14 July 2009

Peter Schiff for Senate / President / Official Office!?

I was watching Peter here tonight, and once again, I hear a determined and clear minded individual. He sounds like a bona fide trustworthy guy.

This administration's government wants to be in the business of running the biggest economy in the world... well, then let a businessman run government, transparently and quarterly audited. But the right businessman is needed, one who is willing to give the donated money back if a certain amount isn't raised ( $20M ).

He could hire Marc Faber to do the firing of the shyster banksters and market lotto style stock buying at the debtor / consumer level where every dollar goes to a share of "x" company ( some penny to $5 stock ).

Let Robert Kiyosaki teach fiscal phonetics in public school, and watch America rise once again from economic slavery, this time without the shedding of blood.

See video here.

Oh yeah, stock market is still bearish, and I think it may continue to be and surely test Nov.12th lows, but Mar.6th lows? I'm not sure about that one.

I think most companies will test both of these points if they were low points for them ( most companies touched 52 week lows either of those periods of time ).

Stay tuned.

28 June 2009

Down on the Short Perhaps?

Stocks are down from the week of the 12th, are we witnessing a softening and return to short weeks ahead? The NASDAQ shows the best recovery overall.

3 months of strong buying in that fast money market has created some quantifiable results with the real estate market showing a pulse at the top of the 2nd Quarter.

Yet, sad to see mortgage rates bounce almost one percent recently, stinkin' banksters.

One real estate agent was telling me single family homes are down 50% directly from banks with almost easy qualifying, yet the bank is selling them in bulk of 25 and more at around $40k each, and that is in the Southern California area. Lots of inventory on hand, but no loans made on these, the bank wants to see cash / a balance somewhere. They will do no loans no matter what your leverage ( supposedly ).


Each of those could garner $1500-$2500 a month depending on the specific area, but either way, the ROI is attractive. Do the math if you know how... if not, here is your chance to contact me and ask that simple question.

If you want to cash flow long term, lease them in 1-5 year intervals. You'll have your cash back in about 2.5 years, and then on its quite the monthly flow, huh!? $37500 if you rent out 25 at $1500 ( low end estimation ), and that's not including down payments / collateral / other security.

If short term, you can lease for 1-2 years, then market to sell ( depending on market at that time ), or rent-to-own and qualify the renter to cash out, or mortgage a note to the new buyer ( no qualifying for them / you already qualified them ) and you cash out.

But for property acquired so cheaply, why would anyone sell a cash cow with that kind of ROI? Only so I'd say to acquire something with a better ROI and well leverage if necessary.

If kept long term from this point on, it can be leveraged sparingly to acquire other performing assets, but I advise to do so ever so lightly and with a short term out.

03 June 2009

Market Bottom is Realized, I Think


by author of SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

Today's capitalism still has opportunity at all sides.

Today's capitalism you cannot see coming, but once you hear the news of its arrival, what will determine your success will be your ability to recognize the opportunity; your financial education.

You can "capitalize" on said opportunity only if preparedness ( yours ) is ready to act on the new information.

Real world example:

Yesterday I'm on a quasi date with a lovely younger woman, and I stop by the real estate kiosk at the mall ( she isn't that young, we were getting her eye glasses repaired ).

I'm perusing home prices in certain areas and sure enough, they have plummeted over 50% considering the median, and come to find out, a bulk purchase from the bank would constitute quite a discount: up to 85%!

This is unbelievable.

As for capitalism, it works with the above scenario.

There is a method allowed to buying at these low prices: in bulk. The catch is: you need to bring cash. No bank financing. But, if you want to buy a single house, your discount or "market" value will be a 20-40% discount from top of recent market, and this will be financed by the bank at today's interest rate, which has jumped almost one percent recently from 4.6 to 5.3 or something like that. The bank will be happy to lend on a singe home, no down, just sign and promise to pay in 30 days ( on excellent credit of course ).

So there you have it folks, capitalism for the consumer and investor.

This type of capitalism which pays you is not for the slow to act on new information, it is for the prepared and fearless investor.

This type of capitalism which lends to you ( if you have a job or other money making routine you need to be present to perform ) looks like economic slavery and the method or vehicle upon which the machine works ( debt service its properly called ).

So you see here the market being set by the balancing act of the FED and their interest rate financial weapon, the banks and their money lending programs targeted to certain market players and consumers, and the price, which has been deflated to get more borrowers into the web of debt or money machine... your new working class: recent immigrant / non educated folks just dropped out of high school, or folks who are not on a career or business path or other path.

Have cash will have more, and in debt will continue further in debt.

Any thoughts?

Your Financial Education Awaits You!

17 May 2009

Open Letter to Market Makers and Manipulators

Regardless of which direction the market will go tomorrow,

the longs will go long and the shorts will go short,

the shorts will go long,

if their short first, did not work.

The longs too will go short

if the longs just, don't, quite, work.

When do you suppose enough open minded people will find and vote for candidates who don't make bureaucracy their bread and butter ( they run the office for free / donate the salary to _______ charitable whatever, or it's their only source of income for the term of the office )?

And let not these candidates be born with silver spoons; Be it someone who arrives in office not for the dollar, but for results, not to continue a policy / ideal / daddy's glory / inheritance ( aristocracy ), but do what the will of the conscientiousness of the people want.

I don't think it wise to have candidates who are not lawyers yet have lawyers write their mission statements and that fine print. Or have candidates who are lawyers and run the office for profit.

I would like to see all offices in government earn a very good wage ( as they already do ), yet not be given / earn / receive / accept any more than what was to be their only compensation / salary by law, and will be held accountable if accepting compensation from another source while in office to show loyalty and not favoritism. This "bait" money or "carrots" set before these offices is a cause for the lack of people-centric policy and continued self-centric policy ( meaning policy for profit but still someone is impoverished ).

This type of candidate could leave his business on hiatus, or retire part time or quite altogether and pick up later after filling the office, or they could leave their drudgery job, free from the routine, monotonous repetition of the same schedule, the same drive to work, the same lunch break, the same few friendly folk you may say hello to and break bread with... those folks could use a six figure income, get driven around all over the city to conduct real business, and say yes to the man with merit, and no to the fast money making M.O. ( Modus Operandi ):





It may be a step down for most folks in this area of ambitious personality, credential, education, bank account / business savvy, blah, blah blah, etc. to leave their motivation for getting up in the morning. Motivation not only in words, pretty speeches but no quantifiable accounts ( numbers represent actual results ).

I think we need non-profit leadership. Both for Prophets and not-for-profits.

We've been Romanized and we are Romanizing what has yet to be.

13 May 2009

Who Should You Listen To?

Here is a little example of what is taught through SmartPeopleSmartMoney...

If you are up for the challenge of experiencing Financial Freedom, read on:

a) Lower you expenditures ( takes discipline ).

b) Create a business around your current occupation ( takes knowledge, perseverance and discipline ) or start something you've been wanting to do / sell / service.

c) Make sure that S Corp, C Corp, LLC, etc. which runs your business pays you no more than $10k per year ( no tax due under this amount nor need to file ).

d) Use the benefits of drawing money through this entity as a way to pay for most things first ( costs of doing business, automobiles, travel, food, insurance, etc..).

e) Have the company buy an "investment" property which you happen to lease / rent.

f) Make investments out of the profits, or make secured loans, or last resort, pay yourself a bonus ( which will be a taxable event ) and whatever is left at the end of fiscal year, is taxable... if nothing, then nothing is taxable.

