27 April 2009

Regarding The Corporations, Royals & Elitists:

Folks, do you think these high-end gentlemen ( shysters and swindlers ) are going to lose any of this paper money?

Why do you suppose they spend so much hiring these government minion policy makers in the first place but to hedge their bet in the best / guaranteed way.

They had to get back what their employees allowed ( shorting of real estate for the past three years, settled debts, companies declaring bankruptcy and releasing debt and other having books containing non-performing assets )....

We think Robin Hood was bad but with a good idea... shoot, these are Hoods Robbin' us ( take from the poor and misinformed and give to the rich and overly arrogant ).... read your history folks....

In times of kings and peasants... this was happening all too often.

Today, we call it by different names, but the game nor the economic slavery hasn't changed a bit... we just think we "have it made" or are living "the American dream" because we drive a Mercedes and have a vacation home or fly to some tropical island two weeks out of 52 every year.... this is the carrot, and you're the donkey...

Most folks are 2-20 weeks away from broke if they were to lose their job ( no matter how much their salary )... or if you run a business and things slow down, if you carry a debt load with a monthly commitment.... you are also 2-20 weeks from failure.

26 April 2009

Matrix Movie = Money Machine = Economic Slavery

We are in this Money Machine whether we like it or not. Some folks think a communist country or some other "type" of system, whatever it can be named, would benefit or hinder, but those systems, or any system, will most likely also need to push paper and use it as a medium of exchange.

Let's think of how to disassociate oneself from this idol of sorts ( cash/money/digital numbers in your bank account ), learn to separate our emotions from it... and create new ways of handling it, creating new businesses for it to run through, and how to teach folks to better handle themselves and it rather than allowing it handle us and cloud our decision making.

What we see in the world is that the masses believe the carrot ( money ) to be real... of some value, instead of it representing value... much like our Congressperson represents you ( or supposed to ), yet may only represent themselves most likely...

Much in the same way, money represents those who make it, who place policy over it and who subject us all to use it, make us borrow it at interest and so forth.... those who's stamp is on it is the real owner of this toilet paper.

If we as a community ( as has been done in some parts of the country ) were to come up with our own form of money, then we'd cut out the middleman, who is in this case, public enemy #1: The Federal Reserve.

If we as a community were to barter, trade goods and services for goods and services, then again, we'd cut out these swindlers / modern day money changers.

If we were to actually use their currency we can decide instead of using their system of broken / hijack banking / usury.... we can lend and borrow to and from one another ( takes trust and / or a type of security ), we can set our own rules, terms and so forth... and again, eliminate
these swindlers all together.

We can write our REPs in Congress and ask them to start something that will cut-out these swindlers ( in case they don't know ) like H.R. 1207 and H.R. 833, and if they are paid-off as so many of our REPs are, then we can fire them and hire folks such as ourselves who will be held accountable by ourselves.

We can have America back again.

We can see freedom once again....

We can work for our keep instead of working 25% of the year to give over 25% or more in taxes ( withholding ) and the 25% and more in taxes we pay every time money moves from one place to another, for every time you purchase or sell something, and every time you do something to earn your food.. you are taxed. And let's not forget the word "fee" and "charge" and other clever words which is another form of taxing you.


I wonder, will there soon be a law for greed? I wonder how that will be litmus tested and gauged?

I don't think credit is that bad / evil... just the misinformation or lack of financial education available to credit users. Or more so the lack of effort an individual makes toward educating themselves regarding the issue of fiscal learning.

There should be a class or some kind of prerequisite prior to taking any credit or making a purchase by way of credit aside from economics; a separate business class teaching only credit.

Credit has been used to start a business, get out of debt ( true ), and other things... but most fall into an ignorant pit of seeing credit one-dimensional.

I'm going to return someone's security ( very expensive electric guitar ) for a small loan ( 1/4 the value of said security ) this morning.

The loan was 0% interest, because its a friend and its the first time... but they know the rules as they were written out on paper.

After this transaction, they will have "earned" their credit with me, and so long as they put up security in pledge, they will get all the cash they need for whatever in the future.

Problem exists: Unsecured loans made by a consortium of creditors who work together to ensure their return by rating your past performance hinders your future credit worthiness ( rated by them for them )...

