15 February 2017


A few random moments I recall from a recent trip...not in order of occurrence:

Older couple finds money on the beach walk; the man looks around after picking it up and I joke with them that it is mine.

Young lady sells me a dress for my wife; mentions experiencing several miracles of Yeshua after finding out what I do.

Customer in ABC store asks employee where to find a Starbucks; the employee cannot make out the request through the foreign accent, so I clarify the message.

Small child sitting on their parent's shoulders says; “I am taller than everyone”.

While eating at a food court I notice a man sit down to eat and finish a meal, and then order another meal from a different restaurant; while still eating the second meal, he orders a third meal at yet another restaurant...to go.

I curiously watch people prepare for the evening's luau on the grounds of my hotel; I realize it is the same luau (and location) I brought my mother to several years ago.

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