27 December 2016

Life's Interpretive Dance...Dance With Me

What would a message be without an interpretation of that message?

Perhaps the message would speak clearer without an interpretation.

Perhaps the message would speak louder and clearer with an interpretation.

Perhaps the message would be muted, or 'stay' muted, or possibly become ambiguous or misunderstood on its own with / without an interpretation.

Is it possible for various interpretations to exist and stand without contradiction?

Can more interpretations simply speak to broader understandings?

Do more interpretations muddy a message's meaning?

Can any given message interpret itself?

Read some definitions of “interpretation” for yourself, please.

As with many other questions, the answers can sometimes be 'yes' or 'no', and also be both 'yes' and 'no'.

Sometimes, an 'interpretation' is simply an elaboration on what is being messaged.

When elaborating, sometimes the meaning of the message can be confused or even lost.

There have been times I've read a line, or a portion of something, either an inspired work or something that is simply a political observation, and as time and experienced passed through me the same words would speak more than I initially understood.

More was derived from the same amount of words.

Did the words change?

Did the meaning change?

It was me that changed...my perceptions, thoughts, etc., not the words or the 'message' as I initially read it.

But somehow the message now speaks more, maybe even a slightly different thing, but not as I would understand the difference to be.

I could say the message changed...or perhaps it would be better to say what I understand has changed, and the message speaks more now although with the same amount of words.

Deeper meanings can be realized, standing next to the previously acknowledged meaning(s).

How can the meaning of the same words in the same sequence 'change' or mean something 'more' to me years later?

You can sometimes tell exactly what someone believes by their answers, or the manner in which they explain something.

But can you tell where that person's heart will be the following day, or in another decade?

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