22 July 2013

Lessons From Scripture Are Lessons For Life

I am not going to go into much detail, for to put it all into words at this moment will be contrived and a bit much not only for the reader but also for the author... for some things experienced are hard to explain and better left to be seen from afar so one can put them into words later ( and with a shorter explanation, hopefully lol ).

What I'd like to say is this:

The scriptures are being opened to me on a daily basis, in things I do, see, hear and learn... and in so many other ways.  It is truly amazing to see His Word come to life, when at first I would read and suppose some writings were meant for another people at another time... but time and time again, the lessons which were prophesied and brought to folks at a certain epoch still ring true for me and those around me Today!  It is amazing to see my little bit of faith allowing me to realize how His hand works in all things.... surely magnifying His will in all things, although I and you still have free will.  ( I know, mind boggling to conceive the notion, but it seems to be so and the subject of today's blog ). 

Although the old covenant / old testament / law of the Torah has ceased to 'be' since it was fulfilled, many lessons and parallels can be drawn from that body of work.  And although some may argue that today's 'modern' world is so different from the days which the Messiah walked the earth and the subsequent writings found in what is called the new covenant / new testament / gospels and letters to the first century churches, more often than not those teachings, lessons, revelations and admonishments still ring true Today AND are still beckoning obedience from those who walk the earth today... especially to the ones who believe. 

Ever heard or read the notion: "you'll see it when you believe it" ?? 

Not only is the call and invitation still relevant and 'on the table,' the parallels of today's empire is not too different from the one which subjugated the people of the known world two thousand years ago, nor are the spiritual challenges different today than what was spoken about that long ago.  Nothing much has changed other than dates, names and faces... but man is still man and called to be his brother's keeper and good shepherd... yet man still is tempted to subject his brother in order to tread upon in him, thinking that will save himself or render a better lifestyle for himself.. but these too are ( and have been ) showing themselves to be false and a sad way to live with poor results for all parties involved.

What is more difficult to understand, comprehend and accept is the spiritual connotations and lessons derived from scripture, either prior to His appearance or after and also the similarities and parallels in what is called the Quran and further writings / opinions which the descendants from the line of Ishmael believe in / follow. 

In all three writings, I see the call of faith: to believe what is written.  And just as some who profess to be Christians disbelieve some things written in the Quran, and those who profess to be Muslim disbelieve some things written in both the new and old testament, I propose people should bring together those instances which align themselves perfectly and are without dispute.... and start from there.  Namely, the depiction of Jesus / Isa / Yeshua / Immanuel as being born of a virgin and His title and designation as Messiah, for starters.

I have my personal take and opinion on what 'could' have been written in addition to what was divinely inspired ( what man added beyond what God had authorized to be written ), but I will share that at a later time.

The leap and challenge to bridge the gap of doubt or indifference is also faith ( "do I love this person who looks different, dresses different, speaks different or prays different from me?" or "do I just judge them as the media, my country, my neighbor, my priest, my pastor, my imam, my parents have?" ).  Faith and love to be exact.  How can you love someone / your neighbor / your enemy if you follow the narrative of mainstream media or mainstream religion?  Remember, religion is not what God made; that term and institution came from the exploits and intentions of man. 

We can see the Messiah Himself did not convert people from their dismal walk of life to His purpose by using a sword or force, but those who did believe were compelled by His service, His love, His Words of encouragement ( and admonishment ).... so just as we've seen throughout history and with many religions, those who were converting others by force from one walk of life to another were obviously not in step with love and service, no matter how pretty a story was told in a history book or justified by religious leaders and their many writings and hypothesized inspirations after the fact.  Yet God's purpose still won out even among the havoc created by greedy, blind and wicked men.  Those who wish to know and follow God should never fall into the temptation of doing things their own way, as the history books are full of men doing things their own way, while only a few depicted in scripture are exemplified as doing things His Way!

The belief should be that the centerpiece of those writings ( God / Allah / Yahweh / The Lord / The Creator / The Father / Love ) wasn't joking when He established all things and made sense of them in His inspired writings.  His purpose and will is still being revealed in what has been written AND in what is being played out in our time, yet it may only make sense to those who 'believe' His Word over what they believe men say or have you understand. 

