22 December 2012

Loosen the Noose

Perhaps we do have a neo fascist money-worshiping cult with many facets of influence, centrally controlled and outwardly appearing as persons in legitimate suits carrying titles, offices and appointments ( the de facto corporate government and their court jesters, agencies, et al ).  Yet these suits are mere representatives of business interests and these suits have full immunity as they fulfill their managerial duties.  They are empty vessels who lie, cheat and steal to appease their masters so they may escape the chattel prods of the 'real world' the 98% of everyone else.  All others reside among the lower tiers in the economic pyramid of commerce and are found at positions / roles / responsibilities particular tier like 'work / business / occupation / income' places you on the line of leverage you occupy in the empire's economy and scheme of things.

The people need to become of aware of the mass consciousness of who they are, their exponential value and their inherent power as a mobilized citizenry.... something which resembles the organic de jure local and national leadership comprised of free and honorable people, the proverbial "pillars of the community" transparent and honorable governments are built around.

When the average benefit-receiving Amerikan realizes they have been farmed out like animals on a troublesome plantation of illusions with debt / money ( and the duality created from working for money ) holding a mental stranglehold on those not able to conceptualize Babylon and its many moneyed mechanisms and plazas of buying merchandise, the mental hypnosis the superficial apparition and unimaginable chicanery orchestrated among a collusion of divisive characters protected by a mass of obedient subjects weened on lobotomizing propaganda, will they be able to recover their right to bear arms?

The ferocious swing the pendulum will bring as it recoils from the coup de tat on everyone's right to living free in harming no one directly or indirectly can be remedied at the stroke of a pen. 

19 November 2012

Is The Creator With The Israeli Government Today?

I think many people are believing the one-sided narrative depicting the recent events in what today is popularly called Israel, but has been called Palestine since the Roman conquest.

Here's a glimpse of the term "Palestine's" origin:

The term Peleset (transliterated from hieroglyphs as P-r-s-t) is found in numerous Egyptian documents referring to a neighboring people or land starting from c.1150 BCE during the Twentieth dynasty of Egypt. The first mention is thought to be in texts of the temple at Medinet Habu which record a people called the Peleset among the Sea Peoples who invaded Egypt in Ramesses III's reign. The Assyrians called the same region Palashtu or Pilistu, beginning with Adad-nirari III in the Nimrud Slab in c.800 BCE through to emperor Sargon II in his Annals approximately a century later. Neither the Egyptian or Assyrian sources provided clear regional boundaries for the term. - Source

"When Solomon had finished building the temple of the Lord and the royal palace, and had achieved all he had desired to do, the Lord appeared to him a second time, as he h
ad appeared to him at Gibeon. The Lord said to him:

“I have heard the prayer and plea you have made before me; I have consecrated this temple, which you have built, by putting my Name there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there.

“As for you, if you walk before me in integrity of heart and uprightness, as David your father did, and do all I command and observe my decrees and laws, I will establish your royal throne over Israel forever, as I promised David your father when I said, ‘You shall never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel.’

“But if you or your sons turn away from me and do not observe the commands and decrees I have given you and go off to serve other gods and worship them, then I will cut off Israel from the land I have given them and will reject this temple I have consecrated for my Name. Israel will then become a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples. And though this temple is now imposing, all who pass by will be appalled and will scoff and say, ‘Why has the Lord done such a thing to this land and to this temple?’ People will answer, ‘Because they have forsaken the Lord their God, who brought their fathers out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshiping and serving them—that is why the Lord brought all this disaster on them.’” - 1 Kings 9:1-9

“We need to flatten all of Gaza. The American’s didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough – so they hit Nagasaki too. There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire." - Gilad Sharon, son of Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of the corporate entity known as the State of Israel.

“There are no innocents in Gaza, don’t let any diplomats who want to look good in the world endanger your lives – mow them down!” - member of the Knesset and the National Unity Party, Michael Ben-Ari

If anyone is going to accept the Zionist agenda of cleansing the land of Philistines,Canaanites and other tribes and what are today labeled Palestinians, they should read Deuteronomy regarding the warnings to the Hebrews in staying faithful to God and further in Isaiah about how Israel's Hebrews lost their inheritance and were scattered throughout the world... and then find the promises that only God Himself would bring them back, not some military force using deceit, lies, propaganda and murder.  God promises to restore Israel, but does He speak of a physical restoration of a spiritual one?

Here's the proof regarding these matters:

“To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.  I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.  I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.  Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.

I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.  Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on him my new name.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." - Revelation 3:7-13

And here's another source regarding where it is prescribed to Now worship God:

“Sir,” the woman said, “I can see that you are a prophet.  Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”

Yeshua declared, “Believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.  You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.  Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.  God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” - John 4:19-24

08 November 2012

To Whom Shall Tribute Find?

People with money or folks with their own business can eventually figure out how to opt out of  corporate government tax sifting and can virtually pay nothing into the socialist system of supporting other people... while the employee has no choice, for their tax is removed before they receive their check ( mandatory tax / tribute to the state ).

Some conduct their business with only cash ( do not accept credit cards ) so they can do their own books and not 'report' to the tax system.  Some frown on this and call it 'cheating' or 'lying'.... but that's how they survive and are able to support their community with purchases and to stimulate the 'real' economy instead of feeding the over-bloated bureaucracy. 

The platitude of 'paying your fair share' in regards to paying taxes is just another sly lie to fool people who don't look further into these issues and who simply comply with that mantra... kinda like following the herd as it drops off the cliff

The economic slavery is evident to a few, but feels just like home to far too many.  The person who must get up every morning to earn a living should not have to support the person who does not... or support the person who is in an office with an 'official' title whose supposed job is to look after both the producer / worker and the non worker / non producer... while they simply shuffle papers back and forth and use up every bit of tribute in the coffers.... many behind podiums in both the secular and 'spiritual' circles do this... and love it.  They believe themselves to be blessed, yet simply look at them and what they do... you'll then know if they truly are helping or hurting others.

The bigger scam, in my opinion, is supporting the liars who will say anything to hold a title and collect from the gathered taxes of the workers / producers.

Some folks believe if there is no 'system' or 'government,' the poor or non worker or folks who don't know any better than to work for someone else instead of find their own way ( today's mental / economic 'slave' ), that these people would simply starve to death due to being ignored.  That is a lie.  The rich man needs the poor man to do work for him.... while the poor man needs the rich man to pay him and also run / establish the market at whatever level necessary.

The preceding paragraph is a well manufactured ideology which government uses to stay in power, for it depends on people's limited view of reality when one considers things from a historical view point.  Government's existence depends on people's ignorance of the law, their rights and a broader historical perspective on economy and social issues.

In the days of Job ( biblical Job ), where was the government?  Where were the food stamps... or the taxes demanded from a central government?  In the times of Christ, where were the food stamps and such?  The central government / empire had already been fixed and perfected and this is why I believe the Christ appeared at that time and not sooner nor later, to provide for the spiritual freedom, for the physical freedom from one man's oppressive nature over another had been fixed... unless you existed far outside of societies clutches.... and today, the central government / empire has been fixed the world over with a few stale mates still holding up their end of freedom / sovereignty, but they are called 'rogue states' and are demonized for not complying / consenting to imperial dominion. 

Much good seems to have come from the 'government,' but at a cost of people's freedom, rights and choice in what they do with themselves, their property and their money.  The cost to return to a semblance of the 'Garden of Eden' comes at a sacrificial cost in terms of losing everything including the self / ego / your personal desires.... but I only know of one Man who paid that cost and came and went in poverty.  From one perspective, He owned everything while claimed none of it as His own... and had full dominion over all things, yet didn't exercise that birthright / power.  Many speak of Him every Saturday or Sunday and throughout the week... but don't live like Him... let alone walk as He walked.  Many others don't even understand the significance that Man existence played on the entire scheme of things... yet His words cannot be denied as clear and concise.  Those words cannot be more clear in how they define our very inner thoughts and struggles.

The cost to feed others who are lost and don't know how to fend for themselves comes at the price of personal denial.... and who can do that with a bag of gold they hold close and believe to be their god?

Okay that's enough, I'll pass the hat around now... lol. 

07 November 2012

You Really Don't Want To Wake Up

You won't watch this because you think you know what you're doing... you won't watch this because 'your president' is smarter than you and you don't have to worry about anything. 

Sure, when Christ returns ( if you believe ) all of this won't matter.. but did Christ teach you to simply surrender or to wise?  Did Christ teach you to test things or simply continue believing lying liars?  Did Christ teach you to put your faith in men? 

And if you don't believe in God or Christ, do you suppose a little old man that delivers babies is going to correct his entire fraternal brotherhood and bite the hand which has fed his 30+ year political career?  Do you suppose anyone who consents to fascist rule ( corporate governance ) will actually do the right thing?  If  you do, stop believing the movie the Gladiator was a playbook for New Rome ( today's Amerikan Empire )... it was not. 

Why have you put your faith in men who continue to treat you like a slave... like a commodity... like an animal on the farm ( sheep ) ready to be sheared?  Doesn't it say somewhere if you can gain your freedom, by all means do so?  Why stay in the field or sell out to be a house slave? 