This is the game which is available through running a company aside from being an employee of a company.

As an employee, you are bought the first day you start working ( 15 years old for me ) and traded the day you are laid off / fired... and then put out to pasture the day you are of no further use ( folks think "they" choose to retire ).

But when you decide to financially act your way out of broke, bad credit, debt, or not sure why you are two to twenty weeks from default if laid off / fired / whatever.... you'll be glad you made that choice.

Your Financial Education Awaits You @ SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

Banksters of America Revisited

Well.. I paid off the balance last week with BANKsters of America...

And they would NOT revert the interest charges in the Purchase or Cash Advance columns ( purchase was considered the late fee and the cash advance was the payment they made on behalf of my non-payment - I forgotten I closed a bank account which I was using to draw from for this particular credit line - )... what a joke these people... or should I say the simpletons who work for them are...

I got a real winner on the phone the other day... and boy, she wasn't having any of my commentary... she was tough to say the least.

She even offered to bring my balance down about $27.00 to an even dollar amount ending in zeros... and said it WOULDN'T be reported as a settlement.... that silly $*#*%#!!!!

I paid today the accrued interest for last month... and called to make sure all things were square, and today's customer rep said if I had accepted the lowered balance, it would surely have been reported to the credit cartel.

Folks: If you do not defend yourself financially, these Banksters and the folks who push their paper will surely take advantage of you... or try to at every turn!

I told the guy I was talking to today he should read about how Bank of America was started, who started it and how his policy shined above all the other usurious institutions at that time.. but it has unfortunately been usurped by the greedy cartel..... and that he should consider another employer.

Read about Bank of America's founder here and also read up on your Financial Education.

06 May 2009

Today's Empire, Today's Instruments of War & Assassinated Presidents

Folks, this country has been the instrument of Empire delegated by royals and wealthy folks since England ceased to be that instrument after WWII.

Although war is still fought with weapons forged from steal... the new style of waring on others ( people in this country / your country ) is through the media ( mind ) and economy ( money ). You are distracted by all the garbage you could buy, by all the moral and amoral things
to vote / opine about... and then are penalized ( gladly some are ) through taxes, fees and "duty to country" so you're left helpless and harassed and are glad to keep only 50% of your income when you are put through the wash ( the brain wash that is ).

You are duped into thinking your money is real and has value... and are duped into voting for the "cure" in a suit from whichever party on whatever platform... fighting for whatever cause ( to kill or not to kill unborn babies ).

Look at all the assassinated presidents of the past... what did they have in common?

They all battled the FED and the invisible hand behind government... only Andrew Jackson escaped assassination ( yet it was attempted ) and was able to defeat the bank... but that too was short-lived.

The bank won in 1913 underhandedly, and they've done what they've wanted for so long now.

It is NOT a privilege to be the ones who subjugate the people of the world... it is a curse folks.

That is the mentality that one is superior to another.. as has been the English reason to subdue India, South Africa, Australia and so many other places... and that psyche exists today here.. it is called racism and prejudice and is justified by stats and politics and further spin...

When the Fit Hits the Shan... and Revolution is at Your Door >

I know Ron Paul sounds kooky at times, and him being the lone gunman with HR 833 looks bad.. but who cares? He makes sense when you look at history, look at facts and look at the economy and his statements coincide with many economists who aren't paid off by some lobby / bankster group.

HR 1207 is gaining speed, and this is only the beginning of the rabbit hole folks.

We should look at the FED's charter and decipher their mission... but when you contrast the facts ( ala Jekyll Island ) and the reality ( economic hijacking and economic slavery for the masses ), what good is it going by the letter of the law when the this particular law has been used against the law-abiding?

What good is it when no common citizen or businessman can justly look into the "secret" workings of this clandestine organization?

We audit banks, businesses and we're audited by these shysters... and they shall not be audited by us?

Oh, they will be found out! If not this year or next, they will most certainly be soon enough!!!!

I heard this wealthy individual on the radio over the weekend state he is starting to "dress down" and not be too flashy with his wealth.... and he said that places like the Hamptons with their 20,000 square foot mansions will be the first to go up in smoke once the revolution hits... and he'll hopefully be safe living in a moderate neighborhood keeping a low-profile.

I was surprised to hear him say revolution and fire and riots... he seems to be in touch with the repercussions of ripping off masses of folks holding weapons of all kinds... unlike some of these shyster executives and corruptly hired politicos... they seem to be out of touch or really think their gated communities or vast estates on some mountain will keep the hungry from taking their share.

And when the people are mad and full of madness, there is no sense.

On another radio station the next day, I hear a truck driver saying he's ready for whomever they call themselves, whether big brother, new world disorder, the state... the FEDs, whatever and whomever... he is ready and he's been ready and waiting... he says he's seen this coming.. him and all his union buddies, his neighbors, his family members... HE IS READY... with his arsenal and provisions...

Are you ready?

Pill Makers, Policy Buyers and Health Diminishers

The Broken American Health Industry.

What "consensus" calls factual is not at all.. its lies or mis/disinformation.

Lobbying in congress for big health businesses and pill companies has siphoned money out of consumers ( the aim of business ) and has paid off politicos for their consent ( aim of lobbying ).

I think we would have consumer bargaining power if there existed private companies facilitating entities ( original aim of HMO perhaps ) that would draw the funds from government ( our collected taxes ) and allow consumers choice of which doctors / hospitals to see and which pills ( if any ) to take...

This "middleman" of sorts will only collect a fixed amount or percentage of business, nothing more... and these can be rated for their service and betterment of people's health much like the English system rewards their doctors for the health of their patients, unlike here where the doctor is rewarded for saving the insurance company money ( backwards to what health "care" is supposed to be ).

We see investors and those at the helm not wanting to let that money and power go... who wouldn't be tempted to keep it if they were in that position?

But this needs to come to an end.... and the English model, the Canadian model and the French models are great examples of "working" systems, not perfect systems... nothing is perfect here... only works in progress.

Two Bad Birds With One Stone

Here is an idear of sorts:

If all stock owners of medical / pharmaceutical companies would at once draw their account / short these Health System Shysters and also short the Bankster shysters....

and place their funds into a FULL reserve lending bank ( bank system ran by the people, not the FED ) and make secured loans, reasonable credit lines and credit offerings....

and if we would allow for swift and critical accounting and auditing of HMO's alongside the over budgeted, over leveraged and overpriced incompetent management... and swift accounting and auditing of pill pushing pill makers and kill the profit at consumer expense madness...

and swift auditing and accounting of the Banksters Debt Service System ( know as the FED and their big bank cohorts, the Stress Test Team )...

We just might kill two birds with one stone. ( the two birds: Big Health Care and Big Banking ).

Money at the Center of the Health System

Another movie / documentary worth mentioning: SICKO by Michael Moore.

Cinema Verite is attempted as is with every documentary made... even "the news" attempts cinema verite, but we know one needs to decipher today's news and cannot accept it at face value, right?

Well yes, I know this came out some time ago, and I do remember seeing it... but today I know so much more than I did when I first viewed it... and WOW... am I inspired to get out and start something ( a speech, a protest, a march, getting people to vote, to WAKE UP FROM THE CONDITIONING AND THE PROGRAMMING ).

Any thoughts?

Anyone paying too much for health insurance today?