I would suggest; instead of pointing out the differences first, let us make apparent the likenesses, shall we?  I would also suggest building upon the fact that we are all brothers and sisters and come from the the desire to treat one another as such, out of love due to our many similarities and out of respect for our minute differences, for it is not too difficult to see the child in each and every one of us if one were to look long enough and with a peaceful heart upon his fellow man. 

18 July 2013

Do You "Own" Anything?

Do you really own what you consider "your" possessions?

Let's start with what is called property ( real estate, land, house, condo, etc.. ).  Riddle me this:  although you may had paid off the debt, what happens the third year you don't pay your tribute ( excuse me, I mean taxes )??  Tax lien sale.... and the property is auctioned off or the person / entity who paid those three years now takes control of the property.

Let's take an automobile.  You have paid it off or bought it cash.... but every year what must you pay?  Registration.  And what happens if you don't pay that tribute ( oops, sorry, I mean 'registration' )?  You will not be allowed to have it on the public roads.  That's right, you being a member of the public cannot have your property on your collective roads.

Now, let's get even deeper in this rabbit hole.

Let's take any bit of chattel or doodad you may buy.  Tell me, what do you use to 'buy' the every day items you purchase?  Money, right?  Either in the form of credit or cash.  Now, take a look at that cash and tell me what does it say across the very top of it??  Is that really 'your' money?  Really?  So, because it is in your possession or you traded so many hours or goods in exchange for that piece of paper, you believe you now 'own' it somehow?   Get real. 

The reality is, that piece of paper is NOT yours, for you didn't create it, right?  That money was created for your use but it is not 'owned' by you.  So, taking this logic, every item you purchase using that paper owned by someone else... do you really 'own' those items you buy??  For if the money you are using is in fact an interest bearing debt instrument ( a note, just as it says in the terms on it ), did you not just use some other person's debt instrument, on loan to you, to 'buy' something?

Okay, now for the solutions:

After the natives were murdered for the land they occupied ( the ownership of land / nature was not an idea on their psyche until that idea was introduced by the invading tribes, called colonists ), there was no such thing as 'property tax.'  But somewhere, the idea of tribute / tax for property already purchased and owned came to be, on what is now called the United States of Amerika.  So perhaps folks need to go back to that point in time and find how, in legislation, property tax came on the scene ( with all the justifications and such ) in order to find out what really happened AND how to get back to actually owning land ( if that's what you want to do - own nature - ).

As for the auto.  Isn't 'registering' your auto placing a first position lien on it with the state in first position... and contracting with the state and promising to obey everything they write as 'law' and if you fail to do so, you pay more tribute or forfeit the right ( which isn't possible ) called the 'privilege for driving?'  Find out in which point did the Right to Travel become confused with the License to Drive.... and how the state turned what was a freedom into a permission asking venture.

And as for using a private corporation's money in order to do business and buy and sell things... well, who ever convinced you that you needed money to begin with?  Did you know you can create your own agreements, negotiable instruments and so-called 'money?'

For more insights, check out http://www.smartpeoplesmartmoney.com/ and realize. 

13 July 2013

The Town With Ten People

Let's talk about interest / riba / tribute for a moment, shall we?

Consider you'd like to borrow my car.  I don't like paper money because I get paper cuts every time I handle it... and it smells and so forth, so I say "go ahead and borrow my car, just bring back more car when you return my car."  I don't want a full tank of gas or money for it, but I do want 'something' back for you using my car, so I want more car back.  That's my charge of interest.

Q: Can you bring me back more car?

A: Yes you can!  You'd either have to take parts off of a similar car / another person's car or go buy parts somewhere.  Remember, gas is not part of the car and I don't need extra gas.

If you do come back with more car, you either had to come out of your pocket to fulfill my interest demand or somebody out in the real world would be missing some car parts.  The same goes with the charging of interest for paper money.


