20 December 2016

Prayers Beyond The Grave

1 Timothy 6: 1-6

Friends and family, let us always work on what unites us over what seems to divide us.

And let us always return to what has been written for us and affirmed by the great cloud of witnesses who preceded us.

These witnesses, who constantly pray for those of us who are still on earth, are constantly praising God in His Presence.

Consider the exchange between the rich man and Abraham.

Consider that Mary the mother of Christ was elevated above all women.

Yeshua / Jesus is not only elevated above all mankind; He is proclaimed Lord and God from everlasting to everlasting.

He is the manifestation and image of the Ancient of Days!

I see the contention against a phrase like the “communion with saints”, a phrase speaking to those who have been released from the body, as simply keeping rapport with those now in His spiritual Presence.

Are we not directed to have communion while still in the flesh on earth?

Do we not also ask one another to pray for us?

So why would death separate that activity and the faithful notion of communion and prayer requests among the saints, the body of Christ?

If, for example, you and I being brothers in Christ...I ask you to pray for me regarding something in particular, we find this as a teaching, correct?

What if you or I happen to go with the Lord (are released from the body of flesh), does death separate us, now since one of us are no longer in the flesh?

Why cannot I / you continue the same prayerful communion we had with one another as before?

These are things that should be considered, building upon love and unified communion with others, for as I see it, it depends on faith rather than doubt and confusion.

Consider then how Lazarus' sisters and others were very sorrowful when Lazarus died.

Although Jesus reassured them that Lazarus will live (speaking spiritually beyond the flesh), even Jesus was brought to tears, due to I think, their lack of faith and dismal understanding of the Gospel's messaged reality.

The reality of who and what He is...and the reality of 'how', 'where', 'why' and 'when' the kingdom of God is (and has been).

The spiritual understandings seem to be beyond our limited carnal understandings and humanistic perceptions.

This is why God became a man, in order to complete the work since the beginning, so men can have a glimpse of this amazing and eternal God.

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