23 March 2011

I Unsubscibed the Political Theory

"Thank you for your past support of this movement. We couldn't have come this far without you, and are sorry to see you go -- could you please reconsider and stay on our list?"

This was the outgoing message / plea of the Democratic political machine as I chose to unsubscribe from their pandering.

This was my response / a few reasons why I'm breaking up with them:

a) I've come to find out that the Democratic vs Republican 'debate' is false, dubious and a charade.

b) The message to the masses that people "have a choice between one party or another" is absurd, a farce.

c) There is only ONE party, and that party speaks from two heads ( Dems and Reps ).

d) The Federal Reserve with their money printing and their interest rate charging / changing policy is who really is in charge, not the seat of the president, nor the 'people' and their congressional representatives.

e) The president is merely the talking head; a symbol.

f) The seat of the president, being now that of a military dictatorship since WWII ( see the book "Bomb Power" by Gary Wills ) is the reality, and this Amerikan Empire has military dictatorships propped up the world over, with few exceptions.

g) Wars are fought for profit and not for peace.

h) The media is a propaganda machine emanating mixed and obfuscating messaged penned by its elitist owners, made to further strengthen the position of those in power by distracting, instigating and attacking other points of view not adhering to the rhetoric / lies.

These are just a few, and pose to be a sufficient reason and good evidence that 'the game is over.'

Prepare for Revolution.

May God Bless You, you're going to need it!

21 March 2011

Are You Free?

I don't watch mainstream media propaganda.. which is everything on tv, cable, etc.... no wait, that's a lie.

I do watch it occasionally; to keep up with the lies and the latest propaganda, but I don't believe it. I've learned how to read between the lies.

Be careful folks who you name-call and pigeon-hole, for this is what the mainstream, corporate-owned, for-profit, propaganda media spews out daily and many folks have been conditioned by this irresponsible media to knee-jerk reacting, instead of thinking before they speak... or in this case, thinking before they type.

You may offend the very people who may save your life one day.

The revolution has already started in Amerika, it has simply not physically manifested itself... yet it is teeming in the minds of many, the many still afraid and still well-fed with the weapons of mass distraction.

If you are in debt and don't know how to discharge that debt, they have you.

If you are buying things to your heart's content, things which enrich the already wealthy and which siphons money from your community and into the hands of foreigners, they have you.

If you are angry and cannot concisely explain your anger without the use of profanity and without being able to bridge the gap of ignorance, they have you.

If you pay your taxes out of fear, intimidation, they have you.

If you are working for a corporation and are not self-employed / the employer or dependent on a check at a job where you can be let go at a moment's notice, they have you.

If you are not moving from dependency to self-sustenance, they have you.

If you do not realize you are slaves, pushing a debt instrument thought to be money, but in fact ( and it says so on the bill, read it for yourself ) think that the more debt money you have you are 'doing something' and ahead of the game, they have you.

If you cannot distinguish the countless lies disguised as authority and the countless taxes, fees, surcharges, parking tickets, car registration, etc... as being TRIBUTE to a hierarchy and prescribed to be the attempt to pay a national debt which was never intended to be paid back, they have you.

For more, see this:


19 March 2011

Life Incorporated ( all things have a nominal value, even You )

This is my response to an article by Chris Hedges found here: TruthDig

Natural Scientist, what you may be referring to is the illusion of value and worth attached on people via their monetary significance.

Since all things have a value amount attached to them ( what is the U.S. citizen’s, the surety for the nation’s debt, valued at today according to the bond? ).. well, we are ‘programmed’ to view the world according to a valuation.

We look at the price of gas, and whether you consider that to be valuable, you simply go pump it because it IS what is NECESSARY to do your ‘work’ or the duty of doing something ( deemed valuable since you get a paycheck from it ) in order to pay for the cost of your existence.

So, we see most people are ‘captive’ and held in a state of ‘awe’ when it comes to money, which again, is the very thing ALL ARE chained to.

Some very sly shysters have ‘capitalized’ on the mesmerizing affect of money and the chattel’s ignorance of that subject.. and have had their way with us all.

Why did the Christ become angry and actually physically removed certain someone’s from the temple? Look it up, for this is who is against all of humanity…. to their condemned detriment.. and sadly, all who also worship money and cannot break away from its deceptive allure.

12 March 2011

Man Cannot Serve Both God and Money

I was at a birthday party recently.

The vast majority of people there were atheists.

Through hearsay, someone was prompted to approach me about my beliefs / view on what money is.

They were not satisfied with my explanation / my paradigm view on the subject of money ( I have an interesting view of what money really is ).

They have a degree in economics and were telling me money is work... and blah blah blah. Yet they are NOT an economist by trade or profession, but a laborer. They believed the prescribed empirical education that money is specie. Yet I went a step further.

So, to better explain my point of view, I explained to them what I believe-in behind all my logic, understanding and such: God.

I believe God is real, and the money to be FAKE.

I told them the world has been misled to put their 'faith' into money.

I said 'man cannot serve BOTH God and money.'

I said the money is today's golden calf, of which the world has been misled to 'believe' in. To go after it. To work for it. To spend their entire lives HAVING to earn / chase / look after / worry about having enough of it, BECAUSE; that is what 'gets things paid and done,' or so we've been told.

I told them I believe that one can NOT serve both God and money.

So, you could imagine their reaction.


And of course, I 'must' be the one whose incorrect, since most folks believe the opposite of what I just said I believed.

Well, they became very angry and frustrated while I kept my cool and even began to withdraw from the heated conversation... which only made them even angrier.

So, I sensed the hostility and the FEAR from someone who has accepted the LIE that 'there is no God' and that the system of finance, commerce and coin is 'good' and just.

Yet, I have found out that we are slaves because of that system... which I've found to be corrupt and unjust; benefiting only a select few.

I realized, once again, that people fear the unknown. They fear the idea that they can be wrong about something the majority of people accept to be true.. but now doubt due to my view, my paradigm, my faith, my belief.

Here is a quote explaining / proposing something profound:

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from the defects of the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nation, of coin, credit and circulation."

-- b A.D. 1735 John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America.