25 February 2014

What is Politics if Not the Managing of People and Land?

The following is my response to a friend's FacePlant page where the topic of government and political ideology was discussed with some editing on my part now reading and writing it again:

One key point and issue that is missing from many of the political definitions of managing people and creation is the idea that each person should have a right to property.  And I don’t mean an apartment room, or some space subsidized or free housing or even an open market where you pay a market rate.  I mean a right to property where that person ( or family ) has space enough to build their own living structure with space enough to grow their own food… and utilize some space to produce something ( if they so choose ) or they can have the freedom to decide they would just grow food and enjoy life, not chasing the wind and ‘having’ to participate in society as society or others would dictate ( as is prescribed in most political definitions of managing people and creation ).

Imagine a world where, just like prior to when colonialism conquered the world and renamed everything to fit their world view, people understood their symbiotic relationship with nature and one another and they not only respected the land and its use, but they respected others and considered the notion of ‘ownership’ of land to be either non-existent or granted to him who best managed others and resources, not simply by force as we see today in every single kountry on the planet ( in the form of de facto government ), but by 'right' ( as defined by a de jure government ), the 'right' to manage people and property because that person did the best job of balancing the two... and this not based on a profit model or to benefit a few, but with the support of all involved.

How arrogant an idea to think that man somehow owns something that was not created or produced by him.  How arrogant also ( and wicked I say ) to instead put 'things' in between humanity... and sadly these ideas are not only popularized, but applauded. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the idea is not to abolish land ownership or the idea of granting the state government mechanism total control of property ( which is the case at least in Amerika with the holder of ‘title’ simply being holder of a third or fourth position lien, so long as they pay the tribute, er, I mean taxes ), but the idea is abolishing the idea that only a few have a right to ownership while the vast majority must slave away in order to pay ‘rents,’ as if man has become so dumb to have to pay for his existence on this planet.  Isn't that slavery for all and tribute and control / power for a few?  And those few are not doing a good job of being their brother’s keeper, but rather their brother’s slave master. 

What I am talking about is the right to property for all living souls on the planet, something like a half acre per living person ( four in a family having the right to two acres, for example )… and ceasing the idea that one man or any group of men can claim land by force over the vast multitude.  Either everyone owns their own land outright or no one owns the land… but either way and however one would call it, all people have right to utilize the land to feed and keep themselves.  I would ponder that in this scenario, the only reason someone would be hungry or broke would be because they either are not working their land to feed themselves or it is near impossible to grow anything on their land… yet we can today research and find out that people can grow food in the toughest of climates if they only knew how to… so the main issue could come down to access and right to land. 

Kill rents for people to exist upon what God has created and grant every person the right to land and watch the leverage the few wicked have over the down trodden multitude come to a leveling point.  I say leveling point to express the word "fair."  I don't think people can be equal nor should the aim be to equalize people, that has been tried and has failed miserably.  I mean to allow for fairness in that people have a right to grow their own food and do as they please with what God has blessed us all with: life, land and love.

12 February 2014

Routine Interrupted

I am having a wifi challenge at home today, so I take a walk to a nearby eatery where they offer free wifi!  

It’s not really “nearby,” I would say it is about a mile away… but I need to get this body in motion.

By this time ( 9am ) I ‘would’ be emailing my lovely wife, asking her how her day is coming along at work ( we both plan on working for ourselves, me having already pierced the envelope of that experience first ).

By now I would be checking emails from customers, friends and whoever else has contacted me.  

By this time I would have posted a daily scripture for my FaceBook friends to read and ponder, letting His Word marinate on their hearts and conscience as it does mine. 

By now I would have read responses to something I have written ( something instigating people to think outside of convention and their cultural programming ) somewhere on the internet ( like RT News, for example ) and I would be deciding whether to further their mindscape or simply letting it go, not that I would be acquiescing to their opinions or points of view, but simply letting what I’ve already written to continue to speak on its own.  

By now I would be comfortably in my typical routine… but at this very moment I am not doing so.

