29 May 2017

Enjoying A True Classic

Matthew 7: 16

I think people complicate what is simple.

God's message of love, redemption and guaranteed salvation for His chosen is very simple.

The testimony, whether you read it in the Bible or hear it verbally from another person, is that a man died and rose to life again...and that man promises life eternal to those who follow Him.


But religions (and religious people) complicate the matter by arguing over words, yet the testimony was first told from the lips of that man's listeners...and is now found in what is called the Bible.

This is the same message that was spread not by written words, but by word of mouth...and miracles accompanied the message.

This was a major qualifying factor to those who wondered if the message was true, the message that sure evidence for life after death was made real.

The messengers of this message were of no consequence, for they personally were not needing to be qualified when the message itself brought with it supernatural realities and the brightest light and most profound peace into the dark depths of previously cavernous hollows of people's hearts.

Some religions make a bid deal about whomever their claimed messenger is, and lots of noise is made regarding that person's qualifications, but their message never comes with miracles...nor with good fruits.

Miracles alone are not the sole litmus test proving a message's legitimacy.

Righteous fruit in the hearers, derived from the message, is the longstanding qualifier...what changes a people, culture and region forever in memorial.

Where peace overrules strife, and tranquility replaces violence, is the honest test of truth accompanying the message.

Notice where some regions a 'messenger' is claimed to have spread a 'true' message from God, yet those places are as dangerous as walking through an inferno.

Such places claim to have a righteous message and a righteous messenger as their herald and foothold into God's paradise, but notice how the strife has never left their culture, how violence is their means to justice, and the law and order they proclaim is found in their peculiar message and messenger is far from an actual reality.

People Today still experience miracles in the Name of that man who raised to life...and regardless if such testimonies are written down, or not believed by others, those who have experienced a renewal themselves cannot be dissuaded by those who have not tasted the good fruit from Above.

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