25 October 2013

Independent Money Means Independent People

I read a lot.

This week I was reading the letters Pilate wrote to his superiors regarding the aftermath of putting Yeshua to death; what he witnessed, what he heard in reports from his subbordinates and what he personally was going through.  I was amazed to put it mildly.

In reading about these events from a source not affiliated with scripture, I came across a certain man who claimed to be the messiah at the time of the final stamp-out of the Jews in Jerusalem; Simon ben Kosiba, later to be called Simon bar Kokhba.  There were many before and after Yeshua who claimed to be the messiah, but only Yeshua had the miracles and witnesses of His divinity to corroborate the claims which have turned the world on it's side since that time ( what is noticable if one were to research such things ).

So this morning I come across the scripture about the Temple Tax ( Matthew 17:24-27, read this please ) and the trick of the Pharisees attempting to once again entrap Yeshua in something not kosher ( not kosher according to them ). I find it quite profound His point in giving instruction to Peter ( this specific lesson I learned from the youtube video entitled "Traveling with Brad Pugh," so thanks and credit to him for his spiritual insight ).

Yeshua had Peter go fishing to find the funds to satisfy the tribute / duty to the earthly kings.  There is much more I'd like to go into, but I want to keep this basic and simple ( yeah right, a most difficult thing for me ).   Instead of going into the money bag of theirs, Peter was to go out to nature and do a bit of work, and this being noticed by Yeshua that the earthly kings ( the Roman empire of the time ) was not recognized as the authority, yet to not cause issue, Yeshua instructed what He did ( read what He said ).

Another point I'd like to make was the response when Yeshua was asked about paying the Imperial Tax ( Matthew 22:15-22, please read this ), and here is the point of this particular blog entry. 

Yeshua's response is quite simple yet overlooked in today's society; "who's image is this and who's inscription?"  You see, the only money used for commercial purposes in Judea and throughout the empire ( conquered nations of people ) was Caesar's money, not local money.  The money used for the Temple Tax was coined by the priests, but that was not good to buy anything outside of the business performed within that temple of theirs.

Reading about this Simon ben Kosiba, he had called for a return to speaking Hebrew instead of Aramaic, AND a return to the use of their own independent money!  You see, it is the medium of exchange of a people / nation / country which points to whom they are subject to, if not themselves or someone else!

I learned this week that El Salvador has been absolutely using the Federal Reserve Note since 2001.  That country now has no say in monetary police and cannot manage much of anything commercial wise or regarding money for that money is not theirs to manage, but that of a private organization called the Federal Reserve ( not a government, but a privately owned corporation ) who now has their money circulated throughout the entire world less Cuba, North Korea and some other places called "axis of evil." 

Here's a taste of the wikipedia entry highlighting the final rebellion in Jerusalem when the people were finally removed and some interesting points highlighted by me in bold print:

The state minted its own coins, known today as Bar Kochba Revolt coinage. These were inscribed "the first (or second) year of the redemption of Israel". Bar Kokhba ruled with the title of "Nasi". The Romans fared very poorly during the initial revolt facing a completely unified Jewish force (unlike during the First Jewish-Roman War, where Flavius Josephus records three separate Jewish armies fighting each other for control of the Temple Mount during the three weeks time after the Romans had breached Jerusalem's walls and were fighting their way to the center).

A complete Roman legion with auxiliaries was annihilated. The new state knew only one year of peace. The Romans committed no fewer than twelve legions, amounting to one third to one half of the entire Roman army, to reconquer this now independent state. Being outnumbered and taking heavy casualties, the Romans refused to engage in an open battle and instead adopted a scorched earth policy which reduced and demoralized the Judean populace, slowly grinding away at the will of the Judeans to sustain the war. 
Simon ben Kosiba / Simon bar Kokhba

The above excerpt is from this Simon's wiki entry, a more detailed account of the battle and historical perspective can be found at this entry: Bar Kokhba Revolt

Notice how the minting of their own coin was a clear sign of being independent.  Notice also how in being completely unified and not being splintered into three groups regarding internal affairs, they were able to resist an empire.

Here's a quote from someone familiar to Amerikan folklore and [his]tory, and notice what he said:

"The government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. By adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity."

-- Abraham Lincoln

Here's one pointing to 'who' should issue, have inscription and coin their own money:

"The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

-- Thomas Jefferson, Third President U.S.A. President A.D. 1743 - 1826

And here's one which glaringly speaks of what not many would dare say out-loud, even today:

"When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here.  A super state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure.  Every effort has been made to conceal its power but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government."