I came to a restaurant this morning in the hopes of getting online, getting a hot meal and getting back home in time to assist a friend in something they need to get done… but the wifi is not cooperating here at this particular restaurant.  

I asked the waitress if the wifi is working, and she had to ask if they even had internet ( I’ve been here before and I suppose she never knew or is new ) and I was very encouraged that the waitress asked the manager to turn the device off and on again ( to refresh it, for that is usually the issue when connecting ).  

The manager himself even came by after some time to say he is calling the 800 number to find out what it going on, even though he states the device is working fine… but he is going ahead and will try refreshing the device.

He even stopped by again to say he’s on hold with the internet people.

My ‘healthy’ food has arrived, and although I haven’t found my routine, I am not too perplexed for I know things happen and don’t happen for a reason… for reasons which may be beyond my immediate understanding but for greater purposes nonetheless… greater even than my desire to surf the web in my attempt to save the world from itself… and other things.

My egg whites, spinach leaves, tomato, turkey bacon and pepper jack cheese in between two muffin halves with a side dish of sliced bananas, blue berries, apples, grapes ( not sliced ) and dish of yogurt with a few blue berries adorning it have arrived… and it was a good choice.

By now my wife and I would have shared a few “I mish you bebesh” and “te extrano mi amor” and we would have recalled how much we enjoyed dinner last night with one another, although the wine gave me a headache which kept me up most of the night... but it was still tasty as it complemented the escargot and shrimp stuffed crepe with lobster sauce I had.

Moments like this force me to look around me, to notice the city employees as they make the rounds around town, to notice the folks coming in through the door, the particular demographics who sojourn this eatery, to notice the manner in which the employees communicate with one another.  

Just now the manager came by once again saying the folks on the other side of the phone are troubleshooting and trying to find out what’s going on… that they may even send someone… and although I may not get online today or may have to wait until tonight, I was granted the opportunity to live a little more... to further push out from my immediate scope, to enjoy life slowed down and brought to a pace I do wish to pursue… and another blog entry in which I can share my thoughts with others… in the hopes that they too will take the road less traveled and be grateful for the life we’ve been gifted.

It is times like these that break me out of ‘my’ routine and sets me back at realizing the bigger picture… the world outside of ‘my’ world… the people who coexist alongside ‘my’ path… the immediate world as it is, whether good or bad or to ‘my’ liking… the world in which I exist and which a mission exists in my heart to help in any and all ways I can.

Even the walk to this location, one I’ve driven many imes before, was different when journeyed on foot than when flying by at 40mph.

Noticing the people traveling the same roads as me, the places I see momentarily when zooming by in a vehicle, were now observed closely and with calm, looking further into them, past them and around them… seeing more while taking the time to observe, I breathe in the places around me I haven’t considered before... like noticing the apartment buildings across the street from the high school... a bit seedy and too familiar.

The manager stopped by again and informed me that yesterday someone had complained the wifi wasn’t working… I want to ask if I could look at the device myself, but he most likely wouldn’t let me into the ‘back office’ since I’m currently sporting a mohawk and a beard that would scare even the burliest of forest men, but even with this ‘look’ I don’t get too many people crossing the street when they see me coming… oh how I try to look dangerous, lol.

The mohawk was more to shock my wife, for she had asked me to grow out what little hair I have left, saying it looks cute ( yeah, bald spots and receding hair lines are cute ) but the long hair and newly sprouting grey hairs were somewhat getting on my nerves, so I shaved the dome once again while leaving a landing strip for birds.

She was momentarily shocked for we shared a laugh and I was able to take some pictures and show it off… since I’m still on the younger side of my midlife crisis.

The manager came by yet again asking me if I was able to connect ( I had turned my computer off and on to see if it would connect by chance ) and no was the answer… I’m going to ask him if I can take a look for myself, it’s been an hour and I would have to be heading back to the house pretty soon.

07 February 2014

Do You Still Suffer From State Propaganda and Colonial Entitlement?

