28 January 2013

A Pyramid Scheme of Grand Proportions

I remember a college professor of political economics trying to explain to the class how the 'middle class' is not in the middle of any economic landscape, but pushed to one side just over the poor, homeless, sick, indentured, etc...

The population decreases drastically as you go up in income per year. DRASTICALLY. Talk about an exponential scale... or better yet, imagine a pyramid with a base that is a hundred times wider than the next level.. and then the level above that is ten times narrower ( third level ).. and atop that you have the fourth level of ridiculously wealthy and influential kindred, one hundred times the width of the level just below.

Literally billions of people supporting a few thousand hand to foot.  Billions of people's labor, assets and so on ( property taxes, probate and death tax for example, for if you pay any type of tax, you  are paying tribute to someone else and supporting them, literally ).

Now looking at that patch of land called District of Columbia, which is NOT territory of any state in this 'union,' and does NOT pay taxes to anyone ( it is a sovereign state hovering above the two neighboring states property, occupying that space... and conducting the worship of Mammon and power... for a fee ), some may fail to notice 'what' that organization truly is.

What is widely accepted on the streets of the world, is that these group of men and women going about business with our collective and supposed 'delegation of power to have authority in certain forms' is a group made up of people serving the interests of the common man on the street, you and me.

Yet, when looking at the fiction known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a Delaware corporation, with a listing on Dunn & Bradstreet, consider the persons who work for this entity... are they not corporate officers and employees of such a fiction? Same as Walmart officers and employees, right?

Well, considering that the corporate title of 'president' is not the 'boss' per-say as the chairman of the board is, what would it matter what is said from the mouth of the potus if his chairman is the one who sets the measure of usury and terms of debt issuance in exchange for tribute in the form of interest payments?

So when folks speak of a so-called elected government, which by their actions is defined as a (s)elected group of sold-out to hired handed interests, or identify themselves with a particular party or 'side' for whatever cognitive reason, you will surely not see anything providing an equal footing for the common man living on the land, nope. You'll have the worse case of Animal Farm one has ever noticed.... history depicts it so, and I see this Amerikan empire just like all the other empires before it... and it too will fall to pieces like all the others... and then folks shall experience what is called feudalism.  Prepare to trade according to your goods, services, talents and what you can do, say, etc... for value is derived from man and comes in the form of what man does and creates, not paper with words on it saying it is 'money' and something of 'value.' 

15 January 2013

Stop That Gun Before It Shoots Someone All By Itself

When are people going to get out of the statist mentality and realize it is not the tool but the will which wields the tool. The tool can be a knife, a rock, a spear, or a military drone.

The will is the desire to do harm... and who has done more harm collectively? The government and mindless goons only obeying their check writers and campaign supporters.... they (re)present monied interests and not your petty points of view.

Does anyone know their history or what? Look at Germany at the Weinmar Republic and shortly thereafter. Look at Russia around the same time. Look at the invasion of France and what element stayed after the Nazis retreated.

Are you so dull you can name all the characters in whatever stupid teevee show you watch but cannot realize how the hegemony has had their way over your secular life and your 'freedom' is only framed within the bounds they create for you????

Having to buy, sell or trade outside of using their systems of economy and currency shows you who's in control. Do you write your own contracts or simply sign whatever is put before you? Do you ever negotiate and alter whichever contract is set before you?

Notice how, those who reserve their rights are called 'looney' or living in the past ( and not getting with the programming of the statist mindset of corporate rule, better known as fascism or corporatism and soon to be feudalism ) are thrown into a cage for a '72 hour mental evaluation' which, with is another authored legislative rule / restriction / point of sale for the ever bloated bureaucratic bankrupt government and walla!!!!!!!!!!!!! You now canNOT own a gun! 

Or how, no matter what the felony, getting such an infraction attached to your name disqualifies you from the right to have something to protect yourself / possessions ( looking from the inside of your home and intruders break in to rob, maim or kill scenario - self defense purpose as most private gun purchases are for ).  For what purpose is government buying weapons for?  Oh yeah, to kill people who step out of line. 