And this is not 'against' Obama, but against ALL OF THESE HIRED HANDS.  Ron Paul wasn't going to change things ( duh, he was also running for the corporate position of president of the corporate fiction chartered in Delaware ), nor Gary Johnson nor anyone else... the system is a slave system and you are the commodity to be sifted ( your labor ).

Taking responsibility is NOT voting for liars.  It is turning off your teevee ( to stop your mind from being mesmerized by the circus ) and breaking away from the consumerism you love so much ( what pacifies you and makes you feel better than the next person ) and realize you may be worshiping a golden calf and Satan himself in all forms ( the idea of money and the Babylon system ). 

Taking responsibility is to cease feeding the corporations which have killed competition and have expelled private local ownership... but you surely love the 'deals' don't you?  Taking responsibility is to check your appetite and your consumerism and direct the little you do make to support local businesses... to building your community... or to create your own means to support yourself ( your own business / self employment / freedom )... or to buying or growing REAL food and not the plastic stuff they pass as food.

Taking responsibility is actually reading the fine print for everything... everything you sign, everything you buy... taking responsibility is actually waking up and realizing those smiling in suits, or official uniforms or white lab coats are not there to really help you but to use you to fill their pockets... your shearing depends on their happiness... and THAT is not fair nor good.

You don't want to watch this video because it exposes things you are too afraid to ponder, and by ignoring these things, you simply think you can live in a bubble... and can continue shopping, and keep watching your sports or whatever garbage fills your void after you come home from schlepping away for your existence.  No amount of money is going to save your from the masses of ignorance whose minds have been molded since infancy to hate truth and call a lie honest... and you don't want to watch this because deep down you are afraid to face reality.. the reality that you are and have always been a slave... and you just consented yesterday to being a slave again for another four years.

Here's the video you don't want to watch, because you cannot conceive the truth for all the lies you believe in.

28 October 2012

What Are Police Enforcing?

Just in case you don't know yet, the police officers and the departments they work for, are corporate fictions... meaning; it is a business. Police are tax collectors ( allowed to issue you a citation / levy / tax for 'breaking' their corporate rules / codes / statutes ).  The police, by definition in performing these 'duties' are revenue agents.

The police have military ranks ( look up in history when that came to be, for before they were sergeants and lieutenants, they had other titles ) and they enforce private laws and private corporate policy ( as opposed to public laws and public policy ). 

An analogy would be a Walmart security guard citing you while you are out in front of your house for a rule created by the Walmart corporation, yet Walmart is miles away. That Walmart cop / officer has NO jurisdiction to even bother you... yet if you were on Walmart property, that Walmart cop now has all jurisdiction and legal grounds to cite you, harass you, etc... since you are on Walmart's property.

Same goes with the corporate police department ( look up when your local police department was incorporated.. or your municipality / city / town / etc. was incorporated ).  They have been given authority by the wonderful legislators of your area ( those supposedly hired to serve your best interests ) to lawfully enforce their boundless creations of laws and rules which in turn sift you dry of your labor and efforts.

If people living in America truly lived in a 'free' country, why then are corporate bodies enforcing private laws which you and I have no say so in their implementation and procedure??

Are you aware of every single law passed by your local, county and state legislatures? Yet, with every new law / rule / statute / code / private corporate law that is passed ( again, the state entity, the county, the city and your local township are ALL CORPORATE FICTIONS with very few exceptions locally )... YOU are expected to obey and comply.  And when you don't, you are taxed ( labeled: issued a citation )... which is nothing more than a 'notice' of violating one of their many corporate rules, yet you believe those rules / corporate laws apply to you... and you comply / consent out of ignorance. 

Haven't we woken up to a police fascist state, where free men and women are treated as commodities to be sifted... by the enforcement of rules which do NOT constitute crimes?

Crossing the street outside the lines is NOT a crime... nor is going over the speed limit... those are 'code' violations. Killing someone is a crime... and harming them or their private property is a crime.

Police actually commit CRIMES against you every time they interact with you, for they violate your privacy, your rights, your property and especially YOU when they attach levies to you and your property ( citations ) and when they put their hands on you for violating a code of theirs ( but not having violated any person's rights or property, what constitutes the definition of a 'crime' ).

Time to look at reality and stop agreeing with the statist mentality of depravity.... you may soon find yourself cheering 'off with their head' at the next lynching rally for someone who spoke out against your favorite dictator.... and you'll think you'll be in the right in doing so.

Here's the proof in my pudding of claims herein:

Watch this well made production exposing what you haven't understood.

26 October 2012

Who Have You Been?

We need to reoccupy our own minds... by educating ourselves and learn to not follow the platitudes that so many of our friends use as part of their arguments, but fail to see the lack of logic and substance in those rhetorical lies.

We need to reoccupy our hearts and stop pursuing the carrot like a bunch of donkeys, for that is how they get everyone in line... by trying to live the 'lifestyles of the rich and famous'' and then you don't care that in order for one to be very wealthy, many have to be poor and working to support one's lavish lifestyle.

We need to occupy our neighborhoods and get to know who is our neighbor, what they're about and what they have to offer... and learn to serve one another, provide goods and services on a local level... the entire paradigm of empire needs to be broken, but that happens on the personal level...

It is very hard to ask men and women to step away from their check for what they do, for they have mouths to feed and bills to pay... but who's fault is it they live such an expensive empire lifestyle?  The person with the largest paycheck reading this thread or with the most 'net worth' is still two to 20 weeks from broke if all their income were to cease... then they would realize how 'free' he / she really is and how dependent on the state's market ( not the free market ) they truly are.. then they will realize the state owns everything and they pay a tribute in the form of property taxes and so on.... then that man / woman will realize their free Amerika is simply the center of the worldwide communist state... the centerpiece of old Rome.... the seat of the empire. 

Then they will realize they've been raised as a mental / economic slave, but be careful, they'll just come back with words attacking what they cannot perceive or argue any which way, but will simply attack you personally and denounce you... yet will only be speaking words taught to them by the media and the revised books found in school.

03 October 2012

The Classes of Convention

I'm in Chicago along for the ride with a good and close friend who is working a commercial real estate convention ( they represent a national department store ).  I couldn't help but notice the distinction between those who provide labor for the convention and those who are here doing business, among other things.

The labor force is in the form of union laborers providing the physical support to set up, prepare, serve and otherwise put on the show.  Aside from the attire they wear ( uniforms or their own 'work' clothes ) which makes them distinguishable from the patrons, is the manner in which they carry themselves; in speech, demeanor and appearance.  Some have a weaker semblance of health ( some overweight, some with a limp, etc. ).  Some are due for a trim in their beard or hairline.  Some wear a faded uniformed suit washed once too many times.

The people conducting business ( deal making ) are mostly dressed in sharp and tidy dark suits, with their iPhone, iTouch or other "i" something.  They wear shiny glasses, matching adornments on their necks and hands.  Most have an appearance of health in their eyes and skin tone and in their movement.  Their speech is clearer without the use of 'ums' and such  Their hair is neat, combed, pressed and placed where they intend it to be.

Although various ethnic types are found in both groups, the labor side is predominantly represented by a contrasting array of colors leaning towards the darker side of the spectrum and include immigrants from various places throughout the world, while the non labor side tends to blend with lighter colored hues and have a more homogenous appearance.

I did make note that one other particular 'class' is missing from this convention.  Sure, some walking this hall are the actual owners of commercial real estate property ( who have built their little 'empires' from the ground up ), as well as those who have built their merchandising business also from concept to reality... but there still is missing one particular class.  It is the class which usually does not traverse such places.  The group of people who do own and possess that which many working here in fact do not!  They are the class who has other people do the hiring and firing, the working and lifting, the negotiating... the actual running of the business from dawn to dusk, and this particular class, at times, simply autographs their name to something ( but typically have executives do most of signing ).  This is the class which usually goes unnoticed and is hardly ever mentioned in conversation, unless by rendering allegiance to employment or referring to whomever is really in charge.

Also missing is another element in society; the class which is usually ignored.  The class of people who are usually displaced by the exploits and nearsighted approach of many who are making million dollar deals here today.  These are the folks who are usually laid off to create a healthier bottom line for the other absent class.  This class is usually asked to take less pay for more work, on occasion may be asked to move across the country to keep their current benefits and current salary, who are asked to simply look for another job or simply visit a government office when their position is replaced by automation or by someone living in another country.  This class too is usually unnoticed and hardly ever mentioned in conversation.. yet this particular class does have all the shades of the societal spectrum and may even include members from all levels of society; those born with silver and gold spoons feeding them as infants, or plastic poisonous spoons used to feed them most of their lives.

01 October 2012

Entertain Your Fellow Man

So I'm at a local eatery I occasionally frequent for breakfast, and I am sitting two tables over from two gentlemen who seem to be having a business meeting / conversation.  One man is Caucasian, nearing his 60's, receding hairline dressed modestly, while the other man is Asian in his later 40's ( I'm guessing on the age with both ), but I only got a look at him as I walked past to my table, the furthest one in the restaurant.