-- Louis T. McFadden, A.D. 1876 - 1936, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Reminiscent of how Gandhi empowered his fellow countrymen in defeating the colonization of their land and peoples by the British by executing a peaceful unity, why couldn't something like a peaceful unification and unified decision to cease using an empire's money take place? 

What's more, one could create their own 'money' / negotiable instrument / medium of exchange and forgo using a foreign currency ( which is what that green piece of paper with "Federal Reserve Note" in your hand really is ).

19 October 2013

What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

I am now coming to an even deeper understanding and conviction regarding media programming ( teevee ).

I have been given the notion to only watch things streaming from the box ( boobtube / teevee ) which adds to my faith and helps build it, and which in contrast, does not take away from my faith and helps in demolishing it.  This faith by default is in God.  It is also faith in mankind, faith in my 'self,' and faith in the good and the love which is evident in the world... if only we can learn to stop soaking up the negative and faithless narratives fed to us via the media and learn instead to soak up what is already present and prevalent: the proof of love and goodness the world has open to us every day.  If we can only learn to cease the framed view of life that is marketed to us by this commercial world and see things for what they really are.

I wonder, what 'shows' or 'programming' can I watch which will land on my conscience in a great and positive way? 

Look up these two words; "show" and "program" to look further of what is being fed to your mind via media.

I remember studying mass communications in college and being in awe of the power and influence the media has on the lives of all who watch teevee, listen to the radio, view billboard advertising, etc... ( all the forms of media ).  It is, dare I say it, the most influential man-made thing outside of schooling, religion and government.

Media is a tool to pacify the masses as well as instigate them.  Take the example of 9/11 of how those images were rebroadcasted and repeated over and over again to instigate the deadliest 'response' to the biggest false flag of this century ( it's only 2013 as of this writing ) reminiscent to the controversy surrounding the Gulf of Tonkin incident last century.

Aside from nature documentaries ( I don't mean the silly animal shows that have ridiculous narration, but the serious in depth look at nature where you discover something about the animal kingdom ), what other 'programming' adds to you and your faith, personally?

Sports:  I see the trading of men as commodities and the commercialization of their actions through the selling of mostly useless products in sports programming.  I see tribal mentality and people associating with each other according to teams and brands, and the subsequent banter regarding such teams and such sporting actions... a created fiction and distraction from real events and topics of life.... so sports is an obvious no for me.

Reality Shows:  The further deprivation of the mass conscienceness via the exploitation of people and the exposure ( and mostly framed, scripted and edited ) of people's insecurities, indifference and ignorance.... all to drive commercial revenue and put the next stamp on popular culture.... so reality shows is another obvious no.

News:  Have you noticed news programming is mostly bad news?  It is mostly pointing at the common denominator of your psyche: pain, fear, distrust, hate and violence.  It is the worst kind of reality teevee, for it has an air of authority and credibility in its so-called "reporting," but falls on its face when it talks about celebrity gossip as 'news' and moments later war and the 'propaganda' they read off of their daily memos... so the news is an obvious no.

These are three big no-no's for me ( and, I'll admit, they usually are the most desirable to watch ), for they tempt and instigate me to think badly of others and reinforce the stigmas and social cues ( which are mostly false ).  Watching these somehow make me think I'm better than others, and that's a false perspective to have.  Watching these three types of programming kills my faith and the perception of what has been created for us and in how many ways this creation is actually good ( nature and people ), but somehow, my mind being raised with the years of childhood media programming has stamped my mind into a type of mold I've been trying to break out of since I realized a mold had taken place.

Are there any particular things you'd like to change in the feeding of your brain?  Are you satisfied with the numbing effect of programming and have you considered what it does to your view of the world, of yourself and what it does to the faith you have in the Almighty and your fellow man?  Have you noticed too how you are a product of the images and notions that have been fed to you you're entire life?  Isn't it about time to break the cycle and cut off that which is slowly making you into something you were not meant to be? 

- You have searched me, Lord, and you know me.  You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.  You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.  Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.  You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

Where can I go from your Spirit?  Where can I flee from your presence?  If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.  If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.  If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

- Psalm 139:1-14

I suggest: less man's creations and more God's creations..... what do you suggest?

