07 March 2017

How World Cultures Change & Develop

The Proverbs 31 woman is also an ancient development now 'modern' again.

Stopping by a local pizza restaurant to grab something to eat last night, I notice a sports game on the flat-screens overhead while waiting for my order to be cooked.

The game is baseball between Chinese Taipei and Israel and they are in tournament.

The tournament is the World Baseball Classic, started by the MLB (Major League Baseball).

As cricket followed the expansion of the British empire everywhere it spread over a century ago, “America's past-time” has also seen a broad-reach according to similar and different influences.

Baseball developed in America from cricket...similar to how soccer has developed in several forms and manners in other places for centuries...China being one place alongside Greece's form of what became modern-day rugby.

Even the food I was about to eat (hotwings and salad) is a cultural world development.

The modern pizza idea (the term and popular notion) is believed to be from Italy.

However, similar methods of baking bread with certain things atop them is quite ancient.

The hot wings are claimed to be a specific American development of late last century.

But I do think people the world over have been eating chicken prepared with herbs and spices for centuries, but perhaps not deep fried.

As for the salad, eating lettuce with fruits and other fixings is as ancient as mankind's journey on earth...after all, man's first residence was in a garden...the Garden that God planted.

As cultures change, imitate, adopt and transfer away from previous influences, it seems that vegetation (salad), meat (chicken), bread (pizza) and games (exercise and fun) blend and flex to man's constant appetite for life.

The culture that flourishes is the one that explores and grows along with what has come previous, or has been established in antiquity (prescience).

The cultures that do not adapt and grow are those which can be seen dark at night from satellite imagery...and some of these are missing out on pizza, hot wings, baseball and women reflecting Proverbs 31's prescient reality.

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