The Caucasian man seems to be pitching an investment opportunity to the Asian fellow, for I can hear some of what they are discussing.  The Caucasion fellow is facing me and while the Asian fellow's back is to me.  I hear from the man facing me "so you are in an all cash position at this point?" to which I happen to glance over to him and he notices me noticing what he just said.  His eyes now with a bit of glare and perhaps a touch of worry or apprehension.  As I am waiting for my breakfast plate and during my meal, I hear "we had become a $15M dollar company by then" and also hearing "Hollywood Video had grown to...." and so on, all from the Caucasian fellow, for I cannot make out anything the Asian says, his back being turned to me.  I try not to stare or look over at them, not wanting eavesdrop anymore than I already have.

In a situation like this, I am usually tempted interrupt either prior to them leaving or as I leave, my pitch with what "I do" or dazzle them with what I 'know' and what I 'have done' and so forth, so they don't think I am just some scrappy dude trying to game anyone ( but I have been found guilty of this as well, I must confess ).... yet after considering the last few weeks of my life.. and furthering the message from yesterday's church gathering, I decide and resolve to speak with them prior to departure and open with "do you gentlemen go to church?"

I leave my table, and the guy is already noticing me ( eye contact ) that I am going to walk up ).  I stand before them, extend my hand to the Caucasian guy ( the one who had seen me the whole time as I ate breakfast ) and say "sorry to interrupt your business meeting.  Hello, my name is Ed" with a smile.

He smiles a very uncomfortable and forced smile, clinching his hands which have been under his face ( elbows leaning on the table ) but refuses to acknowledge my hand, and with his uncomfortable grimace showing his over-sized teeth and all the lines on his face from too much time on a tropical beach somewhere with bad skin products thought to guard against ultra violet rays, he simply responds "what do you want 'man'?"

I again apologize with "sorry for interrupting your business meeting guys" as I glance over at the other gentlemen with a soft smile, and then give the pitch "do you guys go to church?"  He responds with a sharp 'no I don't' and the other fellow mumbles an affirmative to the negative.

I say "well, in that case, here is my business card... have a great day gentlemen."

I lay one business card before each of the gentlemen as I say this and turn to leave... still with a soft smile ( now almost laughing yet a bit perturbed because of his unfriendly and stoic response ).

I usually don't go up to strangers with an introductory line like that, but it was the line that worked on the man who gave the message yesterday at church ( the minister ).  I figured it was worth a try since it worked for him ( or so he shared it being the catalyst to an opening to that conversation ).  I usually open with what I do, or stating I overheard their conversation and was intrigued... and whatever else comes to mind.... and, in terms of reaching out to people with the aim of telling them about Christ or eventually inviting them to visit a church gathering or have a scripture study, I sometimes let my life exemplify my beliefs instead of being outright with it.... oh well.

As I walk away, I can't help but wonder what the guy had in mind when he refused to either shake my hand or give that tort and not even a friendly gesture outside of 'what do you wan, man?... sure they were talking what seemed to them to be 'BIG MONEY,' but I can't help but wonder if that gentleman simply viewed me as just some punk Latino, with a shaved head and a shabby and faded t-shirt and faded and out of style shorts on... probably unemployed ( or unemployable, both of which I proudly am btw LOL ) and wanting to either sell them something, extort them or who knows what....

I also thought to myself 'would this shabby diner be the place to discuss such a business meeting / opportunity.. why not a place which serves wine or 'brunch' and such?'  At least that would be my aim... or perhaps such a place is one which is unassuming and easy going.... amongst the serfs.

Whatever the case, I did learn to not dismiss people no matter what they look like, what they say or otherwise... for you never know who you may be speaking with and 'who' they may know ( what I've done far too many times in my very critical and judgmental heart with others ).

At any rate of happenstance, I know they got a kick out of my business card, it's image and what it states... surely that raised an eyebrow.

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

- Hebrews 13:2 ( I am no angel, just referencing this scripture for the concept on how to treat others and not dismiss people on appearance alone )

21 September 2012

Law, Politics & Timing

I recently traveled to and visited San Diego, and across the street from the hotel there's a law school!  What are the chances, right?  California Western School of Law to be exact... and so today, I venture over there to take a look-see, snap some pictures and simply 'check it out.'

I happen to be there at the commencing of a lecture regarding the U.S. Constitution! "What timing" I think to myself.  It is 'Constitution Week' and this past Monday was the 225 commemorative year of that document's signing.   All the students are to be walking around with their pocket Constitution ready to answer a random question posed by a professor.

I sit through an hour lecture specifically regarding the freedom of speech by professor Glenn C. Smith, Professor of Law, Chair, J.D. / Ph.D. Dual Degree Program in Political Science.  The lecture centers around the momentous supreme court ruling on free speech from Citizens United from two years ago.  I notice the 'left / right' paradigm being used in his discourse, yet I am glad to hear his opinion that this particular supreme court decision regarding that group's "right to speech backed by corporate money" was a bad move.  I also noticed mainstream acceptance that now speech = money, and / or the acceptance that now one needs money or an organized effort to 'speak' which is defeating the voice of the minority or better, people who wish not to affiliate themselves with any organization ( the single voice of reason among the mass distractions ). 

At the close, he fields some questions and I ask:

- "Isn't the passing of Citizens United simply legalized corporate propaganda to further strengthen the corporate agenda while now an individual's voice is restricted from speaking in front of a federal or state building?" 

- "Hasn't the people's freedom of speech been hindered unless they have money supporting them?"

- "Hasn't the voice of the people, outside of the agenda to maximize profit ( what corporations do ), been actually diminished not only by that ruling but further statutory control of the people's voice?"

He liked the questions and gave nice responses.... while students in the audience are looking at me like "who is this dude and what did he just ask?"

My follow-up question was:

- "Do you find it interesting that most political debate or political talk is framed with the 'left vs right' or 'conservative vs liberal' paradigm and do you notice how that framing and suggestive narrative actually limits critical thinking and is leading to bring forth desired conclusions?"

He liked that question even more and mentioned if I've ever read the book "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion" by Jonathan Haidt.

We later conversed after the lecture was ended and we had an interesting conversation about several other politically related issues.  I asked him if he was aware of the 14th amendment's edited definition of "person" from a natural entity ( a living soul ) to a corporate fiction?  ( the straw-man / c’est tui que trust entity is the corporate fiction ). He was very aware of the alteration and the new legal definition of that word, but I didn't mention about the trust / straw-man, he was in a rush to attend some other school function, I just included that here for you, the reader, to get an idea of what I was aiming at to see if he knew the latter reality.

Then I asked him if he ever noticed the signature line on his personal checks and how it is actually NOT a solid line, but very small words.  He had not known this. I let him know corporate fictions can only do business with other corporate fictions, not with living souls / real men and women ( which he eluded to already knowing and understanding this.

Everything is commerce, we are all under commercial law / rules and the kountry, state, municipalities, cities and so on are all corporate fictions.  When one endorses their personal checks, they are acting as the 'Authorized Representative' ( what the fine print states ) for their corporate fiction, the c'est tui que trust / U.S. Corporation created in their name ). 

Prior to departing, he asked what year I was in the 'program'.. and I mentioned how I just happen to stroll on in; that I was on vacation and I was staying at the hotel across the street.

He smiled and said "we need more people like you and your type of thinking in here."

That made my day! 8^)

Thank you Glenn for your time and responding to my questions.

I also met a young gentleman whose first name is Nick.  We had a brief  conversation regarding these matters and discovered we were on the same page regarding many other matters mostly invisible to the mainstream narrative and mind-frame.  He came up to me after the lecture had ended; I think he too was interested in my thought process judging from my line of questions.  He seemed to be very astute and aware of the current political climate, which was encouraging to hear and make note of. I wasn't able to mention how the title 'esquire' is a title of nobility which is in contrast to being an American national / state citizen.  I'm sure we'll be in touch for I handed him my card.

19 September 2012

Seeing Clearly Beyond Indoctrination

The economy works in a trickle-up fashion ( when the poorest people have money to spend and buy things.. it feeds the entire apparatus ), yet as lies would have it and dark minds would promote it, someone somewhere mentioned 'trickle down economics' which was and still is a flat out lie and deception to further strengthen fascism and solidify the worship of mammon.

To know and taste true freedom, buy, sell, trade and barter amongst yourselves. Realize and learn you can issue your own money / create your own agreements and can freely ignore altogether the centralization ( communism ) of the state's many mechanisms ( using their money, their banks, their 'ways' ).

And soon you may realize, you don't need these inept 'leaders,' for you are to be responsible and be leaders yourselves..... for many centuries men have done things on their own and amongst themselves in equitable fashion.  Only in the latter parts of history's timeline have men been foolish enough to think they must depend on government or a group of greedy men for their livelihood.

When the masses are indoctrinated and not even schooled on what money is and how it really works, the masses start at a disadvantage ( Rich Dad Poor Dad lesson #1, but who has read or comprehended that book? ).

Whatever it is to be called today ( some say it is capitalism, lol ), the Babylonian system of buying and selling 'works' if most participants know how to go about the game without losing their shirts or being slaves to the very small and smart few who run and control the tribute system ( modern style banking of issuing debt money and demanding interest ).

I think the average person, whether a laborer or executive pulling in seven or more figures annually, if they were to stop laboring after their paper money, would be broke in 2 to 20 weeks... Unless they 'own' income producing assets that would run themselves in their absence ( another Rich Dad lesson / point ).... yet, even those mechanisms depend on people NOT knowing how to run their own or have their own money machinations... again, a system which runs on the ignorance of the masses ( your modern and lovely 'capitalism' or better defined 'corporatism / fascism' but who really likes using or reading those tough words? ).