My monthly rate was just raised to $138 from $131, and my deductible is either $1500 or $3000, don't remember... I know of seniors who were paying $700 a month, who have finally reached age 65 and had their premium lowered to just under $100 a month... and instead of yelling over the raping of their savings / retirement ( that's $8400 a year ) are just breathing a sigh of relief.


But I have family members and friends who've been sucked dry by the greed system we know as "private health care" and have arrived in the poor house... and they are again, greatful for any relief ( they are broke and tired and feared up by the media... as is almost every poor sap... do you know folks like this, hmm? ).

Any thoughts?

Pros and cons to Michael's slant? Agree or disagree? Any real life experiences either way?

I am not surprised the same argument continues to be heard on the boob tube and radio, talking about how taxes will go up, how government intervention will ruin our health standards and more rhetoric and fear mongering.

I went to private school from 1st to 6th grades until I was removed for disciplinary reasons.

It was suggested I go to military school, but thank God my parents were more reasonable and allowed me to go to public school.. which where I was living at the time wasn't the best when contrasted with the private school I just left.

However, when I moved across the country to a different state with different deomographics and "type" of folks ( not as inner city as where I came from ), the school system was much better ( richer district ) and the teachers actually cared and they helped me out greatly ( in regards to discipline and growing up )...

So from that experience I deduce that the "system" of a socialized school system works, but only if money is sufficient which can pay for better teachers.

Why can it not be the same with the medical / health industry?

I think since it is profit motivated ( as was depicted when Nixon was conversing with an aide regarding Kaiser's profit method as opposed to a national health system ).... he found a way to open the door to big money and allow better health be available to the better paid / financially positioned persons of this country.

The question on every business owning, or hard working individual ( regardless of party line - I agree THEY are one party and WE haven't been invited - ) is will taxes go up?

Yes, because the money that is being siphoned from us for what we are getting now when we look at defense, schools, fire, police, etc... is over bloated and being spent in bloated ways to cater to elbow rubbers and pocket greasers.

Once folks wake up, get out and voice their opinion and actually vote, then we'll see things change....


We need to get folks to stop listening to the likes of FOX news and other marginal, rhetorical and one-sided outlets... there was an executive at FOX news which took off the moment he had to start "obeying" Murdoch's daily memos... he recognized the day's of true journalism ( at least at that institution ) were dead and gone.

One must see how it was shown in the documentary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" how the private media convinced the public through lies and manipulation until the other side ( in that case the state / elected party ) was able to broadcast their message.

Someone should watch that documentary and give their thoughts.... very telling how we're "programmed" and "conditioned"... thus why this health industry battle has been so hard to fix.

I can't remember last I had a doctor look me in the eye more than their watch in order to keep their train of clientele flowing through their office ( getting paid over healing folks ).

Your Financial Education Still Awaits YOU!

01 May 2009

How Many Classes Are There Again?

Folks, we see ourselves on the other side of the isle, do we not?

We are on the 'have NOT' side, even though some of us may have millions in an account somewhere or cash flowing millions per year.. yet, you may still be on the outside of that ClassRoom I'm talking about.

Yet, I assure you, we are on the RIGHT side of things.. for hopefully none of us is perpetuating the Economic Slavery on others as has been done to us.

Hopefully none of us is hating one another because of one's ethnicity or color of skin or whatever as we've been conditioned by the Euro-Centric / English "survival of the fittest" notion... .but rather judge according to what your heart and conscience says.

We are here to educate one another and come to understand not only ourselves but those who are not like us... even though they may care nothing for us and only think of themselves.

Here is an interesting quote which rings so true:

"No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself." - Thomas Mann

What Money Can Buy You

One thing is for sure folks... people in power and with the loot to perpetuate their influence have always attempted to subdue their fellow man... both locally and abroad ( history depicts this ).

In the days of Rome, so many Cesars marched across land to do this very thing... we've seen it throughout the world's known history.. today it's called something else ( freedom, human rights, 1st world "saving" the 3rd world )... but it's the same song and dance by the same selfish and greedy heart.

Recent history showed the English subduing India, South Africa and Australia among many others... they tried it here and the builders of this country kicked their butts!

Now, whether there is a master plan to completely subdue every living soul on the planet by some elitist group, that is to one's summation of things.

Biblically speaking, that is the "other guy's" main purpose ( the one who was kicked out of heaven and was given this place to rule )... but it takes faith to believe such things... yet once you do, it makes sense ( need to believe it in order to see it ).

On humanistic terms.. our recent history ( last 200 years ) has seen so many additions to the Constitution, that we are inundated with law after law.... which instead of making us a freer society, it actually has made us more bound to the inclinations of our fellow man, and we hope they will govern justly... the noose has been tightened ever so tightly... and those already subdued and at the whim of the government ( poor and on welfare and benefits ) already agree with every creed the government will throw at them "for their own good" and in the vein
of "we are looking out for you."

Haven't we seen injustice in the place of justice ( many televised examples ), haven't we seen the making of war for an unjust cause or behind a lie? And this yet again!?!?!

Haven't we also NOT prosecuted certain individuals for their wrongdoing because of their status or financial strength?

I just recently went to a gathering for mourners of a family member who was killed by her boyfriend... but, unlike the trial of Phil Spector, this individual who shot his girlfriend went directly to jail and will soon be imprisoned for some time, possibly death ( he too said she killed herself, but evidence shows otherwise )... but Spector paid for six years of freedom ( outside of jail, going about his business and continuing to enjoy life ), had a mistrial and has finally been convicted ( by a hair of a chance mind you )... so you see, riches pays off folks to defend you in spite of guilt.... Spector's money paid for his freedom, albeit it was for a time..

Same with Michael Jackson... why do you think that chump lives in a country where child molestation is NOT frowned upon by their government?

Point being, I see two sides in the world...it is not only upper class, middle class, and lower class as we've been trained to believe... it is Class.... and then the rest.

Unless you are born into this elite class, or work / marry your way in... you are on the outside of the classroom.. and subject to the whims of government to subdue you and further manipulate you for their convenience...

Step outside the box of conventional thinking folks... it is tough... but once your mind begins to set intself free from the "programming" you'll be surprised, shocked and angered....and hopefully will turn that energy into something useful and help your fellow man escape the conditioning.

27 April 2009

Regarding The Corporations, Royals & Elitists:

Folks, do you think these high-end gentlemen ( shysters and swindlers ) are going to lose any of this paper money?

Why do you suppose they spend so much hiring these government minion policy makers in the first place but to hedge their bet in the best / guaranteed way.

They had to get back what their employees allowed ( shorting of real estate for the past three years, settled debts, companies declaring bankruptcy and releasing debt and other having books containing non-performing assets )....

We think Robin Hood was bad but with a good idea... shoot, these are Hoods Robbin' us ( take from the poor and misinformed and give to the rich and overly arrogant ).... read your history folks....

In times of kings and peasants... this was happening all too often.

Today, we call it by different names, but the game nor the economic slavery hasn't changed a bit... we just think we "have it made" or are living "the American dream" because we drive a Mercedes and have a vacation home or fly to some tropical island two weeks out of 52 every year.... this is the carrot, and you're the donkey...

Most folks are 2-20 weeks away from broke if they were to lose their job ( no matter how much their salary )... or if you run a business and things slow down, if you carry a debt load with a monthly commitment.... you are also 2-20 weeks from failure.

26 April 2009

Matrix Movie = Money Machine = Economic Slavery

We are in this Money Machine whether we like it or not. Some folks think a communist country or some other "type" of system, whatever it can be named, would benefit or hinder, but those systems, or any system, will most likely also need to push paper and use it as a medium of exchange.