Kick the noble 'call 911 and wait while you are murdered attitude.'  Government is the biggest criminal which dismisses investigation and official prosecution, time to get a clue.

If it wasn't a semi automatic it could have been a shotgun... or a pair of handguns... or one handgun and a bag full of ammo.... or a grenade or setting fire to a building... or poisoning people's food... or stabbing them or whatever... are we going to outlaw all guns AND matches AND whatever substance used to poison people AND knives AND rocks???

We should be focused on the real psychopaths with too much firepower: the federal government and their Nazi paradigm form of 'demokracy' and 'justice' and 'security' with more checkpoints, policing every public ( and now private ) place... soon some with the statist mentality will love being asked at every 50 miles for your papers or every-time you step foot on or off of public transportation for your papers...

"every move you make.. we'll be watching you"

- NWO fascist hegemony

09 January 2013

FaceBook Asked Me "How's It Going"

Facebook changes things often, and recently their text field has been asking "How are you doing, ____ ( your name )?" and "How's it going?" and others... so I thought I'd answer here.

I'm sad.  I'm crying.  I'm in a pathetic spiritual, physical, emotional and fiscal state at the moment.  I'm homeless.  I'm alone.  My business is failing, ill investments are getting worse and I just don't seem to care anymore about anything... like all this is my just due, me recompense for my sins against God and man.

I sometimes wish I had been born on a farm like my grandparents were, somewhere far outside the city and its trappings, with no teevee nor radio.. maybe just books... where I had been weened on a work ethic to get up everyday, be resourceful and work in order to feed myself and the family, keeping the business going and sustained, etc., where I would have no clue of what pornography was, infidelity, politics, drugs, hollywood ( a 'show' used as a litmus test to estimate my life by ), etc., nor all the garbage surrounding those who have been born into 'modern' civilization and seem to be living without issue, pursuing their dreams, goals, dreams, and 'living' according to God and / or Caesar.... while I am stuck with a head full of 'don't do that' and 'sure it is attractive and desirable but it will kill you in the end' type stuff.... or worse, the 'it's all going to burn in the end anyway.'  My ambition seems to be dead, along with my heart and conscience.

I sometimes wish I had no knowledge of anything other than how to truly love and help people.  I believe I learned this in my early twenties, but somehow over the years, I have forgotten and now my calloused heart is hard as stone and I don't trust anyone... even those who have proven to be good influences in my life.. these very people I push away and avoid. 

My mind and heart is full of so much vile information regarding the exploits of men, of past disappointments stemming from me and others... I wonder how can I cleanse myself of all this stuff and instead plow a field of truth, light and righteousness ( for my own salvation and that of those who see / hear me ).  How can I get back to that wide eyed kid out of high school ready to take on the world and carve out a name for myself.... yet instead denied worldly gains for Christ... but now I find myself neither religious, righteous or responsible... just ridiculously rude to others.  I'm tired of disappointing people, hurting people and burying myself alive with the things I do and say.  It is as if I somehow 'know' salvation is not for me anymore, so I seem to be furthering the dark and tough path set out for me. 

Why is it when, something good comes into my life, I don't believe it as 'good' but as a trick of some kind?  Why is it I reject opportunity when folks around me grant it to me on a silver platter?  Sure, I desire to create my own wealth / livelihood but seem either too incompetent to do that or I have this self defeating attitude where I sabotage anything good that's going for me.  Why do I believe I deserve nothing good in this life but misery?

From the outside, my life seems like a dream to others.  I know how to do a bunch of stuff, yet desire to know and do more.  What I have done, where I have gone and what I have accomplished is more than many I personally know have experienced... yet why do I feel like a loser, an incompetent brat, a user of people, a selfish hawk, a loathsome bother, the type warned to stay away from in scripture?  Why does my happiness seem to be grounded in the amount of money I make? 

After I learned how the financial / economic world works in regards to money and how that thing functions, I think I became depressed and left the real estate industry, for debt money created out of nothing furthers the perpetual economic slavery too many haven't a clue about. 