And tell me, how many people really even know they are slaves... regardless if they live in a mansion along the coast or in a rat infested alley downtown wherever?

The machine needs compliance and allegiance... as more slaves wake up and realize.... the less commodities these machinations have at their disposal... yet,  just like that movie the Matrix aptly portrays, those commodities who wake up are by default now enemies of the system.

I've met folks who have moved to 'vacation' spots and started a small business there to serve the rich and not so rich who act rich for a week or two... and they are living in a practical paradise... and enjoy their labor, for they make new friends every day... and they happen to reside somewhere most only dream about... sounds like a good deal to me... they have traded the rat race in the city for serving those momentarily escaping the rat race for a moment of indulgence.  I call vacations a time the farmer lets out their cows to graze in whatever pasture they choose, for a time ( usually two weeks out of 52, right? ).

Men and women make up the machine.. it is all about a change of heart and of mind... if one can do so individually ( as I try to continually do daily ), it can happen in others... and yes, it is difficult to remove oneself from Babylon.. and no one wants to lose their status or position in the empire, for who wants to suffer poverty and be ridiculed or find themselves at odds with the populous and those who manage the slaves? 

Every police officer I happen to speak to lately seems to dislike what is happening and their role in it all, yet they are stuck... they can't wait to retire, but their battle is a conscientious one which I have already began to confront years ago.. thus why I didn't participate in military service or police service when deeply considering such 'professions' in the empire, but chose the road less traveled.  I believe somehow God spared me and prepared me to identify and vocalize what I now see and what you now read.  I sleep soundly at night.

I'm astonished my recent interactions with what used to be 'public servants' ( I noticed my local city's police department patrol vehicles do NOT have 'to protect and to serve' on them anymore ), but are now corporate lackeys and revenue agents ( and they know it, but again, love their position of power, leverage and the paycheck, but those choices, whether complacent or not perceived, do come at a price not materialized at the moment, yet will be made known in the heart and mind and conscience soon enough ).

Fear is quite the powerful tool to keep folks in check, submissive and obedient to the system... and these very cogs in this system wish to defend it, for their lifestyles, position and leverage over others in the food chain depends on it.

We all have a choice, but may I suggest not even considering the choice to work harder or smarter to fill a house full of consumer products which give a semblance of 'wealth' or a false sense of security. 

We have a choice to brave the truth or simply comply to slavery.... I think many are only seeing one of two choices ( being a house slave or a field slave ), yet no one notices the choice of being free and being master of yourself in terms of what you do 'for a living' and also fail to see the many other choices out there, yet having no slaves at all:

"...at the revolution the Sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects.... and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty." ( Chisholm v Georgia, 2 Dall. 440, at pg 471 )

Let us not align ourselves with a lesser of two evils. Let us not follow their faulty logic any longer.

Let us actually realize everyone who actually must get up every morning to 'do' something in order to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads is actually on the same side of their coin, yet have been divided expertly by their weapons of mass distraction.... let us also realize we have received the conditioning indoctrination prescribed by them which limits our ability to cognitively evaluate matters and see things clearly.

We should be grateful and thankful we are not so lost as those who wish to subdue their fellow man and call that action 'just' or 'righteous leadership.' 

We already posses true wealth if we really consider our high position in this life... for wealth is deceptive... what is true wealth anyway? 

17 September 2012

My Irresponsibility & My Shame

The moment you are confronted ( yet again ) with the fact you've made some very bad financial decisions, were over-leveraged and were careless and now are living the consequences for being an idiot and the little you were trusted with you totally screwed up because you were a 'dishonest manager,' careless and didn't take the 'game' seriously....

The moment you realize some folks in church, although have a great heart and have good intentions, just don't have the means or the faith to help you ( unless you can pay market rent ) nor do they understand that yes prayer is needed, but also action.... and yet again the help comes from the most unexpected places ( people who would never be caught dead among organized religion because of the pains I do see and experience - yet I can somehow understand, somewhat, although my heart is embittered - )..

The moment you realize you have upset your landlady with your remark that you wouldn't dare invite friends into the house due to the smell of dog urine from the MANY times they've used almost every square foot of the house as their toilet because she loves dogs so much she must have them all over her she doesn't mind having dog hair fly all over the place ( never-mind the flea infestation she denies and acts as if she doesn't notice while you are pulling three to five off of you every day )...

The moment you realize you should have not mentioned how bad her house smells, although you were planning on having a bbq outside in the front yard to reach out to the community / neighbors and try to spearhead an outreach effort to the poor, needy and homeless ( yet she outright refused having anyone over the house )... you realize you cannot take those words back ( nor the frustrated heart behind them )... and you realize she now has declared a silent war ( passive aggression ) by cutting off the internet ( which is your means to derive an income ) and not letting you know about it, but acts dumb when you mention it to her... so you now find yourself bouncing around from coffee shop to coffee shop, without your 'office' since that is back at what was your home..

The moment you wonder if you should have paid the the expected 50% increase she demanded two months ago after being late a few days ( and the hurt pride you have because at one point you made more in one month than she or anyone you knew at the time was making in an entire year ), you feel like a real loser, a hypocrite and one that's full of 'it' because you couldn't control your spending three years prior and thought you had 'arrived' and this is the reason why you are now subject to the whims of unsavory people and now find yourself asking for help when others would always come to you for help )....

The MOMENT you realize how foolish you have been all this time, thinking and acting as if you have it all together... and each and every one of these words come to life and slap you across the face and sting your heart:

"A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke.

From the fruit of his lips a man enjoys good things, but the unfaithful have a craving for violence.

He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked bring shame and disgrace.

Righteousness guards the man of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner.

One man pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth."

- Proverbs 13:7

08 September 2012

What I Experienced One Early Morning

I had an experience a few years back when I was not doing well, spiritually speaking:

I arrive home just before 5am from a girl's house ( who was not my wife ), and before I close my eyes to sleep, I take a glance at the clock and it is two minutes to 5am. As I am falling asleep ( sometimes takes a few minutes, right? ) I sense something come into the room, yet I don't hear the wooden floor cracking as usual ( even the cat would make the floors crack - old house - ), and so I turn my head and open my eyes, and there's this translucent thing standing over me, with its arm outstretched over me, and I hear a crackling and subtle snapping in their voice ( it was emitting this sound ), immediately I react with eyes wide open and I'm up against the wall with my feet / legs toward it ( I had a single bed and it was butted up to the corner of the room ).

I notice it somewhat resembled a female wearing shredded clothes, or perhaps dreads, for the figure and the form / shape I could make out was like huge shreds of fabric or something from atop their head down to the floor... and I could see my wall clearly in the background.  I couldn't make out a face, yet I could distinctly see the outstretched appendage ( arm ) as it was held over me as I lay in my bed. 

Immediately after responding as I did, with my back glued to the cold wall, I then watch this figure retract its hand / arm, turn and glide towards the door.. and it disappears prior to actually exiting the door.

I glance around the room, and although it is still before sun-up or the crack of dawn, I can pretty much see the entire room as if a small light was illuminating everything... I look around for a few seconds, and when I look at the clock, it reads 5:02am.

At that moment I realize I did see what I thought I saw ( for I was contemplating whether I was in a dream and I woke up in fear and was just 'thinking' it was real ), and the hairs stood on end on the back of my neck like no other time in my life. I marched out my room, fists clenched and ready to do damage to whatever it was I saw ( I felt like an intruder just broke in ).... I search the entire house ( other than the two rooms of the other occupants, I didn't want to wake them / startle them ), even looking outside at the driveway, the front yard and the street, and then I realize; what am I going to do with my anger and my fists? This thing is not physical.

I somehow managed to fall asleep that morning after opening and closing my eyes a hundred times, expecting that thing to return and finish whatever it was trying to do, and slept for a few hours.. and it wasn't until two days later I finally got on my knees and prayed to God.

I hadn't prayed in a very long time, hadn't confessed any of the sinful things I was doing at the time, and I eventually begged Him to never allow any such thing near me again, that house, nor allow me to see such a thing.

I had to be honest: I always desired to 'see' something that would confirm the spiritual world / plain, and although I don't recall ever verbalizing such a request in prayer, I had to be real and confess I did desire that notion deep inside.. and that also I confessed, for I realized desiring to 'see' something was doubting God all along.

Some time later I ask that girl I was seeing if she'd ever had anyone do something ( she'd go visit palm readers and sooth-sayers periodically, which is a no no as I understand things and I would chastise her for doing so, but she is rebellious to no end ), and she finally confessed to me that she had that woman come under her roof and do some kind of something in her house, place things under her bed and so on.... and then I was able to put two and two together and realized what may have followed me home that early morning.

06 September 2012

Following the Actors, Are We?

I didn't bother fawning after the liars and actors from either side of the communist party in their 'conventions' as of late, but rather was working on things which would make positive change locally and personally.  I did read many of the responses from my friends and family on here.... and once again, Bill Clinton proves to the be the best linguistics master and doublespeaker of them all.  Many folks responding with their adoration for him ( his words really ) and how they wish he could be president again, or how he makes so much sense and such ( same thing with the speakers from the other side of the single party )... my my, he was surely one of the better Caesars to 'grace' the stage of tyranny.

