29 August 2012

Removing State Registration From My Automobile

So I get pulled over on my way home from a friend's house late tonight / early this morning. I get off a couple exits before mine due to road construction on the freeway, and the neighborhood isn't the best ( not that mine is any better ) having 'one ways' and all ( folks in these parts know about one way streets and how much trouble they can be, and I'm not talking about traffic wise ).

So as I'm coming down the hill from the freeway exit ramp and make a left onto the first street heading in the general direction of where I live, I notice a police car coming from one street prior ( one way coming from the other direction ) make a right and then a quick u turn to follow me. I make my left, and they make the same left.

Thoughts of all kinds of madness start to flow through my mind.... for I know that the registration is suspended, although the tags are good until October ( longer story than this one is going to be ).

So I come to the first stop sign in the narrow road of a one way street in not the best neighborhood.. and as soon I come to a complete stop, I proceed and sure enough, it is Christmas on steroids behind me. So I think "so this is the night I get arrested and the car gets impounded and I don't even have any of my documents and affects with me, just my shorts, shirt and my hat ( which was sitting in the seat next to me, so with my bald head in this neighborhood, I fit the description of a criminal of sorts ).

I immediately pull over, shut the car down, turn the lights off and crack the window just enough to pass the driver's license through.

Mr. officer comes up, states the reason for pulling me over is that my license plate lights are out. Asks me if I knew. I had no idea. Asks for my driver's license ( D.L. ), which I hand over without issue. He asks if the car is insured, which I respond with showing him the proof from my wallet, yet it is expired ( he doesn't ask for it to be handed to him ).

After looking at my D.L., he asks me if I still live in my previous residence ( I have a P.O. Box address on my D.L. ) and I tell him I moved to this city, he asks where, and I tell him the address and cross streets to pin point the exact neighborhood for him. He says he'll be right back.

He then leaves to search out some things in his vehicle. Not 30 seconds later, he returns, asks me again if I knew the plate lights were out, which again I respond I had no idea. He let's me know it would be a fix-it ticket, yet says they may have gone out and it would be a simple fix with a screwdriver and replacing the bulbs. I said sorry I missed that they were out and thanked him.

Prior to handing me the D.L. back, he asks about the US DOT number and such on the side of the car ( I just put them on this evening in the parking lot where I purchased them ) and so I let him know I have a small business, and since the state's tags were coming due, I simply got the federal number.. and that I transport building materials I sell online to local shipping carriers.. and he says "oh, so its for your business?" I said yes.

He hands me back the D.L., requests I update the bulbs and wishes me a good night.

I noticed I didn't even go into anything about what I've been reading and studying the past year and a half. I handled this encounter as I have others... with a calm and honest demeanor which usually pacifies the officer doing the questioning / investigating... and although I have talked my way out of several tickets in the past ( and once a ticket which was already issued and the officer tore it up ), I realized it is all in the approach, rapport and dynamic you establish when dealing with these public servants.

I think also my acting skills from several years of training and pursuing the arts in college doesn't hurt one bit either. I have gotten out of some really expensive situations in the past now that I think about it. My record is clean, no tickets or issues of any kind in the last four years now or so.

Some free men / sovereigns suggest keeping the D.L. for it is easier to navigate the waters of commerce having one than it is trying to explain to an officer why you don't have one ( cognitive dissonance occurs in them I'm sure, plus why would one listen or believe you when not having one yet being behind the wheel... that just creates a red flag for them and an easy arrest / property confiscation opportunity ).

I'm thinking about having either the same DOT number where the plate will soon not be, or the docket number from the filing statement I'll be doing next month.. not sure yet. Either one will be brightly lit with the new bulbs so they can at least see what they'll be dealing with when stopping me next time 8^)

23 August 2012

Judge Warns of Civil War

If that judge knew about the money, he wouldn't be asking to take from the very coffers of which all of the hired hands feed from... and of which the masses must labor to fill.  He would simply issue an ordinance for his county to issue its own currency and be done with the tricks of the federal monopoly.

