31 May 2012

My Initial Programming Created My Initial Ideology

I remember day dreaming of wanting to be one of those police officers riding around on a motorcycle, helping and saving people from car wrecks, chasing down the bad guy who is seeped in crime and about to commit more.. and then be the life of the party with my other hero buddies on the weekends and holidays celebrating our good nature with our lovely girlfriends / wives.  I already knew what kind of car I'd drive.

( a grandfather of mine was a police officer )

I also dreamed of being a fighter pilot, hunting down the bad guy in their third-rate weapons system and me with the best minds of the world and the will of the most liberated country ever imagined, benevolent, lawfully and historically just, with the blessings of God and men.  I would be weaving this sword of justice with my steel jet, slicing and dicing with laser precision all those who were opposed to the will of freedom I and those commissioned with me would be bringing.  I even 'enlisted' in R.O.T.C. my first two years in high school to get a head start on my military career, hoping to enter as an officer, on my way to serving my country with the best I had to give.

( a grandfather of mine was an enlisted soldier )

Aside from the pedigree and ideological notion I received growing up from the patriarch of my familia, I also received the programming from shows like CHIPs and movies like Top Gun.

The programming that had seeped down from the state via the family unit, media induced culture, mechanisms trailing military economies, allowed by religion: this programming was placed squarely on my heart, mind, soul and conscience ( and everything else 'me' ). 

The ideological persona and personifications were already written for me.

Thus, looking back, when I had a 'taste' of an experience outside that conformity and disciplined restraint, the rebellious nature of the self began resisting the programming of mental conformity, of spiritual bondage ( following 'orders' which attacked  my conscience & obeying relatives to 'get a job' ) and my being began to physically manifest this discomfort with one man's will upon another through my actions... not my words, for I could not articulate what I could not conceive at the time... nor was I understanding what I was going through if anyone were to articulate it for me.

What was missing was the classical 'style / type' of education to grant me all the rest of the personifications known to man and those yet to be determined.  This was 'started' after leaving the university after 10+ years of tramping school grounds.

School taught me how to learn.  Yet the rest of the story and what I was to learn and find out later was granted by this principle:  "seek and you shall find"

What I have learned and 'found' was what I have put my focus on in a direct and myopic fashion which places me on a journey to discovery.

It is one believable principle which does manifest, and all the more with your directed effort, attention, labor towards, etc..

Be wise in what you place YOUR attention on, and for what purposes you do so.

Considering things are not as they seem ( sometimes or all the time? hmm...? ), one should seek with the advise of many and with integrity ( being honest about what and why ).

With that, read the first two 'quotes' in my message regarding what money is and isn't here if that is what you are seeking. 

30 May 2012

Paradigm Surfing

With a grasp of basic fundamentals, an individual can go from serving the machine to owning a little machine of their own, ran and directed by that individual, and free from direct influence of an employer or boss.

At this point, if that individual takes on employees, the weight of responsibility arises, yet with a mass conditioned perspective that people are commodities such as corn, oil or a business and treating people like cattle or worse, is the sad front to humanity when considering the job market / for-hire employment, I think.

A decent mixture of discipline, character and persistence ( to name a few attributes ) is needed to step outside the current paradigm of economic slavery by default ( working for someone other than yourself / a cooperation / a mutual trust where you are a beneficiary, not simply a trustee or worse, a debtor ) and exist.

I think if more people had a financial education, less and less of them could be fooled by snake oil salesmen and profiteers which do not enrich their community, but strip it of resource and future growth.

Read, listen and learn about your missing financial education. 

09 May 2012

To Invoke Your God Given Rights, You Must Know Them

The story of a family made to pay the gratuity in a Houston restaurant while police stood by as witness, judge and jury... but served no justice nor held any jurisdiction.  Please first go to the article ( here's an excerpt ) and or video prior to reading the rest further below:


“She was like, ‘You have an unsettled bill and ya’ll can’t leave until you pay it,’” Marks said. “We paid our bill for what we ate, we paid the bill.”

Marks said it was only the 17 percent tip they were questioning.

“She said, ‘That’s fine. If you don’t want to pay the gratuity we have HPD outside,’” Marks said. “I asked the police officer twice, maybe three times, is it against the law if we don’t pay the gratuity and he never gave me a straight answer.”