Michelle had most folks of similar ethnicity emotional and feeling proud of many things... yet one cannot decipher the political climate nor what is at the foot of your door due to the propaganda and marketing to your weaknesses.

Those who put money first, were happy to hear everything coming from the party with the upside down stars on their little elephant mascot, yet they never question the Satanic symbolism, no... they just push for more people management so their money can be safe.

Folks, if you are not careful and continue watching the boob tube, you'll not only find yourself believing more lies and false hope, you may just find yourself applauding the capture and murder of folks kind of like me for speaking the truth yet are being ostracized because so many cannot distinguish the truth from lies / facts from fiction. 

To you who claim to have faith in the risen Christ.... where is your faith?  Why do you put so much love and faith into these liars and actors?

To you who love money and yourselves more than people, do you not realize your money and wealth will perish with you when the hungry will break down your door looking for bread and not for your paper or supposed valuable 'things?'

To you who stay away from all of this and think the neutral position will somehow disqualify you from the attention of the power that be.. you are already indoctrinated into an apathetic and lethargic state of mind.

This is not to trigger your political awareness or faithful attention to something bigger than yourselves.... for those are choices made on the personal level and choices which you have to step out of your conformity and comfort zones to perceive... yet will it be worth it?  It has been for me.

04 September 2012

Ron Paul, Controlled Opposition & Public Service

Sorry Ron Paul didn't work out. He was a masterful double-speaker and duplicitous politico ( one of the best charlatans that party with the upside down stars had as a tool of obfuscation and a 'near' perfect solution ).

Now, please don't let this disillusion keep you from looking past the charades and turning you off of politics altogether ( one of the aims of controlled opposition efforts ) and don't allow the vacuum suck you back into supporting more hired hands ( Gary Johnson or any of the leadership in the bought and sold Libertarian party ) and don't allow yourself to get sucked into supporting anyone from the Democratic or Republican party ( which is still one single party, in case you haven't noticed yet ).

If you want to make reform, change and correct things, you'll need to do so locally. Top-down politics works for those already in power and for those who wish to subdue you further for their benefit.

Bottom-up politics is what always works; from Christ's movement ( not political, but surely a revolution of the mind, heart and soul, which permeated the empire within a few generations ) to many other movements for the betterment of the commoner and enslaved to bring them long lasting respite and solid protection from unjust managers and wicked slave-drivers.

"Yeshua called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave —  just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

- Matthew 20:25-28

02 September 2012

The God of Wordly Possessions and Consumerism

Here's an excerpt from a MLM company who sells something and the 'testimony' of a recent convert:


In his own words: "A year & a half ago I lost everything material in my life - Lost my home, my furniture, my car and the most significant loss, my self-esteem and my dignity. I lived on a fixed income of $900.00 per month. I rode a borrowed bicycle back and forth to my Real Estate Office...the economy hit my real estate business hard. I was at the lowest point in my life and business just wasn’t picking up. I didn’t know what I was going to do until... I ate Cheese, Tuna, Crackers and Bread for 12 months with only my faith that God would come thru.

April 1, 2012 - This was the Day that Barry M. and Don W. introduced Nerium to me and what Don told me CHANGED MY LIFE forever.

He said...”Jon, follow what I tell you because the Nerium system works and you’ll have a car within 90 days” (and you can give the borrowed bike back!).  After following Don's lead...I did everything...ALMOST. The night of my fourth RRP at the Pierpont Inn, I decided to skip it in order to send more videos. I received a call about 10:00pm that night from Don "Where were you at the meeting?" - I told him and he said to me, "you will never get your Lexus now. YOU HAVE TO STAY PLUGGED IN to Nerium’s proven system, not Jon's system!” I felt like I was hit by a MAC Truck! I panicked because I knew this was my LAST CHANCE RUN CLUB & that to succeed I must keep plugged in to the system.

From that day on, I made RRPs my top priority, used the Product Prospecting System diligently & within 45 days, I received my iPad. I then went on to earn my Lexus on day 60 and Cancun was so incredible. & Now at the end of my fourth month, I am RMD! Yes! Regional Marketing Director! REALLY!? I am amazed!!! Nerium has completely changed my life.

Believe me- If you follow the Nerium system and listen to the amazing leadership team...You will attain everything...yes EVERYTHING YOU WANT!

Thanks to my TEAM and Silver and Brittany, Don, Barry, Ursula and Dr.Randy, PK, Annie and Tasha!)

I thank you God for giving me back my dignity and my life! I am humbled.


Why is it that man equates possessing material 'things' with blessings from God?  Or, losing material possessions being equal to losing one's dignity?  Where are man's values set on?  Is the material goods one possesses a sign of spirituality or God's hand working in one's life?  Is wealth a sign of God's grace being upon you? 

I mention these things and ask these questions because, from reading the 'testimonial' regarding the selling of a skin product, and the responses, folks seem to equate the acquisition and money and things to God working in their lives. 

If this was so, wouldn't Christ have actually owned something during the short time spent on earth?  Wouldn't the early disciples who followed Him and helped author the scriptures which people come to know God by have been blessed with amazing wealth and worldly possessions and would have praised God for those possessions?  Please point out those passages and examples in scripture for I seem to have missed them.

Could it be that folks in the western culture are so weened on the buying and selling of things and the comforts which come from that activity, that they think the more they have or earn is somehow blessings from God?

This is what the God who gives life says about these things:

"Yeshua replied, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

- Luke 9:58

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."

- Matthew 6:19-24

29 August 2012

Removing State Registration From My Automobile

So I get pulled over on my way home from a friend's house late tonight / early this morning. I get off a couple exits before mine due to road construction on the freeway, and the neighborhood isn't the best ( not that mine is any better ) having 'one ways' and all ( folks in these parts know about one way streets and how much trouble they can be, and I'm not talking about traffic wise ).

So as I'm coming down the hill from the freeway exit ramp and make a left onto the first street heading in the general direction of where I live, I notice a police car coming from one street prior ( one way coming from the other direction ) make a right and then a quick u turn to follow me. I make my left, and they make the same left.

Thoughts of all kinds of madness start to flow through my mind.... for I know that the registration is suspended, although the tags are good until October ( longer story than this one is going to be ).

So I come to the first stop sign in the narrow road of a one way street in not the best neighborhood.. and as soon I come to a complete stop, I proceed and sure enough, it is Christmas on steroids behind me. So I think "so this is the night I get arrested and the car gets impounded and I don't even have any of my documents and affects with me, just my shorts, shirt and my hat ( which was sitting in the seat next to me, so with my bald head in this neighborhood, I fit the description of a criminal of sorts ).

I immediately pull over, shut the car down, turn the lights off and crack the window just enough to pass the driver's license through.

Mr. officer comes up, states the reason for pulling me over is that my license plate lights are out. Asks me if I knew. I had no idea. Asks for my driver's license ( D.L. ), which I hand over without issue. He asks if the car is insured, which I respond with showing him the proof from my wallet, yet it is expired ( he doesn't ask for it to be handed to him ).

After looking at my D.L., he asks me if I still live in my previous residence ( I have a P.O. Box address on my D.L. ) and I tell him I moved to this city, he asks where, and I tell him the address and cross streets to pin point the exact neighborhood for him. He says he'll be right back.

He then leaves to search out some things in his vehicle. Not 30 seconds later, he returns, asks me again if I knew the plate lights were out, which again I respond I had no idea. He let's me know it would be a fix-it ticket, yet says they may have gone out and it would be a simple fix with a screwdriver and replacing the bulbs. I said sorry I missed that they were out and thanked him.

Prior to handing me the D.L. back, he asks about the US DOT number and such on the side of the car ( I just put them on this evening in the parking lot where I purchased them ) and so I let him know I have a small business, and since the state's tags were coming due, I simply got the federal number.. and that I transport building materials I sell online to local shipping carriers.. and he says "oh, so its for your business?" I said yes.

He hands me back the D.L., requests I update the bulbs and wishes me a good night.

I noticed I didn't even go into anything about what I've been reading and studying the past year and a half. I handled this encounter as I have others... with a calm and honest demeanor which usually pacifies the officer doing the questioning / investigating... and although I have talked my way out of several tickets in the past ( and once a ticket which was already issued and the officer tore it up ), I realized it is all in the approach, rapport and dynamic you establish when dealing with these public servants.

I think also my acting skills from several years of training and pursuing the arts in college doesn't hurt one bit either. I have gotten out of some really expensive situations in the past now that I think about it. My record is clean, no tickets or issues of any kind in the last four years now or so.

Some free men / sovereigns suggest keeping the D.L. for it is easier to navigate the waters of commerce having one than it is trying to explain to an officer why you don't have one ( cognitive dissonance occurs in them I'm sure, plus why would one listen or believe you when not having one yet being behind the wheel... that just creates a red flag for them and an easy arrest / property confiscation opportunity ).

