27 October 2016

Walking In-Step With Him

He Walks Amongst Us...

...Ahead Of Us, Besides Us, Within Us
I think collectively, humanity struggles with inadequacy.

We all doubt.

For some, doubt is a plague, a constant thorn that sadly won't be removed... but His grace is sufficient.

For others, doubt comes and goes like the rising of the tide, only to subside and all things retreat to ease and peace once again.

Some have journeyed beyond the bouts with doubt, to arrive at other pastures, seemingly 'greener' from the vantage point of others, but known by the 'Some' who now realize an entirely different battlefield.

Once we were the religious, and then we graduate to realize that we've been 'made' righteous.

We are not righteous on our own nor by our own efforts; such is the way of religion.

For the religious (or those who effort righteousness outside of surrender), they consider an external effort will lead to internal peace.

Every religion (thought and effort process put together by people) has endless methods of achieving 'spirituality' or 'righteousness' or 'peace'.

For some of the religious, they are convinced the things they 'do' produce the desired goal.

For some, it does (because they believe it does)... and I think that is okay, for God's grace is sufficient.

God knows our individual shortcomings.

If we believe in a God that is Sovereign over all things, that nothing happens outside His will, then we can accept the notion that all the variety of ideas religious-wise exist because God has allowed them to exist.

Are all ways correct?

Of course not, there is really only one Way.

The Way of the One isn't always as people may argue it to be... and that is the rub every human being is challenged with, causing doubt... and causing strife within them and with others.

Is repeating certain phrases and mantras an automatic entrance into heaven?

Some would argue that it is... but is that truly the reality we are dealing with?

Is God a wizard that can only be accessed by finding out the magic spell that needs to be recited a specific way?

Some would have you believe such nonsense, in terms of invoking a certain 'name' or performing a certain religious activity.

But those who have tasted the goodness know this to be absurd and ridiculous, a fleeting shadow and empty of light's invocation.

I say that many have misunderstood what God has long ago established on earth.

Many misperceive that some may be 'lost' while they themselves are undoubtedly 'found'... yet these 'found' push the 'lost' away by their talk, their manners and their religious arrogance / indifference.

In reinforcing things that people believe, in the context of their religion, some blindly miss what God has established and forwarded since the beginning of time.

They do not see God's bigger picture, but their human perceptions and human arguments.

They see only themselves against the world, yet death has been conquered and remission of sins poured out for many.

Folks focus on the external details while not realizing that the kingdom has come, as promised.

The kingdom of God is already within those who have tasted the living waters... and the kingdom continues to conquer the world in unimaginable ways.

It is understandable the many misconceptions since the physical world is ever-present and continually before our eyes, thus why many people only see through the physical and what the physical paradigm represents.

In turn, they posture physically in order to perceive or attain an internal peace.

This is not to criticize, but to simply encourage love and understanding to those who are at this place, who may never graduate beyond this... but His grace is sufficient.

We are not saved according to a doctorate in 'faith' or theology, but according to the condition of our hearts and how we speak and treat others (1st and 2nd greatest commandments, all the law and prophets hang on these two).

Our heart's condition is dependent on God's gift of faith and grace upon us, and in small part on our choices.

If we were 'saved' according to our knowledge, or our exterior efforts, then the entire purpose of Christ's Gospel and the fulfillment of the law is a nullity.

Righteousness would have been achieved by at least one human being long ago... even after the law was revealed from Above.

But as many of us can attest, and what secular historical scholarship is continually realizing, is that only one 'human' being existed that was without fault, never strayed and never fell short of Righteousness' expectation.

Only One was Holy while on the earth.

Even the religion developed in the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century proclaims that only Yeshua was sinless from birth to death (His death being disputed, His ascension being proclaimed, while His pure nature being protected from fault strongly affirmed).

God knows very intimately our fragility and our hearts through and through.

Thus why God has provided a model of human obedience, of perfection, for us in Christ.

If only we would arrive at understanding His heart more quickly, then we would surrender in whichever situation we are in... and we would put down our arguments over things which only He can reveal to us according to His process upon our lives.

His grace is sufficient... even for you, whomever and wherever you currently are!

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