17 October 2013

Lessons Learned From Driving Without Insurance

I am sure some folks read about me driving around with no insurance and frowned upon that irresponsible action.  I agree with you.  I was in a financial bind with my business drying up and I was in 'sell everything' mode ( which I still am in, btw, but for another reason now ).  I was going head-on with the state's many rules of life and I wasn't having it anymore.  Thank God I didn't take it to another level and only challenged the boundaries of civility in an appropriate manner.

I looked into getting a surety bond instead of insurance and even looked into ways of getting one of these without having to put up any cash since the money is created out of thin air.  I was looking into doing a certain something that would create money in an account and I could use that account as the base for the surety bond, and walla: I would have a financial responsibility in case of an adverse occurrence without having to pay an arm and a leg or a monthly / yearly premium for a 'what if.'

The things that led me to believe I can create my own money ( actually, the Fed's money, let's be clear ) is that I have personally spoken to people who have eliminated their car note, eliminated their credit card debt and so forth... I've known people who have eliminated the house note as well.  I remember also speaking to one individual who said I was able to perform a surety bond on my own using a particular method that would cost me nothing else than learning how to do it.

I remembered being skeptical of the method in which I made some fast and large sums of money in moving real estate without qualifying for a loan, coming out of pocket for a down-payment and so forth ( the conventional thinking of performing in real estate transactions ).... so I figured thus was the same with this new rabbit hole.

Now, these things are well outside the box of conventional thinking and on their face sound fraudulent, so don't think I haven't considered that... and also realize that what is illegal for some to do is perfectly legal for few to do, according to laws authored and supported by certain few who know more than they should.

I have secondary hearsay that some have even created upwards of $5M and had those amounts wired into an offshore account using a method called a "Bill of Exchange."  I'm not kidding.  The bill of exchange is a viable and real world thing, but the trick is doing it correctly and having the knowledge and savvy of getting it done completely, or else, it falls apart and you may end up in trouble.

The reason why one could or would get into trouble is that the monopoly of money creation is, well, a monopoly and no one else can have their hand in the cookie jar.  The reason why so many people who understood the game were upset, who knew what was going on during the financial crisis of 2007 and the subsequent bailouts, was that some special folks were getting a new feed of credit ( created money ) while the rest of mankind was going to sink with the ship.

Also, people's minds have been conditioned to believe money to be something worshiped and sought after your entire life, something that can only be attained by getting a job and working for it or selling something to get 'it.'  It instead is simply something that facilitates commerce... like greasing moving parts or the oil you put in your car in order to lubricate all the moving parts.  Instead of seeing the engine of the car or the moving parts of the mechanism as the thing of most importance ( the items you trade, like your time, labor, expertise or goods and services for other real things like food, etc. ), folks see the money / the lubricant, the oil as the most important thing.... and this is not so.

Before money was created to facilitate commerce, people bartered and traded what real valuable things they had or did.... and how people went form trading real things for real things to trading paper / an idea for real things is quite the whopper smack in the mind once you get your head around that deception.

Soon after looking deeper into the issue I had with a Notice to Appear for not obeying the many rules of the road, I decided to sell my vehicle.  I decided to stop driving / traveling around without the assurance that IF I was going to damage someone's property or person, they wouldn't be dishonored by me failing to mend their damages or take responsibility for any action of mine.  I also decided not to pursue something which may be objectionable to most and which may also lead me down a narrow tunnel of myopic view ( much like I was when I was flipping real property and only had my mind on making $$ ).

I decided not to create 'their' money in a sly way so nothing could come back to harm me, in case I missed a step or forgot to do something else.  I decided at this point to get back to what I was made for ( to preach and further the good news of Yeshua being the Messiah and salvation in Him and living by the example He put forth while He was walking the earth ) and forgo any further chasing of such winds... even though they could fill up my pockets with enough paper to burn the world down.

For the better part of this year, when I have been behind the wheel, it has been in service to others who have insurance attached to their vehicles and all the proper requirements... and my efforts have been blessed in so many ways, most of which I just can't share at this moment.  All is well now, once again, with my conscience, with my soul and with my perception of my self. 

In some outer cosmic way, which I cannot describe but believe to have happened to my benefit, I escaped the capture of the uniformed boogie man ( the state's big brother ) and was not compelled to answer for not 'registering' my vehicle and paying the yearly tribute ( who would fix the roads, right?  wrong, but that's for another blog post ) and also for not supporting the mass conscienceness of being financially responsible in case I would cause harm or damage to someone or their property.  I somehow escaped further punishment for not abiding by two of the many rules created to secure the enjoyment and peace of mind of others. 

