11 October 2016

Wizard Of Oddities

Who Is Behind "Uncle Sam"?... & Who Is Behind Sam?

If only more people understood that a president is merely the spokesperson and representative of an executive board of directors, who also has a chairman over them, and isn't the backstop to the country's problems or good attributes as is popularly perceived.

Some questions to ask, since many governments resemble a corporate business structure:

Who is the chairman of the board?

Who resides on the board of directors?

Who does the board of directors answer to; themselves, people we can name, or anonymous people?

The [p]resident of any kountry:

He / she is simply a man or a woman, possessed either by good intentions, personal convictions, or a spirit found in many people we come across in our everyday lives.

Whether their spirit is benevolent or malevolent isn't always too clear.

We should first judge our own selves prior to voicing our judgment of others, especially of people we have never met and most likely will never meet in person.

How a person acts or speaks through a particular office, whether private or public, isn't always 100% revealing of 'who' they are.

It is who they are in private, when not in their vocational position or public role, that the heart may be revealed.

For some people, who they are in private is who they are in a public setting; there is no major adjustment to their character or their efforts.

For others, they change like a chameleon depending on the climate of their surroundings.

But is adjusting to your audience or your surroundings a 'bad' thing?

Perhaps if it is deceptive, or holding intrigue in store for others.

Not every person reveals their heart consciously.

The heart is eventually revealed with careful observation and close listening.

What does a bad heart reveal?

Their humanity?

Their close likeness to our humanity, our banality and our collective shortcomings; our past, our current sentiments, struggles and failures?

Who is perfect?

Who is qualified for managing over humanity and the proper management of nature / creation?

Messiah has come and now lives in the faithful, so it is foolish to look for other messiahs in people who exist today; mere mortals... no matter how benevolent and righteous they are in word and deed or may seem to appear.

So let us look at others as we would soberly look at ourselves in the mirror, and our past.

Regarding political wrangling, and how people are so dull in their understanding of politics, history, society and societal issues, reading books by choice authors may help one understand things a bit more objectively.

But always understand that every single person holds a limited view of life; a limited horizon.

Every single person has their bias, and if you don't perceive another person's bias, then you share the same bias!

However, hearing from the other side (or several sides) of any argument, or from a critic, shows yet another bias but also a necessary consideration.

It is when criticism is censored, or vilified, when tyranny can rise and the truth disappear from open conversation.

This climate is evident in today's careful voicing of opinions and thoughts.

Some point to 'political correctness' as a culprit.

There is a way to clearly point out an issue, or a criticism, respectfully, without watering down the points being made.

Some politicians, orators, speakers and regular people are tactful in delivering critical admonitions.

Some other people lack such a talent.

We all have our sliding scale of objectivity, don't we.

An insightful book to read (with caution) is "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by James Loewen.

This book may explain to you why ignorance, bias and narrow-mindedness was prevalent prior to the internet age.

The caveat is that not everything expressed on the internet always expresses clarity... so simply because we have at our fingertips the libraries of the world doesn't mean people are actually reading, learning, thinking critically and looking for objectivity in their search for truth.

Since humans are limited in understanding, objectivity and perception, the internet is overflowing with falsehoods, much expressed in good faith, but nonetheless mistaken or very askew.

However, objective truth can be found on the internet... like finding a flea stuck in a stadium-sized web.

The 'truth' of many things can be found on the internet... just look out for the large spider(s) of misinformation, doubt, false conclusions and poor opinions expressed as scholarship.

The book I mention speaks specifically to American history in secondary schools and colleges, but the same premise is evident in all cultures, nations and peoples... past and present.

Would you, or me, do a better job as [p]resident of any democratic republic, oligarchy, federal state or whatever label you'd give a business model that manages human beings?

How would you or I do as a dictator over a populous that demands a dictator?

How would you or I do as a king / queen over a 'legitimate' earthly monarchy?

Let us first see clearly what things we are looking at prior to judging individuals attempting to occupy such believed-to-be high offices.

Some people do a poor job of simply being a human being, let alone running any semblance of what some would call an honorable public office.

Let us consider our humanity (and that of others) prior to judging, or supporting or falling in blind obeisance to any human being, shall we?

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