10 March 2013

The Reformation of 2013 - NonFat Feudalism

Imagine the task of truly leading a group of innovative people, what some would desire to label a 'new government' somewhere down the road in time, but when lived out is just plain old taking responsibility for your words, actions and intentions.  I'm talking about a revamped group of people with managing their lives in a balanced way, not according to the slaving away grind of 9 to 5 and schlepping away only to rejoice on Fridays, Saturdays and maybe Sundays ( or maybe only one day a week if that ).

Envision a skeleton what is called government today, made up of people who are NOT doing it for the money or their ego or connections that will help them build their own little empire full of slaves somewhere, no... but people working as if it was for Green Peace or Hope World Wide ( volunteers who save up and pay their way ( food, room and board, not lobby money and pay offs / common bribes ) because they see the purpose in serving the people and issues in need, for that is what this new 'leadership' or what will be called 'government' will be like.  Government will be like the folks with the bells at Christmas asking for your spare change or a dollar or two.  Government will be that person picking up the trash after the one who dropped and letting them know they shouldn't be such a pig, or else they'll have to pick up all the trash somewhere else ( no financial fines / crimes, just labor as punishment, so folks learn how to not be a dummy ).  A public notice can be filed and the litter bug's description posted online and public internet kiosks around any-town USSA.

Watch public shame and the moral code of conscienceness conjure more symbiotic resonance than a steep fine aimed at impoverishment as a means to teach a lesson. 

Police can be a local militia of people with interests who protect the community interests as if they were their own, because they depend on the community's peaceful equilibrium in order for all things to function.  Folks who desire to not be a part of the community or any community should not be harassed or treated indifferently.  Not every community will suite every person... nor every person suite any particular community.  I think an aim to independence in the leverage sense and codependency in the prosperity sense.property owner and community leader, with all issues, gripes and notices being made with a representative from every 10 people and every 100, 1000, etc.  , organic and compensated by that immediate community ( no federal, state nor outside funds ).  These police will be peace officers, maintaining the peace in the community, with the power to remove belligerent persons. 

I wonder: can successful professional business people volunteer to replace the bureaucracy into a business model? ( if that in fact is what it is, a business where you are the commodity, the 'money,' the thing of value which puts a hand to a shovel or creates the next form of communication )

Instead of taking an income from their public service, they are paid $1.00 per year for accounting purposes and only receive meals and transportation.  So it costs the public servant nothing but their will and participation.  And it will be a nominal cost to the populace considering today's rampant thievery of the public coffers.

These would be public servants who are outstanding in their community, well known and with a verifiable track record; they have the support of many cross sections and demographics of the community, not only from financial or familial interests... which is grounds for expulsion from the office.

Some times I think all endeavors should be private, for if a part of it is corrupt, someone is personally responsible and most likely a remedy better than just a financial settlement would better bond a community of employees and owners. 

If folks were a bit more creative ( or bred to be creative instead of conditioned for employment ), perhaps a new type of business model can be forged which grants a share's ownership from those who participate in it's management. 

A business model where you are nurtured and not ostracized and sold out.  After all, isn't that what a brotherhood is supposed to stand for?  Isn't that why oaths are made, either publicly or in secret, to strengthen, solidify and set in stone the bond by blood?  And be able to depend on that when you fall down?

Where ownership meets the means of production, the people who either make the products or the consumers / users of products and services.