These are words in response to a meme I found on a friend’s FacePlant entry depicting a military man in full combat gear and a latina female with an Obama shirt on, something like an employee picture:


The title of the meme is "The New America."

The face of the military man is not seen, so no telling the ethnic makeup or “if” in fact it is an immigrant who traded his allegiance for the glorified ‘legal’ status.  The wording for the military man says: "Jason, Combat Veteran, Unemployed and Living on Food Stamps."  The image of the latina says: "Maria, Illegal Alien, Employed as an Obamacare Navigator."

My response in several responding posts is the following ( with more exploration here as I expand on my initial points ):

The ploy to divide the people of the world is working.... and folks fall for it by using the very 'buzz' words used to divide and paint a faulty picture.

In one picture, folks fail to realize that the soldier is receiving a check from the Treasury, for he is also a government employee... yet this particular government employee is receiving a rental stipend, food benefit and other benefits for supporting the expansion of empire near and far... working for an economy based on war and the conquest of new places and new peoples.  His job is to kill people opposed to the 'freedom' and culture his government is trying to sell abroad.

The other picture is also a government employee... they receive a direct check from the Treasury.  Whether or not the female is "illegal" is unknown, but the creator of the meme seems to be working with a prejudice stereotype without providing evidence ( the fail of many a meme on FacePlant, but convincing regardless of facts aside from fiction, for many people don't think but just react and further the ignorance fed to them ).  Her job is to sign people up for something many are weary of and afraid of.  I have no opinion either way about her occupation, for I say the entire business of 'healthcare' is a sham and what is provided as treatment harms the body more than it helps it ( synthetic medicines and cutting the body up like a mechanic does a car ). 

Notice the use of 'illegal alien' instead of a less ridiculous term which incites emotions on the part of the reader.  I thought illegal was an 'action' and less a political status, but why argue with ignorance and fallacies? 

Have you noticed the mindset of some recent immigrants who desire to close the borders right after they 'get in' yet were not complaining or putting up a fuss when they or their ancestors emigrated to this place called Amerika?  I wonder what the complaints were of the indigenous peoples who resided on this land thousands of years prior to its colonization?? Well, what happened to them was genocide... but let's not remember back too far, we might get confused with today's politics and justifications of empire.... in which the mainstream 'official' propaganda fed to the populous is always correct and truthful while dissenting opinions are just that, opinions.  Let's not look past how one cultural mentality has made practically extinct many people the globe over and have justified it using religion, revision of history and the droning of platitudes marketed to people's fears and ignorance.

Let us ponder together:

When boatloads of Irish immigrants landed at what is called today New York a few centuries ago, brought in as cheap labor, removed from the land they occupied by the 'royals' of that time, who to the dislike of the current “Amerikans” became a detestable immigrant because their presence depressed labor's wages.... was it 'legal?' ( one source )

When slaves from what is called the African continent prior to and following the Irish wave were being bought and sold as property, creating a labor class which increased the profits of the owners of machinations, was it 'legal?' ( one sourse )

When the colonialists, thinking they were good Christians, were systematically occupying land stolen from the indigenous population ( and in many cases the indigenous were continuously murdered and moved for their land )... was it 'legal?' ( one source )

Yes, these atrocities were 'made' legal and 'allowed' by the government of their time without question of whether it was "right" or "wrong."  The 'allowance' was based on the ignorance, indifference and greed at that time... and for the thinking person, they can judge for themselves the now obvious injustices wrought from those times.  Has anything changed today?  Aren't the high crimes of empire merely called and titled differently?  It is called "bringing democracy" and "liberating the people" and other such lying platitudes. 

Yet, why cannot folks decipher and judge the ignorance of today?  Is it possible some folks choose not to think and instead are instigated and dulled by the propaganda media?  It is clear to some that others have a hard time understanding a historical perspective when a clearer perspective is not available to them in history books.  ( one source evidencing revision of history )

I hope this current rant of mine isn't seen as an attempt to support anything promoted or attacked by any government opinion.  My hope is that people look past the guise of propaganda, look past the fears instigated in them... which are fed by lies and half stories... and realize the division conditioned upon them directly by marketed one-sided stories... which is a powerful tactic when folks make judgment calls based on their feelings and emotions rather than a foundation of facts.  And when folks aren't even working with a foundation of facts, what else can one expect?  