When I think about it soberly and without sarcasm, the world would be much more chaotic if these things were not in place.  Think about it.  Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating more rules, but some folks simply are not responsible and they will and do take advantage of situations.  The EBT card fiasco of recent is one clear example.  People could have done what was right and honorable, but some chose instead to game the system and who knows what consequences will come of those poor choices.  I was facing a steep consequence for my choices, and although I had a difference of opinion, my pocket book was not going to get me out of this one... but the proceeds from the sale of my vehicle would have.. but somehow I escaped having to pay the piper for ignoring his tune. 

I've researched the history of the term 'registration' and it goes as far back as the sixth emperor of Rome.  Driver's licenses go as far back as the creation of the Mercedes Benz, and in the U.S., when people were complaining about the noise, pollution and reckless driving of people who didn't know what they were doing behind the wheel; early 20th century.  Today, we still witness people who haven't the faintest idea of what they're doing behind the wheel, but somehow they past both the driving test and the written trick questionnaire.

Although one may not like the way insurance companies set their rates ( by zip code or statistics of stolen vehicles or claims in a particular part of town ), and although the money is still created out of nothing, what can one do with the mechanisms who are set in place for the benefit of those who participate in them??

The preceding points and reasons are why I desire to move to the countryside, to grow my own food, to build my own resources, be productive on a level that doesn't demand a city dweller's level of income ( paying for wild rents, water, power, food, transportation, etc. ).  The city dweller's existence, if not at a reasonable height in society, can be one of a sucker... or more soberly put, a slave.

At least out in the country, God has provided the means to sustain oneself... in the city, you have to get a job or own a job or manage a job and so on.... out in the country, I can drop a line into a river and catch lunch.  Out in the country, I can plant a seed, water it... and watch God grow me food for the year.  Out in the country, I can raise animals that will not only feed me, but even work for me in tilling the ground.  Out in the country, I will not have television suggesting to me what to think, what to buy or who to be.  Out in the country, I will discover the lifestyle our ancient forefathers enjoyed with dreams of being kings and living in the city... but this king knows better and realized his throne is not in the city.

16 October 2013

"Embarrassment For The Los Angeles Police Department"

Today I went to 'court' regarding a Notice to Appear ( traffic ticket / citation ) for expired registration and no proof of insurance.  I subpoenaed the audio / video from the stop ( looked up the 'form' for a Duces Tecum online ) and also sent a request via the state's version of the Freedom of Information Act.  I received a letter confirming the evidence would be in court from the subpoena I typed up, but never received confirmation of the information request nor any response.  That letter promising me that the audio / video evidence would be in court that day was the deciding factor!

Contrary to advice, I did not file / record a motion to have the civil servant removed ( the 'judge' in the matter ) for him ignoring my previous motions and moving forward with his job and process of collecting monies.  I instead wrote out a detailed account of the evening in early January of this year.

The police officer showed up and spoke to me while I was in line to enter the courtroom ( as did the other officers with other would-be clients ) to get me to either plea, ask for traffic school, etc.  I asked him if he brought the audio from the stop, and with a smile, he said he didn't audio record the stop nor was he required to do so.  I smelled something funny in the air.  I asked him if he remembered why he pulled me over ( what the probable cause was ) and he said it was the expired tags.  I then asked if he remembered exactly how things happened that night.  He said he didn't.  I said that's why the evidence was necessary.  He asked if I had the registration and the proof in insurance.  I said I didn't.  I asked him if he was wronged in any way by me that evening, or if I had been suspected of committing any criminal act or was in the process of committing a criminal act, to which he replied in the negative.  I told him he had no probable cause in pulling me over and that his response that evening and right there in that line was a lie.  He asked if I was going to trial.  I said I was.  He said okay and walked away.

Quite a few dismissals happened in court today due to some police officers not showing and due to some police officers dismissing the citations they had written ( perhaps they had been proven wrong or something else ).  After the dismissals came the 'Ticket Clinic" cases run by one attorney... and it wasn't what I thought it was: the charges were only minimized and discounted, but nothing was dismissed except for one officer who didn't show up.  None of the officers objected to anything this particular attorney had to say, and I noticed how that service in teevee commercials really has you thinking you are getting away with something, but that wasn't the case from my observation this morning. 

