08 December 2016

One 2 One

Romans 2

Where do we find mutual understandings without contentious rivalries?

In practically every social dynamic on earth, from family groups to international political circles.

Unity despite apparent differences are found in religious, secular and professional groups.

Where do we find misunderstandings full of contentious rivalries?

In practically every social dynamic on earth, from family groups to international political circles.

Division despite apparent likenesses are found in religious, secular and professional groups.

Having unity although being different, or staying indifferent while ignoring the unifying realities, comes down to the individual's choice.

You choose to be united or divided.

You choose to keep your arms opened or closed.

Consider how you would like to see God's arms when you meet Him; opened or closed to you?

The ability or inability to hold what is more in common while patiently working through what is different, without being at violent odds with the other person, comes down to the individual.

Pride, arrogance, jealousy, ignorance and many other factors blind those who think they 'see', and reinforce what has always been held (in pride) 'ruth' as any given group of ideologues would believe.

Some people never break out of the ignorant notions of “family first, there is no such thing as a friend” or “they are not ______ (fill in your ideological brand), or something similar.

For most people, their tribal affiliation as attached to religious, political, social, ethnic or other type of exterior affiliation, forever keeps them locked in a mindset that prevents them from seeing themselves in others not of their group.

Their landscape is already predetermined by what has been fed to their minds and hearts, or what they consistently feed themselves as adults.

It is a form of idolatry.

I think it is about time contentious issues be put aside, and the agreeable things be highlighted and built upon between those who perceive themselves to be of different groups within all of these ideologies that people have made up for themselves.

For some who identify with being a Christian (follower, student, one who is one with Christ), it would be difficult to tell they actually loved others (including their enemies) by the way they talk and act towards others.

The same can be said of any other social group (religious, political, ethnic, etc.).

Instead of seeing soon-to-be-brothers-in-Christ, some see people who are not 'labeled' according to a likable label.

And when looking into groups that closely resemble themselves, they instead see even more labels.

This is where the term 'catholic' can be closely looked at aside from the typical suspicions people have.



- (especially of a person's tastes) including a wide varieties of things; all-embracing.

synonyms: universal, diverse, wide, broad, eclectic, comprehensive, all-inclusive.

I'm not promoting any particular brand, group or label, but calling people to look beyond the obvious.

The Word of God declares there is only one faith, one church, one body of believers, etc., yet it is called by several terms, such as the “Church of Christ”, “Church of God”, “household of God”, and several other terms.

One can conclude that there wasn't a particular label or brand that God initiated, aside from 'maybe' “disciple” for an individual to assess themselves.

Disciple simply means: a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher.

Would simply labeling yourself a “disciple of ______” (fill in your favorite whoever) mean you actually are such a thing?

Yet, what we see is people's minds magnetized to narrow ideologies instead of the all-encompassing manner the Gospel's message asks of the believer.

Petty minds and hearts with little love argue over words, while hearts and minds that God has touched are always being amazed by what God has done, allowed and established.

These latter minds are always searching for God in every and all things, even in people who others have forsaken as “lost” or “condemned”.

Approaching the world as God intended, not as men have perceived, one is able to see themselves in the individual who looks very different on the outside (their clothes, mannerisms, ethnicity).

Loving others according to how God has made / allowed them to be, the follower of God can extend their love to those who are perceived as different.

The follower of Christ can offer their service and friendship to that individual... even if / when that individual is hostile in their hearts towards the follower of God.

This reality exists in people of the several walks of life found on the earth, even the myriad of religious perceptions, who have learned to look past their typically ill-perceived perceptions.

Now in the age of mass consciousness where an idea, message and notion can travel around the world in an instance, faith can be sparked in people who may still hold onto their perceived identities, while Christ grows in their hearts as a seed germinates and grows without human observation or perception.

Consider how a brother and sister may grow up with the same parents and experiences, yet they may grow up with different perceptions of life and value systems.

These siblings never cease sharing the same lifeblood, yet it is their choice to love one another and work beyond their differences and stay family.

The same has been established on earth between people who may consider others not their family... the extended family and reality that we all grew from the same people long ago... and have been called to a unity as the one family we factually are.

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