25 October 2016

Pork Barrels, Pork Bellies & Pigs in General


For some, politics is the method to appease the mob with promises that usually go unrealized.

For others, politics is evidence that some people must dominate another people for whatever reason.

For some others, politics is simply a ruse that enables the less educated to misunderstand their position in the pecking order, being instigated against one another.

But for still some other, politics makes no substantial difference in our lives regardless of how difficult the temporal reality may become.

We understand that we must still make the most of our lives, our reality, our landscape (no matter how politicized it darkened by others).

This is because some people understand that politics is a tool, and that tool, since its invention, should be used wisely... but not as one may suppose or consider 'wise'.

You too can use the political tool wisely, and expertly.

For every measure, proposition, code, law, etc., must there be a vote, response or acknowledgement?

Have you ever heard of a congressman, or senator, or council person “missing” a vote?

Were they sick?

Were they unable to attend the voting roll call?

In some instances, perhaps these were the reasons for their voting absence.

Some of the reasons were quite simple: they didn't agree with the proposal, and a vote either way was not as good as no vote at all.

Consider what silence means.

Have you realized how powerful silence is in the face of strife, madness or hatred?

Sometimes, the wisest response to madness is no response at all.

Silence also speaks.

Not every single effort a politician brings forth needs to even be acknowledged, let alone voted on.

What are the majority of 'things' passed in legislation?

Don't we see them supporting business interests, or limiting rights or some other efforts in some manner?

Don't we see hired hands managing people and resources firstly according to their self-interests, and also that of their financial supporters?

This season's presidential cycle had a few people speaking very clearly about political realities, with striking statistics and sobering revelations being shared... but sadly, we have ended up with a popularity contest instead... as if we were on a school playground.

I received my 'vote by mail' ballot last night, and noticed that there are “party-nominated” offices and also “voter-nominated” offices... aside from other things that make me raise an eye brow to.

Guess which is on an 'executive' level (and not to be chosen by you), and which is a more 'union' or 'local' level?

In other words; guess which one is (s)elected by others, and which are (s)elected by you collectively.

Read about the electoral college contrasted with the popular vote.

I've been receiving DAILY promotional flyers, full of color, with easy slogans and attractive photography, encouraging me to vote for so and so, or vote yes or no for such and such.

Some include personal attacks... while others only mention a small portion of what the entire measure actually says in the detailed 'fine' print.

Sure, a flyer cannot contain the many pages of legalese the actual law will speak, but here is where scandals and slight of hands are conceived.

I used to try and read every single word of these extensive measures, or proposals, and also the 'for' and 'against' statements released by whichever supposed 'neutral' third party.

I'd then try to read and understand the 'rebuttal' to the 'counter argument'.

I can't tell who is telling the truth and who is simply a better writer or argument presenter after some time.

The truth and facts are difficult to decipher.

But what is very clear is the heading or title of whichever new law or measure that is being promoted (or denounced).

And if one reads critically the body of information, sometimes one can realize that the title is deceptive, misleading or only mentions a single issue within the body of writing containing many other issues (what is coined 'pork').

So this time around, instead of plowing through their garbage, their effort to legitimize their job of adding more legislation (instead of trimming away the fat and pile of career legitimizing), I casted lots.

Instead of voting on every single thing mentioned or proposed by people who must write propose something in order to legitimize their job, I let Another make the choice.

That's right.

I have a special coin I use to help me make sometimes simple decisions, sometimes difficult decisions.

Since I believe that what others call blind chance is actually divine destiny with a Grand Sovereign over all things... even minutia such as politics can be weeded out to a least common denominator.

One measure in particular touched my heart since I first read about it months ago, so no lot needed to be cast regarding this one.

For the presidency, as the picture included in this article shows, I started from top to the bottom, and you can see who was eliminated and who was picked.

With every subsequent page of the voting pamphlet, the answer was a continuous “no” regarding voting for anything on that page.

The images speak for themselves in showing the outcome and what was placed into the envelope to be mailed in.

I'm sure many people will disagree, or have issue with what I've shared herein, but let it be known that time and time again man's efforts are frustrated by what can easily be termed 'acts of God'.

This man's faith has been emboldened from Above, that this man knows that I, myself, am my best politician when it comes to maneuvering the world around me.

I am my best representative when it comes to earthly temporal matters.

I am the man to show up at the city council meetings, to voice not only my opinion by my research regarding the government's activities and voice praise, or voice disapproval.

We see the patterns in history, we see the patterns in our own lives, and we shall see these patterns continue until the heavens are rolled up into a single scroll.

Realize what is messaged in this quote from someone who did their best... and enjoy the video (and perhaps the entire documentary when you have a moment) -

“Now I know there are some people that say this isn't any business of the President of the United States... and who believed that the President of the United States should be the honorary chairman of a great fraternal organization, and confine himself to ceremonial functions. But that isn't what the Constitution says. And I did not run for President of the United States to fill that office in that way. Harry Truman once said 'there are fourteen or fifteen million who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests,' and that 'the interests of the great mass of the other people, the hundred and fifty or sixty million, is the responsibility of the President of the United States'. And I propose to fulfill it!” - John Fitzgerald Kennedy's speech

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