25 February 2009

Some Things I'd Like to Share With You

( The following was a response to some questions in an email correspondence which I copied and pasted to share about myself with whomever happens to read this blog ):

I was baptized into the Catholic church as a baby, then into the Methodist church around the same time ( something to do with my mom and her parents ), then into Christ by my own decision and in faith at age 22... and my eyes were opened!

I recently began praying again wholeheartedly, and I've been waking up from a stagnation of mind, spirit, heart and soul due to the challenges of life, and my character failing to circumvent or overcome these challenges, but grace is upon us all I believe and I give HIM all the glory... He has refreshed me and granted me peace once again.

After finding out some truths regarding this world, money and other things along those same lines ( I had begun a learning journey to find out what money really was and how to make it without "working" for it / trading hours for dollars some say )... and when finding out some knowledge regarding money and things along that subject... I believe a shadow had been cast across my heart, akin to the warnings found in scripture starting in 1 Timothy chapter 6 beginning with verse 3 through verse 19 ( the bible depicts our lives by the way, it is quite remarkable, but one must believe it in order to see it ).

I desired to be in the military as a child up to my teenage years until I woke up from that illusion ( don't get me wrong, serving your country / the citizenry is a noble thing, but I soon realized I wasn't too interested in having someone who truly cares less about me personally.... I wasn't interested in allowing them to own me for a time while possibly putting me into harms way only to fatten their pocket books further ). I woke up from the conditioning I received from cartoons like G.I. Joe and a mindset that I was expendable for a cause, which when looked at closer, had been based on lies, propaganda and exploitation / the furthering of empire at the expense of the less learned and disenfranchised. My research of Latin American history has revealed much of this ( something to look into if you disagree ).

I think not too many folks see clearly what is behind government nor the hired politicians / hired hands we regrettably vote for... I have an inkling, but wish not to share such an opinion at this time... but whomever this family / group / organization is, it isn't about their heritage / race / religion.... that is irrelevant, although they may believe it to be important, it is much simpler:

The issue is based on greed, envy, control, insecurity, jealousy, etc... the common things you and I struggle with, magnified by a lack of humility and clarity ( their judgment is clouded by their faith in the material / immaterial... their hearts are darkened by lies believed to be truth, although propagating the carrot for the masses to follow, I think they in fact believe in the very falsehood they perpetuate ).

I think no matter how much one has / makes, being frugal has always been the path to plenty / abundance...

Being wise and within reason is clearly something born out of discipline, not foolish spending. History has shown us those who made fortunes from nothing did so due to their hard diligent work and fiscal responsibility, while those who have flushed away wealth were not diligent; were unaware of the character needed to be responsible... and those fortunes were lost quicker than they were amassed.

Strong opinions I know, but possibly YOU may respond with some clarifying facts and / or opinions... I am open to correction as we all should be.

I see others are also pursuing truth and have published their findings here. My how God surely does make his purpose clear across all faiths, time and people.

Yet, your Financial Education is waiting.

13 February 2009

Email to Mainstream Program Directors

MESSAGE TO PROGRAM DIRECTOR(s): I think everyone has heard by now the tragedy in Buffalo New York with the plane landing on the house...( yes, the ratings depict the coverage, I know, just wondering if anyone has a pulse in the big office ).

You could move on to more current news like - Although banks are lending and extending credit to folks with good and excellent credit, they are extending that credit at usurious rates. How can someone with excellent credit and an extremely low debt to income ratio have their interest rates hiked-up close to default rates? Is this the response for paying on time and in full / keeping a perfect track record? It is greed, plain and simple; the tightening of the noose around the American people; the sifting of wealth from the hard-working to those who can change the rules of the game at half-time with the stroke of a pen. Run historical facts and data, because we are seeing 1929 all over again, whether you personally believe it or not or know your history.

I am usually never one to complain to those I voted into office, but they are going to hear from me and all my many friends and family.

Suggestion: Cover the stripping of wealth from the very people who make this country run by these banks. Not from those who tried to scam or steal when credit was loosened, but those who pay on time and are not over-leveraged. Cover the injustice and charade going on in Washington; the slap on the hand for the greedy executives who will continue to ask for the public's debt-money and horde it. Don't simply allow these 'banksters' to broadcast the half-truth that they are lending anew, give specifics! Bloomberg is a shining example of a news company ( although strictly financial news ) who isn't afraid to broadcast the truth of the matter anymore. The mass population can be distracted with entertainment / shock news for only so long sir / ma'am. I woke up from the that Programming Pacifier long ago. When the populous find themselves living on the side of the freeway en mass, it will be to late!

You have been entrusted with the duty and privilege of objectively exposing the truth at all costs, right? Or did you receive a different Communications degree from mine? Or has the salary for obedience rather than truth writing dampened your conscience / senses? Please don't take offense, it takes strong words at times to produce strong results.

Take inventory and make the right decision.

11 February 2009

NOTICE: I do not take any more credit for whatever knowledge, understanding, common sense... whatever anyone would call for what is becoming obvious... I have simply asked for the truth ( started years ago, over ten now to be exact ) in life and so long as I continue to seek the truth in earnest effort and out of a sincere heart, things continue to be revealed... yet it is so difficult to understand and more-so to forward to others ( my lack of tactfulness and simple approach and limited capacity / understanding coupled with the listener's current understanding or lack thereof and current position / point of view in life ).... it's like living in two worlds. I am many times struggling within myself.

Wow, just re-read what I wrote above and must say it sounds kooky, religious and weird, nevertheless I am trying to explain that I want no more credit or notoriety for anything I write or present on my site other than simply the time I've taken to hash it out... in other words -> Glory be to Him who gives Life, as for me... me is nothing but a vessel, a messenger if you will, a reluctant one at that with many shortcomings that friends and family can quickly point out.

I've ceased to "gamble" in this stock market / money game for the moment, possibly for good, as of yesterday ( 2/09/2009 )... waiting for day three for funds to settle and pulling out.... I say gamble and not invest due to the fact that what I see smells too much like circa 1929 and that is most unfortunate, and the lies today in the mainstream media continues to make me sick... seeing Geitner speak, and him receiving applause after that baloney press release, and then watching the market tumble... and reporters are bewildered as to why the market would react like that... it's so simple... folks that have a clue of who the FED really is are not going to put their hard-earned money ( although fiat and the carrot you cannot eat and becoming evermore worthless by the day )... people are not going to put their paper debt-notes out there to be swept up by those who manipulate, distort and continue with the smoke and mirrors... to get at your real assets ( your time, effort, energy, house, car, etc.. ) The guilty should be ashamed at themselves and will be shamed for all to see.

It hurts my heart to see tents by the freeway now... these are decent people who have been conned once again, history repeats... they haven't a clue, they are sheep being led to the slaughter...

I think I'll stop looking out for myself ( I am guilty of being selfish and been putting money first for way too long ) and start helping others find their way out of this economic slavery. I regret the knowledge of money. I've noticed a shadow come over one's heart with this particular knowledge, mine foremost included.

The only way you can be hurt financially in this phony world is if you owe to Caesar what is Caesars. If you are debt-free, you can't be pulled down, at least not financially.

Yes, I anticipated the drop in the market, knowing full well that further government help = trouble and could have shorted or gone with whichever ETF you fancy, but I just sat back and observed in silence, like a deja-vu, like watching Casa Blanca where you already know what he's going to say and what is gonna happen next...

Your Financial Education is Calling YOU!