Then came the actual trials, and I was first up to bat.  The judge firstly asked if I had the registration and insurance, to which I replied "peace be with you, Mr. Brenner."  He quickly thanked me for that with a look away and to the floor.  I then proceeded to ask if there was a court reporter present or if the hearing was being recorded in some manner.  He said no, this was traffic court.  I then added that it then was an inferior court since there is no record keeping.  He said it was traffic court and wouldn't argue with me regarding this matter.  I then said he must agree that it is in fact an inferior court since all courts in California are to be courts of record. 

He asked again if I had the registration and insurance, to which I answered that I had filed a motion prior to court, to which he said he did read it prior to coming out and that he would first have to hear what the officer had to say.  I then asked if the officer could recant that evening's chain of events.

He asked the officer to tell what happened and officer Ibarra read from a folded piece of paper who he was, and the time and date of the stop, the make and model of the vehicle and how he pulled me over for expired tags.  And he was done.

The judge then asked me if I had insurance and current tags, to which I said I had a response from the LAPD regarding the subpoena of the audio which would refute the testimony that Officer Ibarra just swore to.  He asked to see it so I handed the bailiff the letter and Mr. Brenner asked Mr. Ibarra if he had brought the audio from the stop.  Mr. Ibarra stated he wasn't required to audio / video record stops.  The magistrate's response was a frown as he read the letter carefully once again.

I looked over at the bailiff who thought she was the boss of the place and smiled.  She had given me a hard time last time I was there and was also trying to push her weight around today and wanted to intimidate everyone with her supposed 'authority.'  She asked me to remove my white Goorin Brothers Fedora.  In response to her order I asked her if this was a place of worship.  She gave me a stonewalled stare, and after a few uncomfortable seconds I slowly removed my crown with a sly smile across my face.  She then said she was thinking about the question and that was the reason for her lack of a response.

A few minutes later I remember I hadn't filed the current motion ( a Declaration of Facts and Order to Show Cause ).  I caught her eye as she was leaving the clerk's area and asked her about filing my motion with the clerk in that courtroom and she pointed to where the clerk was, giving me the okay to approach that area and move through the bar.  So I exited the aisle and walked through the nearest bar doors ( on the left side ) as opposed to entering on the right side where she and everyone else was moving.  She stopped me a few feet away from the clerk's area and said I couldn't be using that particular area as a public throughway ( behind the bar - in between the bench and the little wall separating the public ).  I tried not to give her a 'look' as I said I was a few feet away from the clerk's area, that I was already there.  She said I had to go around, to which I did after a few moments of pause and reflection of the attitude I was getting.  I pondered what I would say to her if the moment struck me.

After I had filed the original, the magistrate's copy and had my copy time stamped, I was returning to the aisle I was seated at and there was Ms. Benjamin ( the bailiff's tag name ).  I walked up close to her in order to read her name tag and address her formally.  She notices me near her and seemed offended and said never to walk up on her like that and that I was in her space.  She is quite portly so it is very difficult to not be anywhere within or in her space.  I responded that I needed to read her name tag for I was going to speak to her.  I stepped forward to get near the aisle and to speak to her ( she was four feet away at this point ) and again, louder this time, she exclaims that I am in her space.  I firmly responded with "I understand you have a job to do Ms. Benjamin.  I also acknowledge you have an authority here but I do NOT recognize that authority, and I am only complying out of respect to the Almighty."  She said she too respects the Almighty.  I moved on and took a seat.

So, back to the issue of the citation.  Mr. Brenner asks Mr. Ibarra twice if he had seen the order to bring the audio / video recording of the stop, to which Mr. Ibarra said he had not seen the letter.  Mr. Brenner was a bit perplexed and said this was an embarrassment to the Los Angeles Police Department in how they function and communicate internally. 

He said he was going to have to dismiss the case.  He then looked over at me and said "Mr. Santiago, this doesn't mean you can drive around without having current registration and proper proof of financial responsibility, regardless of what you believe or what you believe to be the law....  Suppose you were at a stop somewhere minding your own business and someone smashed into you and they had no means to pay your damages."  I nodded in agreement to his 'what if' and said "thank you, Mr. Brenner."

I walked out right behind Mr. Ibarra and when I caught his eyes a few moments later in the 'halls of justice,' I thanked him for being honest. 

I thank the Father in heaven for bringing things to a positive resolve regarding this issue.  He works in wondrous ways and from what I sensed, the officer's lies caught up with him right there for all to see.