Let's think of how to disassociate oneself from this idol of sorts ( cash/money/digital numbers in your bank account ), learn to separate our emotions from it... and create new ways of handling it, creating new businesses for it to run through, and how to teach folks to better handle themselves and it rather than allowing it handle us and cloud our decision making.

What we see in the world is that the masses believe the carrot ( money ) to be real... of some value, instead of it representing value... much like our Congressperson represents you ( or supposed to ), yet may only represent themselves most likely...

Much in the same way, money represents those who make it, who place policy over it and who subject us all to use it, make us borrow it at interest and so forth.... those who's stamp is on it is the real owner of this toilet paper.

If we as a community ( as has been done in some parts of the country ) were to come up with our own form of money, then we'd cut out the middleman, who is in this case, public enemy #1: The Federal Reserve.

If we as a community were to barter, trade goods and services for goods and services, then again, we'd cut out these swindlers / modern day money changers.

If we were to actually use their currency we can decide instead of using their system of broken / hijack banking / usury.... we can lend and borrow to and from one another ( takes trust and / or a type of security ), we can set our own rules, terms and so forth... and again, eliminate
these swindlers all together.

We can write our REPs in Congress and ask them to start something that will cut-out these swindlers ( in case they don't know ) like H.R. 1207 and H.R. 833, and if they are paid-off as so many of our REPs are, then we can fire them and hire folks such as ourselves who will be held accountable by ourselves.

We can have America back again.

We can see freedom once again....

We can work for our keep instead of working 25% of the year to give over 25% or more in taxes ( withholding ) and the 25% and more in taxes we pay every time money moves from one place to another, for every time you purchase or sell something, and every time you do something to earn your food.. you are taxed. And let's not forget the word "fee" and "charge" and other clever words which is another form of taxing you.


I wonder, will there soon be a law for greed? I wonder how that will be litmus tested and gauged?

I don't think credit is that bad / evil... just the misinformation or lack of financial education available to credit users. Or more so the lack of effort an individual makes toward educating themselves regarding the issue of fiscal learning.

There should be a class or some kind of prerequisite prior to taking any credit or making a purchase by way of credit aside from economics; a separate business class teaching only credit.

Credit has been used to start a business, get out of debt ( true ), and other things... but most fall into an ignorant pit of seeing credit one-dimensional.

I'm going to return someone's security ( very expensive electric guitar ) for a small loan ( 1/4 the value of said security ) this morning.

The loan was 0% interest, because its a friend and its the first time... but they know the rules as they were written out on paper.

After this transaction, they will have "earned" their credit with me, and so long as they put up security in pledge, they will get all the cash they need for whatever in the future.

Problem exists: Unsecured loans made by a consortium of creditors who work together to ensure their return by rating your past performance hinders your future credit worthiness ( rated by them for them )...

Yet, if the debtor has nothing to lose ( no pledged security ) they can easily walk away... but since usury is legal and promoted among moneymakers and used as a tool of enslavement ( the economic slavery ), they can attach further debt to your name and further deepen your financial hole in the ground....

Yet, if we lend to each other with secured items, then if you stiff your lender friend, you really lose and deserve to, right?

20 April 2009


Hello Folks,

Usually, when someone makes an honest mistake to a credit card / bank with a late payment, and that individual has a spot-less track record, the banks are cordial enough to reverse the late fee and keep your good name / track record from being blemished... NOT SO ANYMORE IT SEEMS.

Two months ago, I used a line of credit I've used in the past with Banksters of America, yet reluctantly at a 3.99% interest rate ( I've been getting 0% for about five years now from most banks, including Banksters of America )...

Yet, I had some debt I needed moving and went ahead on their offer.

Well, the funds account I had connected with this credit card account was closed recently and I didn't remember having it attached to this particular card, so no funds were present when the payment was made.

Late fee of $39.00 was added under the "purchases" column at 7.99% and the payment amount of $200.00 was added to the "cash advance" column at $24.99%.

I had moved an amount of about $7,500.00 to this existing account which I've had open and with a perfect history for quite a few years now.

Well, I noticed the late fee; the past due alert...made the call to find out what was the matter... while on the phone and being told of my mistake, I made the correction / update to a new funds account, made an instant payment online of $2,000.00.... yet the customer representative said I couldn't get the 3.99% percent reinstated.. but said the $39 fee would be credited back and all will be well once again in my financial world... or so I thought ( they spun a lie unbeknown to me ).

Apparently, the two grand I sent had no effect or failed to send a message as to my desires to restore the situation / my financial standing and ability to pay.

I didn't find out about the new entries into the "cash advance" and "purchase" columns until I looked closely at my current bill last week, and after calling once again and hearing from the customer representative that in fact those amounts will continue to rise ( be charged interest ) since the balances attached to lower APRs get paid before higher APR balances do, as some of you may already know.... ( oh the GAME which these Banksters play on us... you must read the fine print and know they can always change the rules while you are out on the field ).

So, I gave them three options OF MINE!

A: Settle the current amount of $5500 to $2750 at their 3.99% rate and I will continue to pay as promised.

B: Keep the balance at $5500 and grant me 0% for the life of the balance and I will continue to pay as promised.

or C: I PAY NOTHING, THEY LOSE... and however they attempt to destroy my credit ( which is impeccable and contains no late or anything for the past 10+ years )... it wouldn't matter because I have learned the way to exist without depending on these bankster's credit-debt system.... yet I will battle with them, the credit reporting shysters on this account until it is wiped clean as I've done with other banksters / shysters and swindler liars in the past.. ( the fear tactic they put on less learned individuals only works when the individual doesn't know how to play the GAME ).

Now, I could easily pay this and other non-secured debts I have without a problem, but then what would be the point? What benefit does the issuance of credit have if it will work against you or if you pay it off so quickly ( yet I know it is a short-term loan, but you can draw it out and benefit yourself as I have )?

After speaking with a couple of THEIR folks for an hour... they reasoned my options weren't options they'd consider ( I knew it all along... just wanted to open negotiations with them ).. YET THEY REFUSED TO DISMISS THE "CASH ADVANCE" AND "PURCHASE" CHARGES... again, after they credited me the late fee, I still get reamed for those bogus charges at interest ( yes, I know those charges are stated in the shyster liar terms, but all these things can be altered and over ruled, but these hired hands don't want to lose their job or forfeit their quarterly bonus )... and then the returned payment turned into a cash advance... according of course to their own rules and laws and contract...

Much like making a deal with the devil where you simply sign with your blood and only get to see the signature line... because whatever the contract contains doesn't matter, for it can and will change at their whim... no matter how good of a customer you are, how valuable your business is to them... no matter.... the GAME isn't played fair nor can you make headwind unless you allow them to bleed you ( pay interest ) or you get smarter...

I am waiting for the call from some manager of whatever department... and I am sure I will get some concession or some headway soon enough...

I'm know some folks shorted BAC today and doubled their money...

Ok, I'm done ranting... any thoughts anyone?

Financially Defend Yourself: http://SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

28 March 2009

The 3rd Party / Third Party...

People, can we begin agreeing on at least one thing before we attempt something?

Can we agree that these swindlers do not respect us: the taxpayers, the working folks, the small business owners, the civil workers, the ones who desire what this country is supposed to stand for and what the Constitution asks for?

Can we agree to put differences aside and unite under our common desires?

