01 February 2012

The Stage-Play of Amerikan Politics

The season's distraction of Super Bowl Sunday, basketball rankings and surely the dramatic exchanges between the lesser of evils on teevee for the world to decide ( yeah right ).

Yet what is being portrayed still on mainstream media ( yet now polarized by company and party affiliation ) I still see as the narrative... and part of a nicely woven fanciful novel ( revision ).... one which doesn't seem to apply since what NDAA now clarifies was already allowed since Bush and HomelandInSecurity was started.

Obama did not change a thing... but himself has 'stayed the course.' It shows these men do not really 'lead,' but merely represent their check writers, which is what today was about... we are subject to what goes on since we do not yield the money nor the power, and how we can be effective is diminished due to our lack of unity in understanding what is really going on.

One person goes about their day thinking they are free, while another sees the police state has arrived and the Constitution is null... yet another clearly sees yet has resolved the inevitability of history's repetitive ( really man's ) nature.