10 October 2013

What's For Dinner?

As of this morning, one still cannot eat gold… at least not to fill your belly and satisfy the bodies nutritional needs.

Imagine finding yourself lost in a desolate desert for three days with no means of transportation, 1,000 miles from civilization and you have had no food or water to consume during that time.  Not only are you hungry, you are quite thirsty and dehydrated from the heat and sun exposure.  After three days without water, you may possibly be near death ( for some people ). 

Along comes some barefoot someone with a bag full of gold who would trade you an ounce of gold for your shoes.

With him is another barefoot individual with a gallon of water who would trade you an ounce of water for your shoes.

With them is yet another barefoot individual who would trade you an ounce of hundred dollar bills for your shoes. 

Your shoes are the only things each of these three desires from you in exchange for what they were willing to trade you.  With which barefoot individual would you be trading your shoes with?

Now think about ‘values’ of the items according to the ‘market’ or ‘society’ before you answer:

An ounce of gold sold at retail in the open market as of the writing of this scenario would be ‘valued’ at $1,305.00.  

The water in a modern community where all things are typical would be ‘valued’ at $.008 ( 128 ounces in a gallon with a gallon of water today costing $1.00 ).

The paper money that is accepted far and wide by the civilized world and used to buy things would be ‘valued’ at $2,835.00 ( each bill weighing approximately a single gram and 28.35 grams in every ounce ).

Now remember, you’re in the desert, there is no transportation, no shops or bus stations nearby.  You’ve been lost in the desert for three days and are dehydrated and possibly near death.

How valuable is that gold or that paper money to you when what you ‘need’ is water ( and food )?
Substitute the water for fresh bread of a near meal in this same scenario, does anything change?

What good is the paper money if a caravan of traders were to come along ( a possible rescue scenario ) and they would not accept the paper money for that money is no good to them in their society, for they deal in real items of value and not perceived value? 

What good would the gold be since the folks on the caravan realize that gold cannot be consumed for food and other than looking fancy, is of no practical and real use to them or anyone they know?

Something to ponder:

If you happen to be in a societal situation where inflation is running rampant and the price of everything was rising exponentially daily, the ounce of water could very well cost you nearly $3,000.00 ( this is what happened in Germany almost a century ago, look it up ).  The same hyper inflation happened in Zimbabwe just five short years ago when their funny paper money inflated to grandiose proportions.  In these two real-world scenarios, gold eventually found its way out of the hands of the needy for real things of value and into the hands of the wealthy, for historically gold has long been the currency of kings, while everyone outside of that circle had only their labor and other things to deal with. 

I wonder what good the stockpiling of gold would be to those who are not growing their own food in times of trouble.  I also wonder how far a pile of paper money would go when there is nothing of real value to be traded outside of the perceived value in such paper.

I’m sure some reading this are scoffing at the notion I have that gold is truly worth nothing in real terms other than a perceived fictional value people have created in their minds ( just like the paper money ), but ask yourself this:  When you have nothing but gold and are without food or water, and your neighbor who does have food and water to spare will not accept a piece of metal in exchange for their provisions no matter how fancy it looks or the ‘story’ behind it, will you end up eating that gold for dinner?

08 October 2013

Are You Still Pledging Allegiance?

Did you grow up “pledging allegiance to the flag… and to the republic to which it stands” as I did? 

Did you simply repeat what you were taught without even knowing the definitions of words and such?

Do you know what “pledging allegiance” means?  Let’s find out, shall we?  Let’s start with the word “pledge.”

Here's how this particular pledge has changed over the years.( wikipedia source )

Here's a very insightful, historical and factual review of the pledge ( scroll down a bit until you see the Amerikan flag next to a British looking flag ).  This site is worth an entire read, btw.

A bailment or delivery of goods by a debtor to his creditor, to be kept until the debt is discharged.

Pledge is a deposit of personal property by way of security for the performance of another act.

So the word pledge has to do with establishing a relationship between a debtor and a creditor ( to the pure legal definition of the word ), putting something up as ‘security’ in return for something else.

Now let’s look at “allegiance.”

By allegiance is meant the obligation of fidelity and obedience which the individual owes to the government under which he lives, or to his sovereign in return for the protection he receives.  It may be an absolute and permanent obligation, or it may be a qualified and temporary one.  The citizen or subject owes an absolute and permanent allegiance to his government or sovereign, or at least until, by some open and distinct act, he renounces it and becomes a citizen or subject of another government or another sovereign…

“The tie or ligamen which binds the subject [ or citizen ] to the king [ or government ] in return for that protection in which the king [ or the government ] affords the subject, [ or citizen.” ]  1 Bl. Comm. 366.  It consists in a “true and faithful obedience of the subject due to his sovereign.” 7 Coke, 4b.