Here's another simple example made not so simple... but it will be simply seen to be simple at the end:

Imagine there is a sole banker of a town in which he doesn't live in, with a population of ten, consisting of all men.  The year is 1813.  This banker prints the towns money by legal right / according to law ( he has a contract / agreement with the town's government and other pillars of that community promising them an expectation that using his bank's type of money would ensure safe business practices and keep accurate accounts of the town's performance ).

The banker prints / creates / makes and lends $1,000 into existence and, as is his custom and as history would have it, demands 10% interest ( without exception of whom borrows it ) from whomever asks for a loan.  Keep in mind, this 'lawful' money is the only accepted method to pay back all debts, both public and private and is the only form of 'payment' for any commercial / buying and selling activity in this town, so everyone is compelled to use it in order to buy or sell anything in this town.

Right now, pause and pull out some of that paper money you have in your pocket / wallet / purse and read what the terms of that contract says: This Note is Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private.

Keep in mind this is 200 years ago when $1.00 went a long way... where $0.10 cents could probably buy you a full meal or better.

Okay, are you following so far? ( I started out trying to make this simple, but I made it complicated for a reason and a purpose which I'll explain later 8^)

So the mayor comes along and asks to borrow $400 to pay two government employees ( himself and the city's secretary ) and facilitate several public works projects.  The mayor hires the town's general contractor to build these projects and this contractor has two people in his employment.  The mayor also purchases and leases some land from the major land owner with this money.

The banker is left with $600, $100 of which this general contractor, who owns the general store, asks to borrow in order to buy equipment, materials and tools in order to complete the public works projects he's been hired to do, perform future building opportunities and pay his two employees to do the jobs.

With $500 left in the bank, the local large land owner asks to borrow $200 so he can purchase certain building materials from the general store and to contract the builder to build some barns for him in order to increase productivity and to hire the three farm hands the town has.

If you're following me so far, that's nine people in the way of $700 lent into existence / commerce / circulation.

Lastly, a jack of all trades lives in this town.  He's a lawyer, a doctor and a writer, among other things.  This fellow, along with each of the nine other townspeople, borrows $20 to build a humble abode for themselves ( they've all been living in horse drawn carriages, small makeshift structures or tents since no one has any children or wives needing something more substancial ).

So, that's $1,000 lent into existence and ten people who are expected to pay back their proportioned debts at 10% interest.  Each person owes the bank money; most only $20 and a few quite a bit more. 

Doing the math, can you figure out how the interest gets paid back?

Each dollar, no matter where it comes from or how it is derived, needs to be returned to the bank with ten cents, right?  The bank expects to receive back, after all debts are collected, $1,100 for the $1,000 it lent into circulation.  Can you figure out how this would be possible?  What are some of the scenarios that may need to take place for the debts to be paid back fully? Is it mathematically possible for the entire debt and interest to be paid back? 


I made the story of The Town With Ten People a little bit convoluted and long, for life can be busy, confusing and it can sometimes be seemingly hard to keep up with all the information, numbers and equations, wouldn't you agree? 

Simply put: The chances any one of the townspeople knows and fully understands what is going on with the money is fairly little, if any chance at all.  In this simple scenario, the townspeople have ample money in circulation to buy and sell things, save up and / or invest, etc, yet because the charging of interest is widely accepted when borrowing money from a bank or anyone, will any of the townspeople realize that someone, in some way, is going to be short?  Someone or some folks are going to be short a few dollars.. and when that happens, what happens to them or whatever they own?  What will the bank do if someone is unable to pay their loan at interest?

Did you notice the math doesn't add up?  In essence, the bank owner and printer of the 'legal' money is creating for himself 10% or $100 from the townspeople's work, effort, labor and energy, where no 10% or $100 previously existed.  The bank lent out $1,000 and is asking for $1,100. 

Where is that extra $100 going to come from?


How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver.

- Proverbs 16:16

09 July 2013

Coming Out to Seek Greener Pastures

Would you agree that patterns repeat in this life?  A glance at political rhetoric and historical significances a hundred years ago in Amerika could easily be equated with today's rhetoric and entertainment of hired hands misleading and lying to the masses. 