The on-duty manager at La Fisherman Restaurant told KPRC Local 2 they usually don’t have a problem with people paying their gratuity, it but admitted they have called police for this type of issue before.

- the article

- a non copyrighted video / with actual news audio track )


She did say the police officer failed to give an answer to her question.  That was the 'tell' which slipped through in the media story, yet did anyone catch it? 

Or were you like most folks focused on the issue and the people and not the underlying laws and reality of the matrix which is the real issue at-hand, before considering the supposed 'breaking of laws?'

What transpired is a civil contract between the patrons and the business owner.  The police officer had no say-so in the matter ( no jurisdiction ).  The battle between paying further for gratuity / service in not a criminal violation nor act ( not warranting arrest ) but merely a statutory / civil infraction which can only be settled in a court of law, not at the doorstep of a business.  Police are not supposed to be involved or used for such civil matters and disputes. 

The moment they ordered the food without further issue, they entered into an agreement to what was stated at the bottom of the menu.  Then after consuming it and receiving the bill, the issue of not paying extra is the argument which is debatable and can only be done so in a court of law, not at the place of business by a police officer, for no criminal act was committed nor was in the process of being committed, only a civil dispute ( disputing contract of money for food and service ) which held a clause in the menu about gratuities added to the final bill.

"If" they would have walked out by only leaving the amount for the food and such but not the additional gratuity, this 'foul' or 'dishonor' falls under the category of statutory infraction ( which is not categorized as criminal and is an entire different category of law ) and thus doesn't warrant arrest by any law enforcement agency. 

It is purely a private matter between two private parties. 

Only criminal issues warrant the state / public involvement. 

If an arrest arises solely based on non payment of gratuity alone, that is a rights violation and the officer is liable for criminal charges under his employer and then civil charges directly... yet the people do not know their rights and are ignorant of the law and their position over it, not under it.

Back to the point made that the officer failed to answer directly: this is because he truly could not enforce the patrons to pay gratuity on demand, for that is not his function. 

"If" they would have left without paying anything, then that is a criminal act and falls under his jurisdiction and now is something different altogether from a dispute between paying extra for gratuity / tip / a customary notion.

The issue actually is / was to be settled in a civil court. 

The issue actually cannot be judged at this point since the issue was never resolved according to the law but in coercion and under duress.  The 'infraction' never even occurred due to the intervention of the public servant.  The intimidation was used to compel the patrons to action.

The police officer could not have arrested them if they would have left the bill amount less the gratuity.  Yer his role was well played as an intimidating third party agent ( which was siding with the plaintiff ).  He had no jurisdiction nor actual weight other more than a witness to a civil dispute.

Reserve your rights my family and friends.  And in order to do that, you must KNOW them.  You cannot not be 'made to pay' anything since the money ceased to function years ago, but that's another matter.' 

Let's take one rabbit hole at a time.. now for the one which should break your faith in the golden calf worshiping of today, go here.

05 May 2012

Ron Paul

Who is Ron Paul?

Is he the nice little old man that the party is simply going to cow tow to now?  Or will he compromise and call it political discussion, debate or whatever and simply keep writing in his earmarks for his direct master of ceremonies ( Paul desires a gold standard, is open to a one world currency and is more than 50% in gold... which smells that he serves those behind him all these years / the hegemony of a different name but all the same, and a slight of hand yet again ).

This is the big elephant in the room ( pun intended ) which most Pauliticos are unaware of.  I am not ignoring his Constitutional rhetoric, but we must focus on the flaws before enjoying the rush of 'change' that sweeps by every four years and the populous is bamboozled every four years because it is an ignorant and ravaging mob, more so now even today.

A gold standard is just as easy to manipulate as a fiat currency.  And being for a new world currency would debase all other currencies and make nations null and void in their sovereignty and national and local laws useless against the Machine.  That new currency will be the most valuable medium of exchange and only Paul and those wealthy like him and the rest of the asset owning class will trade that, which will fix for themselves a higher position in the fascist pyramid of schemes ( which they already believe to have achieved ).

