27 April 2012

Promote the General Welfare

The mentality making decisions based on personal gain above natural considerations ( people and nature ) is the same mentality that gladly justifies a company laying off workers to stay afloat, in order to increase the bottom line, hence increasing the value of the company... yet this 'survival of the fittest' lifestyle in the city is a dismal proposition and should only be experienced, if at all, in the realm of players who know the game ( and people's livelihoods is not a commodity to be traded, bought or sold ).

There is no wild west to fear mysterious rogue outlaws running in and out of town with the townspeople's purse, right?  Or can the very top of the ladder be those near the purse-snatchers, while all along the public has been hoodwinked into thinking it is always someone from the poor lower classes doing the looting, the terrorizing and the conspiring?

If the laid off workers are not 'supported' by the very mechanism which is present ( and collecting revenue via almost every facet of life ), the governing entities cannot rightfully demand tax nor tribute for their lack of 'services.'  Without adequate options ( another job ) or knowledge to commence a private venture ( self employment / entrepreneurial effort ), the citizen will become anxious and restless among other socially adverse traits.  The welfare is just enough circus bread and diversion to supplement a somewhat domesticated tranquility while waiting for the next 'opportunity / wage job' and resume their working five days to spend and consume two days. 

Eliminating this very reality is truly eliminating the very mechanism of empire / the Babylonian System.... of buying and selling.

One business dictum is: when times are tough, market to the upper class / rich people since they have 'disposable income.' 

When a particularly influential class and culture of people focus inwardly instead of in reality through the influx of the ideas and opinions of others from all walks of life, they can make great and noble strides in the outcome of worldly affairs... or can hurt the world in irreparably devastating ways just the same.

The posing of the argument: "Ending welfare programs will encourage the current recipients to get a job" could very well be another divisive propaganda idiom used to obfuscate the possibly more important debating question: "Why are wealthy people so greedy / insecure with their riches?  And why do they react just like a child would in fear of losing their most favorite toy?

This same mentality, without sober judgment, is incapable of separating their ego from their environment.  This mentality continues to adversely affect the very river of labor and human resources necessary for the entire system to stand.

Promote your personal welfare here.

26 April 2012

Contextual Constitutional Approach

Historical perspective in full view, to put the signing of this writ in proper contextual form in order to produce an immediate awareness, we'll have to take a snapshot of the 'culture in time' the year this was signed.  Furthermore, one needs to notice evidence of actual progressed after the year the Articles of Confederation were signed and further if any evidence of a form of 'mutation' or 'progression' from when the Declaration was signed.

Considering these objective views, and also taking a look at the significance of this event: when the capital 'migrated' from Philadelphia ( the original capital of the United States in the sovereign state of Pennsylvania ) to the District of Columbia ( a separate sovereignty WITHIN the sovereign state of Delaware ), one may be able to derive a more accurate rendition of factual and contextual history.

The District of Columbia is a stretch of real estate property is similar to the City of London and the Vatican in a few ways quite unique from other small centers of power. They are the only three privately owned pieces of property which are the smallest by geographical size but manage the most powerful influence by scope of confluence over most of the known world.

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25 April 2012

Medical Industry Rant

So long as you are a citizen of Amerika, you can still be seen at a county hospital... the wait is a bother, sure, but your limb can be reattached.   And if you can't afford the bill, not a problem. 

What needs to be ousted is the profit motive in this industry which diverges from the initial motivation to become a healer / health practitioner... only recent is the vocation a form of high notoriety, for a hefty fee and entitlements to a luxurious life of elite prestige type package.

What has been lost and out of sight is the reason why people would initially want to be a nurse or a doctor... which was to help people.  Doctors and the industry have been turned into retail pharmacists to push synthetics which do more harm than good, I think.

I've confronted plenty of doctors about their holiday retreats courtesy of big pharma plastic pill pushers... they all acquiesced and confessed after 10-15 minutes of accurate questioning.

They would initially blame shift, justify, personally attack me or the premise and several other obvious tactics or denials prior to looking me straight in the eye and confessing.  They sold out.  The came to really like their name tags with titles and their white gowns and how they are greeted and treated, admired and applauded.