I'm thinking about having either the same DOT number where the plate will soon not be, or the docket number from the filing statement I'll be doing next month.. not sure yet. Either one will be brightly lit with the new bulbs so they can at least see what they'll be dealing with when stopping me next time 8^)

23 August 2012

Judge Warns of Civil War

If that judge knew about the money, he wouldn't be asking to take from the very coffers of which all of the hired hands feed from... and of which the masses must labor to fill.  He would simply issue an ordinance for his county to issue its own currency and be done with the tricks of the federal monopoly.

Also, this judge is stuck on the left / right paradigm, thinking Obama or the democrats are to blame... for the same agenda will take place with a republican or libertarian or whomever in that office of military dictatorship.

About the warning of the inevitable.... folks are sick and tired of the federal government sifting the states and those who actually produce... yet many are seeing these things from a confused and dis-informed perspective.

Think of it like when the Nazis came into France.  The French stayed passive and the Nazis, although they had 'control,' couldn't muster support nor had much influence for no one was falling for their evil schemes and dubiousness... the French wouldn't 'fight.'  But of course, to remove them took some folks from the other side of the world, bringing their own version of truth and ideology ( the hegemony always instigate both sides of conflict, divide and conquer, and reap the revenue and rewards of conquest, regardless of who wins, for they win either way, while the people lose in every way )... and too many people had to die for ignorance reined in that day as it does today, unfortunately.

Such isn't the case with the entire Amerikan populous... and what many fail to realize is the executive office with most of the other branch members are Nazi by approach in their dealings with the states and their respective citizenry, and is communist by definition, due to their bloated bureaucracy and the unsound laws they pass year after year in order to consume the people of every things they have earned.... along with their freedoms ( and they are almost complete in their monumental task ).

Most of the populous is plugged into sports, animals and other distractions, and though most are passive lambs, these passive lambs are, by default, supporting the very tyranny which is swallowing them up, by their corporate solicitations at big stores, their activity with using a bank for their financial dealings, and their support of the very tools of distraction ( sports, teevee, etc. ).  Same course of events happened in Germany with the fall of the Weinmar Republic and the rise of Hitler's Germany.

Those who 'see' like this judge and his sheriff, are seen as 'crazy' or out of their skulls... but such is the burden of those who have chosen not to put their heads in the sand, who have chosen to read beyond the narrative and not simply believe everything they see on teevee or follow the banality of their culture.  Nothing has changed under the sun considering empire and its exploits by the very few over the masses.

May I suggest the stance of peace, yet learn your God given rights and express accurately such things with the voice God has given us.... not in an unwise manner, but in a wise manner.

May I suggest to turn off the teevee and the lies media propaganda is conditioning onto the populous as they desire to further divide an otherwise agreeable populous.

May I suggest to exercise discipline instead of the lack of it, in terms of 'shopping' habits, in eating habits, information sources, and the like.... for to extricate oneself from suckling off the teet of empire is like asking the fish to jump out of their fish bowl.. if only the fish knew he was swimming in a fish bowl ( which this man has found out some years ago ).

Won't you join me in the greater sea of freedom and not stay in the fish bowl, seemingly safe yet running out of oxygen?

11 August 2012

Why Mars and Not Mali?

A friend stated: "As a civilization becomes more sophisticated, they become less tolerant of alternatives."

My response:

That's the sad part of what history has defined for us, that no matter how modern or 'cultured' a society or people become ( modern as in today with technology reducing mundane labor for some, allowing them to pursue more intelligent pursuits ) and cultured ( like the mindset of non-ownership of land or resources among the native pre-western civilization's influence on them ), that man still seems to not be able to remove the very things which we all struggle with: envy, selfishness, pride, arrogance, fear and so on.

I wonder if, as some folks would opine, with the increase of technology and modern science, hasn't man only found better ways to eliminate another man, albeit perhaps in a more 'humane' fashion? And hasn't man only found ways to manipulate the body to resemble something unnatural or to add and modify that which they are unhappy with?

Yet again, it takes removing oneself, I think, from the encapsulation of any cultural precepts to break out of a nearsightedness which prevents us from truly recognizing we are all brothers and sisters on this speck of dust flying around in the cosmos... and the focus on other planets for whatever well intentioned purpose, is still another example of a chasing after the wind... in the spending of man hours, resources and focus... while here at home we have yet to search out the deepest oceans, or conceive renewable resources ( we have, but no one from the top is telling ) which would eradicate our archaic energy sources and thus clean the environment.

If life existed on any other planet, do you suppose that life would allow such a filthy ragtag group of littering humans to also devastated their real property? Mankind as a whole has yet learned how to clean up after themselves here, literally, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Most men have yet learned how to contend with themselves, let alone their neighbor. How can such learned men expect to pursue ridiculous pursuits such as reaching out to distant planets while at home, they ignore the plight of their fellow men? Why look outwards beyond the horizon, when that very effort to 'become' leaves so many wasting away in one's wake?

The billions of dollars in reaching Mars ( or so they say that some rover landed on that distant planet ) could have completely eradicated hunger in so many countries.. or built the means for those people to be self sufficient to the point where they can now feed themselves.. but why doesn't this happen?


It doesn't feed the ego.

Going to Mars feeds the egos of many men, and the many masses who fawn at this spectacle by watching on their boob tube... feeding off of the pride of others to give their meaningless lives some sort of meaning.. Olympics anyone? Sports anyone?

Feeding the hungry at home and across the globe does not feed the ego.. and it is not a 'fashionable' business, yet our hearts squirm at the thought of any one of us being in that destitute position... let alone actually pondering doing something about it.

Thus I say; how far have 'we' really come on this speck of dust flying through the cosmos?

Some say very far by pointing at some supposed rover on that red speck of dust out there.

Some, just looking within a few square miles of their locale or city, would say "we still don't get it."

There was One who did get it and told us about 'it,' yet who is listening to Him?

08 August 2012

What is Man's Law Based On?

If one doesn't realize they have unalienable rights, rendered to them by God Almighty, then they are truly clueless trying to navigate the world of legalese, for it is a trap and snare for men by wicked men.  Common law / natural law / maxims of law / organic law is simple and basic to understand, yet there's an onslaught and continued creation of man's 'laws' which usurp and remove freedoms / rights already established on our conscience and enumerated in various places.

When one can put in perspective what has happened from 1215 up to the present, and see how the basics of common / natural law have not wavered, but only the perceptions of men via the creation of man's laws ( in the notion of protecting one man from another, or restricting government, yet the opposite having systematically occurred ) then one can see their present day legal slavery.

If one were to simply look at how the Hebrews, after being given the basic commandments which make sense to anyone with any fabric of ethics or morale, and the subsequent creation of more laws upon laws which created a religion that was impossible to fulfill and the falling away from conscientious precepts in order to fulfill man's rules and restrictions ( Mark 7:13 ), then one can see how this continued creation of man's laws has perverted what is perceived to be justice, but has instead issued tyrannical decrees which the populous believe are good, noble and needed to 'protect them.'

The English / Anglo Saxon method of common law / unalienable rights stems from the Magna Carta when tyranny was overthrown by men with a passion for freedom ( and a faith in God and not some man claiming to be king over them )... and the tide has been ebbing and flowing since then, between the free men walking by faith and the tyrants desiring to live off the backs of chattel... and subjugating them with ever increasing rules, restrictions and regulations.

06 August 2012

Do You Believe Everything on TV?

Interesting how that rover supposedly landed on Mars, what timing. Same thing with the timing of the moon landing while the Amerikan populous were at odds with the hegemony of that generation and were about to create a full blown revolution due to the mass murdering and empire building in the eastern Asian region, using U.S. soldiers as cannon fodder. Now the focus of empire's expansion is the middle east, and only one country stands outside the sphere of empire in that region. Remember the noblemen who were murdered during that time? The Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King and John Lennon ( just to name a few ) were the revolutionary leaders of their time... yet they were peaceful in their attempts and their speech. And they were silenced for their calls to peace, cooperation and understanding with all people of the world ( a dangerous precept against world conquest by the few who believe the world is their oyster ).

Some folks speculate and suppose we'll see a 'discovery' of alien civilization / proof of life on that planet, which will bring on a hysteria never before seen via mainstream media programming. If you think the fear instilled via the live broadcast of 9/11 of the planes and subsequent demolition of three buildings was powerful...and the subsequent attempts to 'lawfully' strip rights away ( which cannot be stripped away, they are permanent in case you didn't know ) to justify 'security' was bad, how about a full-on 'alien invasion' which would only be avoided if people give up their weapons and religious affiliation... otherwise the aliens would 'wipe us out for being a hostile and waring specie that can't get along with each other, as history has shown.'

Wouldn't that be an interesting movie of the week? Or nightmare for the feeble minds believing every bit of propaganda being spouted by all mainstream sources?

Some folks say the moon landing was bogus and scripted to detract attention from genocide in eastern Asia during the Vietnam massacre, and point to this Mars expedition as yet another orchestrated distracting ploy to usher in an even more sinister narrative and amazing theatrical production.

The dark symbolism of the Olympics have fallen on blind eyes for most of the populous. Folks watched with glee the dark foreshadowing of things planned to come and didn't wince nor question the message, like nice docile slaves begging for entertainment and reasons to be proud of themselves, their kountry and fellow kountrymen and women.