Also, this judge is stuck on the left / right paradigm, thinking Obama or the democrats are to blame... for the same agenda will take place with a republican or libertarian or whomever in that office of military dictatorship.

About the warning of the inevitable.... folks are sick and tired of the federal government sifting the states and those who actually produce... yet many are seeing these things from a confused and dis-informed perspective.

Think of it like when the Nazis came into France.  The French stayed passive and the Nazis, although they had 'control,' couldn't muster support nor had much influence for no one was falling for their evil schemes and dubiousness... the French wouldn't 'fight.'  But of course, to remove them took some folks from the other side of the world, bringing their own version of truth and ideology ( the hegemony always instigate both sides of conflict, divide and conquer, and reap the revenue and rewards of conquest, regardless of who wins, for they win either way, while the people lose in every way )... and too many people had to die for ignorance reined in that day as it does today, unfortunately.

Such isn't the case with the entire Amerikan populous... and what many fail to realize is the executive office with most of the other branch members are Nazi by approach in their dealings with the states and their respective citizenry, and is communist by definition, due to their bloated bureaucracy and the unsound laws they pass year after year in order to consume the people of every things they have earned.... along with their freedoms ( and they are almost complete in their monumental task ).

Most of the populous is plugged into sports, animals and other distractions, and though most are passive lambs, these passive lambs are, by default, supporting the very tyranny which is swallowing them up, by their corporate solicitations at big stores, their activity with using a bank for their financial dealings, and their support of the very tools of distraction ( sports, teevee, etc. ).  Same course of events happened in Germany with the fall of the Weinmar Republic and the rise of Hitler's Germany.

Those who 'see' like this judge and his sheriff, are seen as 'crazy' or out of their skulls... but such is the burden of those who have chosen not to put their heads in the sand, who have chosen to read beyond the narrative and not simply believe everything they see on teevee or follow the banality of their culture.  Nothing has changed under the sun considering empire and its exploits by the very few over the masses.

May I suggest the stance of peace, yet learn your God given rights and express accurately such things with the voice God has given us.... not in an unwise manner, but in a wise manner.

May I suggest to turn off the teevee and the lies media propaganda is conditioning onto the populous as they desire to further divide an otherwise agreeable populous.

May I suggest to exercise discipline instead of the lack of it, in terms of 'shopping' habits, in eating habits, information sources, and the like.... for to extricate oneself from suckling off the teet of empire is like asking the fish to jump out of their fish bowl.. if only the fish knew he was swimming in a fish bowl ( which this man has found out some years ago ).

Won't you join me in the greater sea of freedom and not stay in the fish bowl, seemingly safe yet running out of oxygen?

11 August 2012

Why Mars and Not Mali?

A friend stated: "As a civilization becomes more sophisticated, they become less tolerant of alternatives."

My response:

That's the sad part of what history has defined for us, that no matter how modern or 'cultured' a society or people become ( modern as in today with technology reducing mundane labor for some, allowing them to pursue more intelligent pursuits ) and cultured ( like the mindset of non-ownership of land or resources among the native pre-western civilization's influence on them ), that man still seems to not be able to remove the very things which we all struggle with: envy, selfishness, pride, arrogance, fear and so on.

I wonder if, as some folks would opine, with the increase of technology and modern science, hasn't man only found better ways to eliminate another man, albeit perhaps in a more 'humane' fashion? And hasn't man only found ways to manipulate the body to resemble something unnatural or to add and modify that which they are unhappy with?

Yet again, it takes removing oneself, I think, from the encapsulation of any cultural precepts to break out of a nearsightedness which prevents us from truly recognizing we are all brothers and sisters on this speck of dust flying around in the cosmos... and the focus on other planets for whatever well intentioned purpose, is still another example of a chasing after the wind... in the spending of man hours, resources and focus... while here at home we have yet to search out the deepest oceans, or conceive renewable resources ( we have, but no one from the top is telling ) which would eradicate our archaic energy sources and thus clean the environment.