Allegiance is the obligation of fidelity and obedience which every citizen owes to the state.  Pol. Code Ca. 55.

I don’t think I need to go any further with the definition of allegiance.

Let’s now see what a “republic” is by legal definition:

A commonwealth; a state in which the exercise of sovereign power is lodged in the representatives elected by the people.  Webster.

In a wider sense, the state, the common wealth, the whole organized political community, without reference to the form of government.

Notice how in the second sentence of the above definition, it does not 'reference' the 'form' of governemnt.  Isn't that interesting...

Now the term "republican government."

Republican Government.
A government in the republican form; a government of the people; a government by representatives chosen by the people.  Cooley, Constitutional Law, 194.

Taking a break from dissecting the pledge of allegiance for a moment, let's look at the term "Democracy" and other terms for a broader view of political ideologies.

That form of government in which the sovereign power resides in and is exercised by the whole body of free citizens; as distinguished from a monarchy, aristocracy, or oligarchy.  According to the theory of a pure democracy, every citizen should participate directly in the business of governing, and the legislative assembly should comprise the whole people.  But the ultimate lodgment of the sovereignty being the distinguishing feature, the introduction of the representative system does not remove a government from this type.  However, a government of the latter kind is sometimes specifically described as a “representative democracy.”

A form of government wherein the administration of affairs is lodged in the hands of a few persons.

A government in which the supreme power is vested in a single person.

A government in which a class of men rule supreme.  A form of government which is lodged in a council composed of select members or nobles, without a monarch, and exclusive of the people.

Can you relate any of the previous three terms ( Oligarchy, Monarchy and Aristocracy ) with any certain persons or frames of thought you hear and read about today in Amerika?

I noticed the word “lodgment” or “lodged” in some definitions above, let’s see what this word means:

One who occupies hired apartments in another’s house; a tenant of part of another’s house.
A tenant, with the right of exclusive possession of a part of a house, the landlord, by himself or an agent, retaining general dominion over the house itself.

And the following term after "Lodger:"

Habitation in another’s house; apartments in another’s house, furnished or unfurnished, occupied for habitation; the occupier being termed a “lodger.”

Do you remember learning in history class that only land owners had the right to vote?

Do you remember this 'right' resided with men who were of white western European decent?

Going a bit further regarding the right to choose representative ( what is done today ) and considering that campaign contributions and lobbying gets the political attention, persuades the making of legislation and continues forwarding the management of a country like a corporation, utilizing people's labor as a commodity and their voice nothing much more than ravel, did you also know if you 'fail' to pay your property taxes, the state will take that which you believed was free and clear ( your property / house ) and sell it to someone who will the tribute ( I mean property tax )??

I write the forgoing paragraph / run-on sentence to hopefully give you an idea where you stand in the greater scheme of things... when you are pledging allegiance to such a system.  

I could go on with other certain words within these definitions, but perhaps your own comprehension will begin to grant you clearer view of these terms and help you make decisions as to what kind of system you would consent to be governed by.

So again: are you still pledging allegiance? 

Do you pledge allegiance ( promise to obey and be subject to ) a system which listens to you only if you pay enough in contribution or lobby enough money to get laws passed to further your business interests? 

Do you pledge allegiance to a government who leads you to believe you are in a democracy when in fact you are in a republic, but a republic not directed by the voice of the people but rather the select few who take their orders from a wealthy class ( resembling more the definition of "aristocracy" and "oligarchy" )??

I personally would suggest, "IF" you're going to gather for yourselves a government, to pursue what is called a direct democracy,. for that is, by definition, a tool in which you can leverage your Right among those who would desire to remove your rights, not having it 'lodged' with a class of people who obviously only [re]present larger interests than the regular Joe.

I would further and foremost suggest you cease pledging allegiance to any organization or creation of man, period…. and before all things pledge allegiance to the only King worthy of full obedience and fidelity ( the Creator / King of kings )... pledge your true allegiance to His Holy demands and perfect law of loving they neighbor as well as thy 'enemy,' and cease the need pledging allegiance to creations of men, for the means and ends of men, which have nothing to do with the good news of Yeshua. 

