09 February 2013

Don't Do It Like Dorner

Remember ladies and gentlemen, these officers are well trained, they DO know what they're doing... never mind the collateral damage, or failing to identifying themselves.  Were they attempting to ambush Dorner?   Aren't police trained to shoot only when in eminent danger?  That would be when a weapon is pointed at you or you're being fired upon.  I guess they mistook the throwing of newspapers as the throwing of a Molotov or something more sophisticated.

One lady shot in the back reports state.

And how about the guy going to work that gets his auto rammed by and shot up by a copper guy? 

Good thing the cops were bad shots ( to be fair, it was still dark, the sun had not risen yet ). 

Otherwise we'd almost have an even score between Christopher "Rambo" Doerner and the Police State / Amerikan Empire. 

Quite the amount of error for these professionals all around, and perhaps the corruption cannot be dissected out like a small projectile out of soft tissue.  Perhaps transferring each and every LAPD officer out of the city / county / state, etc.?  I think that's what should have happened with another police department last year who was exercising their corporate rights and stomping on real people in the process.  The severing of a limb or two in these police departments where still some bad apples may exist may not be the end all remedy.  But this is not a suggestion to more government intervention or federal jurisdiction replacement, NO WAY.  I suggest something to the effect of community leaders who reside in the general area, who may or may not own property and / or interests in the community, but still participate in the community in a positive and helpful way, these civic leaders from the private world can have their suggestions made into general laws based on rights and not restrictions.  They can reproduce general common law rights and exercise the authority to either nullify or exercise federal law.  The right displaying the responsibility and the penalty for violating that same right in someone else. 

That's two for two in blowing it, from actual men in the field and 'on sight.'  The push from the top is for drones, with less discretion and discernment than a human being on the ground, imagine then the degree of pain the common man will be subjected to.  Without the removal of the semi automatics and later high powered and so on down the line, while the police get tanks, microwave shooting trucks and technology than can hover outside your window and you wouldn't know it, but it can hear and see everything that's going on inside the house, you can see how tilted the slipper slope has become.

Politicians think or act out the public persona that they are steering a steady course towards freedom, with liberty and justice for all, well...and that is what they are paid to do, to convince you "all is grand with your neck of the woods," el potrero.. or, your end of the farm.

Now we see the sort of clinchpins which reverberate throughout the mindsets of people lacking in hope and desiring some kind of sympathy regarding their dismal state, but only receive apathy as a response.  For Mr. Doerner, his loss of the financial stability and proceeds from overtime may have placed him in a place of fear and despair, losing the steady and guaranteed income this government job provides.

As for the regular guy who is either a corporate government employee, or employee of some company / firm, all the same difference, these folks like any other employee / job occupier, they don't know why their job laid them off, or why over the years their bills have piled up, but they do know something has been going wrong, yet they haven't a clue that the money is siphoned up for some time and easily lent for a time and they have no control of this nor can even grasp what is that makes them poorer one year, breaking even another year, and then bankrupt another year.  The regular guy doesn't comprehend the economic slavery that some men own and command to gather for themselves real assets in exchange for pieces of paper and a promise laid around the necks of billions of people to pay something back which is mathematically unpayable.

Next time some Dorner guy loses his marbles and goes looking for them in your house, or your car or on your person, wowsers.  Say your prayers and dial 911. 

Or pray with that person to give up that ghost which is having them do what they do.   

But no more options are 'legally' available outside this side of the physical realm, because up until just recently, a person in California ( republic circa 1850-1871, Incorporated 1871 to the present ) can open carry in California an empty weapon at their side and the ammunition on their opposite side without issue.  Perhaps doing so ( I've never tried but I've pondered it as I do many things ) would allow someone to not having to worry too much about a Doerner doing you in, God forbid any madness like that to come any one's way.  But the fear factor of responsibility crippled the legalese writing and revenue generating statutory corporate code enforcing 'leadership' ( who write and invoice colorable law attempting to disallow people the right to protect themselves with a tool of  defense, something to be used as a weapon having the punch of a hundred men, if someone were to be deliberately punching you to hurt you / to kill you, etc.

Yet, he who lives by the gun most likely will die by the gun, or as that Word says. 

07 February 2013

From the Ranks of the Empire A Revolution is Sparked?

Two Asian women passing out the morning newspaper on their route at just after 5am this morning were gunned down by LAPD, the corporate entity known as Los Angeles Police Department, a profitable agency occupied by various people of many backgrounds, but holding to a seemingly core ethic of fraternal protection that would make the Illuminati and banking cartels flush with jealousy and envy. 

These guys never rat on one another, or so goes the sin pact, fair enough? 

So this morning, before the crack of dawn, two women are nearly fatally shot, one gets hit in the back.... but don't worry Amerika, your best and brightest have been "trained" for stuff like this.... so everyone should be cautious, courteous and calm if confronted by the force at this time, seriously now.

Mr. Dohner, according to news reports, had a tendency of pointing out mistakes and holding people accountable, in his own way, but he seems to desire for things to be done correctly and had a blind nobility at heart, it seems, when hearing / reading what he wrote. 

I guess he didn't take good with the apparent and broad corruption, collusion and cowardice he found in the ranks at the police department, that office holding the Public Trust. 

He seems to have had a tendency to call out others and point things out until a correction or satisfaction was rendered. 

He held others to stand up to the truth and facts of the matter, to treat others with dignity and respect while yielding the lawful delegation of using lethal force... maybe like that Top Gun movie line: "Do not fire until fired upon."

And he seems to have snapped. 

Or could he be the first within the ranks of the force to strike back at the fascist police state, taking the "constitution," the "bill of rights," the "declaration of independence," the "manga carta," the "emancipation proclamation," and all the other movements and moments history teaches us has already happened and the fracture has been mended, to the next step of homegrown history!  

But that is the empire's occupation of revising history, the lovely story everyone is programmed to recite and recall at test time, dear ones.

But for him and according to his words, it seems he didn't experience the America he was taught, the one he took pride in and desired to hold a waving flag with honor over any field of battle, even right here, now at home.

He eludes to being stabbed in the back by everyone on the payroll, and I conclude it may be because they loved money more than the truth, their job be lost or secure. 

Maybe he lost it and was possessed with a pathological hunger to start the revolution of this age.... surely a change in his wavelength patterns has occurred which now reverberate throughout the thinking world. 

Will it be a spiritual revolution where judges, police officers, politicians and bankers start confessing their criminal acts and give up everything they have stolen and feed the hungry the next day?

Will this be a physical revolution where the guns, knives, sling shots and fists come out because folks are looking at fear instead of faith? 

Will it be a psycho social revolution which produces the nefarious predictions of your favorite futuristic police state novel, and you are only 'free' in your mind, but external expression is punishable by torture or death?

Will it be a revolution of independent action and pro-action to feed, clothe and house those needing such means, in one year... and the folks who plunder others haven't the golden calf anymore to fool people into being consenting slaves?

What will it you to be?