After I left church due to a plethora of factors, I think I became depressed with the thought of a fiery furnace awaiting me since I left the 'kingdom of God' as found here on earth among men... or so I was taught.  I know I did go through something after my grandfather passed, for he expressed to me he held no faith in God.  So that was another failure where I wasn't able to convince my grandfather by my lifestyle that God existed and that God had his best interests at heart.... for by the time my grandfather passed, I had left church and had returned to the vomit I left prior to being baptized.

I recently sabotaged yet another romantic relationship - this one being the closest to anything real, wholesome and genuine I've ever encountered; someone you would have a hard time finding fault in, let alone finding her unattractive in the least - simply because of my lack of character, my fears, my insecurity, my pessimism, my fiscal position and my lust after other women ( just to name a few failures ).  I hurt someone who treated me like a prince.  I threw away the good things they had stored in their heart.  I treated her like the ex gal who lied about sleeping with other men behind my back treated me: with utter contempt, out of vain selfishness and lust.  I turned right around, being hurt and trying to love someone, to hurting someone trying to love me.  Thing is, I KNOW this is a typical human character trait ( lash out after being hurt ) which I didn't have to fall into, but here I am, finding myself to have forwarded this madness and pain to another.

I know, all this drama is baloney and I should just 'get over it' and get a job or something, right?  Well, this is just the mountain top of the reasons why I'd like to take up sky diving without a chute.

05 January 2013

Fishing for Revenue

I am parked on commercial property with various storefronts downtown Los Angeles earlier this evening:

So I am having a conversation with someone sitting with me in my car ( while we wait for two other folks ) and I notice a police vehicle on the street reading all the other plates on the cars.  All the cars are parked facing the street and have no sidewalk between the pavement and the parking lot / private property, so the police get a good look.  I alert my friend to what's going on and add my registration is expired. 

Our friends arrive and I let them know what just happened but suddenly the copper tops just drive off... so I breathe a sigh of relief ( for the moment ), for when everyone is getting settled in, I notice the copper top's car now sitting at an alleyway which ends on the street we're at.

It's a waiting game, now.  Or so I think.

We sit there for a while and I check the mirror ever so often... and in a blink of an eye, I see they have driven off!  Now, I must caution, the street is a one way and the entrance to the freeway ( what is our preferred travel plan ) is three blocks in the one-way's direction.  I notice the cop, instead of turning right as before and waiting at the alley around that corner, now has made a left turn.

One of my cohorts ( lol ) suggests I get going NOW and make the light in the direction of the freeway ( straight ahead / opposed to the left turn the coppers made ).

Sounds good, so as I pull out of the space, the light turns from red to yellow, and not thinking with traffic arriving, I go ahead and pull into traffic and stop at the red light in first position.  I look left, and they have made a u-turn and are just inching forward to their white line, with their mugs set on me. 

Many thoughts rush through my mind.  LOL.

I notice the guy in the car behind me has his left blinker on, so I make a left as soon as the light goes green and as I pass them, I notice they preparing for a u turn.... oh yeah.  Not only did the nerves kick in with all the talk in the car and these copper tops outsmarting this kid, now I'm sitting at another red light, now to consider what to do, in second position but in the second first of two lanes ( the right lane ).  I want to return to private property and come to a rest ( get pulled over on private property ), but the strip club at the corner has no nearby parking lot, lol.  The officers of corporate law are behind the car behind us, so as soon as the light hits the green, I too turn left with the arrow even though the painted white lines on the blacktop didn't let me know I could do so.

I do that left like that ( in plain of view of all witnesses AND the coppers ( smooth Jack I am, eh? ) and they make the same left and blow me up ( slang terminology for lighting you up... or, they turn their Christmas lights on and chirp out a boink, almost like a zoiks.

Another red light with their red and blue lights flashing all around.... the thought of losing the car that night begins to come over me and I begin to hunt down the resolve.... feeling like a teenager again and reliving a high-school moment.

Light blinks green and I pull over to the left sidewalk ( another one way ). 

Rookie cop comes up right side and appears with flashlight in hand and beaming into the car before sidewalk / driver cop begins with 'do you know why I stopped you?'  I say I have a few ideas but I'd like to hear his.  He mentions the unsafe left turn and the expired tags.