The majority of people believe every little scripted notion on teevee ( news and reality shows are scripted folks, sorry to burst your paradigm bubble ). The minds have been so well conditioned that people call what is good 'bad' and what is truth 'lies.'

"That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result."

"It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success."

- Joseph Goebbels

Are You Part of the Feudal Problem?

I find the entire real estate industry a shame. Yet folks justify their efforts because of the large checks they earn either in flipping or being a landlord, but don't realize how their participation and the entire system is a fraud created to sift the masses, with themselves being the puppets.

People are profiting off of the ignorance and labor of the masses who must work just to turn over most of their paycheck over to rents ( no return for their labor ) or to a mortgage ( which renders them a realized incentive many years later, for the majority of their money goes towards the interest payment, which is usury / tribute ).

Yet, this reality is either ignored ( denial ) or not seen due to the greed factor.

The gentleman in the story thinks he's doing a noble effort, but he is simply gaming the chattel once again into their slave existence, and then he thinks he is noble in some way for making that move with those debt instruments which aren't even owned by him, but are on loan to hm via the government and regional too big to fail banks, at interest from the central Communist bank ( which most worship by default in this chasing of the wind called real estate ).

Folks who buy real estate don't even really own their property, for it is 'granted' to you if you acquire a grant deed, and since you must pay a yearly tribute ( called property taxes and justified by every great sounding argument ), you are actually paying the state for that grant... and once you stop paying that tribute, you lose your property, no matter if it is encumbered or free and clear.

Real investors, not speculators, nor hired third party hands binding bankster fractionated ponzi money to ignorant end buyers ( the real losers in this scheme of money and wealth worship ) are simply greedy and nearsighted people who salivate at the prospect of quick and easy capital gains while burying their fellow human beings in debt, or at long term fattening of their wallets when land-lording for cash flow... and again, they think they are providing a service, but are actually a modern fiefdom participant and chattel housing manager.

That 'rich' man should actually put his capital to 'work' in producing a needed or meaningful service or product, which will induce other market participants and eventually create prosperity for wherever that business is found. But it is easier to play the game of being a landlord and sit back, get fatter and fatter, while the slaves work every day to support the mechanism he so very much admires and loves... for some people think the more money they make off the backs of their fellow countrymen, the more 'blessed' they must be.

So, yes, I think he is a fool along with all the others who game the corrupt system of tribute to those who print the money out of nothing.... and use everyone as the surety for the debts money created out of nothing, at interest... and btw, the interest amount is never issued into circulation, only the debt amount, and THIS is why systems, not because people are lazy, but because it is made to fail, so real assets can return to those who know what they are doing in their evil and greedy scheming.... and all the other folks who get over-leveraged or only know how to work for a living ( the public school system of indoctrination has perfected this ) must keep toiling away the rest of their lives.

27 July 2012

Faulty Political Ideology

In response to the 'positive' notion from western countries when the word 'capitalism' is heard or read as opposed to the 'negative' notion the word 'communism' brings to mind, one must look beyond the conditioning and programming and focus on not only the definitions of political ideology, but further investigate how any particular ideology functions economically.   Looking at these man-made concepts via their true mechanisms and machinations will shed light on many misconceptions, expose the fallacy in logic and further clearly identify which form and variances you are subject to.

The misconception is that a 'communist' by definition is anti-capitalist ( or anti making money or owning things ), or is poor and willing to live a paupers life so others can benefit mutually ( or 'made' to do such by a totalitarian government ). Quite the contrary. That 'poor' notion is the program conditioned onto the masses, for them to accept.  One must look at what 'class' the person views the world and their function in society.

The inherent desires in man is to be free from encumbrance, to own his possessions outright and set themselves up as free from all peoples and things owned by them. 

The word 'communist' is simply a word which has been used to manipulate and instigate the minds... much how 'capitalism' was used in Russia ( U.S.S.R. ) a few generations ago to stir up the same emotions and views in their populous towards the U.S.A.  Yet, both and all other systems of government, though seemingly well intentioned or even widely accepted or executed, still fail.

The trick in the paradigmatic view of a 'capitalist' or 'capitalism' is that the people 'think' they are free while paying for their existence, the only difference is the illusion of freedom as the carrot they chase gets larger with the increase of their desire to gain, to amass wealth, their capacity to learn and understand and is limited by market competition and possibly government ( anti trust laws ).

Yet, all people, in whichever 'ism' you choose, are bound by the laws of nature, and this no man can escape nor create any 'system' or 'ism' to combat.  They are greed, selfishness, selfish ambition and envy just to name a few.

What I suggest people desire is 'freedom' and 'liberty' in every form and manifestation possible.  And desire to find out what are the laws of nature and what are the common / natural laws which summon freedom and discourage ( or restrict outright ) any form of tyranny, encroachment or leaning on one person from another.

This can only be done with limited government ( or no government with private citizens creating competitive businesses to serve the public, subject to public will and consent ) and an aware and awake populous, where everyone is earning their keep and all being equal under the law / under God ( and i mean ALL PEOPLE, not only a particular class, ethnicity or religious preference ) and is participating in society in some way or another ( taking responsibility ). 

The attempt was made a few centuries ago in what was once known as "America," yet the land was conquered via genocide and theft along with attempts of foreign empires intending and desiring full ownership.  Then followed the use of slavery to build an economy.  Then a distinction was built and a class structure fixed when men, with good intention but still lacking foresight and not realizing their own racism and lack of love for their fellow man, created laws which benefited them and subjected all others ( in the guise of 'all equal under law' ).

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20 July 2012

Dark Knights Do Rise

Dark Knights Do Rise.... to divide, instigate and wreak havoc on us.

Do not allow fear to influence your lives, for in doing so,  you may make rash decisions regarding your sovereign rights.

"The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him."

11 July 2012

Seeing Through Legalese

The more I read and learn about man's laws and how man has created a world based on buying and selling things... even buying and selling other men, the more I reflect on God's Word and how men have twisted words to create definitions and ideas which benefit them and them alone. 

God's Word becomes ever clearer when juxtaposed to the rules men create to protect the material they exploit, and the more tangled their web becomes.  I see, that most of the world's inhabitants have been captured like fish in a net, ignorant to their ways and why they even desire or run after the things they do.

When I was involved in Real Estate years ago and found out exactly how it was possible for me to make $35k in 31 days while most of my peers worked an entire year for that sum... I couldn't cheat others anymore.  And the thing is, I didn't even know I was a part of the charade and fraud.  I peered into a world very few even conceptualize, let alone 'enjoy.'

Some do understand how they play a part in the demise of others, yet they justify their actions in every duplicitous way... but my conscience wouldn't allow after realizing the facts of the matter.

Some friends of mine are upset that I don't help make millions with them.... yet it is because they have yet to realize how it all works... and perhaps it is best they don't understand how it works, for then they may be held accountable.  In this instance, their ignorance is their bliss... and perhaps God won't hold it against them because they don't understand.

Many have to lose in order for a very few to succeed... for that is how things are set up.  Many support the very mechanisms of their enslavement, but haven't eyes to see past their periodic paycheck.. nor is it a pleasant thought when they consider these things and their place. 

Many are obedient to their vocation, and whether what they do, produce or whatever harms or does good, makes no difference for they have their eyes on what their paycheck brings ( a momentary respite until the next paycheck ) and on their 'needs' and thus continue on their path, regardless of the consequences. 

I don't want to be a slave, nor do I desire to enslave others in order to propel my life and lifestyle forward... yet far too many are eager to do just that. 

29 June 2012

Who Wants A Broken Health Care System About to Fall to Pieces?

The debate is heated regarding the Constitutionality of today's decision on many levels, and the guise of benefit for all is tough to really believe ( personally ), when I consider how the finances of that industry work and who benefits.

Prices are manipulated and sectors are monopolized, making what used to work before into a manipulated casino like the stock market ( I personally believe caring for people's well being having a price which can be bought and sold is preposterous and akin to any level of equity in any society.

I see the profit motive has overshadowed the vocation of healing, helping and not hindering the patient in any way ( the Hippocratic oath ).

The ridiculous returns of that industry in pushing medicine, justifying mastectomies or other forms of butchering the body, when there are other cancer curing and treating alternatives... these issues need to be in these bills these shysters pass, not just making people pay more or allowing the prices to continue to rise and sift the public.

If the entire industry was brought into non-profit status, will not the price of good medicine and proper medical procedure be cost effective? Will not the doctors and other vocations enjoy their due compensation without having to sell anything ( prescriptions ) for profit???

This foothold of the federal government, overreaching yet again over the sovereign individual states and their free people, is getting to a point of inconsolable agitation, pending a change in mass consciousness.

My mechanic once had chest pains and called an ambulance... he looked at the bill ( he is a business owner and doesn't pay a monthly tribute to some insurance company as everyone is convinced they must do ), he told me the band-aid which held in a needle on his arm was priced at $100!!!!

He says it wasn't anything out of this world like some scientific carbon fiber band-aid, just some simple adhesive brown band-aid which goes for $5.49 for a package of twenty.

Forget about the thousands of dollars the ambulance ride cost including the time of the medics, the use of the instruments ( yes Martha, the 'use' of the instruments and tools are charged by the minute ).

It is a shameful system which, since it is based on a capital profit motive which an absent owner with the poor and sick and now everyone else made to pay tribute to absent owners.. is an affront to anything good.