This is what is epicenter the medical bureaucratic monopoly of the human commodity sifting monster!

Health advocates who turned into doctors need to be health advocates again and break away from the system's profit motive... and that fantasy of living in palaces along some guru or king when you've pursued a vocation to help and heal people, not just those few who can fill your bank account or can afford, soon to be, mandated tribute simply to exist!!?!??

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24 April 2012

Common and Statutory Law

If the body of law didn't exist to 'capture' man's actions in daily life ( there are various classes of unlawfulness, criminal and non criminal )

Under criminal, you have felonies and misdemeanors.  With statutory law, you have infractions, yet according to code, you are actually 'arrested' and 'released' at every traffic stop and subsequent signing that 'promise to appear.'

What if you could distinguish the common law from the statutory law?  Would that make the government perform their duty and fulfill the oath they swore to uphold?

Take for instance criminal law versus 'matrix empire' statutory law. One is in defense of your livelihood, the other is sold the same way but is today's impersonal policing tax man / revenue generator, that's their daily tour of duty.

Maybe the tentacles wouldn't be so heavy if a metered parking citation or carpool lane violation wound only cost you about the price of lunch for one, not a week's pay or worse ( car impounds and car auctions, more sifting by the state's gladiators can be labeled as legal plundering of the 'citizens' ).

There's a saying: 'what you don't know you don't know.'  And I don't know about you, but I I would like to know the rules of the game when dealing with the government / public servant and notifying them of my prerogative rights and
administering their proper procedure.
Take the time to educate yourself and peer through the veil on the matrix.

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17 April 2012

Power Tripping

Who's gonna teach you how to dance?
Who's gonna show you how to fly?
Who's gonna call you on the lame-dope-smoking,
Slackin' little sucker you are?

Who's gonna get you from behind?
Who's gonna ring your little bell?
Who's gonna con you into buying a television set revolution they sell?

When are you gonna blow the game?
When are you gonna blow the screen?
When will you tell them that the crap doesn't last
And you found a way to make your own dreams?

The crap doesn't last and you found a way to make yourself scream

Well I died a million times
And I picked my culture well
And I built myself a gate
They can all now go to hell

I'm never gonna work another day in my life
The gods told me to relax
They said I'm gonna be fixed up right
I'm never gonna work another day in my life
I'm way too busy power-tripping
But I'm gonna shed you some light

Get down!

Who's gonna teach you how to dance?
Who's gonna show you how to fly?
When you get tired of the crap baby move over here and maybe buy some of mine

I'm never gonna work another day in my life
The gods told me to relax
They said I'm gonna be fixed up right
I'm never gonna work another day in my life
I'm way too busy power-tripping
But I'm gonna shed you some light

I'm never gonna work another day in my life
The gods told me to relax
They said I'm gonna be fixed up right
I'm never gonna work another day in my life
I'm way too busy power-tripping
But I'm gonna shed you some light

-- lyrics and music by Monster Magnet ( rock band ).

I'd only change / edit a few things.. but this sums up quite an interesting message / life experience I've had so far....

A couple obvious edits of mine ( original / my edit ):

[ gods ] / [ LORD ]
[ They ] / [ HE ]

The original music video is a bit racy ( lots of skin ) but they do a great job of mocking the sexual sell of music today. If you seek out the 'official' video or live ones, be prepared for skin, foul language and such... those are not what I wish to forward.. but the message of independence and breaking the empire mindset spoken of herein.

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11 April 2012

If You Believe, You Can

When I was 18, I wanted to be a rockstar... and I was.

At 22 I decided to follow Christ... and I did.

At 27 I decided to start my own business... and I did.

At 32 I decided to look deeper into what this world was really about... and I have discovered / uncovered various rabbit holes / dualities.

Now at 36, I'm considering marriage and moving out of the city... and I shall ( God willing ).

I share this to show... it is up to YOU who you are now and will be tomorrow... choose wisely ( there are more choices or identities than athlete, entertainer, doctor, lawyer, etc... many more - or you can just be a decent and good person.

