25 February 2011

The Money, The Constitution, The Republic, The Slaves

When the republic known as the United States of America was penned on paper, not all who resided within her borders were considered free men, sovereign, nor were allowed to vote... And when someone was born within her borders, that individual still wasn't considered a 'citizen' nor a 'part' of the republic, but a subject of the republic.. unless they were born into a certain pedigree, a certain class. Hmmm.

When people return to basics, hopefully they will NOT forget the progress which has brought the idea of freedom, equity and liberty to EVERY person... not just a certain class or element...

I hope they realize that money is a tool to make commerce work, that's it... it is a contract between two parties. And if you look closely at your dollar bill, you'll notice who the contract is between.

And also, realize that you don't 'own' that money neither, for it is being lent to you to use. It isn't yours. It is owned by an entity called the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation who's owners no one knows, not even on record!

Yet, this tool was purposed and created to facilitate commerce... not to be used as a tool of enslavement / used as a carrot before the donkey.

Yet, it has been used and instilled in the masses as today's golden calf.... and all must 'work' for it or somehow attain it to 'pay' for needs and such.. and THIS paradigm too is false! For, since the fiat is a debt instrument, a 'note,' it is clear to see that what we hold in our hands is the state's debt to us.... for we only 'rent' and temporarily 'own' our possessions... for if you don't pay your car tax, property tax, or other use taxes... you don't get to drive / own a car, don't keep your house ( even though it may be free and clear ), etc...

The paper has been created as a false measure of value, of variables like cost and price, and we think someone to be so genius, or so noble, or so decent who can accumulate all the debt notes possible.. to 'purchase' the made things, and rent those created by BIGGER hands.... yet I digress.... as always.

24 February 2011

Responding to GOP vs. DEM Obfuscation Argument

I agree, we should leave the policy of dirty politics and media obfuscations to the Grand Ole Party / KKK, this core group of FOX News believing, good-ole boy back slapping, pediGREED, money loving, chattel and capital managing, stiff necks.

But wait, isn't the blue team simply a tool used to further separate the higher paid chattel from the lower paid, and expose their twisted hearts to greed and following the carrot, the dole?

Is that money real? Is in not simply a contract, of which you are not a party, only a debt holder? We are passing debt to one another, read what the message is on the federal reserve note you think is 'your' money.

Hey Mr. M.D. whistle blower? Where were you when you found out your grand ole party of rednecks use military dictatorships around the world to feed themselves and the rest of their crony U.S. economy, while the rest feed on crumbs.. of which you and the naysayers are quibbling about?

Mr. M.D., are you glad to be taken out to the opera, to shows, to vacations... for pushing certain prescribed medicines... for profit in other words? Shame on you corporate shill!

How is that Mercedes turning out for ya?

Yeah, how dare the chattel try to rise up and be counted equal to their masters / the master race / the blinded believers of the Amerikan Dream? How's that money game going for you folks? Love it, huh? It's called economic slavery folks.

Much like that movie Amistad where folks burrned with zealous anger at the bigotry, the hatred, the indifference, the ignorance of people; one people believing themselves above another... and subduing and keeping another downtrodden for 'wealth, prosperity and order' or whatever ridiculous and absurd excuse greed has... the revolution has already started and you may find yourself on the side of wrong doers.

23 February 2011

Libya Quits English Colonial Rule, Finally

Running time 8:20:

"I find it really quite disrespectful for people in the west to tell us that what they've done with Gaddafi is in the benefit of the Libyan people, it is NONSENSE!" Britain, U.S. and others are doing exactly ... as an ex...ample, like giving a gun to a deranged lunatic who's holding his family hostage in a house, and then when he shoots them, 'they' all stand down and say "well, we're not responsible for it."'

And now for my rant and rave:)

If you care to hear the interview with these folks, you'll hear about how Libya holds the majority of Africa's oil reserves, is the #1 importer of oil to the U.K... and of course, the U.K. sells / exchanges with Libya weapons for oil under the policy of keeping the truth, the people, and justice at bay. And the good people of Amerika and the blinded world stand by and watch the drama unfold on tv... entertained, mesmerized and believing the lies. ( hey, its better than reality tv and those silly CIS 'swinging camera' shows, right? would you like some popcorn? ).

So the picture is this: Colonial power holds rights and most likely title to foreign lands via dictatorship ( which openly condemns that paradigm in which the public actually lives in but doesn't believe nor comprehend, for it goes against the fairy tale story line of Amerika, thanks to Lying Media ) and ACTS to sub-serve the very servants they've continued to turn into serfs / slaves at the end of a bayonet. And it is all dually justified on paper and with action, for they follow through on their contracts just like anybody would, right? It's BUSINESS! Blood for oil, diamonds, whatever... 'let's get paid' right?

Well, majority of the world continues to suffer because of the greedy dark hearts of a very few number of people, whom we've been lead to believe in and respect and honor, to our demise and theirs as well.

Nothing has changed since the history of the world, only that our minds do not comprehend these very things happening under our noses "for our security."

07 February 2011

Egypt: Fall of the Amerikan Empire

Mubarak's collective wealth is valued at around $70 billion USD.

Egypt's population is around 80 million.

That's about $875 for every person.

Better than Obama's tax return in lieu of the bailout of billions to banksters ( the tax payer is paying this too, at interest ).

These circle of friends, comprised mostly of capital heritage, and the shills and lackeys supporting them depend on government legislation to ensure their positions and leveraged power over those outside their spheres ( the populous / chattel ).

Yet, maybe that money could be put in a public lottery to benefit the poor, secured by income producing enterprises, paving the way for that population to build a truly uni-equitable society.

But then, those lackeys and the so-called noble / royalty / elite / etc, would have to make a living on their own merits, instead of entitlement.

Are we witnessing the fall of the Amerikan Empire in the Muslim / Arab regions of the world?

Does this mean the empire has now split into two or more pieces?

Or has the empire been established long ago, and these fissions are simply consolidating power evermore?

For I think the religion, race nor reasoning of a people depends on these factor when considering how to govern them, for governing them using finance and the obfuscation of history and media to distort the past, present and future, is surely how it is being done today.