21 March 2017

To Disbelieve Is To Not Be

Separating The Waters From Above And Below

When considering what has been written around the belief in God (what some label religious writings), it seems some people and / or religions have sown doubt by challenging the simplicity of what God has ordained and established by His Word.

For the secularist / atheist, the world around them must be put into logical and reasonable terms.

Logic and reason is of the utmost importance.

Yet mankind still finds the world and its events at times unreasonable and illogical.

By simply identifying, defining and explaining 'how' things work...does such an effort fully answer 'why' the world and universe functions as it does?

If it did, the new ideas from a secular point of view would have already defeated the old secular ideas, or the belief that God is behind all things.

By math, men have been able to measure great and minute distances.

This same math has revealed a world full of patterns, design and perfect agreement between energy and matter...and also a world unseen and still unperceived by man's math, yet science proposes something greater and immeasurable in the invisible outweighs and outlasts the visible and measurable realities.

I'm sure you've heard this rudimentary argument or something similar: if a computer were to be found on a populated world without technology, would the discoverers think the computer came about by chance or evolution of some sort, or that it was possibly fashioned by a rationale and intelligent mind? (excluding 'aliens' as an answer, yet God and His mind is alien to many)

Some argue that the revealing of patterns and signs of design is only by 'chance' and not good evidence that order and wisdom preceded creation; the premise that God created and initiated all things mankind is realizing according their limited logic and always edited scientific effort.

For some people, to believe God can do anything by simply speaking it into existence is not difficult to accept.

So if or when they experience an event that falls outside the laws of nature penned by man's mind, they do not have difficulty accepting the event as actual...them now seeing beyond the veil that the secularist / atheist is hidden behind.

Isn't it no surprise that those who decide not to accept that God is present don't ever seem to experience anything beyond the typical?

For others (trying to look through their religious veil), only what their religion says God 'has' done is acceptable.

To believe that God would humble Himself and become a man (while never vacating heaven nor the universe nor the places beyond the universe which He saturates), and walk the earth, is immediately denied because they've been taught to deny and scoff at such a thought.

The same can be said about the argument made against the notion of God and the manner the world is explained according to man's mind, which again is still growing, learning and correcting past misconceptions.

The person who identifies as an atheist has also accepted a particular religion; the religion of denial of God and in its place the acceptance of all ideas which never answer 'why', but simply explain how.

Many religions in fact exist when one person's personal thoughts and rationale is the manner they live their life: their specific religion being their specific view of the world.

Regarding God becoming a man and walking the earth, the ancient testimony states that God's footsteps were heard in the Garden of Eden, yet these details are missed by blind eyes and deaf ears.

For some others, their thoughts only go as far as their mind's perception goes...and that isn't too far looking at the manner people live and treat one another.

Hasn't man realized how limited his logic is and that new ideas typically retire old ideas?...showing the old ideas, previously perceived as true and factual, now being false and miscalculated.

Ironically, it is sometimes the most religious of people who are accustomed to cast doubt on what God has established, or what God can choose to do...and the atheist / secularist is of the most religious people found on earth, holding onto their thoughts and concepts for dear life it seems.

The fact is that God is not any religion, for God transcends such a concept.

This is why God became a man; to correct the misconceptions of the religious (pagan, secular or following religious rules) and to declared in-person what men couldn't understand otherwise.

The God that created us in His likeness...also became the image that revealed His heart. 

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