Unless you personally are of the asset owning class or serve them, you will surely be serving them at your slave wage job for a long time to come ( what is hoped from the hegemony and the endorsement of hired hands on the hill, for that is the definition of their vocation, for the "we the people' they serve is not you and I, it is the hegemony of this kountry ).  This is why I always stress and repeat working for oneself, minding your own business and owning your own assets ( which you can create yourself ).

Paul is the counterpart to Kucinich in the other hen house full of vipers.

We need new wine in new wine skins, and that means all of these old bats, wizards and servants to them must get out. 

Local stalk needs to be raised and harvested, then sent to Capitol / Capital Hill and change that name from 'capitol' ( capital offense, capital crime, capital investment, capital gains tax ) to something less worshiping the golden calf and better serving our fellow man ( which is the point of putting together a government, at least from the populous perspective, but not the reality behind the podium of political pandering ).

To gain a better perspective on why the love of money is truly the root of all evil ( and crimes of the hegemony and those who serve them and / or find out how to escape economic slavery and create your own money ) then CLICK here to begin your financial education.

04 May 2012

If I Were "Elected" Dictator

If I were dictator ( laughing to myself ), I would ponder and express: what if people working for any company / entity comprised of two or more people / persons were to be included in a share of the equity, with voting rights and benefits just the same?

If I were dictator, I would further encourage these employees and those who would later work and gain an equitable position in any company, to now own part of the company and having all rights reserved and without a class distinction in shares.. and, for example, with how oil companies work, for them to focus on producing products in a non-toxic manner.  The company could then, for example, focus on producing non-toxic, resilient and reusable domiciles ( think legos building blocks ) which can house the world's people living near $1 a day.

If I were dictator, I would suggest to have open discussion on how these processes and procedures would happen, via the internet on various social platforms, and have local qualifiers for public proposals.  I would then suggest hiring the best ideas and minds to execute the plans, locally chosen of course, no more centralization of planning, only mic checking.  Local involvement to spur cohesive communities like the crispy clean aspirations of the 1950's 'vision' without the hypocrisy of actually expecting every body else to adhere to an ideal so novel and one sided. 

If I were dictator, I would suggest the employees of every company the world over, to go to work for themselves in creating their own companies... if they stay at their present position, they can assume their current position but now with equitable ownership of the company ( shares ) and also a transferable interest in both the labor position ( if applicable ) and / or the financial stake in the company.

If I were dictator, I would suggest a revamping of the U.S. Constitution, an exploration of the U.S. Constitution and Local State Constitutions and statutory law, etc.. and open discussion as the upgrade in editing is made.  One such upgrade could be to correct the 'foul' of making one man / class of men subject to any other man, thus straightening the continued class distinction by ethnic identity and not noble ascent ( which is the new wine of the age in my personal opinion ).

If I were dictator, I would suspend all statutory laws, rules and such along with their extreme fees and encumbrances and reintroduce the publican ideal to law enforcement, judicial and law creating vocations... and encourage them to return to the role of public servant and liaison and help further the freedoms invoked in local and national Constitutions.  They would help administer the collection of 10% from income producing companies, for they would be the only items taxed in this new paradigm. 

If I were dictator, the employee of any company shall NOT pay any such income tax nor be taxed in any manner on their labor, and all monies, payments and compensations from such activities considered 'work' is their own and theirs to keep.  Only entities which run with the cooperation of other entities ( two or more natural persons involved in an entity such as a corporation ) are taxed, and this being at the 10% rate. 

If I were dictator, I would suggest the breakdown of the 10% to replace the current bloated mob rule by tribute down, with 2% going to public service ( militia - publicans, public servants ), 2% to an education fund to whomever seeks it ( OPTIONAL ) with additional means in satisfying educators and the educated ( school of choice, not a 'public' school system paradigm whatsoever, but local parent / teacher involvement in the rearing assistance until 'education' is brought to local communities which fraternize, socialize and live amongst each other without hindrance from outer spherical watchdog central government types ), 2% for open bids on current public service jobs to be done privately or other, etc... as the psuedo communist / capitalist empire is brought to equilibrium with the populous and nature.

