22 August 2016

The Joy of Learning

I recently saw a man who had nothing more than stubs for fingers on one hand.

We are perfectly and wonderfully made in God's image, yet the manner in which we are initially made 'perfect' is already a good finished product, and later if / when we are perfected, is dependent on our attitude.

Considering the 'perfect' manner in which we are made:

Can you consider the person who is born with what we may call 'imperfections' or not 'normal' as being anything less that perfect in the sense of their role and their purpose?

Every human being that has ever existed was made / created for a purpose, whether significant to many, or significant to a few.

The significance is evident to whomever is paying attention.

The child born with a disability can be seen as a hindrance and challenge to some, yet those looking beyond the obvious can see the saving grace for that family.

Perhaps that needy child helps keep the family together, teaching those family members valuable lessons regarding pearls of wisdom in terms of love, patience and gratitude.

The child born blind, thought of as a sad reality for themselves and their family, may be destined to grow in the other senses like no other child who has eyesight.

If only we can always see past the obvious, or the popular notions we typically see the world through.

If so, perhaps we can see the blessings of God disguised and labeled as shortcomings by others.

Regarding the thought of being perfected:

Do we not suffer or realize the consequences of our choices, good and bad?

Has God made us all as robots without choice?


We have choice in every single thing we do.

Our thoughts, our words and our actions are all derive from our choices.

For some of us, it may seem our thoughts run away from us.

Is this because we have lost control?

Or is this because for too long we have allowed our thoughts to run ahead of us?

Man's pride and arrogance prevents him from acknowledging Him who holds all things in His hand.

To ignore the reality of God Above and in every single thing visible and invisible is to likewise ignore our existence.

One is a natural temptation, while the other is near impossible to do since we eventually see ourselves in the mirror.

It is by trial, by shortcoming, by the challenges imposed on us in this world that we overcome, grow, and bear fruit.

It is through the trial by fire that we are perfected.

If it wasn't for challenges, how would we then learn what perseverance, trial and victory is like?

Imagine the individual who never had anything go wrong their entire life... or had never experienced disappointment, failure, or something 'bad' in happen their lives.

Do we not see the greatest examples of human triumph in our collective histories from those who have faced the most daunting of trials and perils?

Be grateful for the challenges of life, for these are the tools which help form your character and which are used by God to strengthen your heart and fortify your mind.

It is these perceived 'imperfections' which 'perfect' that which He has purposed for us to become: children of God!

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