understood.

26 October 2012

Who Have You Been?

We need to reoccupy our own minds... by educating ourselves and learn to not follow the platitudes that so many of our friends use as part of their arguments, but fail to see the lack of logic and substance in those rhetorical lies.

We need to reoccupy our hearts and stop pursuing the carrot like a bunch of donkeys, for that is how they get everyone in line... by trying to live the 'lifestyles of the rich and famous'' and then you don't care that in order for one to be very wealthy, many have to be poor and working to support one's lavish lifestyle.

We need to occupy our neighborhoods and get to know who is our neighbor, what they're about and what they have to offer... and learn to serve one another, provide goods and services on a local level... the entire paradigm of empire needs to be broken, but that happens on the personal level...

It is very hard to ask men and women to step away from their check for what they do, for they have mouths to feed and bills to pay... but who's fault is it they live such an expensive empire lifestyle?  The person with the largest paycheck reading this thread or with the most 'net worth' is still two to 20 weeks from broke if all their income were to cease... then they would realize how 'free' he / she really is and how dependent on the state's market ( not the free market ) they truly are.. then they will realize the state owns everything and they pay a tribute in the form of property taxes and so on.... then that man / woman will realize their free Amerika is simply the center of the worldwide communist state... the centerpiece of old Rome.... the seat of the empire. 

Then they will realize they've been raised as a mental / economic slave, but be careful, they'll just come back with words attacking what they cannot perceive or argue any which way, but will simply attack you personally and denounce you... yet will only be speaking words taught to them by the media and the revised books found in school.

03 October 2012

The Classes of Convention

I'm in Chicago along for the ride with a good and close friend who is working a commercial real estate convention ( they represent a national department store ).  I couldn't help but notice the distinction between those who provide labor for the convention and those who are here doing business, among other things.

The labor force is in the form of union laborers providing the physical support to set up, prepare, serve and otherwise put on the show.  Aside from the attire they wear ( uniforms or their own 'work' clothes ) which makes them distinguishable from the patrons, is the manner in which they carry themselves; in speech, demeanor and appearance.  Some have a weaker semblance of health ( some overweight, some with a limp, etc. ).  Some are due for a trim in their beard or hairline.  Some wear a faded uniformed suit washed once too many times.

The people conducting business ( deal making ) are mostly dressed in sharp and tidy dark suits, with their iPhone, iTouch or other "i" something.  They wear shiny glasses, matching adornments on their necks and hands.  Most have an appearance of health in their eyes and skin tone and in their movement.  Their speech is clearer without the use of 'ums' and such  Their hair is neat, combed, pressed and placed where they intend it to be.

Although various ethnic types are found in both groups, the labor side is predominantly represented by a contrasting array of colors leaning towards the darker side of the spectrum and include immigrants from various places throughout the world, while the non labor side tends to blend with lighter colored hues and have a more homogenous appearance.

I did make note that one other particular 'class' is missing from this convention.  Sure, some walking this hall are the actual owners of commercial real estate property ( who have built their little 'empires' from the ground up ), as well as those who have built their merchandising business also from concept to reality... but there still is missing one particular class.  It is the class which usually does not traverse such places.  The group of people who do own and possess that which many working here in fact do not!  They are the class who has other people do the hiring and firing, the working and lifting, the negotiating... the actual running of the business from dawn to dusk, and this particular class, at times, simply autographs their name to something ( but typically have executives do most of signing ).  This is the class which usually goes unnoticed and is hardly ever mentioned in conversation, unless by rendering allegiance to employment or referring to whomever is really in charge.

Also missing is another element in society; the class which is usually ignored.  The class of people who are usually displaced by the exploits and nearsighted approach of many who are making million dollar deals here today.  These are the folks who are usually laid off to create a healthier bottom line for the other absent class.  This class is usually asked to take less pay for more work, on occasion may be asked to move across the country to keep their current benefits and current salary, who are asked to simply look for another job or simply visit a government office when their position is replaced by automation or by someone living in another country.  This class too is usually unnoticed and hardly ever mentioned in conversation.. yet this particular class does have all the shades of the societal spectrum and may even include members from all levels of society; those born with silver and gold spoons feeding them as infants, or plastic poisonous spoons used to feed them most of their lives.