Yet, if the debtor has nothing to lose ( no pledged security ) they can easily walk away... but since usury is legal and promoted among moneymakers and used as a tool of enslavement ( the economic slavery ), they can attach further debt to your name and further deepen your financial hole in the ground....

Yet, if we lend to each other with secured items, then if you stiff your lender friend, you really lose and deserve to, right?

20 April 2009


Hello Folks,

Usually, when someone makes an honest mistake to a credit card / bank with a late payment, and that individual has a spot-less track record, the banks are cordial enough to reverse the late fee and keep your good name / track record from being blemished... NOT SO ANYMORE IT SEEMS.

Two months ago, I used a line of credit I've used in the past with Banksters of America, yet reluctantly at a 3.99% interest rate ( I've been getting 0% for about five years now from most banks, including Banksters of America )...

Yet, I had some debt I needed moving and went ahead on their offer.

Well, the funds account I had connected with this credit card account was closed recently and I didn't remember having it attached to this particular card, so no funds were present when the payment was made.

Late fee of $39.00 was added under the "purchases" column at 7.99% and the payment amount of $200.00 was added to the "cash advance" column at $24.99%.

I had moved an amount of about $7,500.00 to this existing account which I've had open and with a perfect history for quite a few years now.

Well, I noticed the late fee; the past due alert...made the call to find out what was the matter... while on the phone and being told of my mistake, I made the correction / update to a new funds account, made an instant payment online of $2,000.00.... yet the customer representative said I couldn't get the 3.99% percent reinstated.. but said the $39 fee would be credited back and all will be well once again in my financial world... or so I thought ( they spun a lie unbeknown to me ).

Apparently, the two grand I sent had no effect or failed to send a message as to my desires to restore the situation / my financial standing and ability to pay.

I didn't find out about the new entries into the "cash advance" and "purchase" columns until I looked closely at my current bill last week, and after calling once again and hearing from the customer representative that in fact those amounts will continue to rise ( be charged interest ) since the balances attached to lower APRs get paid before higher APR balances do, as some of you may already know.... ( oh the GAME which these Banksters play on us... you must read the fine print and know they can always change the rules while you are out on the field ).

So, I gave them three options OF MINE!

A: Settle the current amount of $5500 to $2750 at their 3.99% rate and I will continue to pay as promised.

B: Keep the balance at $5500 and grant me 0% for the life of the balance and I will continue to pay as promised.

or C: I PAY NOTHING, THEY LOSE... and however they attempt to destroy my credit ( which is impeccable and contains no late or anything for the past 10+ years )... it wouldn't matter because I have learned the way to exist without depending on these bankster's credit-debt system.... yet I will battle with them, the credit reporting shysters on this account until it is wiped clean as I've done with other banksters / shysters and swindler liars in the past.. ( the fear tactic they put on less learned individuals only works when the individual doesn't know how to play the GAME ).

Now, I could easily pay this and other non-secured debts I have without a problem, but then what would be the point? What benefit does the issuance of credit have if it will work against you or if you pay it off so quickly ( yet I know it is a short-term loan, but you can draw it out and benefit yourself as I have )?

After speaking with a couple of THEIR folks for an hour... they reasoned my options weren't options they'd consider ( I knew it all along... just wanted to open negotiations with them ).. YET THEY REFUSED TO DISMISS THE "CASH ADVANCE" AND "PURCHASE" CHARGES... again, after they credited me the late fee, I still get reamed for those bogus charges at interest ( yes, I know those charges are stated in the shyster liar terms, but all these things can be altered and over ruled, but these hired hands don't want to lose their job or forfeit their quarterly bonus )... and then the returned payment turned into a cash advance... according of course to their own rules and laws and contract...

Much like making a deal with the devil where you simply sign with your blood and only get to see the signature line... because whatever the contract contains doesn't matter, for it can and will change at their whim... no matter how good of a customer you are, how valuable your business is to them... no matter.... the GAME isn't played fair nor can you make headwind unless you allow them to bleed you ( pay interest ) or you get smarter...

I am waiting for the call from some manager of whatever department... and I am sure I will get some concession or some headway soon enough...

I'm know some folks shorted BAC today and doubled their money...

Ok, I'm done ranting... any thoughts anyone?

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