06 October 2016

From Coffee Bean To Coffee House

Bring What Was Once Far Very Near
Having a conversation yesterday with some friends who seem to have a hopeless and negative outlook on life, on 'Merica and things in general... complaining mostly about lack of opportunity.

I pointed out that the internet is bubbling with information, but not all information is true.

The news is always sharing bad and negative news, instigating people to fear others and doubt themselves, be suspicious of their neighbor and hopeless when considering the world outside their front door.

Regarding opportunity, I point out that libraries are open, knowledge and wisdom is waiting to be absorbed regarding how to garner an income and feed oneself... literally and figuratively.

I told them that there are books awaiting them that can teach them how to make $100k by the end of the year... if that was their need or desire.

Point being: people are sharing their experiences, their insights and practically everything about their lives Today.

You can choose to listen to celebrity gossip nonsense, or the mundane things which bring you little value... but simply distract you.

You can choose to, if there is a need for an income, learn from people who made something out of nothing.

This information is free, but some do sell their expertise and insight.

One can also choose to focus on something in between, perhaps something that will simply fulfill the need to support a livelihood while being something to be proud of.

I mentioned to my friends that in some places on earth there are people who have NO choice in what they can do for work, or what they can do in order to feed themselves.

In 'Merica, the individual is FREE to move to any other state and start their life over, or get a new / another job, or whatever their heart's desire outside of something criminal or taking what others have worked for.

In some corners of the world, people have NO access to the internet or information beyond what their governments allow them access to.

In some cultures, women are refused an education or any other opportunity beyond having a child and making their husband happy.

But in 'Merica, a woman may likely become the most public and influential representative of a democratic republic (or oligarchy, depends on who you ask), and I see "help wanted" signs wherever my feet take me... but a business may better suit those who can handle it.

In 'Merica, you are FREE to quit your job and start your own business... and the latter is what I always encourage and hope people would pursue rather than the former.

In certain corners of the earth, people are oppressed by their masters, and to think that oppression occurs in 'Merica when civil rights, although not perfect since people are fallible, is continuing to peak regarding access to resource and information, their negative opinions are unfounded considering all things.

In 'Merica, you can tell your 'leader' (if that is what you think they are) to go jump in a lake... and you won't be tortured or jailed for it as would happen to you in other places on earth.

It is all about what is going on in between one's ears.

If you listen too long to the [bad] news on teevee and radio, you may be convinced that life sucks and all is lost.

There is a war for your mind... haven't you noticed?

There has been a war for your heart... and one is not always unhindered by the other.

Many people have their hearts in the right place, but their minds are mush and very confused.

However, if you simply look around you, talk to people who are near and far in your neighborhood, you'll realize that life on the ground is not what is being projected and marketed to your mind.

Do yourself a favor and shut off that negative media programming, my friends.

Choose a proper programming (if that is what you'd call it) in feeding your mind, your heart and your life something that is beneficial, something like a tool to build with.

I share the following article (which you should explore and read) not to infer that wealth is a means to an end, but simply to show that in 'Merica, your skin color, background, upbringing and all the negative factors of life do not always equal to a dismal existence... but are the very ingredients that foster a desire to never give up.

Since we have a worldwide marketplace that continues to grow, it seems this was God's will... not to live in a lurch like some countries and cultures who view something new as a novelty, and thus reject it and the possibility of income, employment and other things that come along with market participation.

May you pursue and find the true wealth that is granted within that far outweigh gold and rubies, and may what you find to be without be nothing more than a dissolving idea.

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