01 October 2012

Entertain Your Fellow Man

So I'm at a local eatery I occasionally frequent for breakfast, and I am sitting two tables over from two gentlemen who seem to be having a business meeting / conversation.  One man is Caucasian, nearing his 60's, receding hairline dressed modestly, while the other man is Asian in his later 40's ( I'm guessing on the age with both ), but I only got a look at him as I walked past to my table, the furthest one in the restaurant.

The Caucasian man seems to be pitching an investment opportunity to the Asian fellow, for I can hear some of what they are discussing.  The Caucasion fellow is facing me and while the Asian fellow's back is to me.  I hear from the man facing me "so you are in an all cash position at this point?" to which I happen to glance over to him and he notices me noticing what he just said.  His eyes now with a bit of glare and perhaps a touch of worry or apprehension.  As I am waiting for my breakfast plate and during my meal, I hear "we had become a $15M dollar company by then" and also hearing "Hollywood Video had grown to...." and so on, all from the Caucasian fellow, for I cannot make out anything the Asian says, his back being turned to me.  I try not to stare or look over at them, not wanting eavesdrop anymore than I already have.

In a situation like this, I am usually tempted interrupt either prior to them leaving or as I leave, my pitch with what "I do" or dazzle them with what I 'know' and what I 'have done' and so forth, so they don't think I am just some scrappy dude trying to game anyone ( but I have been found guilty of this as well, I must confess ).... yet after considering the last few weeks of my life.. and furthering the message from yesterday's church gathering, I decide and resolve to speak with them prior to departure and open with "do you gentlemen go to church?"

I leave my table, and the guy is already noticing me ( eye contact ) that I am going to walk up ).  I stand before them, extend my hand to the Caucasian guy ( the one who had seen me the whole time as I ate breakfast ) and say "sorry to interrupt your business meeting.  Hello, my name is Ed" with a smile.

He smiles a very uncomfortable and forced smile, clinching his hands which have been under his face ( elbows leaning on the table ) but refuses to acknowledge my hand, and with his uncomfortable grimace showing his over-sized teeth and all the lines on his face from too much time on a tropical beach somewhere with bad skin products thought to guard against ultra violet rays, he simply responds "what do you want 'man'?"

I again apologize with "sorry for interrupting your business meeting guys" as I glance over at the other gentlemen with a soft smile, and then give the pitch "do you guys go to church?"  He responds with a sharp 'no I don't' and the other fellow mumbles an affirmative to the negative.

I say "well, in that case, here is my business card... have a great day gentlemen."

I lay one business card before each of the gentlemen as I say this and turn to leave... still with a soft smile ( now almost laughing yet a bit perturbed because of his unfriendly and stoic response ).

I usually don't go up to strangers with an introductory line like that, but it was the line that worked on the man who gave the message yesterday at church ( the minister ).  I figured it was worth a try since it worked for him ( or so he shared it being the catalyst to an opening to that conversation ).  I usually open with what I do, or stating I overheard their conversation and was intrigued... and whatever else comes to mind.... and, in terms of reaching out to people with the aim of telling them about Christ or eventually inviting them to visit a church gathering or have a scripture study, I sometimes let my life exemplify my beliefs instead of being outright with it.... oh well.

As I walk away, I can't help but wonder what the guy had in mind when he refused to either shake my hand or give that tort and not even a friendly gesture outside of 'what do you wan, man?... sure they were talking what seemed to them to be 'BIG MONEY,' but I can't help but wonder if that gentleman simply viewed me as just some punk Latino, with a shaved head and a shabby and faded t-shirt and faded and out of style shorts on... probably unemployed ( or unemployable, both of which I proudly am btw LOL ) and wanting to either sell them something, extort them or who knows what....

I also thought to myself 'would this shabby diner be the place to discuss such a business meeting / opportunity.. why not a place which serves wine or 'brunch' and such?'  At least that would be my aim... or perhaps such a place is one which is unassuming and easy going.... amongst the serfs.

Whatever the case, I did learn to not dismiss people no matter what they look like, what they say or otherwise... for you never know who you may be speaking with and 'who' they may know ( what I've done far too many times in my very critical and judgmental heart with others ).

At any rate of happenstance, I know they got a kick out of my business card, it's image and what it states... surely that raised an eyebrow.

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

- Hebrews 13:2 ( I am no angel, just referencing this scripture for the concept on how to treat others and not dismiss people on appearance alone )