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06 April 2012

Leadership That Changes Lives

The information and story below was forwarded to me by a dear friend... and I found the lesson very inspiring! I titled this blog post as this lesson is titled.

Leadership That Changes Lives:

An American Rabbi was visiting Israel. While there he was invited out to dinner. On the way, he stopped to buy flowers for his host from a street vendor. “How much are the flowers?” He asked.

The vendor said “100 shekels.”

When the Rabbi reached into his wallet to pay him, the vendor said:

“No. No. No. That’s not how it works. I’m supposed to say ‘100 shekels,’” and you’re supposed to say: “100 shekels!? Lama? Ma kara? Why? What Happen? They are only worth twenty five.” Then I’m going to say: “25? You must be kidding! You are taking the bread from the mouths of my little children. But since you are a guest, I give you break and only take 90.” And then you are supposed to say: “Higzamta! Not an agora more than 40.” Eventually after a little more back and forth, we settle on 50. That’s how it works here.”

So the Rabbi reached into his wallet again and pulled out 50 Shekels.

But the vendor said, “From my students, I don’t take money” and gave him the flowers for free.

Every soul is a student. And each is a teacher. Each of us has influence on others. And there’s an insight in the Torah that tells us how important that influence is.

The Torah distinguishes between two kinds of leaders: prophets and kings. The kings were always fighting each other, waging war against external enemies, or facing schemes from their enemies within. Monarchs had power, and people fight for power.

But the prophets were leaders of an entirely different kind. They led almost against their will. When G-d summoned Isaiah, Isaiah said: “I am a man of unclean lips”. Jeremiah, when called, replied: “I can’t speak; I’m just a youth.” Jonah tried to flee.

As for Moses, the greatest of all prophets, hero of the Exodus, at the burning bush, when G-d said “lead”, Moses kept saying: “No. Who am I? They won’t believe in me. I’m not a man of words. Send someone else”.

Yet who do we remember all these centuries later?

Most of the kings are long forgotten, yet the words of the prophets continue to inspire, which is odd, since they had no power. They commanded no troops, and headed no government, but what they had was more enduring than power. They had influence. And as the philosopher Kierkegaard, who sowed the roots of existential psychology once put it: “When a king dies, his power ends. When a prophet dies, his influence begins.”

Not all of us have power. But we all have influence. Whether we're dealing with friends, family, employers, employees, in the street or at home, we influence every relationship we have, there are no exceptions. Influence is the most basic fabric running through life.

But we often are unaware of how we use our influence. We make the people around us better or worse than they might otherwise have been. Worse if we infect them with our cynicism; better if we inspire them with, friendship, and acts of kindness.

When we sit around the Seder table (or Shabbat table) with our friends and family, especially with our children, talking about Jewish history and destiny, we are doing what the prophets did. We are using words to change lives for the better. This is not the power of the king. This is the influence of the prophet.

That quiet leadership of influence that we demonstrate every year at the Seder table is the leadership that seeks no power. It is the leadership of influence that changes lives.

Chag Sameach Happy and Sweet Pessach,

Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky

01 April 2012

Are You a Democrat, Republican or What?

The narrative of pledging allegiance to any one side is akin to labeling yourself a child and when you are of age, you stretch the childish ways along with you.

The hegemony friendly historical narrative omits many pivotal points in history, one of them being the red flag idea of being a politician as a career, instead of a chapter in life.

Eating the rhetoric along ideal lines without perceiving the duality and fallacy in every political slogan or argument shows how powerful the illusion and deception via mass media has worked!

The same pattern of events occurred in Wiemar Republic in Germany and several south American countries last century. Today's fascism has colors of every political type under the canopy of corporatism / fascism. The schools, money system and welfare is communist by definition. The paying of fees, licenses and permits to simply conduct business in order to survive, well that looks like more communism by definition... yet you can have ownership and push your money into the pockets of code and policy writers, and get bogus laws passed to solidify your position or monopoly in the 'free market.' Yeah, free to work for them.

Let's look beyond the division and distraction that is laid before us to tear each other apart with.... we are all on the same side, truly 99.9% of those who are subject to the propaganda and play mind games via mass media: the conditioning.