18 May 2017

Mistaking Entertainment For News: Be Not Distracted

This is not an apologetic for any single person, country, economic endeavor, or particular political method, but simply an explanation of the obvious as seen from my point of view, what I would call obvious.

Markets always consolidate.

Why and how?

That answer is what economists and business men argue over.

I think consolidation occurs because of inflation.

Inflation is a direct byproduct of the charging of interest / usury.

Some reading this may disagree, and that is fine, I'm not trying to convince them.

This is how I see the world and what my math tells me.

Marketplaces have existed ever since a trade was made between two people of different tribes / families long ago.

Today, whether it is apples for oranges, grain for wheat, eggs for milk, or labor for paper money, the market is what happens with the things we use and do.

The entire world is now a large marketplace.

This is the direction the world (and its marketplace) has been going for eons.

So it should be no surprise when wealthy people of various countries trade between themselves, or go into business together.

I don't find the suspicions in the news justified.

The common language of the world is money and math.

What is typically a secondary language is political affiliation, religious views and ulterior motives besides the initial motive to make more money, leverage influence and power, consolidate previous growth.

Wasn't one of the ideas of America (the United States) the effort to bring all nations under a single manner and banner of life?

Isn't this what has been going on since Greek times, and before even with eastern empires?

Whenever a new power would rise in the world, one manner of conquest was to keep business as usual, with the tribute simply going to different hands than before.

When certain kings or leaders would not acknowledge that new power, they would have to risk their position, wealth and people...it was after the bloodshed and loss of life one may have realized they could have simply gone along with the new influence, the new power, the new way.

We've had a new way for some time now, with places and people still shedding their old ways of thinking and realizing and adopting the new.

How wars in the modern era could diminish would be recognizing the influence that economic forces have outside of the risk of putting lives on the line to prove what is already so very obvious.

Media propaganda, whether it is programmed from government directly or is a residual programming that has been left over from previous generations, frames the minds of people when the obvious can instead be realized.

How does the east and west come together?

Just as they've been coming together; with business, through diplomacy, via new ideas and slowly, over time.

Not by continuing to push the divisive narrative or illusive differences.

Have people noticed that the differences are becoming less and less as the east vs west cultural divide is being narrowed?

So when some men in Russia have gone into business with some men in the United States, isn't this simply the continuation of what previous generations have done?

What is so suspicious when America has been exporting its culture via movies, media and magnanimous military motives?

How can I put magnanimous and military together?

Look at how previously conquered nations have been included into the culture, market and dialogue of democracy.

I see these activities not as cause for concern, but an opportunity for more difficult discussions to be had about human rights, quality of life, environment, religious tolerance, education, etc..

American propaganda has vilified so many groups and peoples last century, and now most of those peoples are now partners in business, economy and the world stage.

As more culture is exported, along with open-hearted people looking to do something good overseas and beyond current borders, the growth of the ideal with continue.

Yet, when the culture is partly depravity and consumerism, don't be surprised when other places on earth desire not to be influenced by such low-life manners.

But food, clothing, economic efforts and conservation doesn't need to be argued.

Outward and outright depravity is the west's dilemma, not that such things are vacant elsewhere, but they are not openly promoted as modern or progressive, but regressive and low-natured.

A question: is the current, and next generation, going to fall for the false dilemmas that the previous generations were subject to and ignorantly forwarding?

In the age of information, and hopefully knowledge, understanding and wisdom - beckoning love for one's fellow man - perhaps the order we've been desiring has long arrived and we have yet to realize it.

What has been desired has, for me, obviously arrived about 2,000 years ago when the primitive still prevailed in many places.

Notice how law and order has reached a people who a generation ago were the closest link to primitive man, but now have modernized their minds while keeping their heritage, a heritage and point of view worth learning from, for their life's balance is exactly what is necessary and missing in both the east and west.

Realize how the marketplace, and people of different backgrounds working together, has brought us all onto the same page of life!

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