Would you also agree that, for the historian, a research of the past can offer a glimpse into the future?  I'm sure you can think of one thing you've seen foretold by simply recognizing it to have happened somewhere in the past.

If one were to read and gain a particular perspective from reading the book of Jeremiah, specifically when the people of Israel were warned about their waywardness or else they would be physically removed from the land and taken to a place of dread for a time ( 70 years it was prophesied to be and so it was ).  Upon finishing that reading, one would understand that God kept His Word / promise of what would happen to them.. and also continue to live, albeit in a foreign land, 'if' they were submit to the new boss on the scene ( the king of Babylon ). 

So what if today we are seeing yet another empire rising up to take the helm of world domination?

What if there indeed is a new order ( same as the old, just different names and faces, but the same boasting of owning this or that and controlling such and such, but surely nothing new under the sun of one man subduing another ) and although modern technology allows the ways in which people are enslaved to 'seem' more and sometimes less horrendous, it is still men full of pride, using worldly possessions as their security, greedily attempting to lay a foundation that would grant honor to themselves and a legacy for others to admire ( worship )?


Folks who can be said to be endowed with certain gifts and talents in a modern / western society ( such as the places called USA, England, Australia, etc.. ) can offer their experience and perspective to those who reside in what is called "3rd world" countries... but not to bring capitalism or empire or 'democracy' or other such 'modernizations' to places void of such concepts.

What if folks such as the above were to migrate to live near people where their talents, gifts and know-how in communication, problem solving and civics could be utilized in order to establish prosperous communities based on moral and honorable stances and focus on teaching renewable energy, natural food production and other forms of independence?

What if this is can be considered a plan of heavenly proportions with heavenly results, whereby people can start creating a world in which the meek inherit the land ( those who are wise enough to humble themselves and consider others better than themselves by setting their hearts to serve mankind as opposed to filling themselves with Babylon's trappings )?

What if some places on earth were destined to be 'great' only to fail miserably after the majority of the population was corrupted, demoralized and centralized with tyrannical government 'according to design?'  A read of Jewish history tells such tales a few times over for them.

What if some places were to be 'set on fire' ( using an expression ) so folks would flee elsewhere, but not to also exploit, corrupt and demoralize new people and the land occupied by those people, but to start anew and learn from their or their forefather's mistakes ( and quite possible learn from those new people whom they will be guests of )?

What if those who are able to... are to 'run' to the opportunity to do good, if not at home, but abroad?

"I will punish Bel in Babylon and make him spew out what he has swallowed.  The nations will no longer stream to him.  And the wall of Babylon will fall.  “Come out of her, my people! Run for your lives!  Run from the fierce anger of the Lord."

- Jeremiah 51:45

"Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

“‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes."

- Revelations 18:4-5

03 July 2013

Is the New Order / Old Order / "Order" According to the Plan of One?

I've noticed something in the last couple months, and I've found that I was confused.

"This is what the Lord says to me with his strong hand upon me, warning me not to follow the way of this people:

“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it."

- Isaiah 8:11-12

"He made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ."

- Ephesians 1:9-10

"Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right."

- Acts 10:34-35

I see God breaking down barriers, like racism, like fear of other cultures, like nationalism, like patriotism, like pride and arrogance, like the perception that one 'country' is more noble or 'better' than another ( and many have come to realize this perception has been built on lies )...and I see mere men fighting not their 'foes' or enemies,' but God.

He is breaking down walls, like the mindset that one religion is closer to Him than another, like any one man other than He who came in the flesh ( Himself ), is closer to Him... and I see men, out of fear of the unknown and reacting to ill intended media programming, keeping these walls erected... in vain.

“I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”

- Jeremiah 17:10

I realize that He is still at work even at this very moment, drawing people from all walks of life and every demography irregardless of their cultural heritage or religious tradition... and although men pursue their own desires and corrupt their lives and eternal destiny using wicked means, the Father still works through a particular group of people to bring all peoples under One Head, for the Lord is not political nor partial to any culture or point of view outside of His own and what He has already established, as expressed here:

"There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all."

- Ephesians 4:4-6