24 June 2017

Evidence Of God - Spirit World

I have an ongoing discussion with a friend who doesn't believe God exists.

I love this friend very dearly...very dearly.

He grew up going to church with family since childhood and participated in religious activities.

However, enough bad things came from certain clergy and laity to cause him to doubt.

He has logical questions that are challenging to answer, like:

If there is a God, why did God allow cancer to exist?

If God is all loving and powerful, why are people raped, war continues to happen, and the wicked get away with so much injustice?

Cancer was the ultimate physical cause of his father's death...and he considered his father to be a faithful and honorable man.

He views the manner his father suffered prior to dying as very unjust...if God was just and loved his father, why did his father go as he did?

I've done my best answering these questions from several points of view (logical, theological, etc.).

He would like to have some concrete evidence that God exists, or at least proof there is such a thing as a spirit world beyond the scientific, observable, physical plane.

I have shared with him personal experiences I am able to divulge, but these were argued away in many ways...the conversations becoming irrational and always unresolved.

I recently recalled two notable news stories, both difficult to debunk.

A single person's experience is easy to dismiss for the skeptic, but for those of us who have seen and heard, we can understand what is shared.

So long as nothing is contradictory to what is previously understood, adding a testimony to our collection of praiseworthy stories is welcomed.

When national news reports a bizarre occurrence, or something that is absolutely unexplainable by scientific methodology, it is difficult for the skeptics to dismiss such things as simply “wishful thinking”, “make-believe” or “mass delusions”.

Consider the bittersweet story of four police officers who heard a distinct female adult voice call for help from a vehicle in a freezing river...yet the adult occupant had long deceased, while her infant daughter was still alive!

Consider also the dark reality of demonic possession and dark powers causing havoc for a family, with credible professionals witnessing first-hand the unexplainable and impossible!

Since mankind has a free will, while God knows the future, then men hold some leverage in their future.

The individual is tasked with the responsibility and consequence of their choices.

For the skeptic: ask God to reveal Himself to you...now that you have seen two reports that there is a spiritual reality beyond our physical reality.

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