Let us start a 3rd Party / Third Party!!!

Not a party consisting of the prism we've been conditioned to see through ( either Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, Capitalist or Communist, Left Wing or Right Wing, etc... )
Let's put all that pigeon-holed garbage aside folks!!!!

Let's step out onto our neighborhoods, go to our neighbors, regardless of their color, their ethnicity, whether you like them or not.... and bind together our similarities, people!

Consider this: the numbers / reality of our tax / debt burden is beyond what those who horded the wealth long ago ( kings / blue bloods / arrogant blood-line believing people ) subjugated the common folks by... it has gotten ridiculous and is getting worse, not better... the news is telling you that, but we do not see the bigger picture.

We need to bind together, we need to unify under the precepts already written for us
and on our behalf.

THEY cannot break our UNITY if WE indeed UNIFY!!!!!

WE are much more than THEM..

Get out of your comfort zone folks!

And WE are the police force, WE are the soldiers, WE are the workers, WE are the teachers, WE are the civil employees, WE are the people who run this Machine, "but if the PEOPLE aren't FREE, the Machine will be prevented from working at all." ( see that speech by Mario Savio... those words ring true TODAY.... they are true RIGHT NOW!!!!

Please, break away from the pigeon-holed, myopic view our minds have been conditioned into believing by these media manipulators.... these greedy swindlers... they are all in the same boat unless they distance themselves from their power / control freak owners ( banksters many say they are, foreign interests and big stock holders other say they are, whomever, that will be made known soon enough )...

Let's fire these selfish, non-obedient-to-the-people-who-pay-their-way legislators TODAY!

If you think I am crazy, conspiratorial or fanatically religious or __________________ ( insert your opinion )..... I DON'T CARE.... What I see I must declare to you!!!!

I cannot put my head back into the sand and fill myself with the material comforts I've been sold... I cannot anymore!

Pull your heads out of the sand, pull your mind out of your comfort zone and see for yourself that the value of the money you receive for your efforts is being drained from you.. and this is how they are pulling us down... this is how they will attempt to subjugate us, by what we have our hope, faith and dependence on.... the money in your bank account, in your safe, under your bed and in your pocket... that money --- ISN'T REAL!!!

That paper is simply a medium of exchange, but once the people have lost their faith in it, or trust in the scoundrels who own the printing machines and depict its policy, then it's worth less than what you wipe your bum with!!!!!

Bring the FED and their books INTO THE LIGHT NOW!!!

Bring the power of money printing back to the Congress, not these banksters who hide behind the front of the FED!!!!

Bring the power of election and policy back to the people, by the means allowed to you by the natural rights bestowed on you by your Creator.... they have bled our sovereignty and rights from underneath our noses for years now.... Proverbs 37:14-15, 35-36.

Let's put our faith into The Most High, and not that piece of paper THEY want you to put your faith into... ( Proverbs 37:40 ).

And let us put our differences aside people... look to the newly poor and those living among the tents... they have been humbled... and they now speak amongst one another...

Don't wait until you are among their ranks, don't wait for that humble pie to reach you, some of you won't be able to take it, some will balk and stir in bitterness instead of see the reality of things.

Come on folks!!!!!

Yet, Your Financial Education Awaits You: SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact?

Cheers All....

This gentlemen has attempted to wrap his head around who Public Enemy #1 is... as I have attempted along with so many others...

I wonder if you agree, disagree or don't care ( head in sand and happy ).

Be Sure to Click Confirm when you arrive at the YouTube Site to view video.

Yet, Your Financial Education Awaits You: SmartPeopleSmartMoney

24 March 2009

When the Illusion is Finally Broken

Oh that day when folks snap out of the illusion money holds over

Oh that day when people realize they've been worshiping idols such as
money, gold, etc....

Oh that day when people are snapped back to an unfamiliar reality and
they realize there is a God!!!!!

Please be ready for that day folks.

As He says: "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

My apologies for those who say: "religion is a personal thing, please
don't share" .. you are only keeping your head in the sand, sorry to say
that... actually I'm not... you needed to hear that / read that.

Money Rant

Not everyone understands money nor it's value opposed to "real"
things, such as gold ( which is another thing people think is valuable
for some odd reason, though you can't eat it, well you can, but it
doesn't offer any health value, you can't clothe yourself with it,
well you can, but you'll look like diva or some pompous prince not-so-
charming and it may not keep the cold out, you can't house yourself in
it, well you can, but then you'll have to sit outside it and protect
it because everyone would want to a piece of it because everyone
thinks it's valuable for some odd reason ).

At least if that fake paper money you want more of is attached "market-
wise" to something such as gold or silver, then the value is dependent
and not independent from those other things people see as valuable...
which vary with "value" according to people's sentiments or if people
"say" its good or worth more than... uh... cow dung.

Illusions I say... my opinion: A house is valuable; it keeps you dry
when it rains, keeps the mosquitoes off your bum when you sleep, can
keep the sun from beating down on your head when its hot outside...

Food is valuable too I think; keeps your body working, gives you
energy, which is needed to push that button on your remote control to
switch from CNN to FOX to Bloomberg to the Shopping Channel and back

Water is pretty good; clears out your body after a night of binge
drinking, helps you swallow the 12 pills your doctor prescribes you to
keep you (in)sane..

And people are pretty important; you need them to hang out with, point
your finger at, hate when you are troubled with yourself, and then
when you eventually lose all your marbles, you need them to show up in
military gear and take you away ( for your and your fellow
countryman's own good of course )...

And land is somewhat important... I mean, where are you going to walk,
lay your head, grow your food on / in? In the air? On the moon or
Mars as some suppose? Underwater ( the oceans are owned by some
greedy folks too, I forgot ).

So land is valuable because it can grow that food you need, it gathers
that water you need, and it supports your house / the hut you need to
keep the mosquitoes from biting your bum all night....

So here comes another power grab from those who seem to have it all
( money and all you can buy with it ) but are missing something so
much more important....

So when your milk goes to $10 a gallon but your raise / the minimum
wage only goes up $0.50... don't cry to your politician then... they won't listen
because they are ripping and roaring out those new laws so fast and so
eloquently / convulsively that most folks cannot keep up nor
understand them... then you'll be glad you had your Constitution and
some folks were paying attention ( oh wait, they are doing away with
that old piece of paper too, oops )...

So where shall those who love Freedom of Life go to next? Oh I
forgot, all the land has been spoken for by those who have it all
( except for Cuba, but they want that island too... much like that
monopoly game and you have every last property except _______... and
that would just make their day to have that one too.

22 March 2009

Letter To My ( Your ) Representative RE: H.R. 1207

Dear Representative Lucille,

Please co-sponsor and/or support H.R.1207, an effort to audit the Federal Reserve.

Recently, it has come to light that there is little to no accountability to the people on the part of the Federal Reserve. While the citizens of this country are required by law to give an accounting of every penny they come in contact with, the Federal Reserve has never been held to the same standard. During this time of extreme economic crisis, the people deserve an accounting of where our money is going.

Currently there are 33 co-sponsors for this legislation, and it is enjoying bi-partisan support. Your efforts in supporting this important legislation would go a long way in proving to your constituents that you not only hold the Federal Reserve to the same standard as you do your constituents, but it would also show that you believe in transparency. Anything less than support for this resolution suggests that you are in favor of secrecy and a lack of accountability to the people who pay the bills. We pay the tab; we have a right to know where our money is going.