If I were dictator, I would encourage extreme out-of-the-box thinking for all of these measures and set out local political competitiveness with ideas that can be reproduced throughout the world as the correct applications of service to mankind and not its current hindrance. 

If I were dictator, I would remind people of the vision of being your brother's keeper, of who that brother really is ( everybody ), of being a kind and generous neighbor and of being aware of what some call karma or the laws of physics ( for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction ) do come back around ( your conscience too ). 

If I were dictator, I would suggest the populous to: do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

If I were dictator, any 'law infraction, misdemeanor or felony' must be met with a dishonored party ( a victim ) to bring in the state / law / public servant ( third party )... otherwise, no injured party = no law broken ( again, all this to be hashed-out via local to national venues on social media platforms ).

One Matrix, Various Paradigms

Citations, fines, tickets, taxes, encumbrances, tolls, liens, interest payments, et al...

Economic slavery is what it all smells like to me.  Listed above is statutory / de jure law after the fact of common law and private agreements between sovereigns, either singular ( one living soul to another or other entity ) or a state / commonwealth / township, etc. 

Why is this?  Hmm... let's ponder. 

Although some semblance of equal weights and measures among a collected group of people living, working and trading in close proximity to one another has manifested since before the days of the first empire in Mesopotamia with the Sumerians, who says the hegemony has ever held to it?  The bible is full of unjust kings and peoples from both strains of Abraham's seed.

I personally see it all as the physical manifestation of the expensive castigation the lesser, disenfranchised classes ( non social class, monetary class, managerial class, etc. ) receive in increasing measure due to the ever increasing creation of new laws, rules, statutory codes and other non-criminal and freedom depriving legislation being mass produced faster than McDonald's flips hamburger patties.  Isn't this what cripples plenty of people living paycheck to paycheck or with little to no reserves or resources?

This siphoning effect, coupled with how the monetary system functions against our interest, is a most wretched and stagnant coupling of evil, very well unperceived by the general public... but they can feel it.

Not many can put it into words and not include a grand amount of dubious organizations involved ( most of the market / commercial industry which profits from the buying and selling of things and services and their spin-off social organizations - religion, societies, clubs, etc. ) when describing today's Babylonian System, nor the empire behind it and the invisible links between law, commerce, politician, money and glorified media distractions.

Regarding the monetary system further: Consider the limitation of money supply due to introducing more money into a game of Monopoly.  But, this additional money is created as debt WITH interest demanded ( unlike the Monopoly money which is neutral or without interest ).  This creates an automatic need for more 'yet to be created' money to pay off further interest payments on the debt still outstanding.  This very siphoning effect creates a lack of or a want for resources and what happens in response are things like this: 'cut back,' 'layoff,'  'downsize,' 'increase prices,' or 'lower wages,' and so on.  The siphoning effect of a central bank, one of the ten planks of what defines Communism as identified in the Communist Manifesto: centralization of credit.

An invisible / hidden solution: Today, unbeknownst to the general public, people can create their own agreements amongst themselves with two or more parties involved.  You can buy and sell a car, a house, a yacht and a business WITHOUT the use of a third party ( state, business or otherwise ) and still conform to lawful action and honest dealings ( while keeping your matters private and less expensive ).  Yet, the 'mentality' and 'condition' is that you must use a third party, usually a city, state or federal agency or subcontractor of such to do business or do much of anything. 

You can also buy, sell and trade without using money, with that being an entire lesson in itself and reserved for another time.

To begin correcting the imbalance, begin your Financial Education today.

01 May 2012

Empire or Bust

I wonder, if to clearly state your relation to the created entity ( the State and those it employs ), and somehow pierce the front behind the 'bar,' the 'bench,' the 'office,' in the 'court house' and with entitled people ( people with titles who supposedly deem a particular status, almost near nobility ) is the thing to aim for.  To pierce the front of indifference and apathy.

To consider living out the narrative work ethic like 'working hard and long hours' or 'work your way up the ladder' for a siphoning and sifting system, some which is owned by people who do not consider you equal, but well beneath and near an animal status to them, is a form of trickery and deception at the highest levels. 

Yet it is this very mantra which is the foundation of the pyramid... the pyramid which people unwittingly play into.. while solidifying their economic slavery.

More regarding your economic slavery here.