If life existed on any other planet, do you suppose that life would allow such a filthy ragtag group of littering humans to also devastated their real property? Mankind as a whole has yet learned how to clean up after themselves here, literally, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Most men have yet learned how to contend with themselves, let alone their neighbor. How can such learned men expect to pursue ridiculous pursuits such as reaching out to distant planets while at home, they ignore the plight of their fellow men? Why look outwards beyond the horizon, when that very effort to 'become' leaves so many wasting away in one's wake?

The billions of dollars in reaching Mars ( or so they say that some rover landed on that distant planet ) could have completely eradicated hunger in so many countries.. or built the means for those people to be self sufficient to the point where they can now feed themselves.. but why doesn't this happen?


It doesn't feed the ego.

Going to Mars feeds the egos of many men, and the many masses who fawn at this spectacle by watching on their boob tube... feeding off of the pride of others to give their meaningless lives some sort of meaning.. Olympics anyone? Sports anyone?

Feeding the hungry at home and across the globe does not feed the ego.. and it is not a 'fashionable' business, yet our hearts squirm at the thought of any one of us being in that destitute position... let alone actually pondering doing something about it.

Thus I say; how far have 'we' really come on this speck of dust flying through the cosmos?

Some say very far by pointing at some supposed rover on that red speck of dust out there.

Some, just looking within a few square miles of their locale or city, would say "we still don't get it."

There was One who did get it and told us about 'it,' yet who is listening to Him?

08 August 2012

What is Man's Law Based On?

If one doesn't realize they have unalienable rights, rendered to them by God Almighty, then they are truly clueless trying to navigate the world of legalese, for it is a trap and snare for men by wicked men.  Common law / natural law / maxims of law / organic law is simple and basic to understand, yet there's an onslaught and continued creation of man's 'laws' which usurp and remove freedoms / rights already established on our conscience and enumerated in various places.

When one can put in perspective what has happened from 1215 up to the present, and see how the basics of common / natural law have not wavered, but only the perceptions of men via the creation of man's laws ( in the notion of protecting one man from another, or restricting government, yet the opposite having systematically occurred ) then one can see their present day legal slavery.

If one were to simply look at how the Hebrews, after being given the basic commandments which make sense to anyone with any fabric of ethics or morale, and the subsequent creation of more laws upon laws which created a religion that was impossible to fulfill and the falling away from conscientious precepts in order to fulfill man's rules and restrictions ( Mark 7:13 ), then one can see how this continued creation of man's laws has perverted what is perceived to be justice, but has instead issued tyrannical decrees which the populous believe are good, noble and needed to 'protect them.'

The English / Anglo Saxon method of common law / unalienable rights stems from the Magna Carta when tyranny was overthrown by men with a passion for freedom ( and a faith in God and not some man claiming to be king over them )... and the tide has been ebbing and flowing since then, between the free men walking by faith and the tyrants desiring to live off the backs of chattel... and subjugating them with ever increasing rules, restrictions and regulations.

06 August 2012

Do You Believe Everything on TV?

Interesting how that rover supposedly landed on Mars, what timing. Same thing with the timing of the moon landing while the Amerikan populous were at odds with the hegemony of that generation and were about to create a full blown revolution due to the mass murdering and empire building in the eastern Asian region, using U.S. soldiers as cannon fodder. Now the focus of empire's expansion is the middle east, and only one country stands outside the sphere of empire in that region. Remember the noblemen who were murdered during that time? The Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King and John Lennon ( just to name a few ) were the revolutionary leaders of their time... yet they were peaceful in their attempts and their speech. And they were silenced for their calls to peace, cooperation and understanding with all people of the world ( a dangerous precept against world conquest by the few who believe the world is their oyster ).

