19 January 2011

Obama Like Bush Like Clinton Like Bush Like Reagan, etc.

In response to this article on a politically charged site:

Very Informative.

At least we know what to expect from our (s)elected officials, and ‘that’ is a step forward in dealing with this ‘leadership’ from ‘both hands’ ( left and right party ) of the same entity.

More true journalists and real reporters need to be working FULL TIME just to keep up with the quackery and mockery of justice, the flood of laws and tons of code added to the books from one day to the next… and the populous hasn’t a clue ( nor will ever, I suppose ).

I wonder, if with so much unemployment, why hasn’t the Amerikan people risen up against its Tunisian-Type government?

Are U.S. Citizens ‘that’ lazy, stupefied and ignorant of their immediate danger?

I guess what is present here and not Tunisia is our lasting freedom to bear arms… to keep tyranny from entrenching a foothold… yet that freedom too has been numbed down and used against the psyche of the American people, turning them into Amerikans, who ‘can’ do nothing.

01 January 2011

The Electric Car; Will GM Kill it Again?

2010 made great strides, 2011 may disappoint... for greed instead of
logic is the factor.

Many factors are holding the availability of affordable pure electric
cars, three of which may be-

a) capital and control interests of oil producers, utility companies,
their dependent economic systems, many people's jobs, etc.

b) conventional automakers not poised to progress due to reason "a."

c) those whose businesses depend on the status quota of following the
hegemony leadership will not convert UNLESS the road ahead is clear,
no faith found here.

Plenty of stimulus money is available, but is not marketed
sufficiently to pierce through the propaganda still running rampant
today ( just like that documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"
teaches ).

And the answer was GM.... and now they are one of two to introduce
an electric assembly-line car in 2010? Welcome to Bizarro Babylon.

Are people stupid, have short-term memory or simply can't distinguish
between the duality?

The mutation of petroleum burning automobiles by replacing the petrol
motor with an electric motor, and all other needed modifications, is
akin to the concept of a surgery solution ( replacing the bad part ).

The leap will be when the electric vehicle(s), of which have yet to be
conceived and created, are drafted from the ground up.... again!

Alongside these newer vehicle concepts, a newer concept of travel ( we
need to think well outside the cage and tons of metal propelled at
speed to lighter, less lethal projectiles on the road / something that
will bounce off a house's wall, not plow through to the backyard, for example ).

Yet, the 'general public' are ignorant to the MANY do-it-yourselves
out there who ARE making their own vehicles... and those who are
marketing to the wealthy and snob-happy so they in turn can ween the
masses to adopting / demanding / conforming / desiring cleaner air,
transportation and not the monthly tribute of paying an energy monopoly
for the 'benefit' of traveling / moving freely.

One example is these guys: http://www.limoland.com/

If enough 'stars' tow the road to electric heaven, like George Clooney
has ( but no one's heard of it or understands enough to care and
understand ) and when gas prices touch $4.00 and beyond, THEN we'll
see some shift.