25 January 2010

Response to "Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction" by Chris Hedges

And this was a well written response to the debaucle in the Supreme Court's ruling for corporate power over people power by an unknown to me:


By writeon, January 25 at 6:02 am #
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Inverted totalitariansm is not exactly a catchy phrase, or a particularly easy concept for most “ordinary” people to get their heads around, is it?

I wondered, after having read Wolin’s excellent book a year ago, if it all was too subtle for mass consumption, but then I suppose that wasn’t the market Wolin was aiming at? Or was he? Clearly his concern about the “death” of demcracy, in it’s modern form in the United States, was his main motivation; but how on earth does one get such a message across in this day and age?

Even my phrase, “Corporate Totalitarianism” isn’t much better, and “fascism” in it’s corporate state version seems inadequate too. Fascism sounds so old fashioned doesn’t it, like something from the distant past; one thinks of Hitler and Mussolini, not our friendly leaders in their nice, neat, suits?
Today, “fascism” has been given a total brand makeover, so recognising it is much more difficult. Strip the militeristic garb and style, from old-school fascism and what does one have?

We have a new type of state. A state where the market is at the centre. A state where the market and the state have become close to one, total, entity. And this state is powerful. It’s a state with the military at its centre controlling a vast empire.

Are their any solutions to the challenges we face, can this process be rolled backwards? The short answer is negative. The “democratic process” will not succeed. We are on a historical tragectory and vast forces are under way, moving. Things will, unfortunately, have to run their course. The current, corporate totalitarian state, is simply way to powerful, successful, strong, and unchallenged. There is, after all, no real political opposition, not in the country and certainly not in Congress. The overwhelming, vast, crushing, majority of Congressmen are, in reality, members of the same party or club. Change won’t come from that direction.

Most empires, or autocratic ruling elites, seem to rot from within and fall in on themselves, they don’t reform themselves before it’s too late and the revolution becomes inevitable, unfortunately there is an awful lot of suffering and pain waiting down that particular road. It’s a shame that ordinary people are so reasonable for so long, before they are forced by circumstances to react to gross misrule, and tear the old system down. It’s a shame there isn’t a short cut to real and substantive, structural change in society. What’s also sad is that even when the old system collapses on itself, under its own rotten weight, there is no law that says that things will automatically end for the better, there is often decades of instability to look forward to.


Well said my friend!

Alternative Media Outlets

If you haven't found http://TruthDig.com, then go there and get up to speed with what is REALLY happening in America and unplug yourself from the propaganda machine known as mainstream media ( yes Alice, that means am talk radio, FOX nonews and the like )... and in terms of TruthDig, I specifically mean Chris Hedges' columns. 

Here is what I wrote today in response to the Supreme Cohort's allowing corporate money to flood democracy and further propaganda:

I’m glad the cat is finally out of the bag - America isn’t a country for and by the people, it has truly been usurped by money in the pocket of the highest bidder… 

When are the heads on a stick going to be seen in D.C.?

One sure-fire way of dealing with these overinflated sons of unloved mothers is to NOT purchase their products, NOT use their services, NOT park your money with them… To “ex” them out completely…. and make sure your friend, neighbor and relative does the same.

Thing is, so much of the populous is “inactive” because of the social conditioning via media… they need to “unplug” themselves much like the movie Matrix… so many parallels in that movie it is SCARY.

The people who work for the big corporations, military and police need to be shown, with patience and clarity, not just mumbo jumbo conspiracy talk ( although this is a conspiracy at the highest levels ), but need to be taught how history has been riddled with coup, fraud and manipulation by the money powers… and it is blatantly clear today, if one knows how to recognize it. 

Folks need to take their eyes off of money ( the carrot in front of the donkey ) and look to something that is real ( God, Truth, Conscience, historical facts, anything BUT money )... they need to BREAK the illusion of money.

Military personnel and police will enforce the corrupt policy because their income depends on it, and without that income ( that fiat and phony paper money ), they and their family doesn’t eat, pay the mortgage, etc..

So, the carrot HAS been sown-in to great extremes, but what it will take is to break that illusion…
..and that will take personal discipline and effort, and unfortunately, as so many folks are conditioned to go to work, come home and be with family and veg out watching the boob tube and continuously swallow lie after propaganda lie… well, you’ll see what an uphill battle we face.

Educate yourself in regards to money and conspiracy facts: http://SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com and learn how to help your fellow man, NOW!

15 January 2010

Shorting the Market... but the Big Players still holding up the market


It's been quite a while since I last posted.

I took a break from gambling in the stock market. I pulled my money out in early February of 09 and that was premature as I now look back at one of the biggest bull rallies seen. Oh well, I had resolved in my heart one morning in February to pursue something more than increasing my account with more fiat currency... which is being devalued by the day by the way...

I wonder when folks will stop trying to be like the elites, rich and famous and the minstrels entertaining us at night ( who do a great job distracting us from the realities being played out in Congress and behind closed doors ).

I wonder when folks will finally see the carrot in front of their eyes, in the form of a Mercedes, a gold-piece or that dream house... all the while living in the debt monetary system which has usurped our very liberties.

Anywayz, I am shorting the market because it is unnaturally overbought... but institutional buyers are still sustaining the bull rally, coaxing in the smaller investor into buying.