Some folks speculate and suppose we'll see a 'discovery' of alien civilization / proof of life on that planet, which will bring on a hysteria never before seen via mainstream media programming. If you think the fear instilled via the live broadcast of 9/11 of the planes and subsequent demolition of three buildings was powerful...and the subsequent attempts to 'lawfully' strip rights away ( which cannot be stripped away, they are permanent in case you didn't know ) to justify 'security' was bad, how about a full-on 'alien invasion' which would only be avoided if people give up their weapons and religious affiliation... otherwise the aliens would 'wipe us out for being a hostile and waring specie that can't get along with each other, as history has shown.'

Wouldn't that be an interesting movie of the week? Or nightmare for the feeble minds believing every bit of propaganda being spouted by all mainstream sources?

Some folks say the moon landing was bogus and scripted to detract attention from genocide in eastern Asia during the Vietnam massacre, and point to this Mars expedition as yet another orchestrated distracting ploy to usher in an even more sinister narrative and amazing theatrical production.

The dark symbolism of the Olympics have fallen on blind eyes for most of the populous. Folks watched with glee the dark foreshadowing of things planned to come and didn't wince nor question the message, like nice docile slaves begging for entertainment and reasons to be proud of themselves, their kountry and fellow kountrymen and women.

The majority of people believe every little scripted notion on teevee ( news and reality shows are scripted folks, sorry to burst your paradigm bubble ). The minds have been so well conditioned that people call what is good 'bad' and what is truth 'lies.'

"That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result."

"It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success."

- Joseph Goebbels

Are You Part of the Feudal Problem?

I find the entire real estate industry a shame. Yet folks justify their efforts because of the large checks they earn either in flipping or being a landlord, but don't realize how their participation and the entire system is a fraud created to sift the masses, with themselves being the puppets.

People are profiting off of the ignorance and labor of the masses who must work just to turn over most of their paycheck over to rents ( no return for their labor ) or to a mortgage ( which renders them a realized incentive many years later, for the majority of their money goes towards the interest payment, which is usury / tribute ).

Yet, this reality is either ignored ( denial ) or not seen due to the greed factor.

The gentleman in the story thinks he's doing a noble effort, but he is simply gaming the chattel once again into their slave existence, and then he thinks he is noble in some way for making that move with those debt instruments which aren't even owned by him, but are on loan to hm via the government and regional too big to fail banks, at interest from the central Communist bank ( which most worship by default in this chasing of the wind called real estate ).

Folks who buy real estate don't even really own their property, for it is 'granted' to you if you acquire a grant deed, and since you must pay a yearly tribute ( called property taxes and justified by every great sounding argument ), you are actually paying the state for that grant... and once you stop paying that tribute, you lose your property, no matter if it is encumbered or free and clear.

Real investors, not speculators, nor hired third party hands binding bankster fractionated ponzi money to ignorant end buyers ( the real losers in this scheme of money and wealth worship ) are simply greedy and nearsighted people who salivate at the prospect of quick and easy capital gains while burying their fellow human beings in debt, or at long term fattening of their wallets when land-lording for cash flow... and again, they think they are providing a service, but are actually a modern fiefdom participant and chattel housing manager.

That 'rich' man should actually put his capital to 'work' in producing a needed or meaningful service or product, which will induce other market participants and eventually create prosperity for wherever that business is found. But it is easier to play the game of being a landlord and sit back, get fatter and fatter, while the slaves work every day to support the mechanism he so very much admires and loves... for some people think the more money they make off the backs of their fellow countrymen, the more 'blessed' they must be.

So, yes, I think he is a fool along with all the others who game the corrupt system of tribute to those who print the money out of nothing.... and use everyone as the surety for the debts money created out of nothing, at interest... and btw, the interest amount is never issued into circulation, only the debt amount, and THIS is why systems, not because people are lazy, but because it is made to fail, so real assets can return to those who know what they are doing in their evil and greedy scheming.... and all the other folks who get over-leveraged or only know how to work for a living ( the public school system of indoctrination has perfected this ) must keep toiling away the rest of their lives.