08 March 2017

Sickness & Remedy

Last week I developed a cold.

I hope I didn't pass it on to others.

You know you have good friends and acquaintances when, seeing you sick, they each have a different remedy to suggest.

I love and appreciate them so very much.

Each of us have a particular method of combating a cold or the flu.

Mine is drinking lots of fluids, mainly tea with honey and lemon if possible, and resting while watching lots of movies at home ;)

Chicken soup, or its hot liquid alternative is, a mainstay.

But what others passed onto me reveals how they consider me.

Their kind gestures and advice touched my heart.

In contrast, last week was quite challenging besides the discomfort of being sick.

Although I have been largely ignoring the political discourse since summer of 2015, my ears keep hearing the regurgitated instigations of both the media and those in political circles.

The response to hatred is even more hatred.

Although political tastes may be the same, or religious, the ethnic background and skin-tone still plays a role in people's attitudes towards those not similar to them.

The same repetition of racism between the Plebeians vs Patricians in ancient Rome, or the racism from Arabs vs non-Arabs started in the early Muslim state (and still existing today), or any culture's ancient or modern equivalent, is sadly still present Today.

I hear the racism, prejudice and violence that politics and media promote on a regular basis...firstly in America since this is where I was born, have been influenced by, and currently reside.

While regular people are going about their daily lives, doing their best to overcome the indifference and racism their cultures have programmed onto them, they are being assaulted by those whom still suffer from the planted seed of racism, indifference and hatred.

Sadly, these prejudices and racism have long been programmed onto people's hearts and subconscious for as long as people conceived themselves to be of another tribe or family unit from others.

I've heard personal insults directed at me last week more than usual; regarding what people think I am or assuming what my values are.

Although I know some friends and acquaintances are simply helpless in their current state of mind, I realize there is hope for them because I have experienced hope in my life.

I also grew up with the same divisive narrative that this country projects onto its citizenry through its history books, media and its people...yet hope has changed my heart.

Yet I have experienced a re-programming of sorts.

My new programming is to forgive always regardless of what my flesh or emotions desire...because I also sometimes experience the temptation to be prejudice.

The sickness that has been rampant from early on, sowed into practically all peoples and nations since ancient times, also has its remedy.

As I've received a variety of methods to help remedy my temporary fleshly sickness, so also there are a variety of ways to address the sickness all around us.

But the true remedy for this sickness I speak of comes down to one cure: love.

Regarding my fleshly sickness, I felt love and applied some of the friendly advice.

Regarding the mental sickness that causes hate in one's heart, I felt fear and ignorance (from others).

I felt love in the words of my friends, and the friend who went out of their way to bring me some soup.

I sensed goodness from their hearts, and sensed emptiness from those who verbalized their twisted programming.

It is love, the Great Love, this magnificent Love from Above, that is the backstop remedy for the sickness that has infiltrated many hearts and minds the world round.

There is still hope despite the ignorance.

There's still goodness despite the madness.

There is still love despite the programming of hate.

Let us forward this love even when our flesh becomes weak and is tempted to respond adversely due to mistreatment from others.

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