Unlike recent bills that you voted in favor of that had hundreds of pages and just a few hours to read, this bill can be read in under 5 minutes. I encourage you to take the time to read it, and then move to support it. I strongly urge you to support H.R. 833 as well.

Thank you in advance for your attention on this important legislation. I have every expectation that you will do right by your constituents and support this measure.

Sincerely, Your Name

Letter To My ( and Your ) Representative RE: H.R. 833

Folks, please copy and paste this letter ( or write your own, but include the important points such as demanding their attention, action and response ), simply edit the name of your REP and fax, snail mail, email and even call to confirm receipt of your letter(s).... I'll sending it and revisions every week until I hear a response / the resolution passes!

Hello Lucille,

I voted for you.

I aim to be a student of the facts and have been studying what money is and isn't for quite some time now. I am writing you since you directly represent me and my district at the moment.

I would like to bring H.R. 833 to your attention ( the bill authored and re-introduced by Ronald Paul of Texas ). This bill needs co-sponsors, but hasn't any. This bill and its matter needs your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. I wonder if it scares your fellow congress-folk due to either lack of understanding or simply put: fear of the repercussions.

Lucille, do you know who the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks / Federal Reserve System ( FED ) are? You may believe this entity to be a government agency, but it is not. This group is comprised of central bank entities and their unknown owners and since its inception in 1913, has continually manipulated the "free market" and has now once again consolidated financial power into the hands of very few individuals.

As heard in an interview with Jim Lehrer of PBS, former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan is quoted saying in response to what the relationship between the President of the U.S. should be with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve: "Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an INDEPENDENT AGENCY, and that means basically that there is NO OTHER AGENCY OF GOVERNMENT WHICH CAN OVERRULE ACTIONS THAT WE TAKE. So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the Administration, or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are DON'T FRANKLY MATTER..."

The time has come for the light of truth and honesty to be shed on the inner workings of this group of secretive individuals and their greater grasp of financial / economic business dealings for your constituents and the rest of the world to see. This is the people's country, not only the elite or highly educated nor the wealthy, but all of it's citizenry.

This entity has usurped the power to print money ( which constitutionally is a power reserved for Congress ) from the people and has had a stranglehold on this government ever since ( history shows, not only my opinion ).

The question I hope you would ponder is: How can a privately owned corporation such as the FED legally request the printing of money, charge interest for the issuance / loaning of this money to the very government / people it is supposed to serve, and then hold secret its business dealings? And all this without ever being audited since its inception in 1913. How can this be? Any other entity, whether private or public, would have been held accountable already and their crimes found out, but not these folks / this group.

If the preceding isn't the definition of a "shadow government," then I don't know what is Lucille.

I intend no offense by my strong words or to offend anyone who is honestly working their hardest to ethically lead this country and it's people forward while upholding our founding constitutional rights. What Ronald Paul is proposing in H.R. 833, what President Abraham Lincoln did when he introduced "green-backs" to effort the cause during the civil war instead of plunging the Union into debt, what President Andrew Jackson battled to rescind the Second Bank of the United States' charter and the battles within government which ensued thereafter, what President John F. Kennedy proposed in Executive Order 11110, and the efforts of many others known and not known to history... this bill and the history behind these Presidential efforts need be learned, realized and spoken about! This goes beyond a two party debate.

This was said in the very halls you walk in Congress Lucille: "We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are U.S. government institutions. They are private credit monopolies; domestic swindlers, rich and predatory money lenders which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers. The Federal Reserve banks are the agents of the foreign central banks. The truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the Government of the United States by the arrogant credit monopoly which operates the Federal Reserve Board." -- A.D. 1932, Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, addressing the House, Congressional Record 12595-12603.

And here is another ignored quote: "The Federal Reserve Banks are privately owned, locally controlled, separate corporations." -- A.D. 1982 Lewis v. United States, Ninth Circuit Court testimony.

And yet another one: "The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their order with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs." -- b. A.D. 1863, David Lloyd George, Welsh born British Prime Minister A.D. 1916 - 1922.

Judge for yourself what message history and these men were stating.

Will you also cower to intimidation Lucille? Please think not of your job security or reputation Lucille, but think of the injustice your very constituents have been subject to for so long. We have One Judge who is watching all of this, and your life will be blessed or cursed according to your response and action in regards to this Lucille, whether you believe or not!

I see an economic slavery which is now, once again, rearing its ugly head. I see a population which hasn't much a clue of money, its manipulation and who does the manipulating. I see leadership who either hasn't a clue themselves regarding the topic of money, of banking and its history, or know exactly how this economic slavery is perpetuated yet say nothing out of fear or because they have been bought themselves ( they are hired hands ).

If you would please speak with Ronald Paul regarding H.R. 833. If you would please take the time to review the history of the Federal Reserve Banks / System / FED, not only from their own website.... If you would research the historic battles between who has authority to issue and print this government's currency and how this battle has been won and lost over time on both sides ( banksters and the people / Congress... If you would research the efforts by the likes of Lincoln, Jackson, Kennedy and so many others... If you would please educate yourself and others as I have begun to do so, then you will see the importance of bill H.R. 833. You may very well see and acknowledge the injustice I am bringing to your attention and of which this bill intends to end.

I will await your response. I am also sending this message to others, and if the message is ignored, then those who were voted into office to the do what is right and true for their constituents, will also be ignored... and soon held accountable.

If you do in fact know what I am describing in this letter and know about how this country has been bled for so long, then I await an explanation.

Either way, I expect a response. The people of the United States and of the world will not be patient for much longer.

This scripture speaks directly to you and your office: Proverbs 31:8-9.


Your Name

05 March 2009

Has The Tide Turned?

I noticed hearing yesterday in the "bad" news the victory of that one-armed female musician from the New England area who won a lawsuit over some drug company... and only the last three appointees of little Bush sided with the drug company, upholding the FDA's "professionals" as stated by the lead 'injustice' himself ( we can see through the dubious now thank GOD ).

I also saw Canada moving forward with wind and solar energy efforts ( clean, environment friendly energy ) other than oil and coal sourced energy... the tide has turned against the owners of big oil, and big drug it seems.

Another story was when Barack announced the end of 'no-bid' military / defense contracts, and showed how so many billions were simply lining the pockets of the already fat, greedy and rich by-way of our taxes, hard work and obedience to a corrupt system. But we are seeing hope, we are seeing justice being done, albeit at a snails pace and with care.

With these three stories, and the subsequent opinions gathered by the news makers, it seems like the tide has turned in these areas...

You have Rush Bimbo going nuts at the mic, and I am sure his wealthy supporters and gift-givers are blowing up his cell phone all day and night, pushing him to spew more madness and bad talk...

Remember, campaign contributions bring business to the giver from the hired hand... and we don't see the hidden money and bribery, which I am sure is much bigger than campaign contribution, folks.

To my eyes, Little Bush and his rich friends in business and government had orchestrated the attempt at a form of tyrannical rule ( using the excuse of 911 to tap our phone lines and many more injustices ) through the typical means history has shown others do this by: lies, deception, law-breaking and more... and we are seeing the reversal of things.... it seems....

Didn't the other day Barack released secret memos of Little Bush's crew and the secrets regarding prisoners, interrogation and abuse?   Perhaps a wise move to keep the shell game going.

