15 August 2016

Looking Beyond The Shore

She Holds The Water
The other day I saw three women with their three young children playing along the ocean shore.

At first it was a single woman with her daughter, of maybe six years of age.

Shortly thereafter, another woman approaches with her daughter, aged two or three.

The little girls began to play with one another in the sand and in the water as it washed upon the shore.

The mothers began exchanging few words with one another in reference to their children.

In due time another woman who also had a young daughter approached, and all six of them interacted with each other.

Strangers they were prior to this moment.

The three women were from different backgrounds; what was obvious to the observing eye.

What caught my heart's attention was that although the news propaganda is constantly pushing racial tensions instigating certain ethnic groups against one another, these women here represent the supposed 'divisions' portrayed in the news.

Instead of following suit with the media programming, I see their effort in being considerate human beings.

They are reflecting their likeness; their motherhood and their children, and enjoying fun activities in the sun, sand and surf.

This event that unfolded before my eyes is what should be on the nightly news, showing how people can still get along despite being instigated by propaganda on a daily basis.

However, I'm sure it would be difficult to demonize, dramatize or deflect blame onto past events when people Today make honest effort to be friendly, looking at their similarities and not their shallow differences.

Skin tone is only skin deep.

The human's skin is quite shallow considering the rest of the body and the depths of the heart.

Go ahead and pinch the skin on your arm and see how thin it really is.

Realize how skin tone makes no difference with what is in your heart, nor 'who' you are.

Love looks past outer appearances.

Love reflects our humanity and realizes how grace is ever-present.

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