Time to clean house and take inventory and look into the clear definitions of what things really mean.  Expel the notion of following and obeying supposed 'leaders' who are nothing more than agents / hired hands of capital interests... nothing more than mis-managers of the innocent... namely bad shepherds.

All terms sourced from Black's Law Dictionary 1st Edition ( take a look and learn for yourselves ).

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05 October 2013

I Meet Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

So I'm walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago last week in the ultra swanky part of town ( I was fortunate enough to be staying at the Allerton and was coming back from Giordano's just a few blocks away )... and I see Hank Paulson, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, quickly entering Brooks Brothers.  I recognized his face but it took me a while to find the name in my brain's data bank.  My wife doesn't think it was him and asks me if I was sure.  I remember faces very well, but it does take me time to put the name to it.  She doesn't follow politics or economics, so she couldn't oblige or disagree either way.  I asked her to google the name and she then saw the face. 

A plethora of thoughts rushed through my mind, most notably the time I heard Paulson speaking in front of Congress regarding TARP, the many interviews regarding the bail outs, and all the rest of it.  I recalled jumping into the stock market after seeing Wall Street go red for a week during this time ( thinking I was seeing an opportunity without knowing first thing about stock trading ).  I also recalled the photo ops Henry Paulson had with Bush II and everyone else running the kountry at that time.  I further recalled how quickly the members of Congress changed their minds in sharp contradiction to what their constituents were demanding ( don't bail out the banksters ).

Several bad thoughts rushed my mind towards Henry.  And as I stood outside of Brooks Brothers, I initially wondered about what harsh thing I could say to him that would strike him to his core.  I was thinking how I was going to approach him, what I was going to say ( was I going to give him a tongue lashing of my opinions outside the scope of what he lived, me being someone who watched all of this unfold via the projected 'truth' fed me through the media's boob tubes? ).  I also pondered if I would say anything at all. 

I had to say something.

My wife suggested we go inside or we leave, not just loiter outside of this store.  So we went inside and after looking at a few price tags and finding nothing other than a small child's garment under $100, I resolved to act like I'm shopping for overpriced hob nob clothing while I waited for Hank to appear from the fitting rooms.  Lol, the tourist trapping of going into Brooks Brothers was another nice addition to my tourist trap venture in the windy city, along with the boat ride down the river and the Sears / Willis Tower viewing experience. 

I found Hank a short time later, still shopping and picking out his things.  The longer I pondered things, the more I began to realize that, regardless of what I had 'perceived' to have occurred in 2008, regardless of people's decisions and the mountain of pressure this man and Neel Kashkari ( I remember reading how Neel moved to the mountains with his wife after the entire debacle ) must have been under, I really didn't know the details, I didn't know this man personally, nor did I know what was happening behind the scenes with this individual and neither was it my place to sound off like some protester right there in that store. 

I did think about 'who' I am now and 'what' my purpose / mission is... and I was somehow reminded it was not to blow a hole in this man's conscience with a tongue lashing of sorts or some harsh words from my limited view and programmed perception of history.  I remembered that the Almighty is in absolute control of all situations and what was before me was not by chance or a coincidental crossing of our paths.  I realized it was yet another purposed crossing of ways orchestrated by none other than the Holy One in heaven!  ( I firmly believe nothing happens by coincidence... NOTHING )

So as he approached my wife and I, I asked if I could take a picture with him. 

He hesitated for a moment to which I followed with "my wife thought it was a bit inappropriate for me to ask, so I do apologize if that's the case" or something like that.  He took a look around, perhaps to gauge if this was an ambush of sorts or not, and gracefully stood still next to me as I snapped a picture of us both. 

I thanked him and he continued looking for additional pieces to his wardrobe while saying "I'm usually not recognized in Chicago."  I thanked him again and moved on with my wife.

As we were leaving while looking at the picture, I noticed he had smiled ( the picture can be seen on my FB page, shared with 'friends' ).  Seeing him smile struck me as something I didn't realize until that very moment: this man is just like me!  He's human.  This man had made mistakes just like I had.  This man has feelings and thoughts... and who was I to judge him??  I was not given the position to judge strangers on this plain.  I've been commissioned to love and serve people in whatever capacity I can... to teach and to look after them. 

God bless Henry Paulson with every spiritual blessing there is!!  May the Holy Father have Henry Paulson within His grace as well as all who read this long blog post!!  Peace be with you!