Now, this isn't to say "let's relax folks, all is well"... NO NO NO NO!!!! Or, "let's now trust our leadership, they are doing a fantastic job." NO NO NO!!!! Now is the time for more citizen involvement, just don't be swayed by the phony monopoly money.... don't become a donkey like the hired hands and sell-out your friends, family and fellow Americans / citizens of the world for what is simply a means of exchange.... don't fall into THEIR trap.

We must be on guard and ready, now more aware than ever.... these latest lessons must be learned, we must be strengthened in our Faith and fortitude and exercise our rights.... WE are more powerful than THEM, WE are more than THEM... and THEY really need US...

Yet, Their Financial Educations Awaits Them Also: http://SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com

The Creature From Jekyll Island

I called into a talk radio show the two Sundays ago, and asked the host if it was true the FED is as described ( privately owned, directs monetary policy and lends the printed money at interest back to the government and people )... and whether our government leaders may very well be lying to us?

His response was quite interesting: He agreed that our senators and the like may very well be lying us either because they don't know exactly what is happening or about money / economics / history of the FED, and that if they do know, they cannot say, or it will be the end of their careers....

And in regards to the FED, he had little to say, only that they serve to promote jobs and control money supply to the country's benefit ( I tried to respond as did all the other callers that afternoon, but was somehow disconnected as soon as the first word came out of my mouth -
I wasn't surprised ). After I got off the phone and tuned back in to the program... he recommended me read The Creature from Jekyll Island.

What is needed is an education of money for the unlearned ( which is every American who hasn't taught themselves ). They have their heads in the sand, much like I did at one point, either due to plain ignorance of the facts, or because it is too fantastic a conspiracy to think this country's sovereignty has been usurped by some rich royals or whomever... yet the fact is that it has... and the first head to roll is the FEDs.

The FED needs to have the light of truth and honesty be shed on them IMMEDIATELY! We need to know who these sons of unloved women are! But WE have to do something PEOPLE!

We can teach others ( unless you have to first teach yourself ) how to get out of debt. This is how these banksters keep you pinned... if you have no debt they can bleed you by, then you will be economically free for the most part, yet may still have to push that paper they make ( Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's ). We need to help those who don't know and are on that treadmill / that mouse wheel / the rat race as Kiyosaki plainly states.... help them escape it... and that is by understanding what money is, how to properly utilize it, and use it with discipline... otherwise, we'll all be continually played the joker by these jokers in this silly sad game of poker.

People from the other side of the world are looking in through the hourglass at us Americans... and although they may have ill-intentions or may lay blame, we need take their opinions with a grain of salt, allow them to be sobering if in fact they are.... but if they are fearful, expel those thoughts!!!

This country was built on God and His precepts as history shows.... the forefathers had great faith in the face of tyranny, greed and control, yet they triumphed!!! ( God triumphed and made a place where people would be free to worship, live and exist free from tyrants... yet this tyranny has been allowed to seep in by-way of this thing many blindly worship ( I am speaking of money and it's illusion of power / importance )... and this illusion being perpetuated by the same kind who have assassinated Presidents ( oh you don't believe me? Then simply research your history in regards to Pres. Lincoln, Jackson, Kennedy and other advocates of money's issuance by Congress and not some private bank ).

We have allowed injustice to prevail too long, we've been swayed by the allure of that carrot I call money ( and vice versa )... and now the the discomfort level has reached almost every family in this FREE country we've been Blessed to be born in / live in / have immigrated to...we have finally found out these truths... so let us share the truth of the matter...


Your Financial Education Awaits You!

03 March 2009

Financial Divots?

I remember sitting at my first "paid" real estate seminar ( not a free one, although they are also informative, just don't be swayed by the sales pitches ), and hearing the speaker say on a couple of occasions: "America raises financial divots."

He explained how, just out of high school, most kids want to "grow up" and get that job, that car, that house, etc... only to fall victim to those who may know either a little bit more about money / economy or simply know how to dangle the carrot in front of the hopeful's eyes. They borrow the money to buy, and they find themselves now in debt... and the mouse wheel now begins to roll... them perpetually churning it to "keep up with the Joneses, the Smiths and the Rockefellers ).

I remember considering if his statement was true... and I found myself lacking much knowledge of finance and found that he was absolutely correct.... although I took economics, I only remember learning about supply and demand and some other general topics... but not what running your own business was...

In business class, I was taught how to manage another one's business, but not how to spear-head my own start-up.

I learned how to count money, but not about assets, liabilities, investments as opposed to a sales pitch, and no where did I learn how to even balance a checkbook!

Never did I think a 12% return on my money existed, let alone 100% return... these were tales to me, told by fairies. Yet, they do exist... but only to the learned mind.

America has lacked a financial education on purpose I say.

If folks were taught to save, invest and grow their money, where would the need to "borrow" from the banksters exist? It wouldn't, and they dare not allow that to happen... for they would lose their power and control.... and you would realize that money is simply a tool, not some mysterious thing that only your hard work and sweat could bring...

Money's mystique would soon fade, for you would see that this idea of money is nowadays being printed out on some fancy paper with fancy words on it, but truly, it is the faith held by the blind masses which gives it that "false" sense of something ( power, ability, etc. ) It is the gathered belief ( faith ) that you hand this paper to someone and they will honor the trade with whatever "real" thing they are giving in exchange for it... and then they in turn will 'pass the buck' on down the line....

Oh what will happen when the faith in the phony is lost?

Education is key.

Your Financial Education awaits You!

25 February 2009

Some Things I'd Like to Share With You

( The following was a response to some questions in an email correspondence which I copied and pasted to share about myself with whomever happens to read this blog ):

I was baptized into the Catholic church as a baby, then into the Methodist church around the same time ( something to do with my mom and her parents ), then into Christ by my own decision and in faith at age 22... and my eyes were opened!

I recently began praying again wholeheartedly, and I've been waking up from a stagnation of mind, spirit, heart and soul due to the challenges of life, and my character failing to circumvent or overcome these challenges, but grace is upon us all I believe and I give HIM all the glory... He has refreshed me and granted me peace once again.

After finding out some truths regarding this world, money and other things along those same lines ( I had begun a learning journey to find out what money really was and how to make it without "working" for it / trading hours for dollars some say )... and when finding out some knowledge regarding money and things along that subject... I believe a shadow had been cast across my heart, akin to the warnings found in scripture starting in 1 Timothy chapter 6 beginning with verse 3 through verse 19 ( the bible depicts our lives by the way, it is quite remarkable, but one must believe it in order to see it ).

I desired to be in the military as a child up to my teenage years until I woke up from that illusion ( don't get me wrong, serving your country / the citizenry is a noble thing, but I soon realized I wasn't too interested in having someone who truly cares less about me personally.... I wasn't interested in allowing them to own me for a time while possibly putting me into harms way only to fatten their pocket books further ). I woke up from the conditioning I received from cartoons like G.I. Joe and a mindset that I was expendable for a cause, which when looked at closer, had been based on lies, propaganda and exploitation / the furthering of empire at the expense of the less learned and disenfranchised. My research of Latin American history has revealed much of this ( something to look into if you disagree ).

I think not too many folks see clearly what is behind government nor the hired politicians / hired hands we regrettably vote for... I have an inkling, but wish not to share such an opinion at this time... but whomever this family / group / organization is, it isn't about their heritage / race / religion.... that is irrelevant, although they may believe it to be important, it is much simpler:

The issue is based on greed, envy, control, insecurity, jealousy, etc... the common things you and I struggle with, magnified by a lack of humility and clarity ( their judgment is clouded by their faith in the material / immaterial... their hearts are darkened by lies believed to be truth, although propagating the carrot for the masses to follow, I think they in fact believe in the very falsehood they perpetuate ).