The poor Irish immigrants were considered undesirables, and although the term "illegal" wasn't used to describe them, they were in all purposes of definition 'illegal' in today's perspective.  The slaves were considered "illegal" when they would try to speak or exercise a 'freedom' and were seen as less than human, not because they were, but because that is the notion that was propagated at that time.  When the colonialists established their laws and pushed out and murdered the indigenous from their lands, those natives were "illegal" if they would attempt to enter a business establishment, tried to assert their right to life and to stay on the lands of their ancestors, or have any kind of business in 'civilization,' for they were considered 'savages' by all accounts of that time.

Today the same class distinction is being made, making the immigrant a slave and a savage all in one breathe.... unless of course you hire them to look after your children, clean your home or cook your food.... then they are simply falling into line, into an unspoken pecking order as they 'make it' in the land of the free and the home of the brave, right?  Well, the free were murdered and pushed off their fertile lands... and they are now branded as the Braves for some 'past-time' that is called a sport.

Did you know that up until the 1950's, in the oh so honored United States of Amerika, only White Anglo Saxon Protestants could own real estate property.... and it was “legal?” ( Shelly v. Kramer )

Notice how the hegemony in any given point in human history can write and rewrite the 'law' to support their endeavors... but again, let us not juxtapose today with yesterday, for the hypocrisy of mankind will spill all over our conditioned points of view and will judge us hypocrites ignorantly supporting rule by force instead of rule by right. ( I'm being sarcastic, I hope you can tell )

The hegemony of today is still playing on people's blindness of conscienceness for their fellow human being and is still dividing otherwise common people with common interests.

The colonialists illegally occupied the land.... and their descendants still stomp on the rights of men who have the blood of their ancestors in the land.

Interesting how no one can argue the sins of the current empire yet could only repeat the propaganda produced by this empire and find themselves in a pickle of ignorance.

Does anyone realize the ploy of the federal government, in order to keep wages low, allow for the influx of unskilled labor to enter the land?  How do you expect your stock market values to rise and Walmart prices to stay low? 

Do you suppose the labor wage slaves in Asian countries who put your shoes and clothes together are going to gripe when Amerikans start producing their own shoes and clothes?  Will Walmart exist when Amerikans begin to purchase Amerikan products?  Will the Walmart shoppers be able to afford Amerikan products or will they demand products produced by $1.00 a day laborers?  

Do Amerikans care about facts or just what makes sense to them and helps them feel safe?  

Will Amerikans work for $1.00 a day wage or will they let the immigrants work at that rate and then expect the immigrants to "go back to their country" after being sifted of their energy and labor?  What if that immigrant enlists in the military and helps conquer a foreign country for their resources and cheap labor... can they then be praised for being a sacrificial immigrant who "got their priorities straight" and be welcomed as 'good Amerikans?'    

Do you really believe the Waltons and the other stock owners will lower their income stream to make room for higher Amerikan wages if all the jobs would be stateside instead of overseas??  That $5 plastic product will instead be $15... and you won't be shopping there anymore.

Do you not notice the divisive tactics your own government propagates onto your psyche while you continue to blame a scapegoat... in this case an immigrant, by calling them "illegal" while Amerika was built on sin, war, illegalities and crimes against humanity???

Today it is the latino... tomorrow it will be the middle eastern person... oops, the middle eastern person has already been in the gun sites of Jason the now unemployed veteran.  Perhaps I should say; the latino is the enemy at home and the middle eastern person is the enemy abroad... until of course that middle eastern person is a new immigrant working their way up the corporate rope ladder while not questioning the racism and prejudice from the conditioned mindset of the descendants of colonial entitlement.