He asks for license, registration, proof of insurance, one at a time, and I comply without issue. 

He asks if I still reside at the address on the license.  I'm a bit perplexed because the address is a P.O. Box, and I point that out to him.. which he acknowledges as he already knew that but I suppose he's asking to test me.  He asks for my current address, and instead of getting into right to privacy and all that, I just say I'm staying at various places, currently looking after a friend's dog.  He directly asks for my mailing address ( where I receive mail ), and like a goober I give him one I shouldn't have. 

He walks back with his rookie and I sit there NOW pondering the feeling of walking to the train, walking more.. in the cold... and now to try and get that car back with all those tickets, no registration and no insurance to boot!  Some condemning scriptures start to ring in my head in a tone all too familiar... and so my body relaxes in a zen sort of state ( I guess ) to await the lashes, humility and sticker price I'll be smacked with when all this is done away with... or so the feelings of dread creep into my conscienceness.

The two gentlemen now walk back to their previous positions, he hands me a piece of paper he identifies as a citation, my old insurance card piece of paper, my license laminated piece of paper with halfway decent image of my likeness and my expired registration piece of paper.

He hands me a ball point pen and asks me to sign after he reads off the charges... gracing me by not citing me for the funny left turn.  I take the next ten minutes and ask him questions from "what happens if I don't sign this" to "when did you know my tags were expired if you were to my left when I saw you in traffic?" to "since this is a contract, can I alter before signing?"

His response to the signing part, was that he'd take me in to be booked with these charges.  I mentioned meeting the magistrate.  He said that could happen as early as next Monday or on the court date in late February.  To the tags, his initial response was he could see my front plate even at the angle at the intersection ( I gave him that one ), but I responded saying he could have ran my plates at that intersection sure, but I knew it happened while I was parked on private property and he was rolling slowly behind me running every car's numbers!  I also mentioned how he was laying in wait for us was all too obvious and not technically a traffic stop and perhaps out of procedure ( but he was sticking to his intersection story, although he then added it doesn't matter whether it was from the street looking at your car parked or from the intersection ), which I thought useful in the affidavits my companions will be writing out for me!

I asked a bunch of other questions until my friends and the officer seemed to have shuffled enough times for me to let it go already... so I mention I'll be administering this issue without appearing and that I'd like to cross out the "I promise to appear" part, which he objects to.  So I print my name in short form, and follow it with "without prejudice" and "all rights reserved."

He asks if that's my name / signature on my license and also what the rest of it is.  I explain and he's fine with that.  I ask for his business card after I hand him the papers and pen, he hesitates for a moment but pulls one out and jots down his and the rookie's names, badge numbers, district and the event in short hand on the back... he did a good 'job' and didn't give me any trouble and didn't seem offended nor too bothered by my questions and I was surely surprised I was driving away in a car without insurance or registration.... must be my clean record, lol.  Not anymore, right? 

Wrong.  Who cares, I'm getting rid of my license and removing my private property from the first position lien called a state registration.... either this car or the next, but it's happening.  The cop affirmed he desired proof of identity to satisfy his curiosity in place of the license ( and which charge can be defeated / dismissed under right to travel, for no commercial activity taking place ), and in regards to the car, the DOT number I was telling him about and asking for a response from considering this different scenario: him actually pulling me over for a traffic 'violation' - like the left turn from the right lane that I gave to him but I wasn't cited for - ? - and seeing the DOT number instead of a state's plate.  He said so long as it runs 'exempt' it would be no issue. 

Very interesting.

My plan is to give Notice to rescind this citation in three days, gather the affidavits of truth to provide as the second wave of correspondence ( building the record ) and then will move to challenge the jurisdiction of the revenue court and demand dismissal of these 'citation' due to the officer's admission he was fishing for expired tags not on public ways, but on private property!!  Not to mention the lurking around like a shark with the laying in wait, like the tax collecting highway robbers they bureaucratically are.

Now that I ponder the evening: If I had the DOT plates instead, would he even had bothered to wait and then stop me after I left the private property or would he have moved on to other sharking and sifting activities?