I think no matter how much one has / makes, being frugal has always been the path to plenty / abundance...

Being wise and within reason is clearly something born out of discipline, not foolish spending. History has shown us those who made fortunes from nothing did so due to their hard diligent work and fiscal responsibility, while those who have flushed away wealth were not diligent; were unaware of the character needed to be responsible... and those fortunes were lost quicker than they were amassed.

Strong opinions I know, but possibly YOU may respond with some clarifying facts and / or opinions... I am open to correction as we all should be.

I see others are also pursuing truth and have published their findings here. My how God surely does make his purpose clear across all faiths, time and people.

Yet, your Financial Education is waiting.

13 February 2009

Email to Mainstream Program Directors

MESSAGE TO PROGRAM DIRECTOR(s): I think everyone has heard by now the tragedy in Buffalo New York with the plane landing on the house...( yes, the ratings depict the coverage, I know, just wondering if anyone has a pulse in the big office ).

You could move on to more current news like - Although banks are lending and extending credit to folks with good and excellent credit, they are extending that credit at usurious rates. How can someone with excellent credit and an extremely low debt to income ratio have their interest rates hiked-up close to default rates? Is this the response for paying on time and in full / keeping a perfect track record? It is greed, plain and simple; the tightening of the noose around the American people; the sifting of wealth from the hard-working to those who can change the rules of the game at half-time with the stroke of a pen. Run historical facts and data, because we are seeing 1929 all over again, whether you personally believe it or not or know your history.

I am usually never one to complain to those I voted into office, but they are going to hear from me and all my many friends and family.

Suggestion: Cover the stripping of wealth from the very people who make this country run by these banks. Not from those who tried to scam or steal when credit was loosened, but those who pay on time and are not over-leveraged. Cover the injustice and charade going on in Washington; the slap on the hand for the greedy executives who will continue to ask for the public's debt-money and horde it. Don't simply allow these 'banksters' to broadcast the half-truth that they are lending anew, give specifics! Bloomberg is a shining example of a news company ( although strictly financial news ) who isn't afraid to broadcast the truth of the matter anymore. The mass population can be distracted with entertainment / shock news for only so long sir / ma'am. I woke up from the that Programming Pacifier long ago. When the populous find themselves living on the side of the freeway en mass, it will be to late!

You have been entrusted with the duty and privilege of objectively exposing the truth at all costs, right? Or did you receive a different Communications degree from mine? Or has the salary for obedience rather than truth writing dampened your conscience / senses? Please don't take offense, it takes strong words at times to produce strong results.

Take inventory and make the right decision.

11 February 2009

NOTICE: I do not take any more credit for whatever knowledge, understanding, common sense... whatever anyone would call for what is becoming obvious... I have simply asked for the truth ( started years ago, over ten now to be exact ) in life and so long as I continue to seek the truth in earnest effort and out of a sincere heart, things continue to be revealed... yet it is so difficult to understand and more-so to forward to others ( my lack of tactfulness and simple approach and limited capacity / understanding coupled with the listener's current understanding or lack thereof and current position / point of view in life ).... it's like living in two worlds. I am many times struggling within myself.

Wow, just re-read what I wrote above and must say it sounds kooky, religious and weird, nevertheless I am trying to explain that I want no more credit or notoriety for anything I write or present on my site other than simply the time I've taken to hash it out... in other words -> Glory be to Him who gives Life, as for me... me is nothing but a vessel, a messenger if you will, a reluctant one at that with many shortcomings that friends and family can quickly point out.

I've ceased to "gamble" in this stock market / money game for the moment, possibly for good, as of yesterday ( 2/09/2009 )... waiting for day three for funds to settle and pulling out.... I say gamble and not invest due to the fact that what I see smells too much like circa 1929 and that is most unfortunate, and the lies today in the mainstream media continues to make me sick... seeing Geitner speak, and him receiving applause after that baloney press release, and then watching the market tumble... and reporters are bewildered as to why the market would react like that... it's so simple... folks that have a clue of who the FED really is are not going to put their hard-earned money ( although fiat and the carrot you cannot eat and becoming evermore worthless by the day )... people are not going to put their paper debt-notes out there to be swept up by those who manipulate, distort and continue with the smoke and mirrors... to get at your real assets ( your time, effort, energy, house, car, etc.. ) The guilty should be ashamed at themselves and will be shamed for all to see.

It hurts my heart to see tents by the freeway now... these are decent people who have been conned once again, history repeats... they haven't a clue, they are sheep being led to the slaughter...

I think I'll stop looking out for myself ( I am guilty of being selfish and been putting money first for way too long ) and start helping others find their way out of this economic slavery. I regret the knowledge of money. I've noticed a shadow come over one's heart with this particular knowledge, mine foremost included.

The only way you can be hurt financially in this phony world is if you owe to Caesar what is Caesars. If you are debt-free, you can't be pulled down, at least not financially.

Yes, I anticipated the drop in the market, knowing full well that further government help = trouble and could have shorted or gone with whichever ETF you fancy, but I just sat back and observed in silence, like a deja-vu, like watching Casa Blanca where you already know what he's going to say and what is gonna happen next...

Your Financial Education is Calling YOU!

24 January 2009

Take the Helm

Whether the bottom was or is yet to be, one thing may be certain:

Big money will not take a loss before the minions lose it all first... or at least are down to growing their own food.

Market fluctuations are here for the moment in both directions, mostly down as seen looking back 20/20. We experienced our first bounce and seemingly soft landing from initial lows.

Big money is looking forward to growing their investments no matter what anyone says, and sometimes that points towards subversive means like cutting energy when you own it all, cutting food when you own it all and cutting the money supply when you own it all... and then the battles break-out and there is talk of war. Think about it for a moment. This shouldn't instill fear, but snap you to wake up and see things clearly. See who calls the shots and who parades a face. And who pays with their blood.

So the rest of us follow the flow of their money and go along with the call to war, the campaign to end this or start that, now we go GREEN when all signs have point to RED!... the hook is set once again via the media, which is so already set into our psyche as our guiding light, our big brother looking out for us feeding us more disinformation and fear.

Time to read out loud certain verses from certain books...

and to read out loud what has brought so many good willed people to this country looking for a way out: The Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc... the very things that established this place we've created as a better means of existence... well, some folks around the world aren't that interested in the specific way it is sold / forced on them...

Cannot anyone read and remember history? Circa the first Depression?

Further intervention by government officials opens the door to more ownership by fewer and fewer individuals. Mainly the officials and their cohorts get first dibs and the rest is sold to the open market as wholesale, but really the mark-up has already occurred and your buying premium in real terms. The mark-up continues until it falls, now what does that look like to you? People tell you to stay away from those ponzi schemes all the time.

Yes its capitalism, but the form which draws wealth and influence from the many to the few... the selfish, full of themselves and cashing in on your labor, few. Its exploitation isn't it? And this can only happen when you don't know what you don't know. Meaning, once you know what the game is, what money is and how you can change the state of things in an instance with what you put your faith into ( God or money )... they'll keep pulling the wool over your eyes and you'll keep working to buy that new house, car, i-pod, game, boat, plane, business..... still thinking that stuff is making you happy.... And the subjugates think they are happy knowing they are enslaving people by the billions to their benefit.

Your Financial Education is waiting.