The system can be managed without an absentee owner ( think of apartments and a good management company that never needs to bother the owner )... or something that is not based on 'does it make money' when considering people's lives, they are HUMAN BEINGS / our fellow brothers and sisters, NOT some commodity or cash cow that can be easily replaced or abused without recourse.

If anyone is deemed 'owner' or temporary benefactor, maybe it should be the people who actually labor away and serve their fellow humans for as long as they hold their vocation ( and possibly a commensurate retirement stipend ).

These are the type of issues which are absent from the debate, for the debate is hijacked by monied interests... and they win whether this thing passes or not. 

28 June 2012

Ron Paul to the Rescue??

Ron is the nice smiling clown in the circus.  He doesn't take the crazy pills, he speaks volumes in that he talks more about law and what is done / passed, but that shouldn't be equated to upright leadership.  His duplicity is seen in his earmarks while voting no ( keeping a great track record 'for the record' and a selling point to sell others on the persona aside from the actual meat of the issues ).

Paul supports a gold backed global currency, which is in stark contrast to the freedoms found on this continent from gold and usury pushers from across the Atlantic Ocean a few centuries ago.

This country was built on slaves and the tenacity of people from various places leaving tyranny and they didn't bring tons of gold with them to use as money... they brought themselves, their hearts desires and their dreams.... and they issued their own money to facilitate trade and make all things equal outside their private homes.

His charade to audit the FED is just what it has been, a distraction that led to nothing more than the FED opening a second story window at one corner of their shrine.

Paul doesn't even interpret the clause with the wordings regarding gold and issuance of currencies accurately

Article 1 Section 8 reads:


To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;


No mention of making gold of money or money of gold nor backing currency with gold.

Article 1 Section 10 reads:


No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.


Restricts states from going rogue, making their own money, nor make payments for debt with anything but gold and silver.... no mention of creating a gold-backed currency.  This is where Paul either has a fatal flaw in comprehending or he purposely obfuscates the clarity of what is written.

To further exhaust the point: The point is to prevent states from issuing their own currency which would create havoc on interstate commerce, for then separate rates of interest and volumes of currency would be in contradiction to the bringing all roads to D.C. with a central bank and central issuance of a currency ( which is what Paul supports for the world and is the fifth tenet of the Communist Manifesto ).

This is the fifth tenet in the Communist Manifesto, which is what we've had with the FED Reserve ( which is another of several central banks the U.S. has had since the union and have swayed back and forth between gold backed currency, fiat currency, sovereign currency and foreign loaned currency ).

"Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly." -- 5th Tenet, Communist Manifesto

Paul is a sellout like the rest of them, he is the good cop in the good cop / bad cop negotiation tactic.

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Message to Oath Keeping Military, Police & Sheriff

This is a message to the men and women who took an oath to defend this country from enemies within and without. 

If you fly a drone for a living or are family to one who does, keep in mind the inaccuracies and violations of international law let alone the innocence of life not having one thing to do with political anything.  If you fly those toys over the land of your fellow countrymen, you are violating your oath of office to uphold the civil liberties of your fellow countrymen,  your family and your very self, irregardless of what today's Czar may write into law. 

If you fly a chemical airplane, fighter / bomber, or man war machines of any kind, know that may be dubiously complicit in mass murder of foreign peoples and have been dishonored by the spilling of blood of the martyr Pat Tillman by not defending that man's legacy or not looking further past the media lies and propaganda defending war crimes. 

If you are employed to patrol the streets of America yet fill out tickets to increase the coffers of your employer, and your direct complicit actions sift the public of their hard earned money to pay tribute to the creation of ridiculous statutory rules / 'color of law' laws which only ruin economic progress and increases a parasitical bureaucracy, you can reaffirm your oath to uphold the law which protects your fellow man from harm or criminal activity from another. 

If you are a supposed peace officer yet participate in maneuvers with a military type vehicles or weapons to be used on your fellow countrymen, you are violating your oath of office to uphold the civil liberties of your fellow countrymen,  your family and your very self, irregardless of what today's Czar may write into law.

The ancient fear of buckling to the state's / Caesar's demands is not appropriate for the battle field you swore on oath to enter on behalf of your fellow countrymen and of which their taxes support yourself and your family. 

The land you reside on is sovereign, held in equity and trust and was already won for the freedom of men seeking escape and reprieve from tyranny.

An enemy has crept into our midst, but this enemy is not clothed in a turban, nor do they speak a foreign language, nor do they even look different from whom you'd suspect.  The enemy is the bureaucracy created by greed and indifference to those of lesser talents and attributes. 

The enemy is what so many have shouted about but so many more couldn't understand nor comprehend.

A reaffirmation of your enumerated rights and privileges under God and ecclesiastical law, that from which all manner of law, society, culture and human experience has flowed from, denies the subjugation of one man at the profit or betterment of another. 

You swore to uphold what your conscience and good judgement reflect in the basics of common law, no need to further increase the trespass of men by-way of the diminishing of civil liberties, no matter how well argued the premises are. 

Do Not Sift Your Fellow Countrymen: "Don't Tread on Me"

Slavery, whether mental, physical, psycho-social, economical or in any other form found to be so otherwise, is null and void and now outlawed, how can we fall back into that dark paradigm once again?

27 June 2012

Which Laws are Lawful and Which are Not?

"Both in Roman and English law there are certain obligations which were not in truth contractual, but which the law treats as IF they were.  They are contractual in law, but not in fact, being the subject-matter of a FICTITIOUS extension of the sphere of contract to cover obligations which do not in reality fall within it." Salmond, Salmond on Jurisprudence, p. 642 (9th Edition, 1937, Sweet & Maxwell, Ltd. England).

"Constructive/quasi contracts are based solely upon a legal fiction or fiction of law."  Hill v. Waxberg, 237 F.2d 936.

"It is a well settled rule of law that he who seeks benefits of contract must also assume burdens."  Higgins v. Monckton (1938), 28 C.A.2d 723, 83 P.2d 516.

"A quasi contractual action presupposes acceptance and retention of a benefit by one party with full appreciation of the facts, under circumstances making it inequitable for him to retain the benefit without payment of its reasonable value."  Major-Blakeney Co. v. Jenkins (1953), 121 C.A.2d 325, 263 P.2d 655, hear den.; Townsend Pierson, Inc. v. Holly-Coleman Co. (1960), 178 C.A.2d 373, 2 Cal. Rptr. 812.

"Existence of implied contract is usually a question of fact for trial court."  Caron v. Andrew (1955), 133 C.A.2d 412, 284 P.2d 550; Bolster (C. F.) Co. v. Boespflug (J. C.) Construction Co. (1959), 167 C.A.2d 143, 334 P.2d 247.

"Voluntary acceptance of benefit of transaction is equivalent to consent to all obligations arising from it, so far as facts are known, or ought to be known, to person accepting."  Northern Assurance Co. v. Stout (1911), 16 C.A. 548, 117 P. 617.

"Constructive/quasi contracts include obligations founded on statutory duties."  Donovan v. Kansas City, 175 S. W. 2d 874; In Re United Burton Co., 140 F. 495, 502.

"Persons dealing with government are charged with knowing government statutes and regulations, and they assume the risk that government agents may exceed their authority and provide misinformation“ Lavin v. Marsh, 644 F.2nd 1378, 9th Cir., (1981)

"All persons in the United States are chargeable with knowledge of the Statutes-at-Large. It is well established that anyone who deals with the government assumes the risk that the agent acting in the government's behalf has exceeded the bounds of his authority“ Bollow v. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 650 F.2d 1093, 9th Cir., (1981)

"Persons who are not taxpayers are not within the system and can obtain no benefit by following the procedures prescribed for taxpayers, such as the filing of claims for refunds.“Economy Plumbing and Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d 585 (Ct. Cl. 1972)

"The revenue laws are a code or a system in regulation of tax assessment and collection. They relate to taxpayers, and not to non-taxpayers. The latter are without their scope. No procedures are prescribed for non-taxpayers, and no attempt is made to annul any of their rights and remedies in due course of law. With them Congress does not assume to deal, and they are neither the subject nor the object of the revenue laws.“Long v. Rasmussen, 281 F. 236, at 238

". . . (E)very taxpayer is a cestui que trust having sufficient interest in the preventing abuse of the trust to be recognized in the field of this court's prerogative jurisdiction . . . "  In Re Bolens (1912), 135 N.W. 164.

"Taxpayers are not [de jure] State Citizens."  Belmont v. Town of Gulfport, 122 So. 10.

“Slater's protestations to the effect that he derives no benefit from the United States government have no bearing on his legal obligation to pay income taxes.  Cook v. Tait, 265 U.S. 47, 44 S.Ct. 444, 68 L.Ed. 895 (1924); Benitez Rexach v. United States, 390 F.2d 631, (1st Circ.), cert. denied 393 U.S. 833, 89 S.Ct. 103, 21 L.Ed.2d 103 (1968).  Unless the defendant can establish that he is not a citizen of the United States, the IRS possesses authority to attempt to determine his federal tax liability.” UNITED STATES of America v. William M. SLATER (1982) (D. Delaware) 545 F.Supp 179, 182.

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